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  2. third_eye

    Leaked Docs Reveal China’s Mass Incarceration

    The difference is I have read "more" than what NYT claims are leaks, as for the time being, you're the one that is swimming in the pit of lies, henceforth "lying" ~ I don't know what you're mounting there Mister, hate to break it to you but it sure don't look anything like evidence to anybody but closed minded individuals like yourself, heck, even NYT ain't calling it "evidence" but "leaks" For your information, the article stops at 2018 because there's this little uncomfortable fact about ISIS that they want to disassociate with your culturally oppressed criminals. Look, you believe what you want, but don't go insulting the intelligence of the members here and embarrassing your country as well as the reputation of the forum. I don't believe anybody takes you seriously as soon as you started making this your concern about the Uighur "cultural" that you care so much about, I don't believe you even know what you're actually saying. What and why this is being dug up to distract and deflect.. The BRICS Summit and the New Development Bank, you'd think there's nothing going on at this Summit if you're depending on the media for the "facts" but the truth is, the truth is making the IMF very nervous, so nervous that they don't want you to know anything about : ~ You're welcome ~
  3. DieChecker

    Open Impeachment Inquiry Hearing Starts 11/13

    In other words, you liked Clinton and not Trump... got it. If I am remembering right. Clinton apologists used similar language to what Trump supporters use now.
  4. Read your link. Calling BS
  5. So, cryptids are adopting human burial customs? What type of cryptid do you imagine gave the man last rites?
  6. and then

    Trump ignores the Pentagon

    This is actually well done. You've managed to insult and indict 60 million people while sounding an alarm against them - to what end? Agreed, the sooner the better The greatest irony is that you are incapable of accepting that the opinions and beliefs of millions of others could possibly be valid.
  7. ExpandMyMind

    Out of Touch with Modern Technology

    The newer ones are actually incredibly powerful. 2.4GHz multi-processor with 4GB or ram. That's more powerful than the Netbook I'm on at the moment and probably more powerful than the vast majority of desktops that people own. And you use it for anything you use the internet for. All the things you mention. Most people are probably using it for Facebook, though. Watch films, listen to music, read books, listen to books, play games, learn another language (or anything really. There are tonnes of educational apps), carry out banking and shopping. Honestly, you've basically asked the question, 'What is all the fuss over the internet and computers?'.
  8. Gwynbleidd

    Trump ignores the Pentagon

    I think it's because I, myself, I can't get past the fact he did that to a child. I do not understand how someone can stab another person whether it be adult/child to death is my problem. edit: Sorry, just as an afterthought - this is what upset me originally when I read about it, was that I didn't want this fellow to be able to get off those charges. It seemed awful to me that he would be cleared of stabbing another human. I just like to think positive and hope that we're moving in a direction where this type of behaviour was frowned upon and ceased to happen. I think that could be very naive of me though.
  9. If you cannot be sopecific and give an example, how can we discuss this properly? Forgive if I don't take your interpretation of what happened as Gospel. CITE the event or media report and let's see who is at fault. My experience is that it is over-zealous media morons... Until you give an example - it's a handwave. CITE - let's read the actual reports from NASA, shall we? You've done nothing but think and handwave. CITE.
  10. I love Terry Pratchett discworld novels, but I get my laughs not my science lessons from them.
  11. Hankenhunter

    Trump ignores the Pentagon

    He doesn't deserve to stand in the same room as a convicted war criminal? Yeesh.
  12. Manwon Lender

    Trump ignores the Pentagon

    Yes US Soldiers are trained defend themselves and to kill an enemy in a theatre of operations they are sent to fight in. Killing prisoners of war is not what soldiers are trained to do, US Soldiers trained to be disciplined and to follow orders of those appointed above Especially during wartime conditions. Without training and discipline their would be no control under wartime conditions. Murdering prisoners of war or unarmed civilians is something our soldiers are also trained not to do. By the time you reach you first unit you understand what the articles of the Geneva conventions say.
  13. Farmer77

    Pro Football 2019

    @tcgram Youre being a great sport BTW. I truly love the rivalry and hope my passion doesnt offend you.....too much...damnit I just cant stop im sorry
  14. Piney



    Keep your eye on the news. Rowan University has fire trucks and cops flying everywhere. 


    1. susieice


      Thanks for the heads up Piney. Nothing yet.


  15. Hankenhunter

    Trump ignores the Pentagon

  16. Eldorado


    We were young, we were merry, we were very very wise and the door stood open at our feast; When there passed us a woman with the West in her eyes, and a man with his back to the East.

    1. Eldorado


      O, still grew the hearts that were beating so fast,
      The loudest voice was still.
      The jest died away on our lips as they passed,
      And the rays of July struck chill.
      The cups of red wine turned pale on the board,
      The white bread black as soot.
      The hound forgot the hand of her lord,
      She fell down at his foot.
      Low let me lie, where the dead dog lies,
      Ere I sit me down again at a feast,
      When there passes a woman with the West in her eyes,
      And a man with his back to the East.


      Unwelcome by Mary Elizabeth Coleridge (God rest her)

  17. Hankenhunter

    President Trump having chest pains?

    Trump needs executive time until 2pm and no public appearances all day the Monday after his "routine" hospital visit https://www.fark.com/goto/10623524/twitter.com/ddale8/status/1196211271047270400 Interesting.
  18. and then

    Out of Touch with Modern Technology

    Careful... while it can be fun and interesting it's also a one way ticket to the Hive Mind
  19. hetrodoxly

    Machete attack on 13yr-old Ulster girl

    I was in Northern Ireland border country a few week back, my wife had a tee shirt on that had red, white and blue in the pattern on it (my wife's southern Irish catholic) words were said about her t shirt in the pub believe it or not and we were advised to leave.
  20. and then

    Mass protest in Iran

    I'm glad you at least want to support getting guys into uniform. All your other posts sound like a coward making noise to cover his own deficiencies. Supporting that regime makes you forever tainted with the innocent blood of its citizens.
  21. Anyone else in my boat? I have no idea what all of these modern gadgets do (tablets, i-pads etc). I bought a cell phone in 2008 (cheapest model in store) in case of emergencies, and I just use my portable CD player if I ever feel the need to listen to music outdoors. What exactly is everyone doing with their mobile devices? My train journey to work and back used to be noisy as hell, but in recent years I don't hear a thing. Everybody is holding a device and looking down at their feet for the entire journey. I am thinking about buying one of those gadgets simply out of curiosity. Any ideas what the appeal is, and are you in the same boat as me i.e. no previous interest whatever for years, and now you are curious to know what it's all about? Currently looking at Amazon and ebay and I have no clue what is good or bad and what any of them are primarily used for. Games, internet, music, videos? Sounds just like a desktop computer, only far less powerful? I'm puzzled. What is the appeal?
  22. Sounds awfully high, but reading the article, 1.5 times the rate in the general population, corrected for age etc.
  23. Stop it! I have to go to bed soon.
  24. and then

    Trump ignores the Pentagon

    The fact that men like yourself feel qualified to make moral judgments against men that you don't deserve to stand in the same room with is what disgusts me. You might want to consider that if those who make such judgments ever gain control of this government it will be men like THIS who help resist your plans.
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