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  2. Myles

    BLM destroys statue of Elk

    Totally different. That is like someone saying to the BLM protesters, you care about the people police have killed but not many tears or much outrage for the thousands of people starving to death in Yemen.
  3. Are you still looking for sources other than Fravor? You have gone uncharacteristically quiet.
  4. Like i said in the other thread , people who support trump can't see him doing any wrong. They will defend or deny anything and everything he does.
  5. @ChrLzs, no rush. I’m just interested to know if it is an indicator of jamming.
  6. So what practical reason would they use a ‘tun’ ?
  7. They sure didn't give us much in that update. "all is not what it first seemed" Seemed like the people left their dog because they didn't want it. What is different. I'm curious about something, but it may steer this thread into an uncomfortable direction. If you have an old dog or cat and it gets sick, how much are you willing to spend for meds, operations and vet visits? I've seen people spend thousands. For me, it would have to be a mix of the $$, the age of the animal and the severity of the condition. I wouldn't spend a thousand on any pet unless it was relatively young and the procedure was a certain fix.
  8. A "Tun" was 360 days, roughly reflecting the length of a year. But they counted groups of days, not years.
  9. stereologist

    Trumps New Message "Learn to live with it"

    I try to get down to the facts with the Trump supporters and all I get is a 'ha-ha' from them. Why is that? I suppose the facts scare them and they can't address the facts. They would rather pretend it is someone's fault other than the president's fault. This is not something you learned in school. It just happened. All of you Trump defenders might not have paid attention to what has just happened and are gleefully and brainless spouting nonsense in defense of the source of much of the fake news that is circulating. Let's try again. 1. I posted early timeline items. 2. These early timeline items show Trump says he has a COVID-19 plan by Jan 22 3. Jan 30 Trump says he is optimistic. No issue there, right? 4. Jan 31 Trump restricts travelers from China. Any Trump supporters want to answer what went wrong? Here is what I asked and all I got was bobblehead laughter from one Trump supporter.
  10. A yes, another story talking about the "Mayan calendar" and showing a picture of an Aztec sun stone. Different peoples, different regions, different times. But hey, they're all brown and mystical right?
  11. I agree. Resources will become scarce for any species that develops technology.
  12. There is still so much we don't understand about this virus. Richard Quest from CNN is still feeling the effects 3 months later! https://www.cnn.com/videos/health/2020/07/07/quest-sot-coronavirus-side-effects-nr-vpx.cnn
  13. XenoFish

    Spiritual Void

    Yes. Belief is a tool. You do what you think works. Even disregarding the reality of entities, as it their existence/non-existence doesn't matter. It's a pragmatic system.
  14. MissJatti

    Little people in NC?

    I reckon they were kids footprints.
  15. eight bits

    Spiritual Void

    There's nothing recent or "these days" about that. You're welcome. I'm glad we now agree. We didn't when I first wrote. Don't brag too much about the relative popularity of Jesus and Odin. The coerced conversions in Scandinavia are another chapter in the bloodsoaked history of how the world came to adore the Prince of Peace, or else. My point was that the accusation is false. It is not arrogant close-mindedness to consider all the likely possible explanations of an observed situation, not just the ones that were all the rage thousands of years ago. Do that, and you won't much need to worry about open- and closed-mindedness. Tthe facts of the matter will open your mind. Sounds like Donald Trump. Yes, it has been oberved before that misstaken attribution of causality favors more recent non-causes over less recent events. Cognitive illusions are things to watch out for, not build a life on. IMO anyway.
  16. acute


    UK Chancellor Rishi Sunak just gave a speech in the House of Commons, wearing a brand new (fresh out of the pack) shirt.  Unfortunately, I think he left the white square card packaging thing in there.


    pic >

    1. acute
    2. third_eye


      It's okay, he's going to return it afterwards


  17. Timothy

    The Pixies of Erwin Saunders

    @papageorge1, the pixies of Erwin Saunders reminded me of this horror film: Don't Be Afraid of the Dark. It features similarly small creatures; 'Tooth Fairies'. I'd be interested to see what you think of this GGI. Beware, it's a creepy movie. Edit: Got the clips to embed. Enjoy! They are short clips.
  18. The Wistman

    {un}holy haiku - 3rd Edition

    cat, stretching in sun drowsy from the heat ignores dancing butterflies
  19. stereologist

    Little people in NC?

