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  2. Good Evening or Day?

    Nice to see folks back, but did you bring us any duty frees?
  3. Jihadists applying to re-enter the U.K

    Jack Letts should be put down like a mad dog, yes his citizenship should be removed we need to get it done before Canada removes it, why did you bring their colour into it as no one else had mentioned it.
  4. Is this cthulhu?

    I think at the Google earth satellite photo is a second one Camouflage hiding. There is no reason where the round shadow Comes from. Maybe there is one hiding but still shade throwing. The Pyramide can be build by human slaves or there is another intelligence and they Show us on satellite because they want that we bomb the metal door and they can eat them like Crows which put nuts on the street and then they can eat if a car drive over.
  5. Jihadists applying to re-enter the U.K

    err if I'm not mistaken, i think the home office revoked Shamina's citizenship
  6. Jihadists applying to re-enter the U.K

    Which we have not done.
  7. Jihadists applying to re-enter the U.K

    so is making someone stateless.
  8. Jihadists applying to re-enter the U.K

    nah i wouldn't be okay with it regardless of skin colour. but if the current ruling from the home office is to be applied then why should it matter what the UK nationals skin colour is.
  9. Jihadists applying to re-enter the U.K

    Jack Letts is a UK national but his father is Canadian. so yeah he's entitled to Canadian citizenship. Canada has said no way and who can blame them. Bangladesh also said the same but was ignored by the home office. so what are the chances of the UK home office ignoring Canada if the home office decides to revoke Jack Letts citizenship? it won't happen is my guess. so why is Shamina being singled out?
  10. Hey, Probably a lot of people on here are HSP / Empayth, so for them, here's a video with tips & more:
  11. Jihadists applying to re-enter the U.K

    Do i really need to explain. 'so if it was a white girl you'd be okay with taking away her citizenship?'
  12. picture with weirdness, cloud?

    Could be a smear on the lens. Any chance he took any other pics at the same time so we can see if the 'smear' is still there. Also was it shot through a window?
  13. Jihadists applying to re-enter the U.K

    As you well know by now, that depends. Is Letts entitled to citizenship elsewhere? If he is, remove his British citizenship and keep him out. If he isn't, we cannot stop him returning. He'll go to prison but we can't stop him arriving. No. Because that would be illegal.
  14. Clinton not charged for criminal offenses.

    But the material wasnt marked classified at the time which muddies the waters enough that it leads to at best a very iffy trial for the prosecutors or more likely just ethics violation for using an outside email address for work purposes but not criminal charges. Again, I have no problem with the concept that Clinton is guilty as hell, my problem is with bending the rule of law for political vengeance. I dont mean to eschew your experience but im gonna have to side with the legal experts on this one. This is a good piece explaining some of the precedent that led the FBI to decide the way they did: Why Intent, Not Gross Negligence, is the Standard in Clinton Case I am curious were you upset that Trump pardoned that sailor?
  15. Today
  16. Something left unsolved.

    I think Orphalesion's explanation makes the most sense. Anything mangy is going to look creepy and if seeing it at night unexpectedly, even more so! It would definitely leave a lasting impression. Forget the crypto stuff though. I'd be hunting for images of creatures with mange that are local to that area and trying to pinpoint exactly which creature comes closest to your remembrance of it.
  17. Jihadists applying to re-enter the U.K

    Noted? well at least I'm honest and open about it... of course they are regretting it. but as long as its evenly and fairly based then id be happy if they all rot there. but has to be within the law. and the law clearly states that its legally wrong to make someone stateless. and thats what this is all about. not the regret they feel but the law.
  18. Jihadists applying to re-enter the U.K

    you tell me? if they can forbid entry and citizenship to a ISIS bride then shouldn't they at the very least do the same for Jack Letts? hell shouldn't MI5 be putting a hit on this guy.
  19. Clinton not charged for criminal offenses.

    No the problem isn't proving intent. She had an unauthorized server with classified material on it and regardless of intent it was a breach of national security. I handled classified material in the Marines and I guarantee you intent has nothing to do with a breach of security being prosecuted. The intent maybe entered in later to determine the severity of the charges, but charges nonetheless would be forthcoming.
  20. Did Paul report meeting Jesus' brother?

    Not quite sure if you are saying that this collection of codices is a hoax or alluding that the modern studies / research is unreliable. Just because Plato's Republic is part of the finds it makes it all a purposed effort of a Noble Lie to you ? Maybe you as a detractor is expecting too much of the scribes to at least google check before trying to commit such attempts at forgery all those years ago. Anyways, it is a commentary on The Republic, which just means they studied or at least had knowledge of Plato's works. Something that was heavily suppressed at the time. ~
  21. Jihadists applying to re-enter the U.K

    Noted. Except we didn't dump them into a third world country. They made their choice, now they are regretting it.
  22. Opening gambits in EU / UK exit negotiations;

    its an endless drama. if it could have been stitched up then it would have by now. the truth is that steve and others won't accept that the EU will always figure highly in UK trade. this irk's them.
  23. Jihadists applying to re-enter the U.K

    Fine. Let's talk about him. What legal mechanism does the home office possess to prevent him from returning?
  24. Is this Atlantis... in the Sahara?

    why don't you just relax. no one is saying that there is. its a discussion to kill time. there is no prize for winning.
  25. Jihadists applying to re-enter the U.K

    im not pinning anything on you. i dislike you and am eager to find where you stand in the hope of having a go at you. if i came across as too eager then too bad. your original post seems consistent with a simplestic view and i wanted further conversation.nothing wrong with that. i guess you feel the same about criminals too? hell i do. lets strip all drug dealers and gang members of their citizenship, too. more people die of drugs and violence every year than terror attacks. lets dump them into a third world country. I'm okay with that.
  26. David Icke banned from Australia

    I have read several of his books and watched several of his videos. He is a trash person who attracts other gullible trash people. Like all con men. See: Trump, Donald
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