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subdirect syntax

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I was not smitten this morning by the same sequence seen yesterday. the solution was sorted by a situation of sigificant simplicity. Alarm clock. We submitted to

its snapping suggestions. Tho sluggish, we struggled to a sufficent state and started the day with a strut.

My brain software soon sorted sun from stars and its status was switching from syntax to startup. My subdirectories successfuly sorted specific skills required for daily situations.

We thank coffee for this. We had Mcdonalds coffee for breakfast. Tho it was a bit strong this morning. The strong that makes Moe squint. We suspect that the maker of this cofffee slipped in something extra for Moe. Something unwholesome to be sure. Coffee is not meant to have tang .

She smiles at us mockingly thru the drive thru window. She is very pretty when she smiles mockingly. We hate to admit to such hormonal atrocities. But it is true. Her latina accent lazily brushing "thank you come again". Wicked smile that one. She could do such violence to poor sweet Moe we think. We think she stole Dorothy's ruby slippers. There's no place like Kansas. Someone should drop a house on her. She makes bad coffee.


file not found

No need to thank us. Nope.

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Is it okay, Dave? This Latina McDonald's bad coffee maker who winks at you, this computes as record #2600553. I shall take a note and order a full investigation.

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File upload.....


Upload complete....

Evil plans against Mcdonalds lady. Finished.

Have a nice day.

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Daughter of the Nine Moons


Moe normally I would say smite anybody who ruins a good cup of coffee but MacDonalds coffee has never ever been good.

That brings me to my second point.

Why blame your poor latina Elphaba? I would've taken miss goody-two shoes Dorothy's ruby red slippers too. Pfft! I look good in red!

Melissa the Marchioness of Montenegro is mistress of a Mongolian mongoose. (the mongoose of mid-western Mongolia is very rare Moe, indeed it is) Many mishaps have occurred because of this miscreant mammal's misconduct. Many men have been misdirected, misunderstood even because of this mean mutagenic malefactor.

um ...ok tongue.gif

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