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why is being crazy cool? you see all the blogs with descriptions like 'nothing but the inane banter of a crazy person' or 'things i like to rant poinlessly about' or 'this probably wont make any sense to anybody' and such. why does everybody seem set on pretending theyre insane? is it really that cool to be crazy? why do all my fellow teenagers incessantly remind everybody that they are 'the craziest person ever' and 'just off the edge of insanity' and 'going insane' and such? normally, i would think that people would take pride in acting sane, not crazy. is it really that cool to be crazy? ill bet most truly insane people would tell anybody listening that being insane is decidedly NOT cool.



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People who actually are insane don't know that they are. So they certainly couldn't tell you it's cool to be a raving loon. Saying you're outrageiously wacky is just an attention grabber, basically..

And you'll notice that when most people don't make any sense, they do so on purpose, to make you laugh. That's not crazy. That's contrived..But hey; there's nothing wrong with comedy.. tongue.gif

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This was my profile quote once:

Those who are normal are strange. Those who are strange are normal.

I really have no idea how that came to be, but it's one of earth's rules, like it or not.

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