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next fad




i read a neat artical in some magazine. it was about 'fad hunters'. fad hunters are people hired by big clothing companies to figure out what is going to be the next fad, and of course the idea is to figure it out BEFORE it gets popular. they interview folks that are agreed to be cool, like famous singers and movie stars and such, and observe sale trends in clothes and music and such; they dont decide what will be cool next, they just get cool folks to help them figure it out.

right now, the sixties and seventies have come back and gothic punkness is becoming popular, and before that it was gangsta-rappa stuff. or did i get that wrong?

anyway, the fad hunters predict that after those two fade out, the next big fad is going to be based on hispanic culture. in other words, based on mexican hoodlums, as opposed to black hoodlums. oh boy.

let me make myself clear, i absolutely HATE video games. but the artical says that the video game 'Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas' fairly well sums up the way this new hispanic-based fad will head. i have no idea what that game is about, but any of you that do, i guess you will understand.



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