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  2. "Ok to be gay" school lessons cause unrest

    OMG, what just happened, you just posted something I agree with XenoFish! Oh well, it had to happen.... eventually lol.
  3. Yet another case where PC culture keeps a person from getting the mental health care they need.
  4. {un}holy haiku - 3rd Edition

    towers tilt, drunken with illusion of power lighter giants sleep
  5. Watch: Man Films Flying Humanoid?

    holy bat shi...and in heaven a seal cracked when pg rated something 50/50, okay, just messing with you since i dont believe in shadow people, i will babble it does have a weird "balloon" feel to me plus the event seems very stagged with crap acting, i vote hoax.
  6. Giza tourist bus hit by roadside IED

    Radical Islamists are such brutal b*******... killing total innocents. I hate them.
  7. "Ok to be gay" school lessons cause unrest

    Does primary school mean something different in the UK? Young children should be taught to read and write and undersand math, there is no reason primary school students should be subjected to anything else. That is for high school if at all and only in the "sex education" classes.
  8. i recall the late stanton friedmen rip saying to the effect, most ufos are not alien craft and it would be ridiculous to say they are but the real question that should be asked, are any? here lies my little hold out not enough to jump to believing bf exists due to the evidence and research i have done for over 40 years its a weak chance its a real creature and i dont waste time with theories bf is a shape shifting dimension hopping alien spirit whatever, ill leave that to the more fantasy minded, i sadly need proof. when someone like krantz can examine a track do this do that hail it as from a real creature and can not be a fake then the guy who faked it says not so fast, heres me faking it, i dont believe anyone isnt up to being fooled or mistaken, but if even 1 percent of tracks are from something unknown, that doesnt mean its what people call bigfoot but yeah, i want to know what did leave the track that doesnt fit known creatures of the area. but this question just isnt enough for me to jump to being a believer.
  9. Simple fix for sleep trouble in teenagers

    Teenagers? What about 8 year olds and adults? This is not just a teenage problem.
  10. From this post "John" claims he is in possession of documents the "proves" his case. Looking at the posts from you, there is no negative comments, only "if John" is correct". Have read these documents, not seen them? He also claims how relatively small number of people knew what was going on. Yet your latest post indicates: John Kelly and I have had some conversations on how many people were involved in "faking" the Apollo missions, but his general conclusion is that he doesn't know. And your statements mimic the part about the number of people mostly with "if John is right". Whether I worded the question in the manner you think it should be posted, what is the order of magnitude of the number of people in the know? "I don't have a copy of the memo. I have seen it, along with many others." to wit a memo pertaining "describing the term "Apollo Simulation Project"". You don't have a copy but you wish us to "believe you because you saw it. These unsupported claims that you wish us to believe. I was born at night, but not last night. From the appearance of what you have provided neither of you have the experience/expertise to make comments concerning the number of people "in the know concerning Apollo. All your comments lead me and probably most of the participant that you don't know what you speak of in terms of Apollo being a hoax and have not one shred of evidence to back up your claim. Lastly I really don't care what prompted Mr. Webb to resign and I'm not clairvoyant to know his reasons, another Gish Gallop? I searched for all documents from von Braun to Webb and came up with all the memos during Aug.-Sep 68. And I still don't have a copy, same as you apparently, and you what the group to believe you. ETA: Sorry about the bolding I didn't proof this.
  11. I don't get it. In what universe would the earth survive long enough to be in the same orbit as Jupiter when the sun starts expanding? The movie premise is so crazy why would anyone even consider the "solution" that is presented as necessary or possible?
  12. Problem with birds

    Hmmm. Ok, not a bad idea.
  13. Thoughts on fate?

    The incident with the ice cream and the book seem convincing. Me, I haven't had Deja Vu for years, but when I did, it was when I was about to have an argument with someone, and the whole thing seemed like a nightmare. But I'm not sure if it was the nightmare feeling that caused the Deja Vu, or vice-versa. On the whole, though, I'm with Sarah Connor and her picnic table.
  14. Problem with birds

    Get a cat and let it spend time on the porch and in the tree.
  15. some have to use fake pics or art work because they have zip, zero zlitch. the 3 Zs. its not great for their integrity or credibility.
  16. i never said i know all about foo fighters, not my wording, and Google can be a friend, and yeah, those cases in that list have been debunked. truth is i have gotten bored with the trolls not dear true believers mind you, i like them but the trolls who just poke and find fault with everything, giving reprimands and wanting to fan drama. edit: and no, i didnt get into showing how all those cases were debunked i knew others would and better than i would ( which they are and have done in the past ) so i saved my time.
  17. acute

    "Your permissions are your attack surface.

    Migrating to the public cloud exposes organizations to a slate of new cloud-native attacks."

  18. I don't believe you

    If it was me, I didn’t use the word stealing, this is habits own take on my post. Keep in mind this is a new installment of “how did Mr. Walker give away a million dollars” while feeding a household of 7, paying off debts for the foster families, etc etc. all on a teachers salary in a podunk town.” (To MW, I am paraphrasing which is an acceptable form of quoting). There have been many versions of how this was done the latest is through a tax deduction, he claimed donated money on his tax forms and received double back? I said it sounded like he was a con man, what I consider as a charitable donation is one done anonymously, without the need to brag or the need for a return. It habit wants to be outraged why not equally point out that true charity is done with no need to brag or seek a return “even a legal one” on one’s donation.
  19. Donald Trump 'set for June state visit to UK'

    That is your opinion and you are entitled to it. But it is in the end only the opposing voice. Right or wrong is only a matter of perspective.
  20. US apparently readying for Iran attack

    Obviously we can not lose the contention on this issue. That's natural. All opinions should be welcome. It is an extremely dangerous situation, openly provocated by Iran and its proxies. Evidently, Trump has said to Iran that if you or your proxies attack Allied interests one more time, we will strike. I don't think America is playing around here, at all. Iran needs to take this seriously and "stand-down"
  21. Weird facts i'm living

    Hm,. I'm guessing that you were awake enough to open your eyes, but still asleep enough to not realize it....then you finished waking up and realized...!!! My eyes are open !!! mystery solved? ...just leave a little something on your way out
  22. Game of Thrones

    In my story he abandoned the Nights Watch because he knows it's no longer needed and took his rightful place as a wildling.
  23. Carlos Allende

    "Oi, get out of my garden!", came a voice from the concealed speaker. 

    It was only a one-way speaker, so I couldn't explain I'd legitimately annexed the garden for myself.

    1. Dumbledore the Awesome

      Dumbledore the Awesome

      Was it in the form of a Serpent? If so, I should listen very carefully to its instructions. Is there an apple tree which is unseasonably in fruit? 

    2. Carlos Allende

      Carlos Allende

      "Take me in o tender woman" <-- sighed the sssnake.

    3. acute



      "Oi, get out of my garden!", came a voice from the concealed speaker.

      They are probably on a beach in Barbados, unsuccessfully dialling 999.

  24. I don't believe you

    Who is the bigger fool; the fool that argues or the fool that argues about all the arguing?
  25. Today
  26. acute

    Turbriskafil on the menu tonight.

    Joy vey! :)

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