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  2. ThereWeAreThen

    Are they back

    Raise a good point there. Depends how much younger the poster was I suppose.
  3. Golden Duck

    President Michael Bloomberg ?

    It's generally accepted that the stock market metrics (inversely) follow the the unemployment rate. As the (un)employment rate nears the limit, apprehensions are necessarily going to arise. Where does the stock market go as employment rates plateau? You simply can't dismiss the accounting equation - Assets = Liabilities + Owners Equity (ALOE) - when assessing the floor value, and potential risk, of stock. Charts are a metric, or trick, used to bypass the work of assessing financial statements. How much investment is there because of chart? How will boards react to more shareholders demanding more value? How will the 'chartists' react to flatlining metrics? In other words, how much is invested in goodwill. Things really are in uncharted territory.
  4. Black Red Devil

    "Absolute panic" amid Australia bushfires

    Really? Then again, I remember volcano ash from the eruption near Bali years ago reached Darwin so I suppose when there is strong smoke intensity the plumes can travel long distances.
  5. openozy

    Are they back

    What I find amazing is you say you experienced things paranormal when younger but never seem to believe anyone's experiences on this stuff.For what it's worth my experiences went away in my thirties and forties and came back in my fifties,so yeah it can return.If you are genuine with the pic,just tell it to leave.
  6. It went against the grain, voting up a nutter, but once in a while self-ridicule and parody like this must be rewarded! I’m not an engineer, nor am I the reincarnation of Imhotep, so I’m not pretending to have all the answers. In fact I only have questions. Let's study the suggestion that the Great Pyramid has a multi-step core that was built first. Then outer stones were added, then the casing stones? Could anyone seriously supporting this idea please clarify the order of build? I’m asking because I think it matters. 1) You could either build the entire core, then add the outer (red) stones (how?), then the casing stones (blue). This would mean lifting every casing stone up every course, one at a time, using RAMPS. 2) Or you could try to complete each level in turn from the top down? This looks suicidal to me, and would still need to use RAMPS to move blue blocks over the red ones. 3) Or you could try to complete it from the bottom upwards but this would mean dragging loads of stones over your pristine lower casing stones, and would still need RAMPS to get the blue into place over the red. So could anyone advocating the five-step core approach please tell me how the pyramid would be finished? Anyway, I have a bigger concern with this model. Is the best way to ensure stability of such a monstrous build to overlap / interlock the stones? I’m pretty sure that’s what is proposed for the beige core, then the red outer, then the blue casing stones? My question is – what happens at the beige-red interface? As I understand the model all the beige faces are smooth, to allow stones to slide up them. (I realise I’ve omitted the 72° slope but you try drawing stuff like this with no talent.) When the red outer stones are laid against the beige core stones, even with the benefits of the angle and cement, doesn’t this create a very weak joint? In fact the red-beige interface is a plane that circles the entire edifice, and is weakest at the top of each giant step where there is least mass above to hold it in place. I submit this design would be extremely vulnerable to seismic activity. We are told that earthquakes in the 14th century loosened most of the casing stones. Would these events also have shaken loose at least some of the red region? Is there any evidence to suggest this? I ask these questions pour doubt, not scorn, on the notion of a stepped core. I can see how such a design would evolve from mastabas, but those are much smaller, flat-topped buildings designed as stepped structures. I am not persuaded by the density imaging maps being shown here. They appear to reveal surface details rather than information about the core. Thanos writes (post #1112): “Regardless, though the hillock it is built around and elevated interior features create some unique possibilities, I think the likelihood of G1 having a stepped core in one form or another is high. It would be odd if it weren't.” I disagree. I suggest that the architects of the Great Pyramid, faced with a task of such a gigantic scale, might have thought differently. Rather than simply trying to scale up existing jobs, they were smart enough to anticipate problems and engineer such ingenious solutions that their handiwork is still there nearly 5000 years later. It’s not just the core that needs to be solid – the entire structure needs to be sturdy throughout. Each layer has to be completed so the next can overlap and interlock, spreading the weight effectively and providing the maximum structural support. Is anyone still reading this? I know I do go on a bit!
  7. Hammerclaw

