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  2. Fantasy Pro Football and College Pick'em 2018

    Why cancel 2 leagues that already exist, that he's already a part of?
  3. God gave us different kinds of powers

    I laughed at all of the jokes, and it was funny I used to pray to this god and his son Jesus until I was taught that this higher being had scriptures for his children (all of us) to learn all of the abilities but these scriptures were taken by the global dark government (private corporations) because they knew if we had those abilities. Everyone on the surface would not get killed, people would get healed, car crashes would be prevented, meats, grain, fruits and vegetables would not contain gmo etc. that gives people all types of cancers and tumors. But we live in this environment and we are used to eating gmo foods as well as breathing in toxic air (aluminum & barium ) not sure if that’s the correct word but I’m sure everyone has been seeing Air Force pilots spray that nasty stuff in the air.
  4. Moon water

  5. Antifa attacks Sanders Supporter

    Unfortunately this is something Portlanders have come to tolerate... in the name of Tolerance. Well meaning people who want to actually protest hate and violence end up supporting hateful, violent thugs for only the reason of, "the enemy of my enemy is my friend." Making themselves the same kind of hypocrite that they are protesting. The police should have a zero-mask law for such protests, and arrest, with force, those who violate the law, and who are violent. Allowing the thugs to strike and get away with it will only embolden them in future clashes.
  6. What circumstances ? What do you mean "disparaging to herself and her unborn child" ?
  7. ICE arrested a man driving his pregnant wife

    Matey, we’re talking about American Police here. She’s lucky they didn’t shoot her because she scared them.
  8. Space Force

    Shows they’re dedicated to their cosplay. also hairy legs make me gag.
  9. I think it was handled well. The Illegal immigrant murder suspect was arrested caught off guard at a gas station. You know rather than say having an armed standoff at their home where he might have held his pregnant GF as a hostage and before they arrived at the Hospital where there would have been hundreds of potential hostages if the guy wanted to go down fighting. As for the pregnant woman it was an appointment for a C-section. At worst she could have simply rescheduled the C-Section for the next day. She obviously was not in any distress or a freakin ambulance could have been called if that were the case, but she was fine and simply drove on to the appointment.
  10. 14 Year old teen sentenced to death

    I wonder how such injustice could have been unanswered for so long. The saddest
  11. Russia probes kick into high gear

    Hmm.. it all seems a trifle vague. Trump is guilty of campaign funding violations because he spent money bribing Stormy Daniels to remain silent. The logic is that this was done to prevent potentially damaging "kiss and tell" stories coming out from Stormy Daniels... which may have damaged his campaign. And therefore this was helping his campaign. And therefore the money was spent illegally. But couldn't he equally claim that the money was NOT spent for political purposes, but to avoid personal damage arising from SD's allegations ? Obviously, the Democrats and the Leftists/Antifa etc will not accept that argument.
  12. Tea Party wins 3.5 million from IRS

    I'd like to see what the IRS gave as reason for the settlement. I'll have to read about it now..... Sounds like partial justice was finally served.
  13. Trump's policy of reconciliation

    More cracks in the facade. Doubters said the Berlin Wall would never fall also.
  14. Pets Gallery

    It is quite sad, that they automatically strike fear in most people. People cross the road, I have had people turn around on the moors and just run in the opposite direction, parents grab their children.
  15. Everyone here seems to be missing the gravity of the situation ...
  16. Today
  17. Russia probes kick into high gear

    Considering the FBI already had a lot of the case already filled out (25%? 50? 90?) before Mueller ever took charge. This was entirely about strong arming for anti-Trump dirt by Mueller.
  18. So this happened and I am so confused. Put mug next to sink. Ran to store. Come back 20 mins later and find this, scattered from end to end, wall to wall in my kitchen. 3 ppl home and awake and no one heard anything. 3x as much water on everything than was in there to start. Wasn’t thrown cuz it wouldn’t be that shattered and scattered. Looks like it exploded but how?? Why? What could cause this? It was literally turned to dust and rubble all across the kitchen it wasn’t hot/cold by the stove/a.c not an animal/human wasn’t wet and slid I have pics if anyone wants I personally do not feel anything in my home. It’s in a little town in NEPA that my sister owned and her husbands family had owned for 40 years before that. It is a half double opened into one, my sister had bought the other side about 15 yrs back. Nothing was reported by them. My estranged husband hated this house, calling it an energy vampire. Saying something was wrong with it. During the time my sons gf lived here, things would move after they were set down, drinks moved across room, keys and object put in odd places. At that time you heard bumps and bangs and footsteps that I always attributed to the house being large, open and old. My husband would always say he saw a woman but I never saw anything. The strangest thing I’ve encountered was someone whistling at me when I was home alone. Recently my roommates claimed to have taken a photo of a “demonic figure” in the attic bedroom but are unable to produce the pic. My roommates are getting freaked out and after the mug incident, I don’t know what to tell them. I don’t think it’s paranormal but it’s not out of the realm of possibilities. This house is odd, but has no feelings of being “occupied” as I finished writing the toilet seat slammed in an empty bathroom. Now I’m not sure what to think. Can anyone shed some light?
  19. Russia probes kick into high gear

    Possibly Cohen wanted to make a deal to avoid decades in prison for his now confessed financial crimes. Doubtless Mueller insisted on the Trump implicating charges in order to make that happen. We'll have to see what kind of time Cohen gets. That will tell us how much leverage Mueller tempted Cohen with.
  20. newbloodmoon

    Never let a street hustler peddle their crab cakes on a Thursday.  Thursday is gumball day and that’s all there is to it.

  21. Gobleki Tepe: 15 New Temples found

    And the Wheel... Its round i think.... Maybe I shall invent a round wheel.
  22. Ice confirmed at the Moon's poles

    Not sure if that's been proved. Somedays I wonder if it has snowed on the moon its that brilliant white, sure would of looked amazing if it was once entirely covered in ice though.
  23. Cardinal Theodore McCarrick Resigns

    Interesting. So if a teacher at a high school slept with a student. The math or science that was taught should be suspect?
  24. Ice confirmed at the Moon's poles

    Other way round, The Moon was formed from debris that was expelled when the Earth was hit by a large object.
  25. Vlad the Mighty

    Do you think BRICS’s  CRA will

    de-dollarize economies which will be

    expanded as the BRICS

    turn into BRICS Plus? What will 

    ICBC, the PBOC and the AIIC do? 

    1. Vlad the Mighty

      Vlad the Mighty

      And what about when Iran joins the EAEU? Will Old Macdonald have a farm? 

  26. status updates going off the edge

    I mean literally in this case, not as a figure of speech. Just lately they seem to have started going off the edge of the page rather than wrapping. It was doing it yesterday, but thyen it rectified itself, but it seems to be doing it again.
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