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  2. Which, I must admit, mimicking owls provided hours of entertainment for me.
  3. Habitat

    Defining God/s.

    Whilst you are usually at pains to emphasise the primacy of reliance on demonstrable, external truth, you are now admitting that it is the inner processes that determine outlook, not whatever actually may be the case, externally ? How can you reconcile all that ?
  4. Piney

    Where to start in investigating

    Not even a little bit.
  5. Habitat

    Defining God/s.

    You weren't fooled by these people jarmy, you canny old devil, but you may well have fooled yourself by thinking there is nothing but emptiness in what you were told.
  6. I believe people are basically honest even on mundane experiences.
  7. Dejarma

    Defining God/s.

    yeah, i'll have a go at defining it: lies & BS to keep the easily led under control
  8. its is sad that videos war games are the start of the young people killing people. if it not for the red flags and back grounds to find out all those crazy kids, we have to stop the guns that could ever defend our nation, the right to bear our arms
  9. Because that is what you want to believe.
  10. Do you believe it is the government's role to "comfort" citizens? Since when did adult human beings need to be coddled like children? What about the choices we make corporately, as U.S. citizens, that have led us all to this place of madness? Are we completely absolved of all guilt because we didn't pull the trigger? My point is that America has made the bed we are in now and pointing the finger of blame at one group above all others is unjust. These repeated slaughter rituals are just a reflection of where the national soul is today. People in my part of the country aren't cowering in fear of going about our daily lives. Most of us are beginning to reconnect with the strangers in our midst. 150 years ago down here there was a culture that demanded honor be defended. People didn't go around running their mouths and impugning the character of strangers or neighbors because they knew that if they got called out publicly they might well die for the offense. Again, before you state that such actions are barbaric or overly brutal, think about where our "civilized" treatment of everyone, regardless of how destructive to society their views might be, has taken us. There will ALWAYS be an accounting. The longer it is delayed the worse it tends to be.
  11. Habitat

    Defining God/s.

    In all such mysteries, it seems best to make a minimum of assumptions, but I see a strong ego involvement in demands that the "absolute" reveal itself for inspection, this is wilfulness of an extreme kind.
  12. From my experience with the human race, my reason tells me in all these near death experience stories 'deceit' likely occurs in only a very small percentage of cases.
  13. Irrelevant.Comparatives: 1) The "owl's head" symbology, and the directional facing of the symbology, when utilized on the grips of Iver Johnson side-arms, presented a distinct differention between the applicable (safe) utilization of black powder as opposed to the more "modern" "smokeless" powder. 2) Amongst Algonquian speaking groups, the "owl" is not uncommonly considered to be the harbinger of death and an encounter with a representative species could be considered to be a bad omen. 3) However, other cultural groups consider the "owl" to be a symbol of wisdom. Point being that your particular interpretation of the symbology may not be consistent with the intent of the originators of the specified symbology. .
  14. Wes83

    Defining God/s.

    Must they qualify or is there path predetermined? Do they have a choice in the matter? It’s easy for me to believe I did, but I still wonder.
  15. Wes83

    Defining God/s.

    I see, I see. You expect that I should provide you the proofs for a god that I would have you believe in? Or even for you to consider a god that I might believe in you need my proofs up front? thats respectable, all I can say is I don’t care what you believe in or don’t believe in. If one can contemplate all of creation and all of known history and come to the conclusion we we have not been created but pooped out by a universe that has also not been created, that is your path. i hope you walk it with all the joy it brings! So what do you believe, I don’t want to miss an opportunity to grow. Big Bang? Explain that to me? I overlooked the entire theory as I considered it absurd from the top. How does that work out?
  16. Dejarma

    Death gives context to life

    when you're dead, you're dead... It's binary. there's no grey area IMO. I've never heard of someone claiming to have come back from the dead after having their head blown off with a shotgun! That's being REALLY dead...
  17. onlookerofmayhem

    Are near-death experiences merely illusions ?

