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  2. Real mature.
  3. Then don't get personal with me Dick.
  4. What?
  5. Ad hominem will get you no where. And please stop calling me by my real name. I allowed it at first in an attempt to be civil, but it's gotten rather old. And quite frankly I don't think we're exactly on a first-name basis.
  6. Yes you can. But there are only so many days.
  7. Cayce was not a well read man by all accounts. Do you have any evidence that he read Donnelly's "Atlantis - The Antediluvian World."? I suspect that may be just a convenient made-up claim by attackers without evidence.
  8. Richard, go stand in the corner. You petulant twit.
  9. Well, have at it, but I don't see how such distant events can be proved wrong. And on side musing, how/why do you think Cayce would come up with those seemingly strange ideas? His conscious mind was clearly not studied in these subjects.
  10. That is absolutely not true about forward funds. When I go to work on Monday, I will be working for free. The President can authorize backpay for emergency essential personnel who worked through the shutdown, but I certainly won't hold my breath for that.
  11. What excuse? That if you evade responsibility long enough you get a pass? That’s bs. Dude got caught. He didn’t put himself into this situation but do anything about for 22 years either.
  12. Dude, you're spouting off random assertions with literally nothing to back any of it up, and you wanna criticize others doubts of your wild assertions as 'cruel'? It'd be dumb to just blindly accept any of your assertions at all on the sole basis that you've not given us a single reason to believe any of it. It has nothing to do with 'cruelty'. It has to do with the fact that you're wasting everyone's time by speaking out your bunghole.
  13. I didn’t agree whole heartily that nonessential is a concrete term though in some cases is probably is. I heard yesterday that during Obama’s shut down, current headline “he weaponized it”, he made sure to halt all services to make a political point and create fear. What I heard was that many of these agencies have what they referred to as forward funds iirc. Basically rainy day budgets to use in events like this so that certain things can go on. Things like you bring up. Now Trump will supposedly make sure they use these funds and continue as many operations as possible whereas Obama wanted to spite republicans and make people suffer unnecessarily. Sounds likely to me.
  14. Just curious then, what is you ethnic background? 75% Native American, 25% English?
  15. Ahh Yes, they didn't have to hide the mines the ore was extracted by psychic powers. jmccr8
  16. The invisible god: I could do this practically all day if I wanted.
  17. I'm seeing way too much similarity myself with these better psychic sources to dismiss. Really only Cayce gets reasonable attention by the general public. What do you know about, let us say Lee Carrol (Kryon) and etc.? It seems there may have been a series of past cataclysms that buried land masses in the sea with the one 12,000 years ago forming our modern world with a loss of the most advanced civilizations.
  18. Answering in my way of understanding things. I would say it may be that souls journey at a point to experience being a child with leukemia. It may help that soul have a certain soul growth to experience that to bring it closer to an enlightening experience in further incarnations on a planet in the 3rd dimensional experience.
  19. Sounds like the story of Hy Brasil Hy'Brasil - (The Lost Island)
  20. So many of you insist on parcing reality. Splitting hairs because it suits you. How cruel of those who do this. How does it serve when insistence on this only results in doubt.
  21. So your saying now God don't need to be worshipped? What if I worshipped a tree would I not be worshipping a form of God? What is the truth and the truth of what?
  22. Yes. The duality of yin and yang, the mystery of Absolute.
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