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  2. Except of course the left don't get called out for their hypocracy by the msn...... wonder why.
  3. That's not how we see it. When a new government takes over a country, it either assumes or defaults on that country's foreign debt. That doesn't mean the the debt is forgiven. Since China set the precedent, should adversarial circumstance arise, we'll do the same, as each will, also, appropriate each other's assets in their respective countries.
  4. He doesn't need a defence. He's merely pointing out the hypocracy of the hard left, similar to the mob that smashed and burned (& murdered) during the BLM riots whilst described by the msn as 'mostly peaceful'
  5. Manwon Lender

    Tomb of a wealthy Pompeiian uncovered

    Thanks very much, I really appreciate it and I think many others will also.
  6. It wasn't the CCP or China but that "Generalisimo" and chosen one New Hope of "China" and now the thug family pulling the underworld strings in Taipei province. ~ ~
  7. Hammerclaw

    Tomb of a wealthy Pompeiian uncovered

    Here are some links with additional information and photos. I remember Mary Beard mentioning him in one her documentaries and lectures. Marcus Venerius Secundio - Wikipedia The tomb of Marcus Venerius Secundio discovered at Porta Sarno with mummified human remains - Pompeii Sites Marcus Venerius, the new patron who emerges from the ruins of Pompeii | Summer Magazine - Digis Mak
  8. itsnotoutthere

    GPs in England threaten industrial action

    There are a few on the app store. The one I use is called Pharmacy2U
  9. And i thank you for that,, a true Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (UAP) filmed in 2010 The Anomalous Aerial Vehicle (AAV) was no known aircraft or air vehicle currently in the inventory of the United States or any foreign nation. http://thenimitzencounters.com/2018/10/10/uss-nimitz-uap-executive-summary-report/
  10. itsnotoutthere

    GPs in England threaten industrial action

    You don't even need to do that. I've got an app on the phone that sends me an text every few days asking if I want more tablets, as soon as you reply 'yes' they send within a day. They contact the gp for you.
  11. It would never be paid. The debt the CCP defaulted on owed by China to the US was around one trillion and that's not allowing for interest or inflation. China's secret? It owes Americans nearly $1 trillion - oregonlive.com
  12. Lobsters may avoid their sick comerads, but one or a few sick lobsters could have been eaten by humans. That would have been enough. And the sewage that caused the lobsters' disease did not necessarily have to be contaminated by humans. What about rats swimming in the sewage, or what about bird droppings Or bat droppings...?
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  14. Manwon Lender

    Brilliant Quotes to Make Your Day

    My favourite Military Commander because he understood what Leadership required.
  15. Violet_Dusk

    Mass Psychosis

    People are very anxious now, I can see it among my friends and colleagues as well. I think one of the biggest sources of these anxiety and depression feelings is the information we get daily. As we can see in this video, there are negative facts, fake news, a lot of panics. Probably, we should care about what we see and what we hear every single day. Recently I've started to be interested in how to protect myself from disinformation, and I liked this guide with fact-checking tips. Frankly speaking, there are a lot of ways to check the news we read or watch, we just need to use them. It's highly important.
  16. nilknarf

    ESP Using The Inter Mind Model

    I wouldn't say that I "know ESP" I would only say I've had experiences that people call ESP/paranormal/psychic. In my opinion esp is a conscious mind experience, and there is no place for the physical mind in this phenomenon. The inter mind, if it's more than a placeholder for something we can't grasp, may or may not play a part. Reading through the thread it looks like some people have misunderstood the meaning of "The hard problem" which is an actual thing you can google. In a nutshell it's the problem of figuring out what creates conscious awareness. As has been pointed out science remains clueless about how it comes to be. We all know it exists because we experience it when we are awake. The prevailing attitude is that it must be a product of the brain because where else could it come from. That's not a very scientifically satisfying answer. Many years after I started having paranormal experiences I intuitively came to the supposition that consciousness is probably not a product of the brain, even though it does appear to be attached somehow. It seems more likely that the brain acts primarily as an interface to physical reality.
  17. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., or TSMC, is the world's largest contract manufacturer of the semiconductor chips—otherwise known as integrated circuits, or just chips—that power our phones, laptops, cars, watches, refrigerators and more. Its clients include Apple, Intel, Qualcomm, AMD and Nvidia. Source _________ Taiwan is now as important a strategic ally of the United States, as Saudi Arabia once was.
  18. Manwon Lender

    Brilliant Quotes to Make Your Day

    The only way to move into the future is to cut your attachments to the negative parts of your past. If you can't do this, you will relive your past in a never ending cycle.
  19. Violet_Dusk

    Pyramids of China

    Interesting information. There are a lot of pyramids around the world - Cambodia, Mexico, Italy. I suppose that these pyramids were built to establish communication with space. Ancients possessed valuable knowledge. I watched an online conference "Pyramids. The Ancient Technology" by the research project "Kaleidoscope of Facts" a year ago, and there were so many curious facts about it - you can find it on YouTube, I was really amazed by some facts they told there.
  20. Violet_Dusk

    Brilliant Quotes to Make Your Day

    "Do not give your past the power to define your future..."
  21. Helen of Annoy

    {un}holy haiku - 3rd Edition

    joyride, drizzling rain first responders shake their heads waiting for the crane
  22. How did they accomplished that feat?
  23. Manwon Lender

    China Is a Paper Dragon

    That's very possible but I see things just a little different. I can see the use Large Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) weapons that can destroy the power grid of an entire country, weapons like this have been tested and have been being developed since the 1990s.. This would also basically be no shoots fired and also lots of chaos, death and destruction. Not to mention that it could take years to get a Nations Power Grid operational again.
  24. You know the best part for me, is long after I am gone someone out there will playing with a cue I made. They will look done and see the name and date and think who the hell was this guy! Thanks
  25. Quote me to back up your midspprehension. The cause and effect doesn't exist. In fact sexual assualt has occurred on flights. Fifteen, or so, years ago there was an incident where a woman assualted a primary school student. A talk back radio discussion rasied the possibilty of cameras. But callers objected. Why? It's an option the assists in identifying the offender by watching who enters and when. How else are you going to police who enters these spaces? If conventionally dressed males aren't concerned then something else is needed other than changing a law.
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