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  2. DieChecker

    Wilderness woes

    I've seen that look before. When I lived in Georgia, when I was in the Army. Haven't seen it in the Pacific Northwest.
  3. DieChecker

    Wilderness woes

    Happens. Sadly. Back in the day parents were more trusting then they are today. Now churches need insurance and background checks on everyone in the ministry. Including the band.
  4. I was going to post about the loss of wildlife. The UK tried an initiative called No Mow May this year, in which gardeners and local councils were encouraged not to cut back grass in an attempt to provide a healthy habitat for wildlife. Astonishingly, this was controversial as many Brits would prefer manicured lawns, hedges and verges over helping our endangered wildlife. This is one article from the Daily Mail: How do I know that I am a true-born Englishman? It is not my fondness for Kentish ale nor that my heart races at the sound of leather on willow. It is the fact that I love my lawn more than my children. Of course, I love my four kids; I am not completely heartless. But when it comes to allowing them to kick around a football, or even play a gentle game of tag on my precious plot — there’s no contest. The lawn wins. Standing in my garden, looking out over my small patch of well-tended, neat grass, I feel at peace. An Englishman’s home may be his castle, but his lawn is his moat. Which is why the idea of ‘No Mow May’ filled me with a stone-cold horror. HARRY WALLOP joined five million in letting their grass grow for a whole month | Daily Mail Online
  5. What happened to Mycenae? ”Mycenae was among the numerous Aegean sites destroyed as part of the Bronze Age Collapse around 1200 BC. The causes of these destructions are unknown, but proposed explanations include enemy attack, internal strife, and natural disasters such as earthquakes.[25][26][27][28] Unlike many other sites, Mycenae was partly rebuilt after this destruction, though it was no longer the center of a centralized literate bureacuracy. Pottery finds suggest that Postpalatial Mycenae eventually regained some of its wealth, before burning once again. After this period, the site remained sparsely populated until the Hellenistic era.” Most likely imo. Maybe there were no outside tracks on Mycenae…from Sea People, Mycenae is hardly near the coast. But Plato actually tells us it was “internal strife” too….as he says the country was left with no Kings, no rulers, they were all on the expedition to Troy…as the myth tells us, all the Kings and rulers of every area accompanied Menelaus honour. The country fell into disrepair, anarchy…it makes sense that the cities would be burned, the palaces made redundant…this could be the actual cause of Mycenaean cultures downfall. Internal strife.
  6. Guyver

    Wilderness woes

    Sorry for that double post. My bad. I bet Xeno can tell I fell off the wagon after only a week. It’s because I was having incessant headaches when I quit drinking.
  7. In an extraordinary first, GBNews has had more complaints than actual viewers after the interview was posted on X (Twitter). The Independent reports: During last night’s broadcast, host Dan Wootton failed to challenge his guest and laughed along to Fox’s comments, who continued: “We need powerful, strong amazing women who make great points for themselves. We don’t need these sort of feminist 4.0. They’re pathetic and embarrassing. Who’d want to shag that?” Fox’s shocking comments came in response to Evans’ recent statements during an episode of BBC Politics Live on Monday (25 September) about male mental health. After failing to intervene to stop Fox’s outburst, and chuckling when Fox asked, “who’d want to shag that?”, Wootton made a belated attempt to defend Ms Evans. Laurence Fox widely condemned for ‘disgusting, misogynistic’ GB News rant about journalist Ava Evans | The Independent Ofcom probes GB News after ex-Lewis star Laurence Fox is suspended for vile sexist rant: TV station in crisis after presenter says live on air of woman journalist 'Who would want to s**g that?' | Daily Mail Online
  8. “The collapse of the Hittite New Kingdom is usually associated with the gradual decline of Eastern Mediterranean trade networks and the resulting collapse of major Late Bronze Age cities in the Levant, Anatolia and the Aegean.[15] At the beginning of the 12th century BCE, Wilusa (Troy) was destroyed[16] and the Hittite New Kingdom suffered a sudden devastating attack from the Kaskas, who occupied the coasts around the Black Sea, and who joined with the Mysians. They proceeded to destroy almost all Hittite sites but were finally defeated by the Assyrians beyond the southern borders near the Tigris.[17]Hatti, Arzawa (Lydia), Alashiya (Cyprus), Ugarit and Alalakh were destroyed.” https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Syro-Hittite_states
  9. jmccr8

