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  2. You are being intentionally gas lit which is actually a personal attack and against the forum rules. To your credit you take the time to discuss the slander, how it doesn't make logical sense and present it in a way which is usually very respectful. It gets them frustrated and well worth the price of admission. Personally I dont have the time nor patience to engage with gaslighters. They've got nothing. It's why they do it. It's all they've got. I simply laugh in their face... add a meme that's to the crux of their effort. Though they usually then report me for trolling like they're now the victim. Hahaha
  3. I have always voted Tory, but not the last few GEs. The problem with Reform is that they don't have any actual policies; they exist just to push the Tories further right.
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  5. Well that's the thing. An intentional leak from a laboratory fits right into "lab leak". And Max believed that. At low confidence, sure. What that means, in the intelligence analytic game, is that "information’s credibility and/or plausibility is questionable, or that the information is too fragmented or poorly corroborated to make solid analytic inferences, or that we have significant concerns or problems with the sources." You started this conversation, bud. If the implications are too uncomfortable for you, I'm happy enough to end it. You seem to have an oddly antagonistic view of what I'm saying here. Perhaps ease up on the paranoia, and accept that occasionally we might agree on things.
  6. Yes, there was widespread devastation but that doesn't prove that any of the strikes were random or indiscriminate in any way. I'm sure that some innocents were killed that might have been saved but Hamas set the stage for true rage to enter into the war making decisions of the IDF. You'll note that the media always focus on the areas that were destroyed but give no perspective of the whole of Gaza. There is well under 40% of the structures that were destroyed or severely damaged. The images make it appear that nearly all of Gaza has been destroyed. If that were the case, especially in the north, there wouldn't be such a demand by Gazans to be allowed to return there. Israel has long been faced with the choice of standing down and accepting repeated strikes by Hamas OR striking back, KNOWING they were going to kill civilians because Hamas makes any other way impossible.
  7. Azzarello did not believe in a lab leak theory, certainly not an unintentional one, though his manifesto never explicitly stated which government released the virus, so maybe you can squeeze his views into this. By contrast the Energy Department and the FBI have both investigated and based on the available evidence decided that a lab leak (most likely accidental) was the most likely cause of covid. You're trying to squeeze my beliefs into a little box that you can associate with this crazy person, and it is extremely dishonest - please stop! 100% agreed, not sure why you're posting this like I'd disagree with you, but now that it's explicitly in black and white we can move on, yay
  8. I'm glad you came in. I actually looked into this today. Very deep burns may have damaged the nerve endings which would have given him numbness in those areas. He would also have been breathing, very hot air and who knows what gases from the accelerant he used which would have scorched his lungs. The research I found said many times they have to trach someone who's suffered burns like this to open an air passage. Burned skin looses elasticity and they have to replace a lot of fluids so they cut through the burned skin so it can expand. He was taken directly to a burn center. They said from the beginning they didn't expect him to survive but that doesn't mean they wouldn't try unless treatment was refused. I would think he'd be rendered unconscious while this is going on. They do now put burn patients into a medically induced coma while treatment is being given. I know you worked in a hospital. Have you ever been in one? I was just curious. It's been a while since my friend was burned in a car accident. It wasn't any where near as bad as this poor guy but I remember going into the hospital burn unit and you could hear people in intense pain. It was an upsetting place and I only went once. What a horrible, horrible thing.
  9. Me neither, honestly. Him setting himself on fire is in fact literally what clued me in that "something had happened to him". I don't tend to hang out on weird Substack profiles. Whew, glad to see you've been persuaded of the folly of the "lab leak" idea. Looks like Zuckerberg censoring you, or at the least the story thereof, managed to scare you straight. I give myself some credit too, of course. Trying to help, as always. Yet not worth setting oneself on fire to protest, or subscribing to extreme views thereof. "the entire divide is manufactured" is, of course, an extreme view. Max took it, and so do some people here. As my original comment stated, I think that's a red flag.
  10. I agree, get Reform in ASAP
  11. This topic reminded me of Star Trek for some reason. Good old Captain Kirk, exploring galaxies, killing Klingons and having intergalactic sex with strangely colored female type creatures. Ah…the good old days. Lol.
  12. That was certainly a helpful clue, not sure I'd have worked it out if not for that. I'm not sure if it's just your sarcasm but your posts come across as very passive aggressive when you make comments like this. So my views are nothing like his, glad we could agree thanks for the tip, Doc. You really like trying to go down this road, don't ya You don't need to use the word "uniparty" to describe corporate dollars buying politician votes. Whether you call it a uniparty specifically, the point is that "the degree of influence of big money on politics is worth a mention" to quote a member on this forum. ~ Link (formerly PA)
  13. I don’t think anything about End Times Prophecy is applicable to today. This is my conclusion after decades of intent Bible Study. If anyone would like a truncated version of the facts as I see them, let me know.
