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  2. The Silver Shroud

    English MP charged with sex assault on boy

    It is going to be a long road back to decency in public office in the UK: On the eve of publication of the long-awaited Sue Gray report on Downing Street parties, the historian Peter Hennessy has described current British political standards as being a “bonfire of decencies”. A system of government which ultimately rests on the willingness of “good chaps” to “do the decent thing” is going up in flames. Democratic decay is quite difficult to reverse The match which is lighting the fire is seeing that egregious misdemeanours at the very top of government can be publicly identified and evidenced but then go unpunished, while the offender-in-chief “moves on”. If the public’s desire for a blood sacrifice is required, some official or other can be offered up. The public seemingly understands the drill and “moves on” too. There is, after all, a cost of living crisis. Though it seems petty and obsessive to go on about the details of Partygate, the issue matters (as does the wider conduct of the prime minister). Serious damage has been done to the British system of democratic government which we have long persuaded ourselves is a model for the world. And that system is a lot more precarious than we like to think. It runs on respect. Voices: The Sue Gray report should bring Boris Johnson’s administration to an end (msn.com)
  3. Manwon Lender

    English MP charged with sex assault on boy

    Yes ma’am, publicly!
  4. psyche101 said: It's an outdated idea. What makes you more capable than any woman taking up the debate? https://reduxx.info/feminists-attacked-assaulted-by-trans-activists-during-iwd-2022-demonstrations/ https://reduxx.info/uk-woman-assaulted-by-trans-activists-at-feminist-event/ https://4w.pub/trans-allies-physically-attack-feminists-at-protests/ https://www.peaktrans.org/hate-from-trans-activists/
  5. Golden Duck

    English MP charged with sex assault on boy

    Tu Quoque ("You Do it Too!"; also, Two Wrongs Make a Right): A corrupt argument from ethos, the fallacy of defending a shaky or false standpoint or excusing one's own bad action by pointing out that one's opponent's acts, ideology or personal character are also open to question, or are perhaps even worse than one's own. E.g., "Sure, we may have tortured prisoners and killed kids with drones, but we don't cut off heads like they do!" Or, "You can't stand there and accuse me of corruption! You guys are all into politics and you know what we have to do to get reelected!" Unusual, self-deprecating variants on this fallacy are the Ego / Nos Quoque Fallacies ("I / we do it too!"), minimizing or defending another's evil actions because I am / we are guilty of the same thing or of even worse. E.g., In response to allegations that Russian Premier Vladimir Putin is a "killer," American President Donald Trump (2/2017) told an interviewer, "There are a lot of killers. We've got a lot of killers. What, do you think our country's so innocent?" This fallacy is related to the Red Herring and to the Ad Hominem Argument https://utminers.utep.edu/omwilliamson/ENGL1311/fallacies.htm
  6. Manwon Lender

    Are you o.k?

    Dam that’s a lot of Peanut Butter, are you sure your alright! Ex-lax here I am to save the day! Peace Bro hope all is well!
  7. Or the other four permanent members of the UNSC.
  8. Piney

    Are you o.k?

    What the misses and I thought was another bout of long covid turned out to be contaminated peanut butter. We ate 2 jars before we got the memo.
  9. Is this just comparing the literal with metonymy, wrapped up to appear like a theological analysis. All poetical devices when interpreted literally appear silly. Let's all drink a toast to literalism
  10. I believed in a lot of Native American archeology and anthropology woo which was pounded in my brain by AIM influenced members of my tribe, Ojibwa, 6 Nations and Lakota "elders" . Then @Harte and @Kenemet straightened me right out. @Swede has also pointed out Objibway Midiwin bs to me.
  11. XenoFish

    What is God ?

