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  2. ChrLzs

    IG Report: Consequential or a Whitewash?

    "In my view"? WTH - is that a new legal 'argument'? And how exactly is it "clear"? Is it "clear" to anyone without their #$%^& up Trump's #%% ? This sort of weasel-wording is just mealy mouthed bulldung. No decent lawyer would use such handwaving, UNLESS they didn't actually have anything to refute. Seriously, that sort of empty drivel is worthless. In My View, that is ..... so now it's LEGAL and INDISPUTABLE!!!!!! That's all I need to say, apparently.
  3. Tiggs

    Trump / Ukraine Public Impeachment Hearings

    Look as if there's a Press conference planned for tomorrow, 9 AM Eastern, where the specific Articles of Impeachment will be discussed. Then a Committee vote on the articles this Thursday, with a floor vote next week, if Thursday's vote passes.
  4. psyche101

    What made you abandon Christianity?

    Most believers are deliberately ignorant in order to maintain faith
  5. third_eye

    Pets Gallery

    Pea : hey, is dat da girl from dat place? Wat she doing here with all those puppies? Nut : quick! Play dead... ~
  6. Jodie.Lynne

    What made you abandon Christianity?

    I never said that believers were unintelligent. However, ignorance, and the fallacy of personal incredulity ARE major factors, in my opinion.
  7. psyche101

    Can dogs smell the passage of time ?

    I can smell the passage of time. If my dog takes a dump inside while I'm at work I can smell it when I walk in the door.
  8. psyche101

    Can dogs smell the passage of time ?

    It's just Sheldrakes crap rehashed isn't it? @ChrLzs did a thread in the book I think. Wierd how woo proponents continue to attempt to prop up failed theories.
  9. third_eye


    Friends, forum members, lend me your hears.. 




  10. third_eye


    Don't get caught and don't get it... 




  11. Tatetopa

    Pelosi: U.S. can't survive 2 terms of Trump

    We will survive. The anger and the hate won't be buried so easily though.
  12. Tiggs

    IG Report: Consequential or a Whitewash?

    Just Cohen's, since they declined to charge Don Jr. IMO? Cohen, Manafort & Flynn. There's already enough misinformation floating around, don't you think?
  13. Golden Duck

    Can dogs smell the passage of time ?

    Dogs have a richer sense of smell. You might recognise the smell of a baked cake. Dogs will recognise the ingredients. I couldn't discount the effect of sunlight on environment and that various odours that would generate. There are chemical reactions triggered by sunlight in the environment. Still it just cues as you mentioned.
  14. A sex criminal, a pedophile who actually taught little boys how to m********e. Not much of a role model there
  15. I didn’t say prove. I said testimony. There’s a difference, right?
  16. Overdueleaf

    {un}holy haiku - 3rd Edition

    all bring along sticks gathered from underneath grove of Sycamore trees
  17. Right. And the chakra systems you think you understand is the 40 year old westernised version. Credibility gooooooone........
  18. jypsijemini

    MK-ULTRA Mindcontrol

    "You're a sad, strange little man - and you have my pity" - Buzz Lightyear.
  19. Tesla's aether has been proven nonsense. It holds no value Well, it's good information if your writing b grade novels, but not much good for anything else. If you want to exercise your mind, try to imagine an additional dimension as proposed by QM.
  20. Big Jim

    Trump's Antisemitism

    We didn't save a dime. The salary is still paid but he donates it to charity. Such an evil man.
  21. @ChrLzs Bruh, it was a joke. I know they don't have rabies.
  22. You champion stories that you like, let's not get carried away here. You have convinced yourself that paranormal claims have paranormal answers. That's actually pretty common. It's just an illustration of the distance between yourself and supported sciences. That's a your idea to validate the above. What you should be doing is learning the sciences to see if you can find these imaginative bridges before building them. All this really says is that you don't understand science at all. Thats good because if that was your goal, it would be a monumental fail. If you wish to discuss these topics, you simply must grasp a concept as a point of common ground to even begin discussion. I strongly suspect that the reason you try and brush off such important factors is so that you can blindly stumble forward with pure nonsense. You and those who appeal to such ambiguous and imaginative concepts are enemies of reason. There's is no grander reality. WCF gave a reasonable description of dimensions and it well illustrates how you are unable to distinguish between sci fi concepts and reality. The imagination you have been proposing here does not reflect the real world. Scientists deal in such propositions, not con men and story tellers.
  23. Unfortunately true, they've continuously co-opted the name to make Atlantis what they 'want' it to be instead of what Plato said about it. cormac
  24. cormac mac airt

    Did Jesus Exist?

    It was Catlantis, Jesus was into Maine Coons. cormac
  25. Imaginarynumber1

    What are you playing right now?

    Highly suggest that any PS Plus members pick up Titanfall 2 this month. Hands down one of the best shooters this console generation. Speaking of shooters, I am actually greatly impressed with the new Modern Warfare, Very back to basics gameplay that works well.
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