    Trump got booed

    I guess kneeling during gameplay wasn't such a good idea.
  8. We discussed in class a range of hypothetical scenarios that could have stopped the 9/11 terrorist attacks from happening, and the butterfly effect which led to the rapid increase of strategic strength, homeland security, and the military interventions seen in Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan. The question was - if you could rewind history back to September 10th 2001 and were given 24 hours to prevent 9/11 what would you do, and what would be the probability that you would succeed, and would our world (preferably the middle-east) look very different today?
  9. Kittens Are Jerks

    Pet Chihuahua grabbed by bird of prey

    A seagull flew into my apartment recently and thankfully Emma-Jane (my cat) was asleep in her room. All the idiot bird got was a half-eaten muffin. Fortunately Emma (the Chihuahua) was rescued in time. But poor little Gizmo (the Chihuahua that was taken by a seagull) wasn't as lucky. There's a link to Gizmo's story in the article Still Waters posted. I love birds of prey (eagles and hawks are my favourites) and much as I would hate to hurt them, I would do whatever necessary to save that spoiled, ungrateful, belligerent cat of mine.
  10. Kismit

    Trump got booed

    Information sent to Admin, it might pay to message Saru and let him know which is your preferred account.
  11. Manwon Lender

    Empty Space

    That sounds great, but according to All that is know on this subject there is no truly empty space.
  12. Buzz_Light_Year

    China will wipe out extreme poverty in 2020

    All a government needs to do to lift people out of poverty is to change the threshold that qualifies as poverty. In the U.S. minimum wage has always been below the poverty level except for one year and that was in 1968 when they were about the same.
  13. BrooklynGuy

    Trump got booed

    I think we all knew that at some point President Trump would get blamed for this too. Alabama Heisman winner blames Tide's loss vs. LSU on presence of President Trump After a dominant showing by the LSU offense on Saturday, Alabama’s perfect record, 31-game home win streak and College Football Playoff hopes have taken a significant hit. One of the program’s great players has an interesting theory on what caused the costly loss. Baltimore Ravens running back Mark Ingram, who won the Heisman Trophy in 2009 with the Crimson Tide, tweeted that he was blaming President Donald Trump for the loss, saying his appearance created something called “bad swacky” for the Tide. Read more: https://www.yahoo.com/sports/mark-ingram-president-trump-alabama-lsu-010422251.html
  14. ThereWeAreThen

    Shop bans Christmas music for sake of staff

    What an ingenious idea from that shop! Bravo!
  15. Kismit

    "Absolute panic" amid Australia bushfires

    That means that the actual death toll from the fires will likely never be known. Just like the many, many, heart attacks suffered after the Christchurch earthquake And the smoke is the worst I have seen. In nearly 30 years, I have only seen it cross the ditch twice, but it looks set to do it again. second wave of smoke set to hit New Zealand
  16. Desertrat56

    Man's neck broken at chiropractic session

    Oh, my! That happened to my aunt but my cousin was in the room and yelled at the chiropractor to get away from her. My cousin called an ambulance and the chiropractor showed up at the hospital to insist that they let her finish the treatment. The doctors had to chase her out. This story is even worse. How can anybody be so stupid. That is horrible that the chiropractor is still practicing.
  17. The drive to reproduce will be largely diminished.
  18. Kittens Are Jerks

    DA: Derailers Anonymous Thread III

    Sorry about the mental illness stuff, but really happy about your good news. And don't worry, Bigfoot might surprise you with an engagement ring someday.
  19. And have to eat all kinds of mold?
  20. Farmer77

    McKinley: State Dept politically weaponised

    Man 22hours in and I'm starting to twitch
  21. Luca-Rosemom 19

    Americans are losing their religion

    End of the world people aren’t following it. lol to panties in wad
  22. Kittens Are Jerks

    YOU ARE BANNED (Part 7)

    Banned for stirring potholes is not the same as stirring the pot. Wait til I tell NASA.
  23. Aquila King

    Americans are losing their religion

    It's not that Christianity is the minority, just that it's trending downwards in popularity. I think that's the reason for their panties being in a wad.
  24. Kismit

    China will wipe out extreme poverty in 2020

    Absolutely. When I think of the Chinese Government I always remember the way it treated it's citizens prior to the Beijing Olympics. 1.5 million citizens evicted against thier will
  25. and then

    Mouse deer spotted for first time in 30 years

    Chimeras are like that. Never underestimate the Mouse police though...
  26. Setton

    UK General Election -

    Interesting to see you're still backing that paedophile excusing, terrorist supporting communist. Says a lot about you as a person.
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