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  2. A woman left paralysed after being "catapulted" from her new bed during sex is suing a bed firm for damages. Claire Busby, of Maidenhead, Berkshire, suffered spinal injuries when she fell from the super king-size double divan as she shifted her position. The 46-year-old is taking legal action against Berkshire Bed Company, trading as Beds Are Uzzz, saying the bed was in a "defective state". Full tale: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-berkshire-45868183
  3. Citizen of Cherokee Nation Slams Warren

    And before all you libs claim "put up job". I KNOW BECKY!!!
  4. Physics Girl checks out a remarkable effect achievable with non-newtonian fluids.
  5. Brexit costing Britain £500m a week

    Yes our economies our intertwined. They were before the EU, they were during the EU, and they will be after the EU. You dont need to be in the EU to do trade with it and the world isn't going to end simply because we leave.
  6. Citizen of Cherokee Nation Slams Warren

    How so? The CNO ( Cherokee of Oklahoma) have all her documented fraudulant claims of being tribal and traditional.
  7. Citizen of Cherokee Nation Slams Warren

    Being Indian is about being raised in a tribe and tradition. Not a friggin DNA test i call her "Pocahontas". She LIED about being raised in a "tradition".
  8. DA: Derailers Anonymous Thread II

    An 80 degree day is unlikely over the next few months and since Chicago winters can get brutal, I've decided to get you a cute little something to keep your head and ears warm. Consider it an early Christmas present.
  9. Police in Massachusetts said they seized an alligator, a python and two tarantulas being used for photo ops at a comics and pop culture convention Full shame: https://www.upi.com/Odd_News/2018/10/15/Alligator-python-seized-at-Massachusetts-comic-con/4831539614150/?sl=9 They were in poor condition. https://www.metrowestdailynews.com/news/20181014/rhode-island-man-arrested-at-super-megafest-in-framingham-had-alligator-and-python
  10. Citizen of Cherokee Nation Slams Warren

    Ok he went to numerous rallies calling her Pocahontas to jeers from his followers, and yet in the end she is somehow wrong in this...?
  11. A worrying new study has highlighted the catastrophic effects of global warming on insect populations. https://www.unexplained-mysteries.com/news/322438/bugpocalypse-sees-major-decline-in-insects
  12. Citizen of Cherokee Nation Slams Warren

    Both sides can be equally wrong.
  13. DA: Derailers Anonymous Thread II

    @Likely Guy How have you been doing since the ladder incident? Are you fully recovered?
  14. DA: Derailers Anonymous Thread II

    Reminded me of the same thing! I'm so glad you two are out of there.
  15. Citizen of Cherokee Nation Slams Warren

    But that wasn't her call, she was called out repeatedly and in a derogatory way by someone who doesn't respect First Nations people, at all. She wouldn't have taken the test otherwise or needed to. It was blown way out of proportion before she was essentially forced to take the test. The one to be mad at it in this scenario is Trump. How many people in their family were told they had Native Americans in their family tree? Its become a ubiquitous story no matter how truthful it was mostly because people didn't have good information. And seeing people who had DNA tests it doesn't always prove positive even when they know for a fact as the DNA registries don't have a large sampling of Native DNA to compare to. Either way her reasoning aren't for tribal affiliation its to prove once and for all her family story was in fact correct and Trump can shut up about it. It's so bizarro any tribe would take to task Warren in this and not Trump. He hung Andrew Jackson's portrait in the White House, he has said terribly derogatory words about NA people's. She isn't the bad one in this scenario.
  16. Elizabeth Warren running for President?

    They tried to "breed us out" with idiotic "blood quantum" laws. By DNA I'm "tri-racial" but I'm also tribal and was raised in tradition. Indians define Indians as being part of a tribe and tradition. She wasn't and she lied that she was PERIOD!
  17. Stormy Daniels' Case Thrown Out

    Yes, it's still on. Also, Daniels' lawyer has filed a notice of appeal on the defamation ruling.
  18. Scratches On Neck

    I would check it medically first for your health's sake but if you feel its something paranormal it usually is.Nobody else can feel what your feeling with these things,don't take on negative vibes from anyone on or off line as some people are just nasty characters.
  19. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/citizen-of-cherokee-nation-slams-warrens-political-ambition/ar-BBOsg0N Your NOT Indian unless you were raised Indian and Tribal PERIOD!
  20. Well, the canyon was finished off by Paul Bunyan, as everyone knows. He was dragging his axe behind him and it got caught in the trench left by the Egyptians. Harte
  21. Ohhhujjuuhhhhhh, I thought God did the Grand Canyon now your saying it was them Egyptians. Ken Ham will not be happy to hear this.
  22. The Serpent Mound was built out of the dirt from when the Egyptians dug out the Grand Canyon. Harte
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  24. Scratches On Neck

    Didn't see the OP mention you when they said vile,but.
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