    Easy. If it does exist it is forever unknowable. It is humans who create what they believe to be god/s/ess's. If it exist any description of it is flawed and born of ignorance. Even the acceptance and denial of it, due to a supposed knowledge of it. Since it would be beyond all human concept and even my definition is flawed, it is a supposition. A guess. Like everyone else. The problem is people focus too much on god and not living a honest respectable life. No man-made ideology hold absolute truth.
  12. https://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/greatmomentsinscience/the-woman-who-can-smell-parkinsons-disease/11439000
  13. Seems many women are terrified of being canceled if they take up the debate. Mostly cause that’s exactly what happens. Especially those directly involved. And I have said I don’t care what it looks like to you, I’m not trying to change that. Has nothing to do with bravado. It’s just common sense. The more people expressing their opinion on this the more likely there will be a positive outcome. Seems outrageous to me that you would put women in harms way of men. In sports and in public locker rooms. You are expressing your support in the court of public opinion. Same as all of us. I couldn’t care less what people do. I’m not afraid of trans people. That’s the insanity here. Bow to every demand your you are a bigot. Live and let live I say. Just don’t tread on real women doing so.
  14. What does that question even mean? You know CVD is one of is one of the comorbidities of concern. The American Heart Association estimates half the adult population is living with a heart condition. COVID can reduce the prognosis of a heart condition from decades to days. Heart arythmia is 30 times more prevalent from COVID than it was from the vaccine. Based on the AHA estimates, people avoid seeing a heart specialist. Bang for buck, avoiding COVID is a pretty good strategy.
  15. Today
  16. The thing is that for all we KNOW the universe is of infinite size. That means that all points can be the center with infinite distance in every direction. I think that as time passes mankind should be able to shrink those distances. The real meaningful distance is two things. One is the actual measured distance but to people what has more meaning is how long it will take to go from point A to point B. We have regularly shrunk the distance we consider close. I live in the woods near a tiny town that is about 25 miles from a small city. Basically, I am in the suburbs of a small town but it is a quick trip to town so it isn't a problem. If on the other hand, I was riding a horse or heaven forbid WALKING, that trip to town would be quite a journey. I think that someday we will go to the planets. We are eventually going to need their resources. The asteroid belt probably has a lot to offer but it is unimaginably huge. I really had thought that by now we would be farther along than we are. We have stumbled and I don't know if the US is going to be the leader into the next stage of human development.
  17. Every time you look in the mirror no doubt.
  18. It's an outdated idea. What makes you more capable than any woman taking up the debate? I've said what it looks like, and I'm not seeing your explanation change that. It seems some bravado thing, like your patting yourself on the back for being a protector. If you claimed to protect me, I would seriously laugh out loud. Why do you think others would act differently? What is it you think your bringing to the table? Nope. Asked Earl the same thing a could weeks ago. He got terribly offended and insisted women must need him and then involved tiggs. It was pitiful. It just seems outrageously silly. Right wing angry posters thinking they are saving the women of the world by being intolerant and trying to force others to think backwards. What is it you think I'm doing to support them? I think your man in a dress comment shows that you truly are closed minded, bigoted and unjust. Maybe try travelling to a land where it's the norm and expounding your views. There's places where transgender people are just a part of life. You're scared and lashing out. Considering you say you are a peaceful person, you should be able to do better than that.
  19. I know a hypocrite when I see one.
  20. preacherman76

    Identity Politics

    Most like in the 90% range grow out of this anyway.
  21. Yes because Bibles and being preached to is far more important than food, medical or mental health treatment. I quite enjoy the homophobic bent too. Here's my credentials Religious Society of Friends (Quaker) AFSC/Red Cross/VOA Cadburyite Seminarian under Emma Peaslee Engle who's doctrine is Bibles for the needy are about as useful as teets on a bull.
  22. Do you know what kettles and pots are? Get why don't you just post another tasteless meme.
  23. itsnotoutthere

    English MP charged with sex assault on boy

  24. Wow ...pot meet kettle, kettle meet pot.
  25. I was raised with the idea that men should protect women. Started with my Father telling me to watch over my little sister on the school yard. Got my first black eye in the 4th grade doing so. It’s just instilled in me. I couldn’t care less what it looks like to you, or to what degree you think women need it from me. You formed this new opinion practically yesterday. BTW if women don’t need anyone in the fight for their human rights, how much less so does a man in a dress need you?
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