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  2. Jeffrey Epstein arrested and accused of sex

    How shocking.! Donald Trump at a party with a now convicted sex offender! Now The President of the United States, how utterly disgusting! OR A single Donald Trump at a party with lots of women, eyeing women and talking about women like heterosexual males of all ages do, even to this day, talking with a then unknown pedophile and future convicted sex offender Jeffery Epstein. See? These talking heads can spin it anyway they want.
  3. Tourists rushing to climb Uluru ahead of ban

    Or alternatively, if someone tells me “this place is sacred to me/my people” I respect that and don’t behave like an oaf.
  4. Ever hear the expression, "a little birdie told me"? But you are not reasoning on the matter. Jesus did not know it at that time, and neither the angels. But logic says that, as the time approaches, the angels and Jesus must be told, since they will take active part in the end times. I would have assumed that someone with your academic accolades would have been able to arrive at it, quite easily.
  5. Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    No, we still have, as farmer always says, "mob ties" to deal with. Trump has mob ties, foreign and domestic because the mafia loves nothing more than to work with well known, bombastic loudmouths.
  6. Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    Farmer is batting zero so far but he is still right according to him. "I may have been wrong about everything I thought was going on but that doesn't mean I don't know what I am talking about you unpatriotic s-bag !!!!" said farmer ever day for the last two years. He may be the only one left because it looks like even EMM threw in the towel.
  7. Hell, I never made it out of kindergarten. Besides, I'm self-schooled. But if you want to waste my time, I'll issue myself any degree necessary to get you and your close friends back on-topic.
  8. Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    Diechecker you're going to render this thread silent with all.of this news. There's not going to be much left but I think maybe we'll be hearing about someone who got food poisoning after eating a Trump steak. What's he trying to do? Kill people?! Or maybe a lawsuit for pain and suffering caused by supposedly unfair rules after several consistent losses while playing Trump: The Board Game.
  9. Climate Change is a Hoax

    That's not what they are saying nor is that what happens in the environment. CO2s main absorption band (15 um) lies mostly outside H2Os absorption band with only slight overlap at the shoulders. Neither CO2 or H2O starves the other of photons! That is what you are suggesting.
  10. XenoFish

    Some people. Man, I just don't know. I don't know how they can function...

  11. Ghosts Arc'ing

    Are you deaf? https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/ruptured-eardrum/symptoms-causes/syc-20351879 A nosebleed can be caused by high blood pressure, dry air, picking your nose too much. Probably a few other reason I'm forgetting.
  12. The same way I know what you are, as as you are a D----
  13. Mexico border wall: Trump defends emergency

    You don't have to hold your breath, "they" do it every single day. FOX News is the biggest most widely watched news channel on cable TV. FOX is a very big part of MSM, they are as main stream and dominant as an organization can get. DO you want to be the major force in US politics today or are you too attached to pretending to be the persecuted underdogs? Trump may not be popular on Univision or BET, they have their sponsors and markets. .CNN and MSNBC don't like the President. They are not your brand, don't watch. FOX news is nearly as big as the two of them put together. Watch FOX news if you like their coverage. Was there anything on FOX news about the size of the weekend ICE raids? My point to start with is that President Trump makes a lot of noise, but he hasn't done much about this real problem. Not much new barrier has been built if any, reports of construction all seem to be about survey, acquiring land and clearing. Not much in the way of deporting illegal immigrants, either. He is doing OK with criminals, nearly tied with Obama on deporting criminals. But Bush and Clinton both built more wall and deported more illegal immigrants than President Trump is on track to do even during his second term. He talks a good game, he energizes his base. You reported on MS13 members being caught in a huge murder spree in LA. THAT IS MARVELOUS NEWS! Indeed it is. That is what the Federal Government gang enforcement is supposed to be about. They go after gang activity. That is their focus. Whether it is Crips, or Bloods, or Hell's Angels or MS13, drug dealers, human traffickers and murderers need to be taken out. Excellent! It seems to give you that "The President told us they were rapists and murderers" satisfaction that many of them were illegal immigrants. Fair enough., no denying the truth, many were here illegally. That wasn't an ICE raid or a Presidential round up, that was Federal Law Enforcement as well as LA Police doing exactly what they are supposed to do; going after criminals no matter where they come from. Best Regards.
  14. Dumbledore the Awesome


  15. Don't tell me you believe in God? Because unless you do, any response would be wasted. Besides, I don't like quizzes with multiple choices. A narrative is the way to go. But seeing that you are very rude, and demanding, you'll only get what I choose to give, and that is all. Why don't you give me what I want, rather than this being a one way street. I'm still waiting for rupert's Atlantean translation of number 16. But since you are late on the payment, since I haven't received it, there is interest on it. Give me 15 and 17 also. Otherwise, if you will not, don't ask me for anything else, mr. drill sergeant.
  16. No one chooses what they believe

    If god created a nature universe, then we are natural and as we should be. Thus no sin. Sin being a purely human concept, same for our concept of god, etc.
  17. Man claims son reincarnation Of Princess Diana

    Eh, nobody is obligated to meet any else's expectations beyond basic civility, IMO. Staying on topic, I just do not think he should have now branded his kid of 4 years as being Diana or claiming memories at all to enhance his little article writing. That is possibly going to lead to a whole lot of teasing in school if it persists in talk and who knows where the idea originated in the first place for the boy? Every year someone runs a TV recap of her death on the anniversary that he may have been impressed by. There are more compelling accounts of alleged memories in small children for me, and none are exact - and maybe they do not need to be. They are interesting and curious tales.
  18. Coming soon to a future near you.
  19. Climate Change is a Hoax

    Interfering absorption alters the amount of light available for re-emission, generally by reducing it. That means less IR being emitted. That means more energy retained in the local environment. Read the papers. That's what they're saying. Doug
  20. Chuckle - oh and how do you know that is the case - certainly not from your understanding of the Greek language which you cannot comprehend - making up more stuff?
  21. Climate Change is a Hoax

    I did. They are nonsequitor to anything you were saying.
  22. I suppose you are literate enough to make a better case for it? I also suppose you are not literate enough, when it comes to reading comprehension. Why do keep ruminating this language business? Was it not shown that a soul will be different when reincarnating? Why will you not accept Plato's word for it? Or is it simply that you don't comprehend? Perhaps you would see it better if I used imagery, rather than text? Let me see you high school diploma.
  23. Climate Change is a Hoax

    H2O and CO2 have overlapping absorption bands. That's how they do it. Doug
  24. Climate Change is a Hoax

    Then try reading them. Doug
  25. Pretending again PT? How would you know? "But concerning that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the Father only." So are you god now? lol
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