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  2. National Enquirer Immunity Deal

    A recurring theme during that ugly episode of American history called the Clinton Presidency.They even got as far as an actual impeachment, which failed, along part lines. The same would happen in the present circumstances.
  3. Who or what was christ?

    Arguably its more complex than that. Jesus was a STUNNINGLY subversive individual. Take “turn the other cheek”, Rome had laws about how much you can beat a salve before it stops being about control or discipline and becomes you being an abusive b******. Hitting someone twice in the face crossed that line. Jesus therefore was saying “don’t fight back” but ALSO “trick them into breaking their own laws”. To “render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s” is about paying enough lip service to the ruler in order to not get into trouble BUT ALSO linked to the idea that you treat someone the sane way they treat you, Caesar treats you like crap? You render to him that, you treat him like crap too.
  4. DA: Derailers Anonymous Thread II

    Well, then, Happy Birthday to you! May life bring you much bacon and endless supplies of red Speedos! And of course the release of pain from fibromyalgia.
  5. I would question Mr. Nissan's entire project, then. Mark Lehner assembled a team many years ago to build a miniature pyramid from start to finish for a TV program called "This Old Pyramid." The special showed around fourteen Arabic men moving a two- or three-ton-block all over the place. This included up a hill to approximate ramps. They did encounter a number of problems, but it was an interesting special. They even addressed how to move the block around the corner of their rising pyramid, which was one of the trickiest problems.
  6. Opening gambits in EU / UK exit negotiations;

    Well Farage only became democratic when he entered the EU parliament. So by that rationale Junker is just as democratic as Farage.
  7. It's entirely reasonable that extraterrestrials might want to observe us somewhat covertly, at least until Earth society as a whole became aware and accepting of their presence. This could be as much, or even more, for our benefit, than for theirs. We probably aren't much of a threat to a civilization that can travel the stars. Suddenly becoming aware of the immediate presence of a greatly more advanced civilization could be very damaging to our civilization in a number of ways. For example, believing that everything we might hope to accomplish in the future, has already been done long ago by another form of intelligent life, and that such life was virtually on our doorstep, could cause in us a demoralizing sense of inferiority. Far better, it seems, for them to prepare us gradually for our meeting, and for them to come to appreciate whatever unique value we would have in a greater galactic society.
  8. Atlantis existed?

    Perhaps this is a reference to seal bones?
  9. Atlantis existed?

    Welcome to UM, Nukuson. I've read your OP and wish to add a few comments, but it does concern me that you more or less posted the OP and then disappeared. There are a number of posts issuing challenges to your OP. Do you wish to address them? First, there really isn't evidence of interaction between the two hemispheres in ancient times. Such an idea was popular many, many years ago but hods no merit in modern scholarship. It is really only questionable fringe writers who entertain the idea today. The introduction of African DNA to the Caribbean has occurred in relatively modern times (recent centuries) but not in ancient times. Do you have a link to provide sufficient research that might support your idea. Long skulls have not been found in Antarctica, nor have any ancient human remains as far as I know. I'd ask you to supply your source for this, but it's going to be wrong anyway. Antarctica has been encased in ice for millions of years, long before modern humans even existed. In sum total Antarctica would be a very poor source for archaeological investigation due to its very limited scope for human activity, but it's a rich source for numerous other sciences. The Atlantis story has nothing at all to do with the Western Hemisphere or its history. The Plato was invented by the Classical Greek philosopher Plat, and he is detailed in describing its placement outside the Pillars of Hercules. It is therefore a Greek story from start to finish. Have you even read Plato's dialogs? DNA is not my strong suit so I'd leave this to those who know the information better than most of us—namely cormac. I believe he's already commented, above. This is most definitely wrong. The Sumerians were not even ocean goers. Why would they venture to the other side of the planet? Care to share your source? Many here do, and they continue to be wrong. One fo the main failings is that they don't even know Plato's work and therefore stray comically and wildly from the details he himself provides in his allegory.
  10. A personal experience

    He’s a writer.
  11. Shootings in Strasbourg, France

    What i ment is the quran does not advocate Terrorism And where did you find this on the net? On national fronts home page ? ;-) did you check who is behind the source?.And if it's was true? is the text part taken in it's whole context? The answer lies in how you interpret things the Bible also contains creepy violent messed up parts. The christian religion have also killed in it's name take for example perhaps the more famous spanish inquisition who was also done in the name of the christ who killed thousands.
  12. Opening gambits in EU / UK exit negotiations;

    This must be what she was talking about..... at the beginning of this video....
  13. Would You Rather?

    I'd have said that before last Thursday.
  14. Sort your bedroom out,
  15. Roswell 1947

    This is why I tend to avoid it and focus on old contemporary evidence. Of course I don't discount all testimony, for example I believe Gen. DuBose who was a Col. at the time who says (in a videotaped interview) that this was a cover story and they went down the Street and grabbed a RAWIN target and Pibal Balloon and tore this up and laid it out on Brig. Gen. Roger Ramey's Office floor. That said there is also contemporary photographic evidence from the July 11th edition of the Ft. Worth Star Telegram that shows Photos of that Mobile RADAR station launching a Pibal Balloon and RAWIN RADAR target for them on the morning of July 10th that is direct evidence of Gen. DuBose testimonial claim. The above is one of the few examples of witness testimony that you can back up with "hard" historical evidence. e.g old newspapers showing the exact Mobile RADAR station launching exactly what we see in Brig. Gen. Ramey's Office and exactly where Gen. DuBose said it was 30 some odd years later.
  16. DA: Derailers Anonymous Thread II

    My son has eaten a little bit of toast today so he's starting to get on the mend.
  17. The Presidential Carpet

    I think you're on to something there. We just have to kill everyone. It's the only way to be sure they will be safe.
  18. The Presidential Carpet

    No...you can't kill them...they've got a force field.... Introducing: TROPHY Advanced Active Protection System
  19. The Presidential Carpet

    And then a Ladder & Shovel Disarmament Treaty with Mexico
  20. Totally agree. If you take anything away from the bible its basically to be a good person.
  21. Would You Rather?

    I’d take the Christmas party if the alternative is getting my face chewed off by foxes. lol
  22. Intact 5th dynasty tomb found in Egypt

    WOW !That's the find of a lifetime sought by a lot of archaeologist !
  23. A personal experience

    That's a thought, too, reminding me of this scene. Not quite set in a "convent," but at least a church.
  24. The Presidential Carpet

    I demand a 30 foot wall around each individual at all times. For safety.
  25. The Presidential Carpet

    We already do. We live in houses with walls...and locks on the doors. When we drive we are all locked in safe and sound. Oh..........but did you read this? Hmmmm....I don't really want to post that because it might be viewed as an attempt to derail the topic...nonetheless...it seems we have been somewhat successful in creating force fields around objects...who knows...in the future we might have our own personal force field.
  26. My wife's ghost photo

    Shadow figure appears to be wearing shorts and heels. Now the important question is your sister in-law single?
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