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Traditional Morality




Ive mentioned Traditional Morality several times on UM. i think i understand it well enough to explain it now, so i will. Traditional Morality is the political.....movement, since i cant think of a better word for it, that advocates a return to the traditional moral-type beliefs of the past (meaning mostly Christian-based). of course, the people that follow this movement (called Traditional Moralists) dont all believe the same exact things, but, in general, they think the government should take a firm stand in teaching morals. Traditional Moralists tend to be rather conservative. almost all of them are Pro-life, most promote school prayer, religious (or spirtual, or whatever you want to call it) education, strengthening of the family, fairly strong regulations on prostitution, contraceptives for minors, drugs and alchohol, sexual immorality, divorce, and generally want to promote morality in society. President Regan was a Traditional Moralist. from what i understand, he did alot for it, and could have done more if the doggone Congress hadnt wanted to go the other direction. President Bush is also one, though he doesnt do as much..........umm, thats all im brave enough to write. so hopefully i got all of that correct. and we are having hamsteak tonight.



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