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  2. Pelosi Picks on newly elected women of color

    https://www.foxnews.com/politics/pelosi-rips-trump-bid-to-link-dems-to-squad-vows-not-to-waste-time-on-that Ha! She's throwing AOC, and The Squad, under the bus. Fend for yourselves girls...
  3. Scratches Above My Armpit

    I get those sometimes when I am traipsing around the forest with bare shoulders.
  4. Climate Change is a Hoax

    Again, that is not what we are talking about here.
  5. I admit nothing! But this is getting boring. I'm going to bed...good night, good night!
  6. Let's talk history

    Texas ceded from Mexico because Mexico banned slavery. But members of my tribe fighting for Houston and Carson made a mint selling Comanche, Navajo and Apache slaves to Texans and Mexicans. Some of my tribe got a raw deal too and all Delua were sent to Mexico, but the migrated up into Oklahoma. (The Absentee Delaware)
  7. Climate Change is a Hoax

    We are looking at the atmosphere using lasers. The articles are about laboratory results that demonstrate that such things are possible in the atmosphere. Doug
  8. No one chooses what they believe

    When a person knowingly does the wrong thing deliberately, what it means is a lot more than a mere concept. Same thing with doing what's right.
  9. Climate Change is a Hoax

    Right, but we are not talking about looking at organics on Slides under a microscope with IR lasers. This has no bearing on our discussions here. What I was talking about was the shift in Black body radiation peak closer to CO2s main absorption band at colder below freezing temperatures. You can see this via Wien's Law.
  10. How close is Iran towards making Nuclear bomb

    As usual you are delusional, dishonest and, frankly, just a bit thick.
  11. Climate Change is a Hoax

    Sorry. Maybe I could say it b etter: Water vapor on the surface of organic molecules inhibts the absorption/emission of IR by physically blocking collisions. When the water freezes there are gaps between the crystals such that IR can penetrate. "Collisions" is the word I was looking for. At any rate, that is the global warming fingerprint, producing greater warming in dryer areas. Doug
  12. {un}holy haiku - 3rd Edition

    where earth and sky meet, there the horizon will be to point the way
  13. Jeffrey Epstein arrested and accused of sex

    It is funny how in other threads the same old deniers laughed etc.. anytime we mentioned D.C pedophile connections within threads that even had world wide ties, now here you are posting just that, like we were clueless in what we have been saying all along. Truly I thank you for this, and cannot wait to see the list of names.
  14. So you admit you're just making stuff up - we know. lol
  15. {un}holy haiku - 3rd Edition

    close to me and sing my dear jay, and hanslune your endless reproches
  16. Treasury Secretary Mnuchin Fears Bitcoin

    I do believe you are right about the consequences. Then why oh why have we allowed them to get bigger still and ease regulations?
  17. Climate Change is a Hoax

    "Collisions with the dominant gases of the atmosphere lead to a non-radiative decay. At sea level and T = 288 K, the collision rate of all gas molecules is approximately the inverse of the mean free time between collision. Its value is 7 x 109 s-1. The present CO2 concentration amounts to cco2 = 400 ppm. This leads to a non-radiative collision rate with the CO2 Rnon = 28 x 105 s-1 . The chances of radiative emission in this situation is given by Rrad / (Rrad + Rnon ) ≈ 0.06. In the troposphere, where most of the absorption takes place, most of the absorbed energy by the CO2 heats the dominant atmospheric gases. This is, however, no longer 5 the case in the stratosphere and even higher levels, where the collision rate is dramatically decreased." Rienhart (2017) In the Troposphere where CO2 and H2O coexist, collisions are the major form of decay not re-emission of photons.
  18. {un}holy haiku - 3rd Edition

    close to me and sing how beautiful is your nest where earth and sky meet
  19. Still haven't figured out that no one is playing along with your delusion huh?
  20. Let's talk history

    Slaves? The West Texas branch of the family were dirt poor ranchers, no John Wayne or Ben Cartwright in my family tree. You know that slavery didn't play large in high school history books in the 70's either. Joe, Col. Travis' brave and loyal slave who fought and died protecting the Colonel at the Alamo got about as much coverage as cotton plantations. We loved those stories about kindly masters and loyal slaves back in the day. I think Texas still prefers those 70's vintage text books from what I read about Texas State Text Book selection. Unless you really look into it, the fact that there were slaves, free blacks and Mexicans who also fought and died at the Alamo as well as fought for Texas Independence barely rates a foot note. And sadly, after the war was over, most of them got a pretty raw deal. It got even worse after the Civil War.
  21. Baseless assumptions. Sorry I see no reason nor do I have any obligation to believe such a poorly educated and lackluster 'Christian' on such a topic.
  22. Tourists rushing to climb Uluru ahead of ban

    You ever consider that it was Paddy that was on the make and abusing the law for his own gain?
  23. Jeffrey Epstein arrested and accused of sex

    How shocking.! Donald Trump at a party with a now convicted sex offender! Now the President of the United States, how utterly disgusting! OR A single Donald Trump at a party with lots of women, eyeing women and talking about women like heterosexual males of all ages do, even to this day, talking with a then unknown pedophile and future convicted sex offender Jeffery Epstein. See? These talking heads can spin it anyway they want.
  24. Tourists rushing to climb Uluru ahead of ban

    Or alternatively, if someone tells me “this place is sacred to me/my people” I respect that and don’t behave like an oaf.
  25. Ever hear the expression, "a little birdie told me"? But you are not reasoning on the matter. Jesus did not know it at that time, and neither the angels. But logic says that, as the time approaches, the angels and Jesus must be told, since they will take active part in the end times. I would have assumed that someone with your academic accolades would have been able to arrive at it, quite easily.
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