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talking to myself

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A walk by the sea

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The bright sun on the white sand and rocks

Reflected a strong glare causing the eyes to water,

The blue sky empty of clouds opened up to infinity,

The cool breeze with the sweet smell of the salty water

Allowing calm to descend were just a moment ago was missing.

The sound of the waves pounding the beach,

So soothing its crashing upon the sand

Its rhythm allowing the mind to rest in peace deeper than sleep,

A refreshing break from simply existing apart,

Drawing into the oneness of nature and it endless cycle

Of repetition without boredom

The soft sound of birds calling,

Sea gulls with their dance above the waves,

White wings spread expansively

Gliding without effort over the waters,

Seeking the silver gleam below the surface

That gives strength for the dance to continue.

The levy with its large rocks,

Causing the waves to seek to dissolve,

Spaying those lucky enough to be there

With the cool mist from the sea,

Refreshing to the skin

Lessening the sting from the hot white sun.

A place were speech is unnecessary

All that is needed is a listening heart

With eyes that see,

Filled with wonder at the beauty of it all.

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Recommended Comments

Makes me miss the beach.

I used to love the beach when I lived in Charleston and I'm not a sun person. Then we moved to England and the beaches are different there. Now I'm land locked and I pine for the shore.... :cry:

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I know what you mean. I tend to like the beach on cloudy days, or at night, though I do enjoy the sun also........however I to am not a sun person.



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I agree ethyl, it does make me miss the beach tooooooo!!

I love the beach. Water is so soothing.

*wishes she lived in a cottage on a lake*

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*wishes she lived on a cottage by the lake so she could ring SD's doorbell and then run away*


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Heh........ that's why I have a BB gun. :w00t:

run........ rabbit.......... run!

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