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  2. Iran tries to hijack vessel British Heritage

    Well, DID they keep it ? There was a degree of trust involved when it came to inspections (which where the grounds President Trump disagreed on, leading him to withdraw from it, as he believed it was to easy to "cheat").
  3. Cat,Mongoose type animal

    The black market is still subject to conventional market factors. You have consider cost, or benefit, and make a decision concerning financial viability. Smuggling a civet to produce home-grown kopi luwak doesn't sound like it's worth the risk. Johnny Depp's dogs came in by chartered flight; so, I guess you'd have to do the same for a civet. Even if you managed to set up the production, there's still the risk of being discovered from the consumer end of the supply chain. Local government EPA is responsible for the licensing of food vendors. A standard compliance audit would likely highlight discrepancies. You could facing trade practices, customs and quarantine breaches. Every customs declaration has details record down to the invoice line level; and, Quarantine has always taken a keen interest in producers of imported food. It's just cheaper to import the kopi luwak legally.
  4. Boris Johnson to become PM

    In what way?
  5. Will trump win 2020?

    This is the sort of conspiracy theory that was really popular back in the late 2000s. I even ascribed to similar opinions on debt, back in the day. Anyone with no understanding of the modern world can easily be led down that path. The truth is that debt is the thing that allows for out entire consumer society to function. It's what has led to this unprecedented age of relative prosperity when the traditional industrial society has all but died. It has nothing to do with some global conspiracy to take over governments - that's an extremely uninformed and almost childish opinion on the purpose of debt. The world might be headed towards some form of global government (though likely not for a very long time and not in the manner in which conspiracy theorists think), for the simple reason that the world is now so connected and countries so entangled that it simply makes sense. But it will be a natural progression and not some grand conspiracy theory envisioned and carried out by shadowy organisations hellbent on world domination.
  6. My take on it all

    You said "flow of blood".
  7. Thanks for the laugh. I guess that means that Stephen Hawking, got it wrong? Alpha Centauri 4 years with conventional rockets, l know, if a speck of dust doesn't get in the way, and we allow a few years to reverse the engines, (but it took a few years to reach high speeds, so a few years at most to slow down). Or no more than 10 years all up to come to a full stop. Or it slows down sufficiently to release probes to investigate or whatever.
  8. acute


  9. Boris Johnson to become PM

    Good luck with the border.
  10. Poll: Do you own a Twitter Account?

    Well, the less anyone knows the better, as far as I am concerned. We both know that anyone who uses those sites can open themselves up to many problems. From tracking data to malicious mail ware that open back doors up on you system, like I said above I'm probably just paranoid. Oh and by the way, those ads are counter intellegents and they only track specific data.
  11. Is God Real

    Well as you are now a self confessed Satanist, I guess you are well placed for a job in the Christian clergy huh? The only link to "anti-religious fanaticism" is in a Catholic website. That makes the source unreliable. Too much vested interest to be real psychology. Besides, my motive is Public Service, not fanaticism. Just as I campaign against internet scam artists and fraudsters, I also campaign against religion because it amounts to the same thing; the notion that if a fool and his money are swiftly parted, that the unscrupulous should be the beneficiaries.
  12. No one chooses what they believe

    That is erroneous. The HERC2 gene control the OCA2 expression, hence one could argue that changes to the HERC2 gene could affect eye colour. Which is what several studies suggest.
  13. Boris Johnson to become PM

    Fair point. I thought it was 2018, but it's 2015. From 2017: https://www.scotsman.com/news/politics/poll-nicola-sturgeon-enjoys-highest-approval-in-scotland-1-4416172 No matter how many polls take into account English opinion of her, I highly doubt it will come anywhere near to how unfavourably Boris is viewed up here. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/jun/23/boris-johnson-as-pm-would-be-catastrophe-for-uk-say-scottish-tories His 'approval' rating is minus 37. That article covers the topic of my original point, for anyone who's interested. There's a very real possibility that Boris just cost the UK Scotland.
  14. My take on it all

    Cnidarians do not have blood, this includes jellyfish which not have a circulatory system and sea anemones which their digestive system acts as their circulatory system.
  15. Is God Real

    I never said I was a Christian, not that I'd be offended by the label.
  16. Humans aren’t designed to be happy

