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  2. Tuco's Gas

    Quantum Quackery Abounds

    Even though Quantum Mechanics is leading-edge particle physics and likely holds the keys to us ever understanding exactly the nature of reality, the Universe, and our place in it, the term has become a favorite buzzword by Pseudo Science and Woo purveyors. They've wantonly hijacked the term and have used it to try and perpetuate their claims of validity for everything from telekinesis to ESP to Crystal Healing and Astrology. They've gleefully pounced on the fact that the full properties and finer points of QM have not yet been determined. Indeed, it's almost become a Red Flag nowadays when you hear about QM being responsible for any controversial hypothesis. https://www.nbcnews.com/sciencemain/how-spot-quantum-quackery-6C10403763
  3. There was a guy that wrote a book titled "5/5/2000" which many years ago predicted on 5/5/2000 the world would be cast into a sudden global ice age but it didn't happen.
  4. openozy

    I can predict death

    Better off writing about something you have knowledge of and not mocking the paranormal with bu------ stories.Good day to you madam.
  5. Piney


    Matt was written about AD 70-100 probably by a Zoroastrian convert. That's where all the dualistic stuff comes in and why the Magi were added.
  6. susieice

    Epstein found Dead in Jail

    Apparently Weinstein was being transported to Riker's Island by ambulance and was rerouted to Bellevue Hospital. The reason why is unknown. This is a little fishy. https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/harvey-weinstein-taken-to-hospital-on-way-to-prison According to FOX, Weinstein experienced heart palpitations and high blood pressure on his way to prison. https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/harvey-weinstein-heart-palpitations-high-blood-pressure-rikers-island-infirmary This is backed up by Page Six, the NY Post. (faking?) And CNN. https://pagesix.com/2020/02/24/harvey-weinstein-taken-to-bellevue-hospital-as-precautionary-measure/ https://www.cnn.com/2020/02/24/us/harvey-weinstein-trial-verdict/index.html
  7. OverSword

    DHS whistleblower found dead

    Can’t believe someone responded with a laughing emoji to a person killing themselves.
  8. spartan max2

    Would you eat a 3D printed 'steak'?

    I mean I would try it, but I probably wouldn't use it to replace steak because I doubt it would taste the same. However, if we can ever successfully learn to make meat in a lab (and it is safe) then I would eat it over killing the animal
  9. joc

    I can predict death

    Perhaps peruse the Forum Rules and you may see something that says something about ....Trolling....which is what you just did here. That's a
  10. Tuco's Gas

    Would you eat a 3D printed 'steak'?

    Personally I'd have to take a hard "pass" on the 3D bovine flesh. Hell, I just started trusting microwaved meat a couple years ago. And even now I'll only occasionally warm-up meat dishes in the nuker. I still won't use it to fully cook raw meat. Weird, I know, since I'm a tech and science nerd. Guess I'm Old School when it comes to food prep. There's a dietary/nutritional axiom I have followed...well, tried to, anyway...for years. It goes: "If your Grandmother never heard of it, don't eat it." Granny don't be eatin' no 3D steak! LOL
  11. Wow! 1 Billion with a "B" years old. And yet another nail in the coffin of the Young Earth Wackos. Cheers!
  12. Hammerclaw

    Atheist vs. Agnostic Label

    just a man like any other--with a charming Southern accent.(With apologies to Kwai Chang Caine.)
  13. micahc

    Will Donald Trump Impose Martial Law?

    I think the term martial law is thrown around a lot but civil authority has the ability to act in emergencies. I live in a hurricane prone area. The civil authority declares curfews, has laws against price gouging for things like hotels, gas, food, etc. They close bridges, or restrict access to certain areas. They set up shelters, order evacuations, though they don't physically move people just tell them if they stay they are on their own. And they also end liquor sales before the storm arrives. Italy told 50k people in 12 towns to stay inside due to the virus. I don't think that is marshal law. I really think nothing much will happen. I think there could be pockets of panic, such as people stocking up on food, water, money, bullets, and the civil authority might have to react with crowd control, or road closures mainly to keep people from hurting themselves. If hospitals are overwhelmed, they might have to commandeer buildings again all under civil authority. I really doubt we will reach the point where the military will need to seize power and control the streets. The national guard might be needed perhaps but again they usually report to the governor unless called into federal service. Just wash your hands and don't eat monkeys, snakes, or bats. I think we will be ok.
  14. papageorge1

    Would you eat a 3D printed 'steak'?

    I'd eat it in a heartbeat! Peas, rice and seaweed all sound like good things to me.
  15. No shiatsu. Even Chicago "only" gets 1-2 a day. Ceara makes that city look like Mr Rogers neighborhood.
  16. Tuco's Gas


    Indeed. None of the gospel writers ever met Jesus. Matt was written a full 30 years after jc died. Mark was the first gospel written, but the bible editors put Matt first because he mentioned all the OT alleged prophecies tied to JC. Plus he traced his lineage back to Abe. The Jesus Seminar was very unkind to most of the synoptic gospels alleged jc quotes. They Black balled (marked untrue) almost half of them. Paul's epistles were written first, they mentioned nothing of jc's divinity or virgin birth. Hence his legend grew as the gospels and the timeline expanded. John was written a full six decades after crucifixion!
  17. OverSword

    Will Donald Trump Impose Martial Law?

    The regular seasonal flu is much worse, and it’s one thing for a **** hole country like China (couldn’t resist) to have a large amount of deaths due to pandemic but the percentage of deaths in the USA would be vastly smaller. This is again more TDS. Shouldn’t this be in the conspiracy section?
  18. aztek

    Will Donald Trump Impose Martial Law?

    lol, no it would not, federal govt trumps state govt, so it is not a coup. military is under federal govt, NG is under state gvmnt, ML can be declared by feds as well as state govt. in neither case it is a coup,
  19. Piney

    Why is Jesus so late?

    The real author of the original Matthew is unknown and the book was edited and additions made 3 times.
  20. Today
  21. Piney


    Matthew has been edited, probably 3 times, with something added everytime. Who knows what "Jesus" really said.
  22. jmccr8


    I usually debunk at 5 am then make breakfast, pack lunch then go to work. After work I do chores read here watch a show or two then rebunk til 5. jmccr8
  23. AngelGrl

    I can predict death

    Sorry just wanted to get peoples gut reactions. I thought of skeptic reactions and people believing it. But the perspective of a reaper or cherry picking is interesting. sorry to be deceitful
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