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2005, Has already arrived? My God! Where did 2004 go?! huh.gif

Just when you finally get use to writing down the correct year, along comes another one to screw you up again! hmm.gif

Ahh well, I like the sound of 2005.

2005.....hummmm..... it sounds pretty. tongue.gif

I believe 2005 will be a great year. I'm going to make it a great year! grin2.gif

Only you can create your future. You make it what you put into it.

So this year I'm making my year one to look back on and say," That's the year I did this, and that's the year we went here and there." thumbsup.gif

So far so good.

New Years Eve, me and a few others went out riding in deep mud, on four wheelers. Drank some beer, and peach fuzzy navels. Yummm!! happy.gif

We were having a blast! Didn't even realize what time it was until we stoped by the house ( for a "potty" stop...which was for the girls since the guys just went anywhere. blush.gif ), as I went in I looked at the clock and it said 4:00 a.m.!!! blink.gif Wow!! We really wrang in the new year! "lol" grin2.gifthumbsup.gif But it was great fun! But finding out it was 4:00 a.m., made me decide to get to bed, after all, I need my "beauty" sleep...... tongue.gif

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