    Actually contentment is a synonym for happiness.
  17. Is God Real

    Do you have any links to "anti-religious fanaticism" ? I'm sorry you feel hurt by organized religion, I can't say I've ever felt oppressed by it to any significant degree.
  18. Lol, funny that they are all evil, if this ex CIA dimwit wasn't spouting the usual, evil, manipulative, belovent dodma crap fest, we might get closer to the truth? Lol, evidence, still recovering from last time.
  19. Is God Real

    So basically you're a heretic by your own admission. Therefore you are not actually a Christian at all, but the devil's actual tool on Earth, and a more pure representation of Samael the Desolate One than any Satanic Death Metal band could ever be.
  20. Is God Real

    Well you have to understand that he is informed by thousands of years of institutional religious sexism. Don't you understand that as a woman you are too ignorant to hold a meaningful opinion Sherapy, and you are actually committing a sin by questioning a man, whom god has given to teach you. Clearly you have the jezebel spirit within you Jezebel Spirit Link (don't miss this one, it's a doozie) to question him in the first place. Christianity's main trick btw is that when it doesn't deliver it finds a reason why that's your fault.
  21. Cat,Mongoose type animal

    While the Indian mongoose is currently absent from Queensland (and Australia), this risk assessment presents evidence that it has the potential to become a major pest in Queensland, if it was ever released. The species has five important attributes that are considered to confer pest potential: (1) it is well adapted to climates experienced in Queensland (“climate-match”): (2) it is well adapted to a range of natural habitats that exist in Queensland: (3) it has a very broad, opportunistic diet: (4) it has an extensive natural distribution: and (5) it has a proven track-record of forming naturalised (pest) populations elsewhere, with serious consequences for local wildlife populations. Climate-match, a broad natural range, and a history as a pest elsewhere are perhaps the most reliable predictors of invasion success. The Indian mongoose is listed among 100 of the “World’s Worst” invaders by the IUCN. While the risk of import and release is considered to be low, the potential impact of naturalisation is considered to be substantial. ... A numerical risk assessment for H. javanicus considers the species to pose a ‘serious establishment risk’ to Australia and an ‘extreme pest threat’ to Australia. Invasive animal risk assessment: Indian mongoose. ___ Legal requirements Indian mongoose is a prohibited invasive animal under the Biosecurity Act 2014. It must not be kept, moved, fed, given away or sold without a permit. The Act requires that all sightings to be reported to Biosecurity Queensland within 24 hours. By law, everyone has a general biosecurity obligation (GBO) to take all reasonable and practical steps to minimise the risk of Indian mongoose escaping until they receive advice from an authorised officer. https://www.business.qld.gov.au/industries/farms-fishing-forestry/agriculture/land-management/health-pests-weeds-diseases/pests/invasive-animals/prohibited/indian-mongoose
  22. Is God Real

    That's right, I'm not "within scripture". Faith does not necessarily depend on any texts.
  23. My take on it all

    The question here is can a cell be formed over time with a cycle.
  24. My take on it all

    I don't mention circulatory system i refer to it as the cycle of life which every cell has to form life. The flow in all things living starts with one single cell.flow is the key element and it is in all things living.
  25. Boris Johnson to become PM

    I think it'll definitely happen. The only reason it didn't in the previous referendum was due to older voters. The combination of Leave voters coming of age, older voters dying off and other Stay voters witnessing the government reneging on the promises made will swing the balance. I'm done with it. The wars, the gutting of the NHS, the rampant xenophobia and ethnocentrism, the paid education, the London policies that completely disregard the needs of the north (and I'm including much of England in that) and a hundred other things, both little and large. I have nothing against English people (with the exception of those who have a problem with Scots, some of whom have made their views clear on this forum), and I'd wish you well if it happened - just as I'd wish my own country well - but I'm so completely ****ing done with Westminster.
  26. Is God Real

    So you admit then that it was men who wrote the scripture? Good. Because without the scripture there is zero evidence for the deity beyond infantile wish fulfilment fantasies LINK and confirmation bias LINK. In fact there is no religion at all without the scripture, as by their own admission, the con artists say that if there is no scriptural derivation for a belief, it is heresy. The moment you say that a scripture is only "of man" you are saying that you either place your faith outside scripture which makes you a heretic, or within scripture, which makes you a gullible sheep to be shorn by the wicked men who preach the lie.
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