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  2. Since life originated in this universe, why is it so surprising that life is fine tuned to the conditions of this universe ? Life adapts to the conditions around it. Do you go around being amazed at how finely tuned fish are to living in water ? A proof of god would be if we found life that didn't follow the laws of physics. Have we found something like that ?
  3. The word adder is older than Anglo-Saxon. It is an Indo-European word - maybe even Proto-Indo-European - as it appears in all of the Celtic languages as well as the Germanic. In Old Irish it was spelt 'nathir', modern Irish 'nathair', and that is true despite the myth that St. Patrick banished them from our little island. He didn't, but that leads to a whole other debate about whether there ever were snakes in Ireland.
  4. First explain how a particle can be spinning in two directions simultaneously. That's a contradiction that is nevertheless a truth we will use (have used) to design quantum computing. It turns out contradictions are just a part of life and the only problem with that is a lack of our understanding how that can be.
  5. And yet, once again, these things don't happen in countries where guns are controlled...
  6. Time-lapse Sequence of Jupiter’s South Pole
  7. we are but a drop of water in the universal oceans... We are not alone Jesus himself was alleged to have relayed the knowledge that there were other kingdoms/ mansions in the heavens .. not just our world.. so many versions here
  8. acute

    The Worm of the Day is... Ear.


  9. They released the memo right as Nunes started his CPAC speech. Apparently Fox had to interrupt him to cover the release. Owned. ZZ, can you confirm?
  10. I'm in a really difficult/complicated place right now with something personal, it's frustrating me so much to the point I'm losing sleep and I've just cried out of exhaustion from constantly wondering about. There's no possible way for me to get this answer from a family member or friend so I did contact a medium for a home visit and I paid for my reading, the reading was surprising but it left me with more questions which is why I'm not confused and frustrated. I'm desperately trying to find a medium that does free readings because I currently can't afford to pay for one, I just need some kind of answer or help. Can someone please help me out?
  11. US gun sales are currently in decline.
  12. Written by humans.. the mediums of the times who could speak with spirit... who had the information channeled to them by God... as we know that God did not physically write the bible and send it down to earth.. that the bible was made up of That was later edited by groups of men.. maybe the bible was influenced by God.. but did he physically write it.. and were all those who channeled God's words.. accurate.. in words they wrote ?
  13. I absolutely love all this sport on tv and radio at the moment it proper riveting and even better the're talking about 2022 winter Olympics I can't wait
  14. You have taken my response out of context. It’s very obvious I was referring to the Rabbi claim.
  15. I watched Good Will Hunting for the first time last night, and what a disappointment it was! The Executive Producer was Harvey Weinstein, but there was no gratuitous sex in it whatsoever, apart from Robin Williams and Matt Damon getting a bit handzy.
  16. On a slightly more serious note.. I idea that these programmes will limit what a computer is capable of doing, is I think a valid one, but us humans should take a lesson too, in that we are limited by the "programmes" that we run..
  17. I'm bringing down the pub soon so yep anyone's welcome to take it as long as it don't get damaged
  18. Nice one! Yeah, until someone pulls the plug lolz...
  19. Seven Ways Mars InSight is Different
  20. In Britain it's illegal for a human to kill an adder. But, rather unfairly, it's not illegal for an adder to kill a human. The word "adder" comes from the Old English (Anglo-Saxon) "nædre", which means "snake", "serpent". It eventually became "a nadder", but in the 14th Century it was rebracketed to become "an adder" - just like "a napron" became "an apron" and "a nompere" became "an umpire".
  21. Mars Odyssey Observes Martian Moons
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  23. God has proven Himself by His Word known as the Holy Bible.
  24. Made of acacia, that might have disintegrated after a few decades ...
  25. "Them folks" are i guess "free to roam" just like computers. hahahahaha!!!
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