    Ha! Avoiding the question!? Hardly. It was a stupid question. I have no clue if those stories are remotely factual. Let alone the if the events happened exactly as reported. But yes. If the stories are accurate then I surmise that deceit played a part in the outcome. P.S. YOU avoided MY question in the first place! Do you believe in "real" magic? Making the Statue of Liberty disappear and reappear? Sawing people in half? Pulling quarters out of people's ears? I stated my point.
  18. I challenge the emotional response to these criminal acts. The numbers of dead and maimed are terrible and we should all be trying to come up with community-based solutions where individuals from both sides of the spectrum can come to some kind of a agreement but the numbers of dead are statistically small and are not something that should drive the government to take away the rights of law-abiding citizens. If, God forbid, a family member of mine was killed senselessly by some maniac or evil SOB, my rage would be against that person first, then against anyone that actively helped them murder. I would not demand that my neighbors give up THEIR rights due to HIS actions. As to stopping the mass shootings, nothing is going to do that except creating a police state with the military in control. The ironic aspect of all this madness is that most of these manifestations of lawless rage against strangers can be traced to laws on the books not being enforced. Lawlessness is growing because we do not want to be told what to do by ANYONE. The sad irony will be obvious when a government finally gains the power to use crushing penalties against people for crimes far less serious than these are today. If someone takes a life, no matter how they do it, if they are witnessed in the act by 2 or more people then they should be executed publicly and swiftly. If that sounds brutal and heartless, stop a moment and think how it compares to that gunman spraying death at a crowd of helpless strangers.
  19. it is sad that the schools have to turn into prisons ..to repel our arms to defend our nation")
  20. Will Due

    Defining God/s.

    Propane is better.
  21. freetoroam

    UK PM branded a "known liar" by TV News Boss

    Lol. Impartial? It is a joke. This is a far left wing channel and they have no right to call themselves impartial.
  22. Dejarma

    New Shroud of Turin study casts doubt

    when an article uses FOI it gives the impression it's all weird & wonderful/ info hard to obtain etc..... I was always under the impression (via scientific research) that the Turin shroud is the result of Leonardo da Vinci playing around with urine-soaked cloth.. Is this research wrong?
  23. So, the question I asked was: Are you suggesting the people in these stories are playing intentional tricks to deceive us? I am guessing the answer is 'Yes' (or you're avoiding the question?). All the examples you keep giving include intentional tricks and deceptions. For example, are you saying the guy in the OP 'quarter story' intentionally played a fast one on the people there? And from that are we to extrapolate that is what happens every time in all these cases? Again I must ask: What is your point? The magic and Santa Claus analogies don't apply unless there is an intentional deceiver!!
  24. Tatetopa

    Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    Lots of thoughtful topics for discussion. I will limit to what I was thinking when I wrote about: personal responsibility and leave no one behind. The company I work for is small, still owned by a group of individuals so they can act in ways a big corp can't. We require a lot of consumable supplies to process castings, some of them are made from a few components. Our owners have focused on a few companies that hire and train disabled veterans or handicapped people to construct our supplies. It gives those people a chance to do something meaningful with their time and contribute to their own upkeep. They never get rich, and likely they need to be subsidized to assure they have adequate housing, food, clothing and transportation. They do what they can and I am proud of our owners for taking this approach to assist. I am proud of our local and national governments to see that these people don't starve or freeze. We also send some heavy machine work top the state prison. They have a program to teach inmates a marketable skill, separate them from the influences that got them in trouble, and help find them a job to keep them from coming back We have hired a couple of those folks into our work force. I will say that they are more motivated to show up and stay clean than the average high schooler. Our education system sucks. It is not of uniform quality, and it teaches individuals an insufficient amount to be successful in life upon high school graduation. Some people go on to college and some don't, few know what skills they need or how to apply them. This is an area that I think would help our society. Kids need to be taught how to become adults. Sometimes parents don't provide enough because they don't know enough. To break that cycle, somebody need to teach personal hygiene, human biology, how to budget money, how to pay bills and have a bank account among other things. Humans are born with a wide range of physical and mental capacities. Personality and will are not locked to intelligence level. A society as wealthy in resources and technology as ours can at least offer all citizens the ability to learn to perform at their own level and a society as caring and humane as ours can help them be members of our society at their level of performance and not excommunicate them from being Americans. Some people make it, some people don't. Putting people in community housing, giving them food money and ignoring them is not helping either them or our society.
  25. Emma_Acid

    Where to start in investigating

    *squints* Seriously? This isn't my call. This is a world-wide standard for the way science works, that has resulted in the modern world around you - computers, smartphones, medical and lab equipment. The scientific model is what it is. That you guys can't conform to it is not our problem.
  26. Emma_Acid

    Where to start in investigating

    Pure handwaving woo, and doesn't explain why the majority of "ghosts" are dressed as Victorians. Edit - sorry, wasn't meant to be this shirty. But I stand by it as an "appeal to quantum woo". This still isn't an explanation for "ghosts".
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