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  2. Russia probes kick into high gear

    'No' was all you had to say.
  3. US Senator denied access

    Hardly. Just demonstrating how ridiculous your premise is.
  4. When to give up?

    Everyone is different and everyone deals with issues like this in different ways. A very good friend of mine has just had his stomach removed due to malignant melanoma. Life is not easy for him ...... Fortunately he has a wonderful wife and family and lots of good friends. But I know there have been times he has wondered whether it's worth going on ...... One way he has ensured that is this: https://www.severnway2018.com/ I am a single bloke with no close family, running a business that generates a very meagre income and there have been times in the past when I have thought "would it matter if I were dead?". I dealt with that in a very simple way - I go so heavily involved in helping run a charity (www.mountainbothies.org.uk) that, however bad my life may seem, I can't possibly end it all because of the huge number of people I'd be letting down if I did. It works (for me). I can't possibly afford to die (for any reason) these days .... Might be something to think about? Having a focus outside of your day to day life can make a big difference when you are feeling low But I appreciate, as I said above, what works for one doesn't necessarily work for others. Of course, by throwing yourself into internet forums like this, you are already half way there - where would we all be if you weren't here to advise, amuse and inform us? None of which probably helps at all cos I'm useless at offering this sort of advice. Too "old school - stiff upper lip - grow a backbone - a cup of tea makes everything right" English. Where there is life there is hope and we never, ever give up hoping (even if, as John Cleese said in the film Clockwise "I'd not the despair, I can take the despair. It's the hope I can't stand" ). But seriously, I am sorry to hear of your problems and hope some of the much better advice in this thread - and the great sense of internet global community demonstrated here - helps you
  5. US Senator denied access

    Damn Tiggs...I do believe you've just thrown in the towel. Bravo!
  6. EU extends sanctions against Russia

    Well, see, the problem with that sort of whattaboutism is that it's just pointless deflection. It's like saying no bad guy should be punished unless every bad guy is punished. Every bad guy should obviously be punished, but that doesn't mean we should be complaining when at least some bad guys are punished. I don't care the reason why a murderer is originally targeted, all I care is that he is punished. I've used your very own argument almost exactly with regards to the US' foreign policy. While I can recognise the hypocrisy, that doesn't automatically mean the decision is wrong. It just means they're a-holes.
  7. Russia probes kick into high gear

    Please. I heard Lee say those words live during the congressional hearing. Everyone seems to be talking about it. Be patient...the echo chamber you're sitting in might get the news in a couple of days. Or so.
  8. US Senator denied access

    We should shoot all the kids. It's the only way to ensure they'll never, ever be trafficked. And if you're against that, then you clearly support child trafficking. Truth is -- separating children from their family, and putting them in wire cages with armed guards has nothing to do with the prevention of child trafficking -- and everything to do with using them as a deterrent and political bargaining chip.
  9. The United States Will Not Be A Migrant Camp

    No half decent country should become a migrant camp, instead help those nations with their problems.
  10. Man youtube should censor such videos.
  11. Was Scott Peterson innocent ?

    Wrong: PWC does not believe The Mother or the Baby where ever in the bay! DVD
  12. EU extends sanctions against Russia

    Right, it is hypocrisy. And without whataboutism, which you seem to take issue with, such raging hypocrisy would be rather impossible to point out. Maybe you'd like to regard everything in a vacuum (in case the subject at hand is about the West pointing its self righteous finger at others for violating international law), but I dont. Especially given the unadulterated double measures being maintained, increasingly so these days.
  13. Stalin's mysterious artifacts in ruins.

    Impressive! And I understand so painfully well the economic and cultural situation you're in. It's quite similar in my country too, those who would support work, such as yours, have no money, and those who have the money are half-literate and completely disgusting. What can we do? Wait for better times, I guess. Your work is important, it's great that you already have the books ready in case of a miracle. In the meantime, if you need any assistance with English, just send me a private message and I'll do my best to help you. People say that my English is almost decent. I don't know if that's true or they are only being polite You can start your own blog here on Unexplained Mysteries too. It's free and UM has a lot of visitors. Don't hesitate just because of the language, you don't have to sound like an English professor, those who are interested will understand you even if there are some errors.
  14. The United States Will Not Be A Migrant Camp

    It would be better if they would champion things like to make changes to schooling so that it cost less more affordable but not to have others work to pay it for them. It would benefit everyone if they were more focused on problem solving . I don't know if they understand what true problem solving is. Would be nice if he does. I don't know if it's the leadership state by state that keeps it ongoing. Is that there because of a local level voted in? That's a lot to have to pay to vote again.
  15. Something that struck me while reading the following: [101/01-02] False priests and servants of god PRESTER here reminded me of praise (Nl. prijs De. preisen), namely god’s servants or praisers. Although it would be a more likely link if the first ‘E’ was accentuated, which it is not, still I thought it noteworthy.
  16. Was Scott Peterson innocent ?

