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  2. Well it was my quick somewhat incorrect label for that hunk of metal that ttsa claims is from a ufo or alien, if its not unknown to the periodic table then it's junk.
  3. AstralHorus

    President Trump

    Thats the problem with americans and politics. They swear to a person, instead of the constitution like we should. And revert to acting like crazy footballs fans when someone criticizes their “guy” “but but Obama!” “But but the cowboys...”
  4. And who is this slag we are speaking of?
  5. OverSword

    Why not prove it?

    No kidding. My point was that nothing will sway xeno, there will never be absolute proof so what’s the point in this thread? Xeno has never said “who knows?” or seemed to think there was even a possibility so If you hadn’t been keeping up in s different thread maybe that’s not very clear.. But thanks for explaining things to me. Edit: just went back and read my post. It was clear. It’s also clear you’re an ass. Nothing new there.
  6. The big question is wheres the proof the slag is not earthly,
  7. There's a DOD seal on one side, but not a US Army seal on the other. Documents from Bragg and the Naval Weapons Testing Center always had both the DOD seal and the branch seal. There is also something seriously "off" the way the whole thing is worded. Like It wasn't done by a real government lawyer.
  8. Combine that with the patriot act and they can do pretty much anything
  9. lightly

    The War on Faith in America

    Gifts. one received gifts (at his birth) ,and the other brings gifts. So ,ya, lol, Santa is like the wise men. ...but, you know, ..Santa and "Christmas" were both based on earlier traditions and practices. And the idea of 'special' proficiesed births and births of kings and kings of kings is also based on earlier traditions.
  10. No.... I also studied different Algonquian and Siouian spiritual traditions to try and hypothesize the purpose of effigy mounds built by my ancestors. I studied Korean Shamanism and Taoist Magic. I think your thinking too hard into it.
  11. That is really cool! but it didn't touch on my question. I just looked up CRADAs and this is exactly what they looked like, so I was just curious what about it looked bogus or different to you in your educated opinion.
  12. Phaeton80

    President Trump

    How many times has Trump promised to 'leave Syria', only to do a 180 a few days later.. I say less words, more action. I'll believe it when its said AND DONE, not a moment sooner. I think every nation who's entered Syrian borders without the explicit green light from the Syrian government, should g - t - f - o.
  13. If this were the case then maybe it is because they already publicized so much thier possession of it. Maybe that was the strategy.
  14. My stepfather was a career Army officer involved in special ops and aviation after he retired. I've seen plenty of documents concerning the Army and subcontractors.
  15. I dont see any listing of it on the army crada site, although it is dated 10/10 and the website is only updated through september so that could be premature.
  16. spartan max2

    Study: No evidence for gaming as a disorder

    I'm now pretty sure you are just an old man who has never touched a video game before lol Or there's a small chance you're a bad driver who can't take responsibility for being a bad driver. I played the crap out of COD and Halo growing up. I own guns. I go to the gun range, I even have my concealed carry license. I also played paint ball a little bit growing up. By your logic I should have lost touch with reality by now and of randomly shot someone lol
  17. Dumbledore the Awesome

    Tulsi Gabbard and Jill Stien Russian assets

    sorry, what? Your conspiracy theorising is getting a bit complicated here.
  18. On the name of national security, use a UAV to blow the crap out of it. They do it everywhere else, why not ?
  19. MissJatti

    YOU ARE BANNED (Part 7)

    Banned for running out of coal, its going to be a long cold winter.
  20. Dumbledore the Awesome

    Tulsi Gabbard and Jill Stien Russian assets

    no, there's... um... there's that tape isn't there. The probably mythical hotel room incident. And those Facebeook ads!
  21. I wouldn't put it past them to embellish the government's interest and/or involvement with this. or to even outright make it up. their credibility is seriously strained even in their short tenure.
  22. Dumbledore the Awesome

    Tulsi Gabbard and Jill Stien Russian assets

    well, he may be a disappointment in every other way, but the old boy deserves some respect for that. maybe he's beginning to cotton on that he himself was shafted by the Party in 2016.
  23. Phaeton80

    box life

    Get yourself a pc with a round casing, a rounded house with rounded doors, closets and.. ofcourse.. a round refrigerator. See how that works out for you. Theyre everywhere because the alternative, in a lot of boxes cases, is highly impractical.
  24. lightly

    No one chooses what they believe

    Not even me ! ??
  25. I believe that the actual collective noun for vampires is a "coven" or a "house". My own preference would be a Lugosi of vampires.
  26. I trust your opinion... But how many CRADA's have you reviewed? Also i am missing the backstory. How did they aquire this slag?
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