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Nice to see McDonalds tackling obesity issue!



It's lovely to see that McDonalds are not bowing down to pressure from the government etc to take a crack down on obesity, they make have removed the super size option but they have now started doing buy one get one free for all those people who can't live without two big macs at a time....

Good on them hehehehe.

Ames x


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It isn't the responsibility of McDonalds to crack down on fat people. Hell, if you want TWO huge fat disgusting heart attack burgers at once, then go for it. Your gonna get fat, and it's not bugging me.

Still, why would they remove super size, a deal that gets you a couple extra fries, and add get one free? Whatever sells i guess. It's not like making the burgers costs anything anyway.

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They've already removed the super size options after people started suing McDonalds.... they're also thinking about banning fast food/junk food adverts on TV anyway cos little oiks don't realise that eating lots of crap and not moving much equals fat oik!

Who the heck wants two Big Macs anyway that's what I would like to know!

Actually scratch that who the hell wants ONE Big Mac let alone TWO!!! LOL

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hahahah touche.

Gosh i think it's been 2 years since i last had anything from McDicks, for damned good reason.

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Annoying advert as well "Buy one get one free... I'm lovin it!"

Bloody Maccies I don't want your cack food why don't you just bugger off it's bad enough that I can't go out in the car for more than 2 miles without seeing without being bombarded by the fact that I can clog my arteries with an extra big Mac for free!!!

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