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  2. jaylemurph


    I hate to disagree with Kenemet, but architecture is often subject to physics (well, always subject to it, but not always in a way directly relevant to the following). Many old buildings have doors far smaller than average humans because the weight/structure of the wall it’s in won’t allow a full-sized opening. I’ve seen it in English country cottages, Mayan temples and African stone housing from the pre-modern era. Conversely, they’re often far larger than the human form to fit in carriages, artillery, sedan chairs/sedelia, even ecclesiastical accoutrements like croziers. If memory serves, an old episode of Time Team showed a tall medieval door bricked up in the 1800s in Westminster cathedral, and the archaeologist pointed out it was taller than normal to allow for cross staffs in clerical processions. That said, every question K. poses remain pointed. —Jaylemurph
  3. DarkHunter

    US Navy seizes weapons in Arabian Sea

    First off I'm an I individualist and lean more towards a nationalists then a globalist. Nice attempt though at twisting my position and setting up a straw man to attack. I just pointed out how intercepting an arms shipment is not comparable to depriving people of their rights, but you do like to try and compare things that arent really comparable when its beneficial to you. After essentially admitting to being a collectivist, with your whole seeing stuff at a macro level and greater good, how do you justify following an ideology that has killed more people then any other and brought about levels of pain, suffering, and destruction that has never been seen before.
  4. acute


    Fireworks at 1:30 am.  Woo-hoo!

    Happy Eid al-Fitr, everyone!  :tsu:

    1. Piney


      Salami salami baloney! :nw:

  5. Gromdor

    Fuel shortages worsen on sixth day

    The sad thing is that this is a private company and the attack was made by Russians. We can't just take it over and make it government owner, managed, and protected. I do think we will see a new round of regulations dictating the level of cyber security the companies must have for the sake of the nation. (gas prices) But is it really the governments place to bail out this company because it failed in securing itself and it's ability to deliver it's product? Or should we let the free market and capitalism settle this?
  6. Actually that article from 2012, also denotes that Mit Romney a Republican was also using Quote Approval during the Obama Administration. It also talks about Trump using it, however it doesn't go into detail when he used it or why he was using it. My point from the beginning is that this process is not limited to one political party, and that it is obviously used by both. Now what is interesting is all this information came the article in the OP. So saying it is a one sided tactic isn't fair, and I suspect if any real research was done, which it hasn't been, that it would become very obvious that the practice is common place. https://www.nytimes.com/2012/07/16/us/politics/latest-word-on-the-campaign-trail-i-take-it-back.html https://entertainment.time.com/2012/07/17/get-me-rewrite-why-are-political-journalists-letting-sources-change-their-quotes/
  7. Gromdor

    US Navy seizes weapons in Arabian Sea

    Interesting, so gun ownership isn't a right that the populace of the world possesses but rather an internal American political construct? Also interesting is that you are fine with the idea of a global government body determining who has or hasn't the right to possess arms (the UN in this case). As for attacking you, I must say you are mistaken- I actually agree with you. Gun ownership should be a privilege given only to those who demonstrate a sound mind and responsible behavior. I'm also a bit of a globalist like you. I feel that humanity needs to start looking at itself as a macro-organism rather than a bunch of individuals and nations. I also feel that we need to curb the destructive behavior of individuals for the good of the whole. That being said, I think we should still keep an eye on preserving the liberties and freedoms of the individual while doing this. I'm not quite as heavy fisted as you as to support the idea of a global government dictating who should or should not have weapons however, nor am I keen on the idea of the US being the ones footing the tax bill and being the subservient police dog of the world. But other than that we are on the same side. In regards to this Houthi thing. I feel that we got railroaded along with the rest of the world into doing this for Saudi Arabia just to preserve our gas prices. The Houthi's never had the means or even ambition to do anything to the US nor do they possess the means to defeat Saudi Arabia. They are just being stubborn and refusing to just lie down and die.
  8. You have not answered the question and you are still trying to deflect away from the fact that you did not know this was not a new issue. Now, what's funny is in none of your comments have you denied the fact you had no idea this was common practice. Yet you will not admit you made a mistake thinking this was a new issue. If you had paid attention, you would see in one of my previous posts that I had listed sources proving this was a commonly used practice. Oh and by the way, those sources came out of the article you posted, so while you have asked me to reread the article, you should have caught the fact that this wasn't new before you started the thread. So as far as giving me a dose of my own medical, you have actually proven that you missed the fact that your article identifies that Quote Approval is a common place practice going back many years and that it has been used by the Right and the Left. You make the inaccurate statement above that the fact that Quote Approval is a commonly used process that it isn't a relevant part of your thread, are you joking? Then you attempt to make this issue about a Left Woke thing, when in reality it isn't just a Left thing or even a Woke thing at all. Your attempt at deflecting away from the point of this conversation that your comments are bias and inaccurate is common a tactic used by people who allow their ego to prevent them from admitting they are wrong. If you wish to end this conversation just admit the obvious, that you did not know this was common practice, it's really that easy.
  9. Those are both true. I guess the response is, is it better to quarrentine on the India end, or the US end? I believe Australia and New Zealand have very good Covid19 records, and both are blocking any people returning from India.
  10. Well, that NYT article we've been quoting from was actually from 2012 -- which would be the end of Obama's first term. Politico noted there was less of it in the Trump admin, though -- so does appear to be more of a Democrat administration thing.
  11. Yesterday
  12. Golden Duck

