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you know the most annoying thing about celebrities? they want to get all active in politics and stuff, but they dont know the slightest thing about the condition the country is in. come on, theyre spoiled-rotten, pampered, rich kids, what do they know about normal working people or what the nation needs? theyre so out of touch with reality its ridiculous. if all those celebrities want to go to Canada or Europe because Bush won the election, ha ha, bye! send me an autographed postcard! its like..........well, something. ill think of a metaphor later.

today one of my horses decided to bite me, so he chomped off a piece of skin about the size of my palm. it was fun.

I think if i was really rich, i mean, so rich i could afford to waste money extravagently, i would have an entire room for hats. and then, each other room in my house would be based on some historical culture. for instance, one room could be the egyptian room, one could be greek, one could be italian, and so on. although thats probably been thought of already.



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