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All your faults in me...

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"The true course of love never did run smooth"




Yes, I'm quoting Shakespeare...sappy, I know, but it stands true. Friday, the girl I've liked for a long time, and one of my best friends, tells me she like me. SO, last night, I finnally ask her out, and she says yes....


...then it get's complicated.

Another of my friends really likes her, and she liked him...but, he never did anyrthing about it. So, I ask her out, and he is shell shocked...he comes up to me crying, asking me how I could ever do it to him, why I never told him I was going to ask her out. I told him that I only found out she liked me the ngiht before, so I went with my heart...the first time I've had the guts to do it. But he was just livid...I told him that I didn't want him upset because he's one of my best friends...but I also told him that he had his chance LONG before I did, and never did anything about it.

So guys, be honest. Should I have done it?



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