    The trial Transcripts and additionally the Habeas response by the State, I'm sure you know where to find both! For the Bagged and refrigerated Baby theory, I attribute that to you in this forum. DVD
  17. Was Scott Peterson innocent ?

    The question was: Is that show a court of law? DVD
  18. Russia probes kick into high gear

    You got a source for any of these? Or do I need to trawl 4chan?
  19. EU extends sanctions against Russia

    The EU's constant Eastward expansionism has been the greatest driving force (IMO) in souring relations with Russia.It has NOTHING to do with Trade, or extending Human Rights but ALL to do with the EU's "Big Plan" of European Domination under hegemonic Bureaucratic Diktat.
  20. Reference to clouds is clear prove that them pesky illiterate Middle Eastern bronze age goat herders are responsible for creating chemtrails! I knew it!
  21. https://www.unexplained-mysteries.com/column.php?id=318970
  22. US Senator denied access

    So Trump is now saying that immigrants will 'infest' the USA. A man who is himself a second generation immigrant. How is it possible to have such little self-awareness?
  23. Sadly, many who climb Everest - and many other hills, big and small, these days are just rich* tourists with no regard for anyone but themselves, no sense of social responsibility and a "it's someone else's problem" attitude. We see it a lot in the Scottish hills - it's why, for example, camping has been banned on the shores of Loch Lomond. * that doesn't mean they are millionaires, just, like most of us in the "west", have more money than they need
  24. US Tariffs on Steel, Aluminium

    I posted all the individual National statistics on Trade between individual EU Nations and the USA. The EU is not a single Trading Entity (much as Germany, France would suggest so that their own irresponsible asymmetrical trading remains in the shadows) and Country of Origin is stamped on all export / import documentation. But...the UK is forced to apply tariffs dictated to it by the EU, and the USA is not permitted under WTO rules to offer individual nations within the EU respite from these USA tariffs.
  25. When to give up?

    Firstly, if you are having suicidal thoughts you need to go to see your doctor. Depression is easy to fix and its a dam shame when someone takes their life without realising this. Your doctor will likely medicate you while you wait to see a shrink to make you happy. Or if theres an immediate threat to your life he will call an ambulance and have you taken to hospital. The brain has two important parts in its limbic system involved in depression. One is called the hippocampus (I will call this hip) and the other the amygdala (I will call this amy). Depression (and problems with other negative emotions) are caused when the hip is small and the amy is large. The cause of this in most people is a prolonged period of adversity or psychological abuse in their life (usually at the hand of their parents). Basically when you experience a negative emotion your mind gets to work thinking about it. The thoughts have you trying to figure out why you feel the way you do, how to stop it, how to prevent it occurring again, how to avoid it in the future, how to overcome it. how to take revenge, etc. It is this thinking activity which shrinks the hippo and grows the amy. The prolonged period of adversity or psychological abuse has you doing this for long periods of time wrecking havoc in your brain. The longer you spend thinking about it the worse your problem becomes as you continue to shrink that hippo even further and grow that amy even bigger. You fix the problem by letting yourself have negative emotions but stop the thinking activity you normally attach to them. In essence, stop caring about them. Let the emotions exist on their own and take the frame of mind where its - oh well, theres a negative emotion, let it do what it wants to do and who cares?. Without the thinking activity that amy will shrink. In the mean time to give your hippocampus a growth spurt learn a new language or skill and force yourself to take a 10 min cold shower every morning. If you go see your doctor your shrink will tell you exactly what I just told you under the name cognitive behavioural therapy.
  26. The United States Will Not Be A Migrant Camp

    We can't allow that crime to continue to spread on over in the United States. Japan has Toyota dealership here in the United States and Americans work it . I would like to see more of that sort of happening. We need more of that going on. The U.N should be sent far away to a no mans land. I'm sure they would love to do more . I would hope they would want to anyway.
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