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  2. History Channel Show. Offensive???

    None of this is serious, so relax dude.
  3. Police dog mauled granny to death

    The "reward" for American law enforcement dogs is they get to tear something up after they are done "working". Which fits with the American policy of trashing everything they touch.
  4. Music of the 2000’s

    Evanescence - "Going Under" (2003)
  5. DA: Derailers Anonymous Thread II

    One day left. I’m getting a bit terrified now ....
  6. A 73-year-old woman died after being bitten by a police dog while officers searched her garden for a suspected drug dealer, an inquest has heard. Irene Collins, who had lung cancer and emphysema, was attacked by the German shepherd while Cleveland police were at her home in Middlesbrough on 16 July 2014. An inquest jury at Teesside coroner’s court heard on Monday that Collins was bitten more than once by the dog, called Dano, and died four days later at James Cook University hospital in the town. Sourcel: https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2018/sep/17/middlesbrough-woman-73-died-after-being-bitten-by-police-dog-inquest-hears “On 16 July 2014, officers from Cleveland police received information regarding a male suspect involved in a drug transaction. It was believed the suspect may be in a garden at the rear of Penrith Road,” assistant coroner Karen Welch said at the opening of the hearing this week, according to the Guardian. “In the course of the search, a dog handler, PC [Mark] Baines, and his police dog Dano were brought in. Irene Collins gave permission for her garden to be searched and remained inside her home. “You will hear that Dano gained access to Irene Collins’s home and bit her on more than one occasion. Police officers responded quickly and gave first aid. She was taken to James Cook University hospital, but despite the best efforts of medical professionals, she died on 20 July 2014.” Source: https://thedailycoin.org/2018/09/19/grandma-allowed-cops-to-search-her-garden-for-a-drug-dealer-and-their-k9-mauled-her-to-death/ Four years for an Inquest to be held.
  7. History Channel Show. Offensive???

    Our coastline is actually 3200 km, England's is 8000km and interestingly enough Scotland's is like 12000.
  8. Weird marks

    I second this. Especially in regards to your fingernails.
  9. There is no evil side

    "Good" and "evil" are just terms we apply to human behavior. In my experience, there is always some good that results from bad behavior, and some bad that results from good behavior. Sometimes I think of some mistake or negative thing I've done in the past to someone, and wonder if it was actually for the best in the long run. Who can say what influence we've had in our lives?
  10. The US versus the ICC

    You’re not too up on constructing an argument, are you? Making the observation that your statement is BS is not a pivotal point, just concern that you may not have all the facts. Then I move on to making the convincing argument. The main point that you missed should be that you need to look at the War Powers Act, and then get back to us. In the meantime since you can’t define an illegal war, maybe you have an example? What makes it hard to take you serious is that you obviously dodge the question. The comment is self-evident. What is Russia doing in Syria? Warring! They are killing people. Who says anything about being at war with Syria? Of course Iran is not at war with Syria. It is at war with the Rebels/ISIS. And it is deeply involved in a covert war against SA. And it would love to be able to move against Israel more directly than it has been. It needs to secure Syria for those purposes. If you could stop throwing words up and try to understand the situation, then you wouldn’t be so confused. You are just willfully ignorant of the facts. Primarily because it destroys your fantasy world of your vision of what America is. All of your assumptions are so misguided. Tell me something I don’t know. What game? Track record? It would help if both of us were in this debate and not in some fantasy world. I know I am in the real world, just not sure about you?? Again, your preconceptions are so very much off. That’s kind of what I implied. Russia is only there to defend Tartus. Idlib is just too close. Assad has no idea what Iran is doing in Syria. He wasn’t aware of the US strike until afterwards. I doubt he knows if anybody else is in his nation. There are probably entities from Israel, SA, Turkey, and maybe even Jordan. Who knows who else? You’re very confused. Not all Rebels are ISIS and for the Rebel’s, Syria is their country too. They have been asking for assistance from the world for a long time. It has been secular leaders like Assad and Hussein that have given radical Islam the spark it needs. It’s a recipe for destabilization. You can’t just let them fight it out because even if one side should win the current fighting, the war will still wage on and will spread. You can’t really fully support one side over the other because the unrest will not stop. The only answer was the invasion of Iraq. Our influence and immediate response capabilities over the period of generations would eventually put an end to it. That is ultimately the responsibility of a superpower. I’m sure this is all over your head. You just can’t see the big picture. Pointing out your ignorance isn’t a game. Perhaps it should be… And pointing out the inevitable isn’t a game either. What do you mean ridiculously high? The budget had been dwindling drastically under Obama. We went from something like spending more than the next 20 nations combined to about the next 8. Woefully pitiful for a superpower. @AnchorSteam pointed out that the US population is about 5% of the worlds. When you look at that one fact, our defense budget is hardly adequate. When we are in that ‘20’ range, we see a more peaceful world. Anything less, we end up back in the era of the true arms race. That led to the horrors of mechanized war. If we pay what your lament feels good to you, then what’s the point in spending anything at all for defense? I am very thankful that you don’t have any say in what our budget is. You seem to forget who the enemy is. Too bad you don’t understand that. Your statement is so much ignorance and babbling. In the case of going to war, you use every tool in the tool box. I think that is what you are trying to describe. It’s always best to win a war without firing a shot, but if you have to shoot, then keep the loss of life to a minimum. Syria and Libya are so much different than Iraq and Afghanistan. The later is understandable, but the former, there is no clear reason. Many think that Syria and Libya were an attempt to inflame radical Islam. You can point to the Cairo speech in 2009 and the pull out of our troops from Iraq without a SOFA. Everything Obama has done has been to incite unrest and rebellion. Either with Islam or between the races in this country. It’s not? Being strong and prudent is most certainly in the interest of the American people. That is what was happening under Obama. Most people here were beginning to wonder what kind of future we would have. Now under Trump, I’m more confident of our future. I believe we will survive longer than yours. You can’t start something that is already underway. As I mentioned earlier in this thread, out of the last 4000 years, there have only been a total of 6 days conflict free. We are a warrior people. But we are precisely that – the righteous bully beater for the past 70 years. It has allowed you to grow up and live in relative peace in your own independent country without being a part of a National Socialist, Communist, or Islamic satellite state. But I guess that is what you want… It’s just that losing all that cultural history doesn’t sit well with me. It’s sad when you think about it, that the War of Dutch Independence that lead to the War of English Succession was the impetus for the American Revolution. From Leiden to Sint Eustatius. Never said that American Hegemony would prevent all wars. I would have thought you’d have figured it out by now? It’s not a matter of preventing or controlling human nature but managing it. If we didn’t interfere when we did, the ME would have been in flames by now. It still may end up that way. We may have only delayed the inevitable. To be fair, it wasn’t all on his watch. He did make good on a campaign promise and ignorantly got us out of Iraq (the invasion being the only thing keeping the genie in the bottle) and allowed ISIS to grow. Why would I need to do some reading, the ME is a region I have studied for 40 years now. We’ll see how well my crystal ball works.
  11. Climate Change is a Hoax