  14. The genuine ones use a different part of the brain I'm sure. I only started picking up on things paranormal about a year after a stroke at 14. I'm a bit dubious about mediums, I think the majority are fake but I've heard some can be very accurate, I'll never know because I don't trust their motives $.
  15. Well, cover in butter and call me a pro-Trump shill, then. I'm of the opinion that it should be really frickin' easy for politicians to use credible numbers, and annotate their speeches with references. It wouldn't end arguments about the exact meaning of the numbers, as we can tell from the CNN story, but it'd be a start. Of course, one would need Grandpa Brandon to be able to stay on track, and I don't think that always happens.
  16. Doc Socks Junior

    What are you playing right now?

    Cyberpunk has been pretty good. Close to endgame now. Just finishing off my life choices before facing down Arasaka.
  17. The same or similar strife happening today has no relevance to what was expected 2000 years ago. And as to Piney’s mention of “genea” it also has no relevance to today, placing Jesus’ alleged words in reference to expectations of the latter 1st century AD as understood from Thayer’s Greek Lexicon paragraph 3: https://biblehub.com/greek/1074.htm Again “this generation” means exactly what it says. cormac
  18. What if an illegal immigrant comes in and sells drugs on the corner , then goes down to 7 Eleven and buys a slurpee?
  19. Good observation. Was it the lighting himself on fire that clued you in? That was how I figured it out, personally. Well, you know, the whole "lab leak" idea that you're angry at the bad media for censoring. You know, a government releasing a virus. But of course, I know that's not what your "lab leak" ideas are (at least, of course, not now...). This is, as I've said before, the motte-and-bailey problem. We can go all the way from "somebody knocked over a vial and unknowingly carried the virus out with them" to "a bioengineered superweapon was leaked from a lab to cover up a cryptocurrency Ponzi scheme". I am glad to hear your views are not as extreme as his were. Good job! Having seen your brain on right-wing Youtube, I'd advise against jumping down this guy's rabbit hole much farther, for your own safety. Horseshoe theory does explain quite a lot. But If I run a quick search of "uniparty" in this forum, I get 4 right-wing members (excluding this conversation, of course, but I suppose we could include it all the way to 6 right wing members if you desire). The degree of influence of big money on politics is worth a mention, of course.
  20. Satellite images confirm damage to the air defense system at Isfahan. Seems the radar of an S-300 battery was hit. There is a lot of speculation on if Israel used Blue Sparrow or ROCKS missile. Both missiles are similar, especially in dimensions and form, but from the two it seems ROCKS is the most likely since it is known to have anti-radiation homing which would make it ideal to strike a radar system. There is some speculation drones may have been used to activate the radar to essentially ensure a hit. Regardless of what was used Israel did successfully hit a critical military target right next to an Iranian nuclear site deep inside Iran which does show that Israel can hit essentially anywhere inside Iran when they want.
  21. From the video I saw, he likely had a very large area with 3rd degree burns. There is no pain with burns that are that extensive. Still, the other skin that was still intact would have given extreme pain. Poor b******. May he RIP.
  22. Well...this is what we know...Prophecies have no bearing whatsoever with reality. Unless you believe that YOU have already taken the number of the beast. If you think you haven't, try giving your Social Security number back to the government. You can't buy or sell anything without it.
  23. Specifically the thread is about total Solar eclipses. They do not happen every week. Solar eclipses occur two to five times a year, five being exceptional; there last were five in 1935, and there will not be five again until 2206. The average number of total solar eclipses in a century is 66 for Earth as a whole.
  24. All of it was supposed to be prophetic. The Gog/Magog war is quite clear about the numbers of enemy forces that come against "the mountains of Israel" being destroyed. 5/6 of all of them will fall in battle AND God says He will rain fire on those who "dwell carelessly in the isles". That prediction seems to point to the nations that sent those troops.
  25. Hi Essan Have wondered if some culture that had existed in the Mega Lake Chad area and disappeared with climate change as it was quite lush in the Green Sahara
  26. And if the same strife is happening today and in the coming years, especially the prediction of Israel coming back to the land, being surrounded by its enemies, left without allies but still winning and destroying those enemies? I'm just curious about how you'd explain that happening as a "self-fulfilling prophecy". That seems to be the common explanation but I've never really understood how that works.
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