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  2. If i were to write it? For sure im just an observer, taking note.
  3. Your definition of astrology is restricted to what you know about astrology today, let it go fof this discussion. Don't focus on aspects but on the story that is written in combination to the story as it appears in the sky. A child could see.
  4. Actually you can and it happens every day It usually only comes to the (oficial) attention of an authority either if their is a problem like abuse or if someone makes a complaint OR if you ask the govt for any kind of help Official fostering and adoption are different but these are less common than someone in formally taking over the care and control of a child. We cared for young children and teens for 40 years, without any documentation and without a single complaint or question from any govt authority including the school or doctors. It is changing but f i was still working we could still do the same today in my community eg i could take over the care of one of my great grand nephews, without any govt attention or involvement, if i did not ask for any help from them and if no one, like the mother, complained Here is current Aust govt policy quote What is out-of-home care? Out-of-home care is the care of children aged 0–17 years1 who are unable to live with their primary caregivers. It involves the placement of a child with alternate caregivers on a short- or long-term basis (Department of Human Services, 2007). Out-of-home care can be arranged either informally or formally. Informal care refers to arrangements made without intervention by statutory authorities or courts, and formal care follows a child protection intervention (either by voluntary agreement or a care and protection court order), most commonly due to cases of abuse, neglect or family violence https://aifs.gov.au/cfca/publications/children-care Currently there are about 50000 children in formal out of home care in australia (over 400000 in America) .The informal number would be over double that.
  5. BTW I see him as a hero
  6. Meh, no matter what we do the world rolls with us. I just wonder why most people can't simply be literal. All this wild philosophy just seems like silly child games I have become bored of. I don't matter, and I'm ok with that. What's correct now will be correct later. Because knowledge is expanded upon, many think it is rewritten all the time which is not right. Expanded and added to sure, but we haven't had a major rewrite for centuries. We haven't learnt everything by any means, but there's no reason to think everything we do know is wrong or will be rewritten. Religion reminds me of a child tea party with imaginary friends. I can't unsee that analogy and it's a very accurate one. I think that's a silly thing for adults to undermine knowledge with. Science, unlike everything else is the one thing we can rely on.
  7. Frankly, none of what you're doing is astrological, and the charts you're showing really don't match what you're saying. Your first chart shows a strong trine between the Moon and Mercury and Venus, indicating clarity of understanding and positive creative environmental situations.plus the ability to make emotional connections. Moon in Taurus indicates practicality and devotion - you've placed it in the 10th house is all about profession and career (following in father's footsteps) ...etcetera. I don't have access to my books right now, but what you've written certainly isn't astrological.
  8. Booth

    New Mexico teen gets 30-days for murder

    Right, because those regions around the globe which are 75% African are essentially indistinguishable from Queensland. I mean, except for the restaurants and hair salons...
  9. Booth

    New Mexico teen gets 30-days for murder

    Oh yeah, I understand exactly what you mean... The wholesale replacement of Europeans in their own countries is perfectly palatable, but one hint of "racism" just makes me gag.
  10. Overdueleaf

    Funny Memes

  11. Or a personal and contrived delusion. .
  12. F3SS

    What are you playing right now?

    I feel ya man. You're gonna have to go 1950s style on the fam if you want to get some gaming in. Good luck with that! I've read about that game. It's basically an evolution simulator. You're supposed to just figure it out on your own like our ancestors. From what I've read those who figure things out say it feels pretty fun and accomplishing. It does sound slow paced though.
  13. What are some good examples of this ?
  14. RAyMO

    The Road to Brexit

    why would you be standing in a different queue? I will be in the one which generates the least hassle - is smaller or moving the quickest.
  15. ocpaul20

    Lessons from the other side

    There are many on here who are always shouting 'proof' and this thread will give them an opportunity to respond. However, I dont think they can deny that mostly our reality is space and physicality is an illusion.
  16. Habitat

    Immune discovery 'may treat all cancer'

    I wonder about the ethics of these kinds of stories. I can see that people with cancer, could be led to imagine a "cure" is just around the corner for them. The facts are that many such stories have appeared over the years, but not much eventuates, and certainly not the miracle cure. Is holding out false hope, good or bad ? I recall a story appearing ay least 15 years ago, that something that would "stop prostate cancer in its tracks" was just around the corner. It never arrived.
  17. Yesterday
  18. Tatetopa

    Hindus angry at 100ft Jesus statue in India

    I don't think Muslims are supposed to make graven images of humans. KInda like the Christians worshiping an idol I think.
  19. Juvator

    The worst dream of my life

    Aye exactly. I've got a good relationship with my md yeah. It took some years but he's knows me best and switching would only be in my disadvantage.
  20. Ooooh, how furious do those f**ckers make me sometimes!? And why does that bleeping narrator have to repeat everything in the form a question? I just want to throttle him, I swear. I can't watch the alien stuff any more, it's just too exhausting, but Curse of Oak Island is kinda fun.
  21. spartan max2

    Mystery pneumonia virus probed in China

    Same principles apply.
  22. butterflygirl1


    Today I have been a little nostalgic, so the first song I listened to was Heaven is a Halfpipe! :)


  23. I a am a programmer, that was no mistake, someone did that intentionally and probably got fired for it. Probably updated the filter data base to replace his name with that. No way that was a mistake, except for hiring or giving access to whomever did it.
  24. Calibeliever

    Could consciousness pervade the universe ?

    We are focusing a lot here on human consciousness, which isn't entirely what this is about. We could start by asking asking if any self organization is a type of consciousness. Chaos theory talks about this. In one well known example: most agree that natural selection is too simple a model for evolution. Mathematically alone, it doesn't pan out. Also, there are extreme examples of adaptation in short periods of time that natural selection simply can't account for. It can be strongly argued that the individual organism(s) adapting aren't consciously forcing their own mutations, so what's behind it? The idea that life is self organizing has been proposed for a very long time, but rarely can anyone propose an explanation of how without resorting to invoking a supreme being. Assuming that's not the case, that leaves some process that at least mimics consciousness, yes? We see self organization everywhere in nature, what's driving it? If it's just complex math we haven't yet worked out, then what's to stop us from going all the way down that path and reducing all consciousness to math, even our own? I once had a professor argue that a volcano had consciousness. It was mostly tongue in cheek of course, but he did a fairly convincing job. His point wasn't to prove that volcanoes can think, it was to show how narrow our field of vision is when we relate everything experientially. He picked an absurd example because most people start with the idea that rocks aren't capable of consciousness and have difficulty being moved from that place, so he had to work extra hard to try and do it . Anyway, I felt like the real point of this is to broaden our vision of what consciousness is, rather than to prove whether something is or not. Move away from our anthropomorphization of everything and look with different eyes. Fascinating stuff, to me.
  25. Manwon Lender

    Objects appearing out of nowhere

    I owned a pool hall that I sold around 8 years ago. I use to have items that would get moved around. When I would leave in the evening, I would set the alarm that would not only covered the doors and windows, but that also had motion detectors. I would be working on something at my desk and leave for the night, to come back in the morning to find it across the room on a pool table. It was a regular occurrence until I sold the place, and it never set off the motion detectors. i never did find out what was happening, and I never really tried to figure it out, because I always found what was moved. peace
  26. butterflygirl1

    'Earth sandwich' made by 2 men 20,000km apart

    I love quirky stories like this. Sometimes we all need to be a bit silly lest we all become too serious!!!
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