    I was being sarcastic. I see a lot of climate change deniers imply that its all a scam to make money, so by that logic you should be a wealthy man. I know its not the case in the real world.
  12. The famed South Pacific voyage by James Cook and his crew in HMS Endeavour (1768–71) resulted in huge advances in European scientific knowledge, an important milestone in what became known as the 'Age of Reason'. But how much is known about the famous ship in which the crew sailed? As news emerges that the mystery of the final resting place of HMS Endeavour may have finally been solved, Peter Moore shares five facts about the first European vessel to reach the east coast of what’s now known as Australia… https://www.historyextra.com/period/georgian/hms-endeavour-captain-cook-where-sunk-australia-america-what-other-names/
  13. History Channel Show. Offensive???

    England's coastline is 2,748 miles in length. The Republic of Ireland's coastline is a mere 900 miles.
  14. Famous optical illusion — what do you see?

    I saw an old woman the first time I saw this, way before I was thirty. Now I see a painting by Toulouse-Lautrec.
  15. A mere two months after beginning operations, NASA's TESS spacecraft has found two new extrasolar worlds. https://www.unexplained-mysteries.com/news/321705/planet-hunting-probe-finds-two-new-candidates
  16. Grimscythe

    *peeks in for her annual check-in* Debating hanging around this time. :x I mean, I've broken the ten year mark!

  17. Trump urged Spain 'build wall' across Sahara

    Looks like a fence to me.
  18. History Channel Show. Offensive???

    No how so. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Territorial_waters https://www.marine.ie/Home/site-area/irelands-marine-resource/real-map-ireland https://www.researchgate.net/figure/Map-of-the-UK-territorial-waters-and-continental-shelf_fig2_265153064 Take away all the waters from Scotland, Wales etcetera it seems we have more territorial water. We have more coastlines thus more territorial water. I actually don't have clue. But stop making this discussion serious.
  19. There is no evil side

    We choose what we have determined is good or evil. Without these concepts nothing is good, nothing is evil. Every hero is someone's villain. Every villain is someone's hero.
  20. Kavanaugh Hearing

    Oh yes, and oh what a tangled web we weave. https://townhall.com/tipsheet/mattvespa/2018/09/23/whoa-nelly-wsj-columnist-notices-something-odd-about-wapos-initial-report-on-k-n2521715
  21. History Channel Show. Offensive???

    Yeah. You're left with English waters, and more than Ireland's got.
  22. History Channel Show. Offensive???

    See the red lines that come out from your boarders with Scotland and Wales? So all the Water around Scotland is Scottish water all the water Left of Wales until it hits Irish water is Welsh and all the waters around Isle of Man belongs to them. Isn't much left after you take them away. Is there?
  23. History Channel Show. Offensive???

    English waters are clearly larger than Irish waters on that map.
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