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  2. BlackFly is latest attempt at flying car

    As far as I remember there was a talk around 2015 they're going to reboot it. Still it was incredibly costly.
  3. If this is something that happens often, and there is no reasonable explanation for it, I would guess that you are psychically 'linking in' to people.
  4. Sacha Baron Cohen's Who is America (Video)

    Cohen has outdid himself. Season 2 is probably going to be a bit more difficult to produce though.
  5. Trump - Putin Press Conference

    Yes! We dont have dictatorships, we have democracy.. Two whole parties worth! And the US presidents, including but not limited to the present, have always strived to enrich the US population in every possible way! http://washingtonsblog.com/2018/05/the-u-s-governments-missing-21-trillion-where-it-went.html We in the West regard truth and opposition to corruption and / or infringement of civil rights as one of the highest virtues, always have and always will.. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2016/may/22/how-pentagon-punished-nsa-whistleblowers And ofcourse, the fact our sanctions against other sovereign states (who dont wish to lay belly up and play 'our game') are detrimental to the innocent men women and children of said nations - not their evil regimes - is the fault of thesame evil dictators. Oh and lastly, we have free press reporting truth, even if its ugly. Russia only has state sponsored propaganda channels trying to seed fake news weherever they can. Yay!
  6. Looks like just another case of confirmation bias...
  7. Trump - Putin Press Conference

    Does the president need schooling in how to talk properly We will see how often he'll misspeak I wonder what will happen to the rest of trump's dellussional followers when the economy of the US will hit rockbottom. Maybe it is Obama's fault then
  8. Atheism and faith

    I think in some ways these arguments/discussions come down to who's morally superior.
  9. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/crime/police-say-a-man-faked-his-own-murder-using-a-gun-and-a-weather-balloon/ar-AAAdKbE?ocid=spartanntp
  10. Israel ban groups critical of IDF from school

    Are you being sarcastic here ? It's hard to know with you. So in order to protect them from their enemies you want them to become like their enemies ? They should hang on to what makes them unique, that is being a democracy, rather than become like their neighbors. If you only allow people to speak if they praise the government you are on the fast rack to fascism/theocracy. We could put them in camps. I mean concentrate them so you know where they are. Do you really think about what you read ? Only the government should do propaganda. Got it ! I wonder if you guys would feel the same if Israel had a socialist government ? It is their choice and should not be forced upon them by purging the opposition.
  11. Occultism

    Your take on the matter is quite interesting. Is that kind of a Christian perspective you have there? Well yea Masons used to be just builders and were positive at one time. As we all know with great power come great corruption. Over time those at the top of masonry have been corrupted with an archonic force no doubt. The masons don't really rule American but they have built a lot of it as you can see from all the symbols they left behind. Masonry is really open to all religions and you have to believe in a god to be part of it as far as I know. I am not so sure about the demon thing but hey who knows.lol!
  12. Sacha Baron Cohen's Who is America (Video)

    That idiot suburban "Redneck Culture". Like that crazy woman, a NRA spokesperson, who was shot in the back by her toddler.
  13. Should prisons get rid of solitary?

    The 2 local Bloods leaders were my cuzzens and one of them I babysat when he was little. They watched him. Another guy I son-sonned in Trenton was killed after I left though.
  14. Sacha Baron Cohen's Who is America (Video)

    You know I try really hard to not envision all gun activists like that but its becoming really really hard not to. ...and I grew up in AK carrying guns with me everywhere so its not like im some city liberal who is afraid of guns because they make loud noises. It just feels like gun culture in America has really taken a hard turn in a bad direction.
  15. Anthony Bourdain dead at 61

