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  2. and then

    Trump, Certifiable Nutcase

    And those who simply do not trust information coming from our highly politicized media? Americans tend to bridle at being treated like idiot children who need to be controlled by some feckless bureaucrat.
  3. Mark One

    Preceding 1st + Last letters come in New Word

    Bagpipes -> Abscess
  4. Mark One

    Word Association (Part 4)

  5. and then

    Trump, Certifiable Nutcase

    There's quite a difference between fear and respect. That's where the Left loses the thread and goes nutty. If OZ is behaving in a way that you approve then great. Americans tend to be a little more, uh, headstrong, where taking orders from bureaucrats is concerned. Meanwhile, get back to me when the case fatality rate becomes something for the other 99% of covid sufferers to worry over.
  6. Mark One

    Word Change

    Marks here.
  7. Mark One

    Things that make you go grrrr ( Part 2 )

    The kung-flu or "Corona virus" really makes me grrrr. It seems nowadays that anyone who passes away regardless of their health condition is yet another statistic added to the covid 19 database of questionable reports.
  8. Mark One

    Say Something Obvious

    Your nose always begins to itch when you're surrounded by people.
  9. Mark One

    Acronym it! (Part 2)

    But Let's Use Nothing Tangible EARTH
  10. itsnotoutthere

    Tony Bobulinski Talks

  11. And who are these people that are dying of pneumonia. And please produce more than a link. Explain what you are on about and have the facts to support whatever you are claiming. You mention age groups. So please try and be clear about who you are referring to.
  12. You made a false claim. I doubt that what you are posting now is true. You seem to be willing to post anything to justify whatever narrative you want with no regard to reality. So what new fairy tale do you want to use to compare deaths? You know these people you seem to care little about, those that are dead.
  13. acute


    From Wikipedia:

    While filled eggs were first manufactured by the Cadbury Brothers in 1923, the Creme Egg in its current form was introduced in 1963. Initially sold as Fry's Creme Eggs (incorporating the Fry's brand), they were renamed "Cadbury's Creme Eggs" in 1971.

    At the Bournville factory in Birmingham, in the UK, they are manufactured at a rate of 1.5 million per day. :o

  14. itsnotoutthere


    A Jeremy Corbyn loyalist has been told he faces jail after spewing anti-Semitic abuse towards three Labour MPs in a barrage of threatening phone calls and emails. Nicolas Nelson, 31, waged a hate campaign against Dame Margaret Hodge, Dame Louise Ellman and Lord John Mann, who he called ‘*****’ and said should die. A chief magistrate today said Nelson could be put behind bars after last month pleading guilty to three counts of sending communications of an offensive nature. Dames Margaret and Louise are Jewish and were openly critical of the Jeremy Corbyn for allowing anti-Semitism to breed in Labour’s ranks, as was John Mann. https://distincttoday.net/2020/10/28/corbyn-supporter-31-is-facing-jail-after-bombarding-three-labour-mps-with-anti-semitic-abuse/
  15. simplybill

    Tony Bobulinski Talks

    It’s an interesting situation. The (apparently) anonymous source has probably been identified by the people responsible for the theft, unless the documents were heavily redacted by the Fox News organization before they were shipped. The implications of that are somewhat frightening, in a Seth Rich/Jeffrey Epstein sort of way.
  16. lightly

    Trump, Certifiable Nutcase

    But we wouldn't have to ..IF president dum ass would just accept reality, and ask people to cooperate , and protect each other ...UNTIL WE get the virus under control . And even then, I think this experience is going to have a lasting and positive effect on people's public behavior. We will learn to keep a little space between ourselves ,primarily. ?
  17. InconceivableThoughts

    Group of doctors claim pandemic is a sham

    That in most age groups pneumonia kills more than covid.
  18. lightly

    The Presidential Debates

    Thanks joc, I hear ya, ^ that is the general 'understanding' of that situation , and made for excellent 'reasons'. it's fascinating how completely differently we view 'things'. I suspect ,the truth of the matters lies somewhere in between. maybe the immense wealth amassed by some ,due to those sorts of events, was (and IS) just a 'fortunate' and natural result. maybe my conspiracy theory is wacko, but there seems to be some sort of History of such things. ?. you know, people getting rich off wars. ??? It's almost enough to make me suspicious . !
  19. itsnotoutthere

    Police are called to Luton mosque

    #26 & #34
  20. Today
  21. skliss

    Tony Bobulinski Talks

    Ah, I didn't read it that way and I'm not a regular viewer, just watched the one with TB. I'm sure more info will be coming.
  22. I'm not sure that constitutes "fake". Sounds like real people bring real items to sell and sometimes they buy them and sometimes they don't. Obviously the interactions between the owners and employees are more scripted but the premise seems real.
  23. simplybill

    Tony Bobulinski Talks

    I could be wrong, but the story about this new incident makes it sound as though the missing documents came from someone other than Tony Bobulinski.
  24. quillius

    Cow 1, snake 0

    jeez.....so even the Cows are dangerous in Oz.......... I would guess this must be an Australian cat: @ 0.39 in Video the cat tells the gator he is from Oz
  25. skliss

    New Presidential Poll

    Thats the MSM.
  26. skliss

    Tony Bobulinski Talks

    So, I saw a theory that brought up a different angle. Maybe the FBI did verify the info on the laptop and were saving it to use themselves if Joe wins. They hold the blackmail reins to the country for their own purposes if that's true. Something to think about. If you are talking about TB's info, I think everything is contained on those 3 cell phones and the FBI has access that way.
  27. I've read about it, but I doubt I'll ever understand how you can get under a building to lift it, without it falling to bits.
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