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I saw an Owl

Late last night;

The night the moon

Was glowing bright.

The owl glided

In the moon’s pearly light

On silent wings –

A gorgeous sight.

The Owl touch’d down

To the thick-grassed ground

And flew up again

Without a sound.

As the owl flew off

I thought I saw

That it had a mouse

In its firm-gripping claw.

Some death is as quiet

As the flight of a bird;

Some death is as quiet

As an unspoken word.

I wrote that poem myself, and i rather proud of it. i tried to throw the reader off by, at first, making them think it was a poem about nature and beauty, then switching suddenly to death. i think i got something good there. the last line is sappy, yes, but i cant think of anything else appropriate to replace it.

now, any imput or comments on it would be vastly appreciated. hold nothing back; if you think its the crappiest poem youve ever read, dont hesitate to tell me so; if you think its such a great poem it brings tears to your eyes and sappy verses to your toung, dont hesitate to tell me that either. please be honest; politeness would seriously screw me up. it doesnt have to be an essay (although that would be nice), just tell me what you think about it. please.

so, i need some imput, and, even though this may sound pushy, i need it fast. like, REAL fast. because a deadline has poked its ugly head over the horizon and its coming closer.


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Daughter of the Nine Moons


Some death is as quiet

As the flight of a bird;

Some death is as quiet

As an unspoken word.

I love the last four lines best.

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I am not sure this reply will get to you, BLOG A WOG A DING DONG, as I don't even know how blogging works. The following is an account of an unexplained mystery: I had heard that ABC was doing a program on UFOs, so I did a google search which led me to unexplained mysteries.com where I got the low-down on that program. While on that site I saw there was a list of blogs. Scrolling down I thought I would click on one and see if I could figure out what a blog was. Yours jumped out at me so I clicked on it. Now the rest of the story: Today 2/15/05 at sunset I saw an owl swoop down from trees bordering my property and land in a field close to me. After rummaging in the snow-covered grass for a moment he flew back to the trees clutching something in his claws. COINCIDENCE?. I became a member just so I could tell you about this. I belong to a seniors writing group and have written a lot of poetry. Most of mine don't ryhm (spell check) as well as yours. The professor that mentors us says " never apologize for your writing. Best wishes and good luck

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thanks, Mme. Dot, its just that last line bothers me. actually, i think i read that particular line in another poem somewhere and it must have impressed itself on my subcontious, or something. i dont think i actually thought of it myself.

hello! (by the way, my name is mudboots, Blog-a-Wog-a-Ding-Dong is just the name of my blog) a blog is, from what i have been told, an online journal that other folks can read, i myself dont know anything about them either.......in other words, this.

but thats really neat about the owl, it was that same night, you say? im sure its a coincidence, there have to be thousands of owls swooping down and grabbing mice every night all over the world. but its still a very neat story. and thank you, very much, for the sage words and well-wishes.

thank, M. Snufferer! And thank yall for helping me.

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