    I was on depicote (sp?) For seizures too, not epileptic though, I had to switch to kepra, and eventually didn't need meds anymore, I also seen doctors overdose my friend on kepra because it wasn't working, and he ended up going crazy a few days... I told them they weren't epileptic seizures, he had some kind of bacteria or something in his cerebral fluid and needed a spinal tap, he lived on a farm and everyone that went in contact with this barn had the same symptoms, so I figured it was environmental took them 3 months to send him to a neurologist and fix it. Was crazy.... I have 0 knowledge on headaches, I remember about 3 or 4 times waking up in the middle of the night with the worst headache pain, I would scream for like 5minutes, worst pain ive ever had, only lasted a few minutes and went back to bed, guess I grew out of those headaches. Lyrica, they gave you that for fibermialga?(sp?) I know that's it's main reason but it's relatively new and it's worked for other reasons aswell. But side effect of one person I know, he would randomly pass out, any time of the day, didn't matter what he was doing, kind of weird. My dreaming drug is remron, 30mg at night but I only take it when I want to sleep, and it's not guaranteed to have a "lucid" dream but it's the only way they do happen these days. Glad you got them damn headaches fixed. And helped me learn stuff about them, I've never been able to give advice on headaches, very frustrating. Lol
  16. Sacha Baron Cohen's Who is America (Video)

    @Daughter of the Nine Moons and @Farmer77 All the gun advocates I met are nuts! The members of the Second Amendment Society in New Jersey are a bunch of deranged children with lethal toys who support people who actually are criminals. While my case was going on they were busy supporting a school teacher who was taking his underage boyfriend to buy drugs and left his gun in the car and their "spokesperson" is a guy who was trying to get his guns out of the state because of a domestic violence charge.
  17. Hi Ideh. Welcome to UM. I would say these were definitely not coincidences because they happen too often and are too specific. You are picking up other's thoughts about you, I think, rather than you thinking about someone, them picking that up and acting on it. This is different from the episode with the guy walking into the classroom, which is more like a premonition.
  18. Should prisons get rid of solitary?

    Haha you son'd him, how sweet of you....my friend I was just with said he had a celly that wouldn't get in the shower, and everytime he baught him soap, he would trade it for shots of coffee so he got p***ed and stopped, the tier COs we're woman and could smell the dude, and thought it was funny not to let him change cells. ****ed up...sure you know what happened after. Lol.
  19. Atheism and faith

    Just because I woke up feeling argumentative...lol. The Question of God...incorrect premise altogether! It has never been the Question of God. It is the Answer of God! God has always been...the answer...not the Question. Question: how did the stars get in the sky? Answer...God. etc, etc, etc. The only question really concerning God is...does God really exist? The Answer is NO! Then the Question is...can you prove it? A ridiculous question indeed. There are none so blind as those who refuse to see. God is not the question...God is the answer...to ANY and ALL questions...the Answer of God is a huge commodity...bottled and sold like patent medicines.
  20. Russia probes kick into high gear

    Of course Trump didn't want him on that job. Not being Trump's choice actually proves the competence and integrity of that person. You could even have a seal of Trump's disapproval (like the Russians have the seal of Trump's approval on their asbestos) for the truly best and honestly patriotic Americans.
  21. Self Healing

    Talking myself out of suicide just trying to find my light at the end of my tunel
  22. All the aliens started dying 2 years ago.

    You need to see a doctor.
  23. Atheism and faith

    Pretty much.
  24. Occultism

    Initially, the masons were a positive organization but now there is a strong suspicion that they have defected to the devil's side. You just gather more modern information. I understand that the bright organizations need to be conspiratorized in order not to be destroyed by dark persons but the current masons are not the same as they were before. If the masons actually rule secretly in America and are in power, they would never allow the recognition of homosexual marriages to be legal. Therefore, if the power itself indulges the bad, then its members, you yourself understand, what inclinations. Emblem of Freemasons: http://nosecret.com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/Масонский-знак-1.jpg Emblem of Aleister Crowley, of the Dark Magician: https://static.kulturologia.ru/files/u8921/aleister-crowley-08.png In addition, the emblem of the Freemasons is the letter G and It can mean both God and the great demon of our planet- Gagtungr. In general, I can not say that the masons turned to the devil's side, but their signs and behavior of the american authorities indicate an attempt to disintegrate the society and I do not observe any opposition except the Christians.
  25. Atheism and faith

    That is a classic symptom of a pathological liar. Believing ones own mistruths to the point of being able to pass a polygraph
  26. acute

    United Utilities customers:

    If you see your neighbours using a hose-pipe or sprinkler system, turn off the water supply to their property, execute a citizen's arrest, restraining them at gunpoint if necessary, then phone our dessicated hotline.

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