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  2. spartan max2

    The Problem of 'Anti-Racism'

    Individually our brains do have genetic differences, but yes I also would imagine there are small differences with different ethnic groups too. Studies suggest there is probably some difference. I think it would be wrong and silly to try to make racial claims of intellegence and such based off it though. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neuroscience_and_race#Anatomical_differences
  3. Helen of Annoy

    {un}holy haiku - 3rd Edition

    fretting, fretting so for no reason at all, threads were spun long ago or fretting, fretting so for no reason at all, spun were threads long ago whichever suits you better yeah, I know, neither
  4. Saru

    Spiritual Void

    Keep it civil please folks.
  5. Helen of Annoy

    Answer a Question With A Question (Part 4)

    Cyrillic? God, no, one could morbidly humorously argue that we had a war basically over the use of Latin script... and there's Glagolitic too, you can see it in my signature, but it's ancient and not in everyday use for 10 or so centuries... I'm old so I learned both Latin and Cyrillic (and so old I can in fact use Glagolitic too) but younger people can't read Cyrillic so at work, when there's a document in Cyrillic they come to me to decipher it for them and don't they look at me like I've conducted some sort of magic? I'm intrigued with Chinese script lately, though I'm not sure I can tweak my brain to accept it properly... but when a parcel from China arrives, with all those tiny sticks arranged so delicately... how can I not wonder what each of them is telling to those who can read them?
  6. RAyMO

    Trump "aces" cognitive test

  7. Today
  8. RAyMO

    Trump "aces" cognitive test

    He probably took a dementia test and knew his own name, he's good at that, knows his own name better than anyone.
  9. Setton

    Hundreds of UK police have crime convictions

    You're the one who claims to know your police break the law because they can get away with it. I know ours don't. Therefore, yours are substandard.
  10. darkmoonlady

    My bizarre day.

    Twitter has copycat accounts in the hundreds for every celebrity big and small. I got one a few weeks ago that was a Garth Brooks copycat. All you have to do is report them. They try to talk to you or engage you sometimes but they're fake if they dont have blue check next to their name. Reporting gets them taken down pretty fast, I usually block them too. It's common enough, I get fake celeb followers about twice a month. As for "losing" your book that's a crap move and you're lucky if the buyer doesn't report you.
  11. RAyMO

    Trump Retweet's 'White Power' great guy

    1. US presidents nearly always get re-elected its the norm. 2. The electoral college favours Republicans especially in tight contests so why will it be far more difficult for him to get elected?
  12. Montmorency the Dog

    Montmorency the Dog

    Well, RIP Jack Charlton. Another to join the Valhalla of sporting legends. 

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    2. RAyMO


      I believe its true that he never had to pay for a pint in Ireland

    3. third_eye


      1966 seems so long ago... 


    4. Montmorency the Dog

      Montmorency the Dog

      Stirling Moss will be waiting to buy him a pint ...

  13. OverSword



    Trouble, an 80’s Metal band from Chicago. One of the many overlooked bands from that era

  14. OverSword

    Hundreds of UK police have crime convictions

    I don’t believe that overall our police are substandard. *snip*
  15. Br Cornelius

    Siberian heat wave alarms scientists

    The purpose of putting large herbivores on the tundra is to reduce tree cover. This works to reduce the albedo of the surface and so reflect back more sunlight. Planting more trees in the arctic circle would accelerate arctic warming. Br Cornelius
  16. Imaginarynumber1

    Is All This Testing Really Necessary?

    People aren't sitting in waiting rooms to get tested. Most are drive thru option where they never leave their vehicles and only come in contact with someone in protective gear. This is what i did the other day.Other hospitals have area specifically to do tests where they minimize contact. Even if a lot of people are asymptomatic or only have mild symptoms, they could easily spread it to someone who will not be so lucky. It's incredibly selfish and naive to think that testing isn't necessary. There are too many unknowns with this virus to to just say **** it when it comes to testing.
  17. LightAngel


    That's the kind of love and caring I'm talking about:



    1. OverSword


      So cool

    2. OverSword


      80’s Metal band from Chicago, Trouble. One of the best overlooked bands of that era

  18. LightAngel


    It seems to me that poor Americans are staying poor, and wealthy Americans are getting richer!

    Why don't more people care about poor people? 

    I guess middle-class Americans are sleeping! They don't understand how easy they could become poor!

    It's sick how the system makes everybody fight each other!

    A system like that is primitive and rotten, and we should destroy it!


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    2. LightAngel



      Nah, he needs to fix himself first of all! :P

    3. XenoFish


      I'm barely middle class and I'm self employed, no one gives a damn about me so why should I care about anyone else. 

    4. LightAngel



      Because if you have a nervous breakdown, then an intelligent system would help you! :yes:

      I hate the name "system" - it sounds so primitive.

      But, it's the only word I can find in the human vocabulary right now.


  19. Setton

    Hundreds of UK police have crime convictions

    Feeling's more than mutual, I assure you. Any plans to murder civilians so you can start a war lately?
  20. Setton

    Diversity Training for Seattle City Employees

    That would seem to fall under the category of "being a dick to someone because they're different"
  21. Setton

    Hundreds of UK police have crime convictions

    And you have absolutely nothing to base that on except your own limited experience of your own sub-standard police.
  22. Carlos Allende

    Carlos Allende

    Remember reading the original Ian Fleming Bond novels, and he'd be reading The Times, and you'd be like, 'Yes, that's the epitome of a classy, newspaper, like a little daily encyclopedia of the world'. And in 2020? "Kim Kardassian: Is she a feminist?" I don't know, Caitlin Moran. Are YOU a gobsh yte nightmare?

  23. third_eye

    Trump to create path for DACA citizenship

    Right on cue... The fight with Kanye on who is more godly... ~
  24. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/trump-says-he-will-sign-order-to-provide-road-to-citizenship-for-dreamers So this was amusing news. Seems like Trump is turning Democrat again. Granted, you have to take what he says with a grain of salt.
  25. razman

    What is it ?

    Yea , so , those rave parties are all the rage.
  26. For the record, I'm in Dallas. I got a Masters' at Texas Tech University and I was a research assistant for Dr. Jack Hayes, professor of Epidemiology. I have been wearing a mask since January because I knew what was coming, based on what I learned in medical school. It didn't take a supergenius to see that, only an understanding of epidemics and (once it was clear that groups and states in the US were resisting lockdowns and masks) a little modeling to see where things were going. In fact, many epidemiologists (if you read the Covid science on Reddit) have said the same thing. You'll be really tired of this by Christmas, but we'll see surges in August-September, in late November, and through mid-January. I'm hoping they'll have a vaccine for it or better treatment by then. We'll see the small rural areas overwhelmed because hospitals are often hours away and hours can be critical when someone's got Covid-19 and is going into crisis. Be wise, be patient, if you can, limit your public contact. And don't let the "most people don't have severe symptoms' fool you. Things will hopefully be better by next summer.
  27. razman

    Trump Retweet's 'White Power' great guy

    trump ? excuses? all in the same paragraph yet.
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