    Step 1 is not to go to mysterious. Step 1 is to see what is there. Step 2 is to eliminate normal explanations. The last possibility is something mysterious. Our world is full of interesting things without going to the mysterious.
  20. Brother I see a trump statue and I’m going ape chit on it.
  21. Jerry Gallo

    Kanye West is running for President

    What Democrat POLICIES do you find respectful? What Republican POLICIES do you find racist?
  22. Today
  23. Davros of Skaro

    Spiritual Void

    For Your Height Only... YEAH BABY!
  24. acute

    The creepy-crawly with 250 different names

    It's woodlouse/woodlice here. I've never heard them called anything else!
  25. White Crane Feather

    Civil War Possibility Arises in the USA?

    There will be no civil war. It’s absolutely silly to even take it seriously. In order for there to be a real civil war, there needs to be organized factions that have access to real weapons. Our military is not divided up and loyal to people. They swear an oath to uphold the constitution, and that is what they are loyal too. All generals and every single person who has ever taken the oath knows this. Social media is a new phenomena, and humanity is still leaning how to handle it. We have all kinds of cognitive quirks not the least of which is confirmation bias and selection bias. Social media is a selection bias factory. 10 incidents out of 350 million people can be made to look like look a dam apocalypse. The vast majority of American’s are going about their lives peacefully and shake their heads at all the BS. This tiny amount of people causing problems just looks bigger than it really is because of our extreme access to Information and the need for media to generate clicks and by using “heat” and muckraking. A quick glance at crime, and we can see that violent crime has been dropping since the 80s. “Racist“ America has black millionaires, sports hero's, actors and actresses, and I believe has had the only my black president of a predominantly white country. Come on... we have Opra, Will Smith, and fricken Morgan Freedman. Yes racists exist, yes we have a massive socioeconomic problem in our inner cities, but by and large most people are pretty well off. Even our poor people are fat and have smart phones. The US enjoys one of the highest qualities of living that has ever been seen upon the face of the earth, and it’s actually getting better. As for left VS right. The people that designed our system of government knew this should happen. The powers are divided up in such a way that no one can strike a killing blow to other. Don’t you get it? We are supposed to eternally bicker. That’s what keeps us safe. If the bickering stops, then the knives come out. I’ll say this. The left is screwing up. The right does not embrace their radical arm like the left does. The nature of left leaning people is about social cohesion and selection bias is ever so gently radicalizing a lot of people. The moderates in the country control the vote. As the left swings more and more to the left, they will continue to alienate the right. This is how Trump got elected, and I think those conditions are even more present now. People are exhausted with the left’s appearance of constant virtue signaling, labeling, cancel culture and irrational tactics. I’m not left or right and cringe at some of my friends posts just as much as I do when Trump sends our a tweet. The left is suffering from a crisis as it has adopted a method of dealing with issues that is really about control over others under the guise of real social issues. It has attracted the type of people that need to try to control an all of that will turn inward because it’s like a disease. Anyway there will be no civil war, should a group organize and arm, the national guard will put them down quick. Also the radical left knows nothing about real violence. They are not equipped far any kind of war.
  26. Carlos Allende

    Free parking for NHS staff set to be scrapped

    Why not ...why not... -- and this is just a suggestion -- get all lazy civil servants and gravy-train council workers to pay for _their_ parking, and then use to revenue to build hospital staff free, GOLD PLATED car parks?
  27. Also the fact that so many tests are false positive leaves little question as to how the patients were infected. Jam an infected qtip all the way into your head and see if you get it!
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