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  2. Russia probes kick into high gear

    Corruption: cause to act dishonestly in return for money or personal gain. Could you give me some examples of President Trump being corrupt ?
  3. Forget Yanni and Laurel.

    Not another one.
  4. NZ scientists to test the water at Loch Ness

    From another research.... Gemmell says " nessy dandruff" did i hear that right? Anyway, - there is no nessy, much does live in the loch and lots of research has been done, maybe Gemmell can find some DNA which has not been contaminated over the centuries.
  5. Trumpet-Noises in the Sky

    So the on-going shift in the position of the north magnetic pole causes people to post fake videos on youtube for money/attention? And for various noises to be heard in various places for various reasons at various times. As has been happening since they invented the ear. Most curious .,....
  6. Forget Yanni and Laurel.

    This whole topic would be very interesting to discuss in relation to EVP's...
  7. We're not saying that "the Charlottesville Historical Society somehow supports Nazism just because they don't want historical monuments (of any type) torn down", we're saying that anyone who would march alongside Nazis who chant "Jews will not replace us" is not a nice person. They're more then willing to not want historical statues to come down, but if they feel the need to march with Nazis in order to do so then they quite frankly lack basic morals. Speaking of historical statues: It doesn't exactly say: "send me the most skilled workers who speak English and kick out all the rest." Sounds more like an fascist regime IMO.
  8. Newly discovered petroglyphs

    Had a little time to spend on tweaking the image to get better details out of the image, best I can do is with the area in the middle, the lower left corner is bit too fuzzy to do anything with, if I can get a better quality file I might be able to draw some out a better contrast of the glyphs. ~ ~ I'm working with the color temp of my monitor settings, so if its too dark on your screen just load it with any image viewer and twiddle with the contrast ... ~
  9. Football or Wedding

  10. Security camera captures an 'angel'

    I'm just going to put you on ignore and save myself the trouble of listening to your nonsense anymore. Have a nice life of delusion.
  11. unexplained blood spots (please help)

    Considering the age of this thread and that the OP hasn't been back since 2013... thread closed,.
  12. LightAngel



    Getting ready to go out :P

    1. third_eye


      Never gets old this one ... truly a legend among the GIfs ...


  13. What is the Astral Realm?

    No you are not, Brother. We do not regress, though we can be hurt and angry and feel filthed up by the lack of love in others we should have been able to trust. A helpless child look to you with trust in his eyes and the old Piney will respond. That is the man I see when I look at you, the rest is just passing stuff.
  14. I never thought of accessing the interface as a internal thing but now you said it. It makes sense. As for the other. Your a dedicated worker as with many dedicated people here. I'm a cad. who throws around veves with Crayola sidewalk chalk and leaves cornhusk poppets to skitz people out with the random herbal advice thrown in. The dedicated Piney was pre-prison. Now everything is a joke to me and I'm downright petty and a complete dick..
  15. Bees have emotions too :)

    This is both and . What a nice lady.
  16. Girdle stones in the Great Pyramid

    (I've wiped most of Boris's text because it's been reproduced too many times already.) Ignoring all the other glaring inconsistencies, and the general silliness of the whole power station idea, is Boris's theory sound physics or not? Lenz's Law is a valid, observable effect. A magnet falling through a conductive ring/tube induces current in that ring/tube. This circular current generates its own magnetic field. It's in the nature of physics for this induced field to oppose the motion creating it (otherwise you'd end up with an induced field that accelerates the falling object - free energy!). So the falling object reaches a lower terminal velocity when the magnetic repulsion matches the object's weight. If the Egyptians utilised this effect in the way Boris believes we need two things: the granite plug must be magnetic and the girdle stones must conduct electricity. In the former case: yes, granite contains magnetic materials which are often aligned in unworked stone. As lava or magma slowly cools into solid rock the magnetic materials align with the Earth's magnetic field, preserving information about the direction of the Earth's field at the time the rock formed. (That's how we proved seafloor spreading and the periodic reversal of the Earth's magnetic poles.) However there are plenty of rocks that are much more magnetic than granite, and even these are weak compared to the crappiest of fridge magnets. To induce a significant current in the girdle stones would require a very powerful magnet and there's no evidence this exists in the pyramid. Secondly the girdle stones must be conductive enough to carry the large current required to generate the opposing magnetic field. Limestone on its own has a very high resistance which only falls if it's saturated with salt water (or some other conductive liquid). Even if such an arrangement were maintained over the thousands of years (just in case it were needed?) three girdle stones could not possibly handle the required currents. If the Egyptians knew of this effect four thousand years ago they must surely have discovered it by accidentally dropping a magnet through a copper tube. After the novelty wore off they might then have thought up applications for the effect, and emergency braking is indeed a very good use for this. But if any of that is the case - why not just line the ascending chamber with rings of copper, which could theoretically handle the currents required? Why discover an effect in one material, then switch to something thousands of times less effective? That's like modelling a skyscraper in concrete then building it from cardboard boxes. I could look into this in more detail. I could research the conductivity of limestone in different solutions. I could research the maximum theoretical strength of a seven-ton granite 'magnet'. I could then do the maths and show that this arrangement could not possibly work the way Boris dreams it. But that would take time, and I'd rather not waste any more debunking so ludicrous a theory. It's up to you now Boris - if, after reading this you still believe it can work, show us the physics and your calculations and we'll look again more closely.
  17. Another School Shooting

    So what "gun control" is being suggested to prevent this one?
  18. Scott Peterson was innocent

    Two things... 1. What's up with the Diane Campos balloon on page 56 of the habeas, where it indicates her sighting at the corner of Edgerook/Wilson and Las Palmas? A goof like that doesn't bode well for Scott. 2. Why weren't Graybill's notes from 12/27 shown in full by the A&E group? Why won't Gardner make all these habeas exhibits available to the public? Y'all have access to the people controlling the goods, let's get it all out there. Shouldn't be any reason to keep these hidden, other than lack of integrity. These are obviously rhetorical, the only interest I have is seeing what excuses will be offered.
  19. WB CK Where ya been ... haven;t seen you around much ... ~
  20. It is nice to see these idiots busted.
  21. FIFA World Cup 2018.

    I agree, sentimental favorite in my book. The only problem I see is that their key players looks a bit ragged on the tail end of the EPL Let's see if they can recover in time. ~ Much as I admire the maestro, Messi presently lacks that self belief ... I dunno, if the team plays for him instead of expecting him to carry them, maybe ... maybe Argentina has a good run at it ... ~ If we're going to lean on the side of predictions, I'm going for some dark horses to go all the way ... I'm liking a semi final of two African teams and Two South American giants going at it ... with only Belgium looking like the likely spoilers to my setup. ~
  22. Trumpet-Noises in the Sky

    The Hum and Sky Trumpets aren't the same thing. You're doing it again - making huge leaps in logic to get the answer you want. There is no evidence that sky trumpets actually exist, and yet you've already linked it to the hum and pointed towards polar shift as the cause. You can't look for a cause for something that you have no evidence for. Why do people who buy into this stuff always forget this?!
  23. I double checked the motifs while at Rowan yesterday. They look legit. A lot of BLM land is "uncharted" from a archaeology point. There are too many resources out there to rape so conservation is discouraged. If you saw some of the Fremont Culture sites that no longer exist in Utah (I'm talking almost complete villages) you would be sickened.
  24. There is no doubt that this hum exists: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Hum So I asked what causes this sound if you doubt that this is a magnetic field shift.
  25. Today
  26. tcgram

    Whoa hang on there.. back up Monday, I wasn't done with the weekend!    

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      Here's to you.


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