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  2. The known Nuclear sites are no the problem, its the unknown sites that present a problem.
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  4. psyche101

    How does America's gun violence cycle end?

    Indeed, it becomes a two way street.
  5. Overdueleaf

    have you ever.....

    I have seen the light in technicolor, muted tones and immersed in total darkness; dancing across painted horizons, floating atop windborn waves, and winking at me from dark aether. Have you ever stopped traffic to save a turtle or snake?
  6. Michelle

    How does America's gun violence cycle end?

    I don't spend much time on here anymore. I may make a comment here or there, but I've been there done that on trying to reason with everyone I don't agree with. I'm not a MOD after all. You defend your country and I'll defend mine, however different we go about it. If you want to go the snarky route we can clearly see how that has turned out.
  7. NE1

    Holding the line against Russia in Ukraine

    Just been looking further into the point you made and found it quite interesting. I had no idea fresh water was becoming an issue in Crimea. I still think, well hope that it’s just sabre rattling and any issues can resolved diplomatically.
  8. This might be the dumbest post from you ever. Not everything has to be partisan! Why can't someone vote for who they believe is the best candidate regardless of party? And if you're an idiot that decides to vote for a weak candidate in another party...you aren't voting for who you believe is the strong candidate. I believe I have seen you post that their needs to be more than two parties, so for you to say that you don't think someone affiliated with a different party can vote for a differently affiliated candidate in the primaries is baffling to me.
  9. Overdueleaf


    Was going to make these a few nights ago but ran out of steam. I got around to whipping up a batch of lower carb/lower sugar banana nut muffins a bit ago. They turned out great and very moist. I fancied them up with a drizzle of homemade low sugar caramel and hand chopped walnuts. 

    1. third_eye


      Ditch the sugar caramel and go for a light dusting of chocolate powder instead... 


    2. Overdueleaf


      @third_eye Will definitely try this next time!! Thanks for the suggestion.

  10. I don't get the animosity towards Pelosi for her saying this just like I don't get the animosity towards the Las Vegas Raiders for their tweet. "Thank you for your sacrifice" is something that I have heard numerous times and it was never a bad thing...
  11. Overdueleaf

    What's for dinner?

    Homemade chicken pot pie is a household favorite. I made one a few weeks back, next time I will be making 2 Tonight was chili and grilled cheese using the last of the bread I made a few nights ago
  12. Are there any riots or other displays of public unrest? I can't see that the officer acted unreasonably. It's not like the Floyd or Wright case. That a child was killed is incredibly tragic but if a police offer responded to a stabbing incident and shot someone wielding a knife, he did his job. What position would the officer be in if he didn't act and someone was stabbed? Wouldn't that be negligence?
  13. Golden Duck

    BLM real estate buying binge

    Ahh...NO...WE DON'T! Can you identify as a trained medical professional? Besides, if you bothered to read the words I wrote you might undetstand that I said "trained Marxist" is meaningless. I never placed a prohibition on being FOS.
  14. The very same thing that makes a story seem false when it isn't a true. The world we live in, is a world where many things that are true have been throughout the past, and still are in the present, purposely obscured. And I don't think many would argue that that isn't the case. The fact that this is the case though it seems, also creates the potential in my opinion, for something very positive to take hold. Like many who are born blind, they often relate a story that their handicap actually afforded them the opportunity to end up being able to see much more than those with working eyes will ever see. Why is that? Maybe this is one of those kinds of natural things that in powerful ways bespeak to the truth resting at the heart of a statement like this: "And, behold, many who are first will be last, and those who are last will many times be first.”
  15. All kids doing this.
  16. President-Elect Acidhead

    Police shoot and kill 16 year old girl

    Earlier this week
  17. ted hughes

    Absenteeism Record set in Italy

    An Italian man is reported to have broken the national record for the longest stint of absenteeism after not turning up to his job for 15 years. The man still took home wages for this job at a hospital in Calabria, southern Italy, despite never clocking an hour, according to local media. He is reported to have received around €500,000 (£400,000) over the 15 years of absenteeism. The man, in his 60s, is facing an investigation for fraud, extortion and abuse of office, according to Italian news agency ANSA. Italian man avoided turning up to work for 15 years, reports say | The Independent
  18. You know, I am getting to the point to thinking that Iran needs nuclear weapons just as deterrence to stop stuff like that from happening to their country.
  19. Cities are seeing real problems. Philly is. https://6abc.com/10528861/?ex_cid=TA_WPVI_FB&utm_campaign=trueAnthem%3A Trending Content&utm_medium=trueAnthem&utm_source=facebook&fbclid=IwAR2XHsOnrsmw_sArEL8yrBcBxDSnwKiD6K5U8lfuoDDDoeRnTRhEhJXX0as
  20. Wow. That's an incredibly stupid thing to say.
  21. What you say is true -- BUT -- you may be assuming that the entire world operates under the same laws that govern the country you live in. If you note, the article title says "around the world." I can assure you that the laws in China are not the same as the ones in the US and that China and other states will quickly shut down protests, no matter how technically legal they may be if the government thinks they're embarrassing or dangerous or anti-national.
  22. Agent0range

    George Floyds case and trial

    You mean if she called for peace AFTER the non-existent violence? That would have been apt.
  23. Overdueleaf


    My son and his other half keep springing surprises on me. First it was the announcement of little bean. Now...they are in the process of closing on a house!! 

  24. Hugh Mungus

    George Floyds case and trial

    If Waters had denounced the violence and called for peace the comparison would have been apt.
  25. Agent0range

    George Floyds case and trial

    Wrong headline. The headline on your meme should say "Biden Elected President."
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