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  2. Hell, I wasn’t going to click before…. Seems like I can’t miss this.
  3. The development of an ultrathin magnet that operates at room temperature could lead to new applications in computing and electronics – such as high-density, compact spintronic memory devices – and new tools for the study of quantum physics. The ultrathin magnet, which was recently reported in the journal Nature Communications, could make big advances in next-gen memory devices, computing, spintronics, and quantum physics. It was discovered by scientists at the Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) and UC Berkeley. “We’re the first to make a room-temperature 2D magnet that is chemically stable under ambient conditions,” said senior author Jie Yao, a faculty scientist in Berkeley Lab’s Materials Sciences Division and associate professor of materials science and engineering at UC Berkeley. https://scitechdaily.com/main-attraction-scientists-create-worlds-thinnest-magnet-just-one-atom-thick/
  4. A common mistake is that people run with the survival of the fittest thing but don’t understand it. Fittest is in reference to the success ,or lack of, in passing on genetic material. Nothing more nothing less. I would maintain that 50000 years ago the upright monkeys that could make things move mentally would pass on their genetic material FAR more. They would be the chiefs of their little groups. probably a different discussion… but I’ll leave it at that I obviously don’t believe in super powers.
  5. Abramelin


    That is, I think, the first chart I uses in this thread!
  6. For decades, researchers around the world have searched for ways to use solar power to generate the key reaction for producing hydrogen as a clean energy source — splitting water molecules to form hydrogen and oxygen. However, such efforts have mostly failed because doing it well was too costly, and trying to do it at a low cost led to poor performance. Now, researchers from The University of Texas at Austin have found a low-cost way to solve one half of the equation, using sunlight to efficiently split off oxygen molecules from water. The finding, published recently in Nature Communications, represents a step forward toward greater adoption of hydrogen as a key part of our energy infrastructure. https://scitechdaily.com/clean-energy-breakthrough-making-hydrogen-is-hard-but-researchers-just-solved-a-major-hurdle/
  7. Manwon Lender

    Covid Patients Beg for Vaccine, but are Denied

    Then why post and make such statements concerning American SARS-Cov-2 statistics. Why perpetuate misinformation and intentionally spread a politic doctrine your not even involved with. Like, I said previously do some research and educate yourself on the subject, because while you say you have, your posted comments prove you haven't. Intentionally spreading inaccurate and blatantly false information serves one purpose which is to destroy the credibility of your word, maybe being viewed as dishonest is ok where your from, but not where I am from!
  8. ChrLzs

    uncontrollable telepathy

    Why would you dredge this back up, after 6 years? It still is. Consistent, at least. How terribly, terribly convenient. It is the age old excuse - you're very special and we aren't worthy.
  9. Interesting stance in this post. The India variant, oops, sorry it got a rebrand... the Delta variant is affecting vaccinated and non vaccinated hospital.admitted cases at rates of 60/40 I'm the UK. So something is seriously afoot either with the UK telling lies or the US. Which one is most likely telling lies right now I wonder? Which would be fit the propoganda best?
  10. Woke up with a rendition of this stuck in my head from a dream.
  11. Kazahel

    The weird dreams thread!

    I had a funny part of a dream just then which made me laugh. I dreamt I stood in the centre of a small group of people I was with. I looked up at the stars at night and waited for a moment before invoking and being possessed. Then I floated up a few meters and started to fly around and circle the group. When a lady tried to leave from fear, I noticed I was holding a large chain which I threw around her and dragged her back with me. All while playfully singing a rendition of Guns and Roses : Sweet Child O' Mine. But I sung it "sweet muppets of mine". lol (I've never thought of it like that before, makes me laugh how I do that while I'm dreaming).
  12. OpenMindedSceptic

