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Formal Debates 2009

Formal member vs member debates.

Board guidelines

For more information on how the debates board works please view our Formal Debates FAQ.

A debate thread with status "[Debate]" is currently live and only the two debate participants may post there.

The "[Open]" status means that a debate has ended and other members may post comments in the thread. If you are not a participant of a given debate then please do not post in that thread until the "[Open]" status is showing, we will remove any outside comments posted in the middle of a live debate.

In addition to our standard forum rules, for debates we ask:

No ad hominem attacks: Always attack the points being presented based on the merits or otherwise of the argument, do not personally attack, insult, mock or otherwise make derogatory comments aimed at the person who is presenting that argument or with whom you disagree.

Source citation: If you are relying on an unsubstantiated claim to support your side of a debate you must always back up such claims with a logical argument or with a relevant publication citation or source link should one be required or requested in order to validate the accuracy of the claim being made.

Fact vs opinion: If you are presenting a claim that is personal opinion only then please state as such; personal opinion, speculation or hearsay should not be presented as supporting evidence in a debate.

To start a debate with another member click the "Debate" button under one of their posts or from their profile menu.

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