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  2. A lot of people arrive here by accident and don't really know anything about the forum. I guess the poster is responding to @XenoFish a couple of posts back...probably arrived by googling vampires...??
  3. I donno.....They might turn their Siberian Polar Beam Satellite on Florida.
  4. We have now moved onto the "Warm War" portion I guess...
  5. joc

    Our mysterious moon

    NASA astronauts have tested the Moon's density on several occasions using seismic equipment and have reported officially that the Moon rings like a bell when struck. Apparently the rest of the article leads into the Hollow Moon Theory. NASA interview mm: What do you think about hollow Moon theory? Is there any evidence that confirm this? Renee_Weber: None of our results support that theory.
  6. Exactly, I am a step daughter while I think the world of my step dad and even call him Dad the relationship is more a loving friendship, we don’t have the same attachment as his biological children. The relationship is one more of equals not of father daughter, My husband is a step parent and he never saw himself as a dad to his step sons, he is very close to them, and contributed financially over the years but he understood the bond between my sons and their own Dad, My middle son and he are extremely close but my son says Sean is his friend. Yes, they get along great and love each other but it isn’t the equivalent of our youngest son who is his biological son. I think an exception would be if the biological parent was not involved at all or died and the step parent was the surrogate parent from birth on. Geez from conception to birth to the first 3 years of life there is so much that transpires in the way of attachment biologically. My own dad died when I was 3 years old and while I have only a few memories, those 3 years whether I remember or not impacted me and created a bond and I feel a strong emotional attachment for my bio dad. I think a step dad or foster caregiver can be viable and useful and assume a role for ex: during the teen years when the teen is seeking his independence breaking away when the parent is still holding to tight, they can speak on behalf of the kid and the parent. Sean was so helpful when my middle son and his Dad were going through the teen years, yet his help was geared towards helping them understand and navigate their respective needs, he could offer insight from a position outside of biological. I think foster parents can be good or bad depending but the system itself is really designed to keep families together if possible and while opening ones home and giving of their time is charitable, the state pays them for their services. My boss is a foster care mother, the objective is to keep the parent a part of the child’s life if possible due to attachment theory, Fostering kids is a specific role, fulfilling a need. Mr. Walker also thinks that using your imagination to astral travel is the equivalent of actually traveling there. Assuming all is well there is a deep emotional connection that begins at conception, from the first time you hear the heart beat to holding your baby in your arms the birth is a huge significant experience, there is a level of love and connection that you feel that is awe inspiring, parents literally fall madly in love with the baby, it goes beyond you would die for your child, there is a deep protectiveness and a love that forgives all and this idea that no one will harm my child least of all their parents. There is an actual attachment that if severed can lead to depression and serious anxiety for the baby and parents. For me, adopting a child from birth would be the same as biological and yet I have talked to many adoptive parents who have said that it it is not the same as being the biological parent due to the fact they didn’t carry the baby etc. I take so much for granted as the bio parent, but it seems from the biological POV the pregnancy itself is a integral part of the relationship between parent and child too. I have a brother who was adopted and he found me about a year ago and he had a wonderful adoptive mother, whom he loved immensely, but he shared with me he always felt something was missing and he longed to know his real parents over years he found out stuff about their history, things I didn’t even know which actually helped me grow in compassion for my mom, it is incredible the energy he put into getting to know them having never ever meeting them.
  7. acute


    The Cost Of Dental Implants In Kings Norton May Surprise You!

    Dental Implants | Search Ads

  8. Hmmm..... I'm not convinced. Can I see one in a different colour?
  9. The Cold War idiotic rumor mill is back in force.
  10. Today
  11. acute


    I wonder what slow-cooked Koala tastes like.....


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      Chicken...everything tastes like chicken.

  12. Hello. I am here. Missed that one by Gromdor somehow. Thanks. I never saw the fox21 report...I had only read the first story, which said nothing about 'white'. He was asking people about god so I figured he was a jihadist loan wolf...either way...a nutter for sure.
  13. iridescence

    Funny Pet Videos

  14. Robotic Jew

    Sander's Aide: Gulags/Reeducation not so bad.

    Ah. "locker room talk"! Even better!
  15. Hello? Joc? My goodness, he seems to have disappeared! Shocking!
  16. Might want to think about where that incivility started... A clue - you elected him president.
  17. 100% Husband messing with his family.
  18. Setton

    Sander's Aide: Gulags/Reeducation not so bad.

    He wasn't advocating gulags or claiming he'd force anyone into them. All he was saying is that when you're rich, powerful and the head of a totalitarian state, people just throw themselves into your gulags! It's no different to the conversations every guy* has had in the locker room! *for 'guy', read 'knuckleheaded ****'.
  19. skookum

    Ban expected on under-12s heading footballs

    I remember being forced to head the ball in training at school. It really hurt to be honest and if something hurts its probably not good for you. I like the idea of a lighter ball till they get the correct technique. Banning it is over the top but so was going home with a stinking headache as you had not mastered it with a heavy leather ball.
  20. Dumbledore the Awesome

    Dumbledore the Awesome

    A Ford Sierra speeds by 

  21. Essan

    New Mexico teen gets 30-days for murder

    Presumably back to the UK, Ireland, Germany, Italy or wherever else they migrated to America from? I do agree though that America should be for the Americans. So the more Mexicans, Hondurans, Nicaraguans and other peoples from America who move back north, the better Glad you agree
  22. RoofGardener

    Mass Stabbing In Colorado Springs

    Yeah, but I don't seem to recall Jesus preaching that you can kill non-Christians ?
  23. spartan max2

    Who will the Democratic nominee be?

    Latest polls. Biden still holds lead nationally thought it's no longer in double digits. Sanders has a 5 point lead in the most recent early state of New Hampshire poll. Interestingly, comparing the latest NH poll to the last NH poll it seems Sanders did not pull ahead from gaining anyone, he went from 22 percent to 23 percent, Sanders pulled ahead because Biden lost a chunck to Klobuchar. Klobuchar went from 2 percent to 10 percent. https://www.realclearpolitics.com/epolls/latest_polls/democratic_nomination_polls/
  24. tcgram


    Life is like a movie.   If I'm sad, Drama.    If I"m afraid, Suspense.   If  I'm angry, Action.  When I look in the mirror (especially first thing in the morning), Horror!   :P    

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