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  2. Great guitarist, I love stairway to heaven, Kashmir, rock n roll, black dog, etc but Jimmy Page should be in jail.
  3. Desertrat56

    What are you watching?

    I started The 4400 2 days ago. I had seen some of the episodes when it was on network television.
  4. Trelane

    Good or Evil

    Neither funny nor intellectually stimulating. Off to the land of ignore you go......
  5. Trelane

    All videos about Chinese pyramids

    Ok, what do you want to discuss about all that?
  6. Desertrat56

    China puts 212% tax on Australian wine

    Well, like I said, money talks and they are expressing their displeasure by trying to diminish your wine sales in their country. If your wine is cheaper in China that the wine made in China something is definitely wrong (upside down) and maybe they are just trying to rectify it. How can it be cheaper, do you all sell it really cheap? Raise the rates. As long as we are divided into countries prone to war on this planet, I don't think importing and exporting things like wine is a good idea. Anything anyone needs, like medical supplies, and anything anyone wants for diversion or what ever reason people drink wine, should be made in country, not imported. In the U.S. we got a good wake up call because most of our medical supplies were imported from China.
  7. Matt221


    i reckon they called themselves geologists because stoners was already taken.

  8. Desertrat56

    what tier are you?

    I found out the governor said up to 25 % capacity for any business or 75 people which ever is less. That is why Home Depot only allowed 75 people. But the grocery store did not seem to get the memo.
  9. The periodic table of the elements, principally created by the Russian chemist, Dmitry Mendeleev (1834-1907), celebrated its 150th anniversary last year. It would be hard to overstate its importance as an organising principle in chemistry – all budding chemists become familiar with it from the earliest stages of their education. Given the table's importance, one might be forgiven for thinking that the ordering of the elements were no longer subject to debate. However, two scientists in Moscow, Russia, have recently published a proposal for a new order. https://www.sciencealert.com/scientists-propose-a-brand-new-periodic-table-and-it-s-a-trip https://www.chemistryworld.com/news/new-ordering-of-elements-could-help-find-materials-with-promising-properties/4012751.article
  10. Desertrat56

    covid cases rising

    Post # 190 "When the Keepers of the Economy see it is moving too sluggishly they need to bring in someone who can rev it up...but if it begins to rev up too much...they need to take it down a notch. " What did you mean when you said that with capital letters? I don't agree with your mechanical metaphor but I think I understand what you are saying. I agree with the controllers, people who have power over others and do what ever they can to keep it. Most come from old families that have been in power for centuries, but nowadays there is new blood and I think they don't get along with the old blood so sometimes some of the things that go on are indications of some kind of power struggle. But it is much more organic and human than any machine.
  11. Abramelin


    An interesting documentary about the beginning of Christianity:


  12. Still Waters

    Squirrel gets drunk on fermented pears

    A woman in Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota got a video of a squirrel outside her home who accidentally got a little tipsy from eating fermented pears. In the video, the squirrel starts to tip over, then balances itself before getting dazed again. It happened last Friday. Katy Morlok said feeding the squirrels has become her hobby because it gives her something to watch out the window while she’s working from home, but she didn’t intend to get the squirrel drunk. https://www.fox9.com/news/squirrel-gets-drunk-after-eating-fermented-pears-outside-minnesota-womans-home
  13. Desertrat56

    Something touched my foot.

    Do you have arch supports in your shoes?
  14. and then

    #45 an ongoing threat to national security?

    They've proven over the past 4 years that the media does their thinking FOR them. They have zero intention of allowing the Orange Menace a moment of peace for the rest of his life. He shamed them in public and even after 4 years of their best assaults, he still laughs in their faces. They also realize exactly what a threat he represents as a potential lightning rod for a new party. Damn, what a pathetic lot they are.
  15. Why don't you back up your claims? Because I've used the sources you specifically cherry picked and still proved you wrong.
  16. toast

    Monolith found in Utah

    On Wiki already
  17. Never mind RabidWitness's religiolocial meanderings, this is the bit that needs explaining. Would a successful fishing/canning operation hire a canary as its manager? That makes no economic sense - canaries are notoriously prejudiced against overweight people, yet we know from evidence that podgers make the best canners in the world. (In fact canaries are banned by law from any employment in the State of Mississippi for that very reason.) No - that is clearly not the case. What we have here is a manager of canaries. And - let's be clear about this - nobody would employ canaries in a canning factory! (They spend the whole day playing practical jokes on each other - it ruins productivity.) Which leaves only one sensible, practical, obvious explanation for needing a canary manager: Canaries are used in mines to detect noxious gases. But there are no mines at Port Chatham. But there are lots and lots of underground caves (as opposed to the open-air caves found elsewhere). Bigfoots live in caves. If humans explored Bigfoot caves (using canaries) they would have brought back evidence, e.g. pelts, corpses, pottery, etc. No such evidence exists because it wasn't humans using the canaries! In fact is was the Bigfoots themselves! Bigfoots must have killed all the human settlers at Port Chatham. And then to conceal their crimes they themselves carried on the human activities - fishing, canning, getting drunk and going to church on Sundays. But eventually they grew tired of this and retreated back underground. With their canaries. So then it looked like the humans had mysteriously vanished overnight... (cue spooky music...) Christ, but I'm bored this afternoon.
  18. toast

    Biden elected 46th president of the US

    We know that very well and the last election has shown that the majority of the US people are not idiots.
  19. OpenMindedSceptic

    YouTube removes lockdown-sceptical interview

    You don't have anything. Why don't you go back to the BBC news feed and devour some more sleight of hand PR magazine articles for the government and Big pharma?
  20. Today
  21. spartan max2

    China puts 212% tax on Australian wine

    It's protectionism. Austrailia wine is cheaper in China then Chinese win. So they are taxing it to decrease competition for it's domestic companies Sort of like tariffs. But it's not all about money. China has been hitting Australia with tariffs ever since Australia agreed to participate in an international investigation into the original of Covid. China has made now secret about punishing Australia.
  22. JVG


    Today is starting off with a bleak shade of gray. It would be nice to see the sun...I will get the outside Christmas decorations out of the attic and decorate tomorrow when it’s in the 60’s and rain free...

  23. Abramelin

    The most famous ghost photo and why

    etymology I'm Dutch, but never heard of 'pappekak'.
  24. Only with your claims. Feel free to enlighten.
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