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  2. From the description, shouldn't it be the other way around...that a chunk of Australia is part of North America...namely, Canada?
  3. quiXilver

    Teddy's talking makes my heart swell


  4. Boredom tends to fuel my creativity.
  5. A pint of Best and a slice of humble pie please gaffer. Keep the change.
  6. My grandfather would drag me around the powwow trail or to all the different historical villages up and down the East Coast. Every weekend we would do something involving the outdoors. Sometimes is was even going "a visitin" to one of his farmer or stockman buddies. I was never bored.
  7. I'm barred from the Vine for dancing on the pool table.
  8. I don't know why, but that never works for me. I understand the idea, and I know it works for many people, but its never worked for me once. And I try damn near every night, cause I naturally wake up once or twice a night. If it happens it's when I first go to bed. It helps if I slept on the coach for an hour or so before going to bed, but never in the early morning. I don't know why.
  9. thanks for asking! Ive popped in now and then but not felt like joining in....Im just catching up on the thread so far as it seems to gain 10 pages a night!! I mentioned before I have caught some kind of bug, coughs, sneezes, aches, ears seem to have 'popped' so that feels like Ive ear plugs in my ears too...Im no doubt upsetting the neighbours upstairs as TV volume needs to be higher than usual just so I can hear it... voice went all husky and squeaky then totally went.... so Ive been dosing up on over the counter of them has a night time tablet to aid sleep etc so Ive been getting sleep thankfully... and you guys are generally all online in my night time Surely it has to be all over soon..... In the UK they give anyone over 65 a free flu jab....and while Ive heard it actually induces a light flu.... apparently after the first year you get more immune to catching it in the first place... so I think I will get one soon.....obviously Im not over 65 but you can get it anyway.... Flue or colds rarely get me down.... but this one is kicking the crap outta me! Yes and I know will get silly memes and comments about man-flu now! Its to be expected on this thread... but flu is what it is...
  10. I remember as a kid going for country drives with my parents, I always would see farm kids out playing in the yard and their parents would be sitting out in the yard on lawn chairs. Now that cable/satellite tv and iPhones have come into our lives, it's like a dead zone driving through the country. My guess is everyone is inside watching tv, texting or playing Xbox.
  11. Do ghost-cats lift the cat-flap, or walk straight through it?
  12. Some older guns have their firing pin resting right on the bullet's primer instead of being blocked or set back. Old Rugers are like that. I watched a clown shoot himself off his own horse when he dropped his Ruger revolver on its hammer. That's why I always used saddle holsters and shoulder holsters instead of wearing it on my hip.
  13. Yes Swede, you and several of the other members here have been a much appreciated asset in learning for me. jmccr8
  14. Why did you vote for Hillary?
  15. Supposedly they are busily addressing these issues. As of now no one knows if the phones still exist (hard to believe I know) and also, if the texts were purposely erased from the system then one would think the person who erased them would be smart enough to "wipe, like with a rag" the phones themselves. Supposedly the NSA records everything so maybe they have them or trump could ask Putin if he happens to have a copy. Absolutely, first thing that came to my mind.
  16. There were 22 people on this well. Apparently both day and night crews were there. Doug
  17. The timing of those lost texts are amazing. Right after Trump was elected, up till the day after Mueller's investigation began. Hmmm I bet they were talking about killing him.
  18. Well, he's not doing too badly SO far. The withholding of money from UNRWA was a good start !
  19. No he is gone. You gotta know this guy. He has said 100 times that when a owner gets involved its time to go. Not only did a owner get involved he traded away what Bill believed to soon be a top 10 player in the league. For a second round pick no less. He has helped his coordinators prepare for interviews, something that he has been solidly against this whole career. There was way to much detail in that long article for it to have come from no where. Bill let the cat out of the bag. Heck even after the game he hugged every player, then walked right past Brady. Bill kicked out Toms scientology guru, a guy who had been allowed on the sidelines for years. Bill has always been great at getting rid of a player a year before their decline, as apposed to a year after. Brady is 41 years old, and Bill had what he believed to be a great QB right behind Brady. Watch what happens. I'd be very surprised if Bill didn't retire after this season.
  20. Yeah I know but I just couldn't resist it jmccr8
  21. Being trapped in a tedious job, with no possibility of escape, is a recipe for real boredom. This kind of boredom is unpleasant and definitely bad for us. But a flurry of recent media interest on the subject of boredom suggests that it is a frequent experience that really bothers people and is not limited to the workplace. This must tell us something about contemporary life.
  22. When I was in high school I had a dentist who would freeze on side of my mouth then drill on the other side. Damn that hurt like hell and to this day I still check to see if the arms on the dentists chair are loose from people pushing on them. jmccr8
  23. I agree with the other posters but another thing to consider is a malfunction with the console itself. I would see if there are other people reporting consoles turning on and off by themselves.
  24. Today
  25. LOL! I love it. I think dogs can do much the same...there are times that I swear I sense the presence of my 2 collies that passed 3 years ago. Yeah, it's either ghosts or perhaps we just hold the memories of the pets we love so deeply within ourselves?
  26. Vlad the Mighty

    Stir Vigorously for a Generous Froth 

    1. quiXilver


      mmmmm... froth.

  27. Ok, I'll help you guys. I've been sleeping like a rock since my cold departed. So....*cough* *cough* *cough*. There, I've just spread my 'good sleeping' germs all over this thread.
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