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  2. Not saying it isn't cool. It just bring unrealistic expectations.
  3. That is certainly one very common form of god. Might be considered real, but without independent existence.
  4. Are you autistic Mr Walker? It appears these experiences seem to be more prevalent in people who are Autistic.
  5. I dont believe in this research. I watch porn all the time and i think its cool.
  6. There is a growing body of research that suggests watching porn, or fantasies in your mind regarding sex, is extremely bad for people. There are young men who don't know how to interact with women, their expectations on what womens role in their sexual experience is incorrect. They can't get aroused by natual women. So now there is a generation brought up in porn can't preform sexually in the real world. So yeah in this case and like many other cases fantasy is detrimental to society and philosophical realism should be encouraged over fantasy.
  7. The devil wants my attention

    thats what we all think but is that the truth though? No one knows for real
  8. Donald Trump set to visit UK this summer

    I haven't forgiven him for the Syria Strikes yet (although it could have been a lot worse with a different president) - but as far as I'm concerned he's very welcome to come - Many people here are going to go nuts over it and will thoroughly enjoy a couple of days of self righteous rampaging - The security will be a nightmare but I think it should go ok... ... in spite of the hostile MSM putting a negative spin on it all...
  9. Sexual fantasies are not real either, but that doesn't deter most humans constructing them Who wants to be real when it comes to sex ?
  10. Donald Trump set to visit UK this summer

    Not sure how to take that - it must be down to perceptions. My perception of the man is that he IS the epitome of fake.
  11. Hm.. wish i have some peyote now to be able to continue this conversation.
  12. Scientists describe physical reality, poets artists etc describe(and can perceive) perceptual reality They don't just see a red class 3 star (just made tha t up) but something of beauty and wonder
  13. Actually an arachnid/ humanoid alien form, bright red in colour, protected by a force field and wearing nothing much but a tool kit, who was attempting to repair a faulty servo motor, about half way out on the sheets attaching a light sail to the craft it was powering. This was in the center of the galaxy, where local travel commonly uses these craft .
  14. Absolutely, maybe it exists somewhere but not really here in Ireland until it suits people. Like Confirmations and Holy Communions are seen as away to make money now rather than accepting Jesus. In earlier history rich families would sponser a pew in a church. Only the rich families could afford this and it was seen as being in a higher class when your family sponsered a pew. Only the family who sponsered the pew could sit in the pew. So it because antisocial not to attend Mass. If people were absent from mass it was easily identified because of this pew sponsorship and questions were literally asked during mass where the absentee was. So it left the family openly being ridiculed in public by the powerful priests. This led onto it was deemed antisocial not to attend Mass for anyone of any class.
  15. And after your absorbtion of gnosis you were able to see a spiderman repairing spaceships? That sounds bizzare.
  16. Donald Trump set to visit UK this summer

    perhaps that's it........... he isn't fake enough to command respect in this Age of Fakery.........
  17. Actully moslty wrong 1. There WERE many physical pieces of evidence to show, But as with any event these evidences do not last (as evidences) and become meaningless as the context becomes older. 2. Almost every manifestation was witnessed by others, in one case twenty or thirty people That is one reason i can know that they were real. . There are many others willing and able to corroborate these events although some have died over time such as my parents. 3. I think you misunderstood something I said about my wife She has absolute and total faith/belief in the existence of god, He is with her every minute of the day, but only in her mind Thus she doesn't need to know him physically, but she can confirm, as a witness, many of these events What she cannot witness is the dialogue between god and i, although i often relate it to her immediately it happens, as it is often important for BOTH of us to act quickly on gods instructions. 4 probably a dozen to 20 manifestations from a couple of full human forms, through the pillar of light, to difernt energy sources and voices, physical warnings etc. At least 6 times my life has been saved by these drect warnings and guidance and also my wife who was with me on several of them was saved. Then a lot more lessons, mentoring, guidance, help, empowerment etc That is fairly constant 5. Correct and told me he had done it as he did so. 6 Over my life time? at least 6 and up to 10 times, sometimes with more physical direct intervention and sometimes with a warning, so i could avoid death by taking evasive action just before a nasty accident was about to happen 7. That was not really god. it was before i realised this entity was what humans thought of as god. I was a young pre teenager and achieved gnosis or raised consciousness which gave me access to the cosmic or universal consciousness That gave me many abilities some of which i have used to help others and some which are just a lot of fun (like travelling the universe and observing other life forms ) Now that one is unverifiable for now And every one of those is true as far as i can understand it and explain it, so if you think i am lying or deluded, then you are missing out on a very important part of human reality. Try accepting them as truth and think about just what that would mean .
  18. I'm going to make a number of assumptions here. If God can communicate only through hallucinations or through your minds eye would it not be possible for it to convey the exact same experience to each person it communicates to? If the entity you describe like God cured you from you addiction it can alter your brain matter. So why wouldn't the entity you ascribe to this not just alter everyone's brain matter so they literally share the exact same experiences?
  19. I see what you mean, same thing here. Christanity doesnt exist anymore, it is as you said only a matter of social expectation to attend the mass, and the priest is a kind of strange tv entertainer on a live show. All the gore of symbolism in a church could further stimulate social partying after the priest stand up comedy performance though. Dunno.
  20. The Brilliance of Tracie Harris

    ^^^^ That is a beautiful post.
  21. Donald Trump set to visit UK this summer

    I mean upfront in that he doesn't, what was it, bother to hide his moral bankruptcy and all the rest of it, as Farmer said. That surely is a kind of rather refreshing honesty in those who wish to rule us.
  22. Donald Trump set to visit UK this summer

    yes you tell that sulky subject !! although it's not easy to bow when you have an axe to grind AND a chip on your shoulder ....
  23. I think it was more to do with meeting your friends rather than drinking the pain away so to speak. People went to church because it was a social expectation most people didn't listen to anything the priest said to be honest.
  24. All experience, other than those which ONLY occur in a persons mind have both an external and an internal reality. So no, logic and science tell us that every mind interprets real experiences and there is no need for witnesses, for an individual to know that their experience is real, otherwise someone who lived alone could never be certain that anything was real. That is the nature of human self awareness When you look at a woman you don't see just the physical woman nor do you see the same woman another is looking at. You see a woman about whom a LOT of your perception is generated inside your head. Its the same when you loo at anything and even more so as more senses are involved in an experience So No two people can share the same experience although people can enter into or observe the same concrete environment. And yes, when a number of witnesses observe and report the same physical environment this helps establish that environment's reality, although to someone not there, it still is not proof or transferable evidence .
  25. Donald Trump set to visit UK this summer

    can you be completely up front and an habitual liar at the same time. I suppose you can be if taken in individual moments in time.
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