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evolution / ants



i do believe most of evolution, but this part of the theory never quite cut it for me. just some random mutation (which is, after all, a genetic defect, a mistake, an accident) turns out beneficial and the animal with the mutation turns out to be better suited to its invironment? that just plain doesnt make sense. entropy say that ordered structures become disordered by random mistakes. mutations cause genetic info to be lost, not gained. wouldnt mutations in just body cells end up making cancer, cell malfunction, and such? especially mutations so big as to give one animal an advantage?

today i found this tree in the swamps. it was really twisty and gnarly and it had all sorts of little holes and nooks and crannies. it was also bent over real bad. one little cranny was full of loam, and it had a few little shoots growing in it. i poked my finger in the loam, and it was full of fireants! they were all over me.

i forgot something else i wanted to say.......but it was a very profound, life-altering, philosophical though.

EDIT: i remember now what i wanted to say! i wonder if horses ever realize how silly that snort noise they make sounds.


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