    Editing posts question

    sfed = appears to be a rather coarse term to describe someone who is egregiously inebriated. The f represents a persons countenance and the s represents the solid matter evacuated from the bowel.
  13. Before the the pandemic, one of our award winning science communicators said there were estimate it could cost "the economy" 250 billion; so, in his opinion would be to throw a billion dollars at the problem to allow the science graduate baristas to use their education to help solve the problem and free up vacancies in the service industries. Spend a billion to save 250 was the equation. It's a sound economic strategy to be more risk averse when so much is uncertain.
  14. You argue like this. There is a subject, you get sidetracked on something not very relevant to the subject and won't drop it turning the discussion into something else. Example I mentioned retractions may have to be made, this becomes a main focus for you as if retractions have never been made and won't drop it until I prove it. It had nothing to actually do with the subject. the whole thing can be discussed or argued without that becoming a focus, but you turn it into a focus. Read further or more carefully and you will see that Tiggs and I actually end up in a consensus about why the article this thread was written about was written. Now for some of your own medicine: Prove it. Show me the press writing a similar article about Clinton, Bush, Obama or Trump.
  15. Well, if all returning citizens go into quarantine, that mitigates the risk. How were returning citizens managed. But we also have a years worth of knowledge under our belt. A year ago, we didn't.
  16. Manwon Lender

    Ghosts sightings in the White House

    Thanks for your support of this thread Papa, I thought you may enjoy it.
  17. Just curious, how do they know how long the plane stayed aloft?
  18. I think thats fair to say. Several island nations did an extraordinary good job of prevention, but then they are islands with very limited points of access.
  19. That's exactly the point. People said Trump's ban was a farce, because he allowed ill Americans to return. But doesn't the Biden ban have the same flaw? If we allow US Citizens to return, might one of the mutant strains get in that otherwise would not have?
  20. I think I would eliminate mechanical failure. the craft stayed airborne for way to long after things got strange for the pilot to get word out to ATC Oh, and my belief is that the pilot did let ATC know what was happening and they advised him. they know where the plane went down, I'd bet on it
  21. UPDATE GOT IT, Disregard following,,,,, : i see no follow topic, maybe it has to be turned on? . . ? idk . . oh public. Nice. . . . okay,,,, thanks foe all the laughs `'"8 D
  22. Ok, A government. you do know that the CIA, MI6, FBI and several other intelligence services investigated, right? so if your theory is correct, government A got away with it,, despite the heavy scrutiny, or all of them are in bed. Hmmm not sure about this
  23. the13bats

    Ceiling Fan Came On By Itself

    You will see it a lot on here belivers only have their faith and beliefs so they get frustrated and make up stuff ad hominem etc it just kills their integrity and credibility it isnt evidence of their claims its actually the opposite.
  24. Now your attempting to use ad hominem to support your argument by saying it is only an issue in my brain!. How are my comments nit picking I recognized your proof about the retractions. So how is saying that you were not aware that quote approval was a common place tactic used by both sides for many years nit picking. Is it nit picking to say your comments are bias because you used the Rights Favorite Term ""Woke"" as part of you OP? Even Tiggs doesn't agree with you regarding your portrayal of how the Biden Administration is using Quote Approval for the same reason I do not agree with you. All you have to do is admit that you had no idea that Quote Approval was a commonly used practice and that both the Right and the Left use it. Instead you wish to continue to deflect away from this fact, if you had known it was a common practice you should have mentioned it in your OP, and not tried to make this a Woke issue used by the Left. The Press complained about Quote Approval just as much, everytime it was used by either party. This is not a new Phenomenon or a unique situation, so please don't attempt to make it something it isn't and never has been.
  25. Desertrat56


    Could it be so that someone being carried on one of those chairs can be carried into the building before climbing down?
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