    Current Ukrainian counteroffensives

    Hi Dark The second video that I posted was a retraction that he was dead and Denys has in todays vid pretty much affirms that he was alive and apoligised for not proper fact checking.
  10. Sadly your obvious lack of knowledge on the subject prevents you from understanding the duties and responsibilities of the Chairman of the Joint Chief of staff, and the Secretary of Defense. I hope your comments here give you some comfort, and hopefully you will research the subject in the future so you don’t continue to embarrass yourself! In ever situation when Trump opens his pie hole and attacks someone in this manner their personal safety becomes an issue. It’s like a calling card for those afflicted with Trump Devotion Syndrome, his little band of RightWing Extremists will start making death threats, but in this situation it my friend it may backfire on Trump! Peace
  11. “”I have been faithful and loyal to the Constitution of the United States for 44 1/2 years," said Milley. "And my family and I have sacrificed greatly for this country. And my mother and father before them. And, you know, as much as these comments are directed at me, it is also directed at the institution of the military. And there is 2.1 million of us in uniform. And the American people can take it to the bank that all of us, every single one of us, from private to general, are loyal to the Constitution and we will never turn our back on it, no matter what. No matter what the threats. No matter what the humiliation. No matter what. If we are willing to die for that document, if we are willing to deploy to combat, and if we are willing to lose an arm, a leg, and eye, to protect and support and defend that document and protect the American people, then we are willing to live for it, too. I'm not going to comment directly on those things, but I can tell you that this military, this soldier, me, will never turn my back on the Constitution." https://www.rawstory.com/trump-response-milley/
  12. And how many women these days are up to the same tricks quite openly?
  13. FFS, then what was that 25GB patch I just installed?
  14. and-then

    You are my people :-)

    Welcome to UM!
  15. Uh, NO, he wasn't. His job is to execute all lawful orders to the best of his ability. At the point where he no longer can fulfill that function as such a senior member of the military, his duty was to resign and then raise attention to what he considered a threat. Since Trump issued no orders that were unlawful, I'd say it's you, inserting the politics. Also, pointing out that Milly's actions could have seen him executed in times past is in no way the same as "threatening to execute" him. Does that clear language really confound you that much? For example - If I say, "this guy committed treason and deserves execution" does that equate me saying to a subordinate - "go and execute the guy"? Do you grasp the difference or are you so far gone into the clickbait of MSN threads that you can't discern a difference?
  16. I think we in the UK watch your stores being looted (I find it hard to believe some of the videos on X where people openly fill up sacks with perfumes etc) in the same way as we allow thousands of asylum seekers to cross the Channel every month and land on our shores. The thing is, no one, no one at all, has a solution to either problem. If there was a solution, we would use it.
  17. Medieval Uni students were not allowed to turn up to classes without their sword and academic gown, and could not be expected to sit an exam without a pint of beer according to the academic charter.
  18. Alchopwn

    Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization

    I have been wandering the Bridgewater Triangle in my ghillie suit hooting and banging on trees with a stick. How come everyone sees BFs but me?
  19. Today
  20. Hi Cookie You do realize assests can be frozen without at trial with a court order. The evidence for over/under market values to defraud is obvious. He was shifting funds into this Trump 2 corporation and borrowing finance using imaginary money. They will/have an independent manager designated from the justice department that will me making any and all financial decisions. Trump and family will not be allowed any authority in the company. All financial records for the last decade will be reviewed to see what compenstion will be levied against him which includes personal and business liabilities. He likely should have stuck with his tv series and just be the ham actor he is.
  21. When the day inevitably comes that Americans finally accept that there is no justice to be expected any longer, vigilantism will rise. Those governments that caused it will try the hardest to suddenly crack down on the "law breakers". IMO, they're going to get a damned stiff wake-up call on their delusions of control.
  22. Guyver

    Wilderness woes

    Not to diminish the pain of wilderness woes, but in my opinion, it is quite ironic that two white surfer dudes were the rythmn section in a black gospel group. Black people are stereotyped as having great rythmn, the best really…and yet, here are two white dudes in a black gospel group called House of Prayer COGIC. I mean, you can’t make this **** up.
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