    Covid Patients Beg for Vaccine, but are Denied

    I'm not American. I don't follow any political party.
  13. In sudden stratospheric warmings (SSWs) — large meteorological disturbances related to the polar vortex in which the polar stratosphere temperature increases as it is affected by the winds around the pole — the polar vortex is weakened. SSWs also have profound atmospheric effects at great distances, causing changes in the hemisphere opposite from the location of the original SSW — changes that extend all the way to the upper thermosphere and ionosphere. A study published on July 16, 2021, in Geophysical Research Letters by MIT Haystack Observatory’s Larisa Goncharenko and colleagues examines the effects of a recent major Antarctic SSW on the Northern Hemisphere by studying changes observed in the upper atmosphere over North America and Europe. https://scitechdaily.com/how-a-sudden-stratospheric-warming-event-over-antarctica-affected-the-northern-hemisphere/
  14. Today
  15. To change the direction of motion of a massive object, such as a car, it has to be slowed down and brought to a complete standstill first. Even the tiniest charge carriers in the universe, the electrons, follow this rule. For future ultrafast electronic components, however, it would be helpful to circumvent the electron’s inertia. Photons, the quanta of light, show how this could work. Photons do not carry mass and can thus move at the highest possible velocity, the speed of light. For a change of direction, they do not need to slow down; when they are reflected from a mirror, for instance, they abruptly change their direction without a stopover. Such behavior is highly desirable for future electronics because the direction of currents could be switched infinitely swiftly and the clock rate of processors could be massively increased. Yet, photons do not carry electric charge, which is a prerequisite for electronic devices. https://scitechdaily.com/turning-at-top-speed-scientists-observe-a-new-kind-of-light-emission/
  16. Based on the analysis of marsquakes recorded by NASA’s InSight mission, the structure of Mars’ crust has now been determined in absolute numbers for the first time. Beneath the InSight landing site, the crust is either approximately 20 or 39 kilometers thick. That is the result of an international research team led by geophysicist Dr. Brigitte Knapmeyer-Endrun at the University of Cologne’s Institute of Geology and Mineralogy and Dr. Mark Panning at Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology (Caltech). InSight stands for “Interior Exploration using Seismic Investigations, Geodesy and Heat Transport.” NASA’s lander, which landed on Mars on 26 November 2018, explores the crust, mantle and core of the red planet. The paper “Thickness and structure of the Martian crust from InSight seismic data” was published in the journal Science on July 23, 2021. https://scitechdaily.com/scientists-analyze-marsquakes-to-determine-the-structure-of-marss-crust/
  17. A debris disk, which includes comets, asteroids, rocks of various sizes, and plenty of dust, orbits the star Beta Pictoris, which is blocked at the center of this 2012 image by a coronagraph aboard the Hubble Space Telescope. This is the visible-light view of the system. NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope will view Beta Pictoris in infrared light, both using its coronagraphs and capturing data known as spectra to allow researchers to learn significantly more about the gas and dust in the debris disk, which includes lots of smaller bodies like exocomets. As a solar system forms, the young disk is initially bright and thick with dust. Within the first 10 million years or so, gaps appear within the disk as planets form and clear out paths. In time, this debris disk thins out as gravitational interactions with planets slowly sweep away the dust. Steady pressure from the starlight and stellar winds also blow out the dust. After approximately 10 million years, only a thin ring remains in the outermost reaches of the system, which is known as a debris disk. https://scitechdaily.com/nasas-webb-space-telescope-to-explore-a-neighboring-dusty-planetary-system/
  18. Mr Walker

    Why Are We Here?

