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facts of interest




heres some neat facts off the top of my head. some of them i read today:

when you put your hands over your ears, you know that low rumbling noise you hear? thats the muscle cells in your arms and hands tightening and relaxing themselves.

it has been clinically prooven that underarm hair significantly reduces friction from moving one's arms.

Minmi, a small armored dinosaur from Australia, is has the shortest name among dinosaurs.

when you put a shell over your ear, you know that splashy rumbling sound? thats the pulsing of blood in your inner ear.

the fastest growing hair is that on the scalp of females sixteen to twenty-three years old.

you know how alot of people cant recognize their own voice in a recording? and how crunching something like crackers seems to be really noisy to you, but nobody else can hear it? thats because there is a series of canals going directly from your jaw bone to you inner ear. any vibration of your jaw bone causes you to hear that noise much louder and clearer than had you heard it from vibrations in the air. so, as your voice leaves your mouth, it vibrates your jaw, so that you hear it different from everybody else. same with crunching the crackers.




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