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  2. My stepfather was a career Army officer involved in special ops and aviation after he retired. I've seen plenty of documents concerning the Army and subcontractors.
  3. I dont see any listing of it on the army crada site, although it is dated 10/10 and the website is only updated through september so that could be premature.
  4. spartan max2

    Study: No evidence for gaming as a disorder

    I'm now pretty sure you are just an old man who has never touched a video game before lol Or there's a small chance you're a bad driver who can't take responsibility for being a bad driver. I played the crap out of COD and Halo growing up. I own guns. I go to the gun range, I even have my concealed carry license. I also played paint ball a little bit growing up. By your logic I should have lost touch with reality by now and of randomly shot someone lol
  5. Dumbledore the Awesome

    Tulsi Gabbard and Jill Stien Russian assets

    sorry, what? Your conspiracy theorising is getting a bit complicated here.
  6. On the name of national security, use a UAV to blow the crap out of it. They do it everywhere else, why not ?
  7. MissJatti

    YOU ARE BANNED (Part 7)

    Banned for running out of coal, its going to be a long cold winter.
  8. Dumbledore the Awesome

    Tulsi Gabbard and Jill Stien Russian assets

    no, there's... um... there's that tape isn't there. The probably mythical hotel room incident. And those Facebeook ads!
  9. I wouldn't put it past them to embellish the government's interest and/or involvement with this. or to even outright make it up. their credibility is seriously strained even in their short tenure.
  10. Dumbledore the Awesome

    Tulsi Gabbard and Jill Stien Russian assets

    well, he may be a disappointment in every other way, but the old boy deserves some respect for that. maybe he's beginning to cotton on that he himself was shafted by the Party in 2016.
  11. Phaeton80

    box life

    Get yourself a pc with a round casing, a rounded house with rounded doors, closets and.. ofcourse.. a round refrigerator. See how that works out for you. Theyre everywhere because the alternative, in a lot of boxes cases, is highly impractical.
  12. lightly

    No one chooses what they believe

    Not even me ! ??
  13. I believe that the actual collective noun for vampires is a "coven" or a "house". My own preference would be a Lugosi of vampires.
  14. I trust your opinion... But how many CRADA's have you reviewed? Also i am missing the backstory. How did they aquire this slag?
  15. I was there. I saw nothing but stars.
  16. Doug1029

    Trump's Republican support is cracking

    Sit back, open a beer and watch Bernie win! Doug
  17. ThereWeAreThen

    Study: No evidence for gaming as a disorder

    I'm not saying whether I believe your story or not, to be honest I cant be arsed reading it. Needs paragraphs for me to even attempt it. However, I can relate to gaming as an "escape ", I play WoW alot and I just feel like I can forget about my problems momentarily. Its soothing. Unless you're getting constantly killed by other people. But yea, I haven't been gaming as much the past two weeks, my mood has plummeted and I've been drinking more which is my other "escape" shall we say. But yea, apolagies if I have steered off topic but as I said. Not saying what you said is true but can relate to the escape part.
  18. Then what DO you consider evidence? Doug
  19. RoofGardener

    President Trump

    Really ? The BBC was reporting 150. Mind you, that WAS shortly after he made the announcement, so its possible their information was incomplete.
  20. It doesn't matter why all the ice should melt, nor the fact that it probably won't happen in our lifetimes, or, indeed, for millions of years. The point is what the world would look like if it did. That's quite interesting.
  21. Hello to everyone! Do we have some people, who like guns and weapon in general? Just for fun ofc :). When i just involved to this, i was looking for cheap items. Exactly my last purchase was speedloader for only about 59$. It is U-LOADER *Basic*. Check it till there is a discount there
  22. L.A.T.1961

    What's your weather like today?

    Cloudy earlier but the sun is now out, temp 15.5c, 7 mph breeze from the west, air pressure is high at 1021 mb.
  23. eight bits

    John the Baptist & Early Christianity

    If you personally aren't interested, then that's fine. But I am, and the "pay-off" comes when I find out something new about a topic in which I'm interested, or look at something in a new way, or just "meet" somebody online who knows a lot about what I'm interested in (e.g. the OP in this thread). In contrast, stamp collecting does nothing for me personally, but I wouldn't join an online stamp collecting forum in order to post over and over again, in thread after thread, "What's wrong with you people? You're arguing about used postage stamps!" Different strokes for different folks, eh?
  24. Robotic Jew

    Robotic Jew

    You know who doesn't get enough attention? Lizzy Caplan. She needs to be around more often. 

  25. Aaron2016

    Study: No evidence for gaming as a disorder

    I said subconsciously. I'm not consciously aware that I want to drive recklessly, but when I drove and took 14 lessons and two tests, I was continually daydreaming because driving was so easy and my mind was doing things automatically, to the point that my subconscious was taking over, and I was drifting into oncoming traffic, and narrowly missing other cars and pedestrians because I was not concentrating and taking it seriously because I was thinking of GTA style games 24/7 because that was my life outside school and college, and when you sit comfortably behind the driver's seat and look behind a screen, it is very easy to forget that this is real life, and not a game. e.g. If you watch trigger happy gunslinger westerns and action films religiously and play those types of games religiously and enjoy killing civilians just for the fun of it, and play with toy guns just the same, and then one day a real gun is placed in your hands, then an element of danger exists because the gun owner has been conditioned to take the attitude that their actions will not lead to any consequences. Life is just a game, because for 90% of his/her life up to that point, that is all that they know and that has been at the forefront of their subconscious. Overwhelming impulses and urges can be triggered by the subconscious. When bad things happen we are not even aware that we are doing it, until we've done it.
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