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  2. If this stuff is even half true, we should hear some interesting rebuttal when the defense gets going.
  3. It would seem that in prose or a rhyme No one can take a joke when it is time I will take my love for word play And use them elsewhere another day.
  4. yeah...... You seem to be missing the main issue here. Which is. Whether you believe in the OT, or the Bible, it is irrelevant. What is important however, is the fact that what was actually written, and was was actually told to us, was in fact two different things - which has led us to many wars, abuse, lies, corruption etc, etc. Are you in favour of such diabolical nonce-sense?
  5. Jesus said, "This heaven will pass away, and the one above it will pass away.The dead are not alive, and the living will not die. During the days when you ate what is dead, you made it come alive. When you are in the light, what will you do? On the day when you were one, you became two. But when you become two, what will you do? This is a quote pulled straight from The Gospel of Thomas. The World of Forms has no permanant existence of itself. Clearly all forms, worlds and heavens must pass away and thus do not truly live. From that perspective, clinging to material, worldy possessions as if they 'meant something' is absurd. Having less is actually an advantage.
  6. yeah. So it is not guns directly. It is guns in the hands of folks becoming sociopaths. it could as well be knives or clubs or IED's . Our society seems sick. It is full of anger and distrust, repression, and suspicion which boils over in unstable individuals into escalating violent rage. We are the richest country in the world and we are never close to the happiest. Common folk are being hung up to dry, true fact. They need our votes at least until the fix is secure. I know, I know it will be the fault of all of the liberals to half the people and the fault of all the conservatives to the other. It is not liberals or conservatives any more than it is guns. It is anger, distrust, repression, suspicion, and maybe hate. Consider how very useful that is for the lobbyists and the corrupt to maintain power. Pit us against each other like gladiators in the arena while they lean back, eat delicacies, drink wine, and fondle their favorites. Help will not come from this bunch. We have to start getting together more and helping each other.
  7. up and down the pacific coast the Indian tribes have legends and stories about big hairy human like Creatures. Legends and stories that go back hundreds and hundreds of years so do other tribes of humans around the world. as to where, there are mines & caves all over the world especially here in the northwest some barely niches in the rock face, others fairly deep,that could protect a lone creature or family group (and I personally have been it some mines that had the remains of a campfire just inside the entraces to them.) while I am not saying that this is an answer, it adds something to consider If and when considering this with an open mind. Granted legends and stories are not proof but why and how would people all around the world with no contact between them, come up with the same legends and stories? (I'm not talking modern stories here) My belief is that if they exists we are better off not knowing about them.
  8. The Christ within is my only authority.
  9. Well now, best we advise the neighbors to lock their daughters safely away then ... perhaps you can convince the young lad to wear a randy bell around his neck ? ~
  10. If Neil DeGrasse Tyson debunks the issue.........then there actually may be something to it! Thought this site was for OPEN minds seeking less of the mainstream dogma and more of the possibility of real truth. Can you prove me wrong now?
  11. Quite true. They wouldn't really develop standard-sized construction blocks for another 1,000 years... one of the improvements brought about by Akhenaten.
  12. Oh, it was... but the "advanced" is relative. Advanced for that age, yes. Compared to modern civilizations, no.
  13. First thing I found in this link is Dina's request to get signatures to open Max's case. This is going to take some reading. The Facebook link has a 2014 date and the other link doesn't work. At least not for me.
  14. This is what Ann Rule said about her book. It was released a year after the case.
  15. Well, I would not have thought so, giving him the benefit of the doubt, but coming from such a strong supporter, maybe there is something there.
  16. This is a forum which basically is pro-suicide and covers the cases in that light: It is very interesting and also mentions a great deal we have not heard of in this thread though some of it was discussed on a private chatroom I am in about the case. I will quit reading there and look at this link you sent above, Susie.
  17. One lesson I learned from an old old monk ... No one can be fooled if they are not fooling themself The problem is, most times when you think you are not fooling yourself, or can no longer be fooled, you are already well fooled... ~
  18. Promoting Sitchin's fantasy for starters as it's been shown via actual Sumerian and Mesopotamian texts that no such belief ever existed in that area nor do the words "translated" mean what they are claimed to mean by either. In Biglino's case that extends to much of his Biblical translation. Nor is Biglino relevant to the origins of Judeo-Christian belief as he's purposely taken one of the youngest texts and claimed that Christianity started from that when textually such other writings had already existed for more than 1000 years before the texts he used for his translation. That's a rather HUGE omission of the facts on his part IMO. cormac
  19. You can 'feel' the wind, which is therefore something BarryM would probably believe in. Black holes I'm no so sure, after all, no one has laid eyes on one.
  20. I don't know. The timeline from WordPress that I posted said Jonah's older children were still there the first night that Xena stayed. His daughter Gabby was around the same age as Xena. I didn't know that before. Xena had cuts on her legs that needed four stitches (from cleaning up the chandelier?). I'm still finding links I haven't seen depending on how I word my search. I wonder if something did happen that night they were all together. So much is not examined or never released. Ann Rule is usually pretty good and she got some things wrong. I didn't know she wrote a book about this case.
  21. I'm not inclined to detail every incorrect line or idea that Biglino has stated, particularly as it's not within the perview of this thread, but of examples I will give a few. In Biglino's book The Book That Will Forever Change Our Ideas About The Bible he starts out by restating an idea as fact that originates with Zechariah Sitchin who, although now deceased, claimed to be able to translate Sumerian even though when asked to do so by professional linguists in that field he refused to show such an ability and mistranslated words to mean/say things that they did not. Among those was Nibru, which he claimed as Nibiru, an alleged 10th planet with a 3600 year elliptical orbit around the sun. In actual Sumerian texts Nibru is actually known to be both the name of the city of Nippur, in Iraq, as well as sometimes used as the name for the planet Jupiter. He, Sitchin, and Biglino in promoting him both claim that the inhabitants of this alleged planet were known as Annunaki, which is actually a corruption of the word Annuna-ge, which means 'Annuna deities', who were deities of the Mesopotamian underworld AND NOT sky gods. It just gets worse from there and I'm not wasting my time on further examples of the gross incompetence both Sitchin and Biglino have promoted. If you'd like to read early Mesopotamian texts for yourself, in English, then I'd encourage you to do so at the following: cormac
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  23. AnchorSteam

    "Stupidity is always amazing, no matter how often one encounters it."


    - Jean Cocteau

  24. man either this forum is way way out there or I need to go back and read Max's case and autopsy. They are saying that there was pieces of potted plant in his lungs from inhaling them, perhaps in his mouth. There is also a picture of Rebecca on that forum 14 hours before her death taken by Xena and she is bruised up and wearing long sleeves as if hiding her arms from scratches. THEY are inferring a fight had already happened before or during Max's injury.
  25. Here's some of Adam's 911 call. Neither his nor Xena's has been released.
  26. Did you not see the meeting that he held after the shooting? Victims and victims' loved ones shared their ideas and their stories. He held meetings with members of both parties so that they could arrive at bipartisan answers to tough questions. I doubt that the man could do anything to please his detractors.
  27. Remembering the Future The Great Bear is again on the rise and Dragons reborn return to threaten The Lion slumbers forgetting his place The Eagle tires and allows rats in the nest The Jackals grow too numerous to count Snakes infest the gardens and homes The day when the Eagles remember their birth and the count of the century is the same as the year The Six planets align and the wolves will howl Fear will walk the planet and only the strong will live Until our planet again chases down the warrior Chaos will rule and the truth will again be known What will be left will be just and honor will return Sanity will return but only the just will be there to see Remember this date....July 4, 2020
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