    The bolded bit is a belief/ assumption on your part and not the lived experience of others (like, i suspect, Crazy Horse ) You can't tell another person tha t god only exists as a human concept, when they have k knowledge and experience of it's reality The rest is basically correct, although human spirituality is a state of mind not a path, or even a way to freedom. It is what makes us creative, and imaginative; able to feel joy and wonder (and hate or envy) and separates us from all other living things. I see little evidence of spirituality (human not religious) in some poster's lives, but then its hard to detect from online posts. (although there are many posters here who DO demonstrate very deep spirituality. eg Hammerclaw and 8 bits, among others Some people seem damaged, and incomplete, but may still have elements of the human spirit. Love of a motor bike, and the open road, is one aspect of the human spirit. It is the feelings and emotions one has when riding, either on a perfect summer's day, or through drenching rain in the dead of a winter night. Love of, or compassion for, an animal, or another person, is another example You might or might not be able to express it, in music, words (prose or poetry) or pictures, but if you feel it, it illustrates /demonstrates, your human spirit. Now imagine a person filled with the human spirit The y feel like that all the time. Just walking in the garden, or in the woods, or down a street, speaking with others, living life, preparing a meal ,watching a movie, or doing their job, etc., brings that sense of joy and wonder for/ with, life
  19. I don't disagree with you at all and that behavior by any politician is deplorable. I am not a Biden or Harris fan, I have been a moderate republican all my life and never voted for a democrat. Anything positive that Trump did do as Presudent concerning this Pandemic is washed away in Blood, by his inactions when the Pandemic started in January 2020. From giving the America people false information, to hiding the serious nature of the Virus, to not stopping flights from both Europe and Asia at a earlier date, to subverting the use of masks, and all of this in the beginning was to keep the economy in full swing. The idiot cost the lives, and caused people to have permanent disability caused from the Virus. Because of this more than 100,000 Americans died because in his warped mind the Economy was more important than American lives. While Someone under Trump did have a great idea to start Operation Warp Speed that's the only achievement his Administration did accomplish while he was in office concerning this Pandemic. Now, while Biden and Harris certainly deserve no credit for that program, they have done the best possible job combating this Pandemic since they took Office. They have made the vaccine available to all Americans Nationwide, there are no shortages and finding a vaccination location is as easy as walking down the street. But, I again agree that political agendas are slippery slopes, however, both Biden and Harris put their Anti-Vaccination rhetoric behind them. Because saving American lives is the priority and they have shown they will not sacrifice American lives for a foolish policy they once believed in and supported. On the other hand, Trump is now pushing the Anti-Vaccination movement across American, and he is using his Enablers in both D.C. and Nationwide to hinder the current vaccination program anyway they can. So I can confidently say their actions are politically motivated and designed to disable the current progress being made. But, the thing that is unforgivable is that they are doing this at the cost of more American lives, and nothing can be worst than that.
  20. It is possible there is only one god but it is perceived and worshiped via many minds in many different forms. The Trinity is simple. One god, in 3 forms. Just like a human being, it consists of mind, (father) body, (son) and spirit, (holy ghost) (That is my understanding and experience, anyway)
  21. Keep watching do you really think that vaccine is going to save you? How many times has Covid mutated? Each mutation is more resistant than the one before it. The vaccine is going to cause it to skip a beat nothing more and push it along to the next stage where it changes to beat the vaccine. A vaccine is a great idea but it takes years to develop one that can attack all levels of Covid before it mutates.
  22. I'll go with coercion, but not force. Rubs want businesses to be free to do as they like in any other situation, but now some governors are passing declarations that a business can't refuse service to someone not wearing a mask. Whatever happened to the "free market?" If we end the hospital subsidies for those who get covid, we could put a lot of pressure on people to get shots. My nine-day stay cost $52,000. I saw an article on line about a person whose hospital bills were approaching a million dollars. If that's not price gouging, I don't know what is, BUT If a case of covid means losing both your house and life savings most people will reconsider. Doug
  23. Your quote was the final verse from Jesus' Parable Of The Worker. Look at the verses that lead up to this (Matthew 20:11-15): Here we see your humility in waving around scripture as a crutch for your own insecurities; while trying to hide that you're quoting from a parable that essentially ends with "From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs." It raises the question: How long go ye limping between the two sides? And another, perhaps more pertinent - Did you even know?
  24. Not everybody in the right is against gay marriage. Candidate Obama used to believe marriage was between a man and a woman. Sexual orientation, religion and race(what ever that means) are used to divide us.
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