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  2. If you still think so, please let me know what kind of physical evidence there is and who and/or which public, accepted scientific board examined and approved the findings as to be of extraterrestrial origin and as a result of extraterrestrial being`s creativity/action.
  3. susieice

    Franco exhumation expected to cause upset

    That is true. Franco's crimes concerned the Spanish people and what they decide is what should be done.
  4. anton00

    Preceding 1st + Last letters come in New Word

    playtime -> apex
  5. I wanted to get discussion going on this case, its older and many already dismissed semja as a liar or loon or both, and not really much to go on besides his incredible "story". i find his stories details changed but not much, he allegedly shoots an adult bigfoot it runs off then he shots a young one in the neck runs over to it and it dramatically, tragically basically dies in his arms looking into his eyes, saying why? but semja isnt touched like the deer hunter in the movie powder no, its not about another dead creature he killed but rather all about him. hes supposedly a savvy hunter, if you wounded a momna bear then her club would it be wise to run over and grab the club? i have read they had pones/cameras but just didnt think to grab a few selfies, talk about money shot wasted, yep thats right a fellow who tries to play off at first they didnt know what the creatures are but after that says countless times bf is his life doesnt grab a pic or far more likely hauls the body home. although i read on a forum ( you know how forums are ) he actually did haul it home and out of fear its a hominid and he just committed murder he hides it, yeah, nice embellishment but then you wouldnt spew the story at all. I also saw a forum thread where a person claimed to be him was defending it really happened with all kinds of convolution about no pix and "steak" tested bear. then when he is well served as a loon, the plot take a wild turn in pops a person claiming to be that mystery buddy with him that day, he pretty much supports it all happened and he wasnt happy about it, he also claimed to have a real "steak" from the alleged creature but he wasnt coming forward with it, oddly he wrote just like the person claiming to be semja, so who knows. wow, if real deal what a great friend, he could make his pal go from looking like a loon to being the guy who in cold blood murdered a child and likely its mother ( bigfoot ) but hes not coming out. I have no clue if these were the real players or imposters. and then the alleged "steak" what a colorful yet on thought disgusting term to give the alleged sample of young bigfoot tissue sample, while that one DNA "expert" claimed this or that she also eeems to thinks every sample is bf and seems i read her suggest bf is a human canine mix or something like that. then BBC i believe was the outfit does a 3 part bf special Mark Evans meets up with semja and gets the story from him, he give up his tissue sample and boots he claimed it bleed all over, and in an intro teaser further instilled that bf, proving he really shot it is his whole life, that he would give his "house" for proof, ( veiled offer of a bribe? ). so evans, sykes and semja meet not at a lab but a local sports bar patio where a very considerate sykes tells an expectant semja that the "steak" tested bear, semja makes it clear thats rubbish, he has no issues with "reality", which struck me as an odd thing to say then sykes tells him no blood could be found on the boots, semja is moved to tears and says he will lay in bed and cry as this is his life, sykers comforting words are DNA Is ruthless, evans isnt as coddling and goes in for the jugular, he asks him is it a big hoax which semja whimpers out a simple cracking voice "no" later evans calls semja a broken man who likely wishes he could start over on the whole shotting a bf idea, my take was evans thinks semja is full of bull. if i didnt fear being duped by a person who made all this up and knows it i would feel really sorry for semja, he could have serious delusional mental illness, Just imagine you are the person to shoot and kill a bigfoot, you then do a series of stupid things each getting more ridiculous, you spew your story get called a heartless killer, a liar and a loon and due to just being stupid you have zero proof, even the guy you claim was with you wont back you up. Then i remember i dont believe bigfoot exists anyway so what does that leave me, a fellow who is lying, a loon or both, im right where i started. so what do you think, semja did kill a bigfoot then got stupid not collecting any proof, or hes lying and knows it or hes nuttier than a squirrel turd and believers he really killed a bigfoot.
  6. Farmer77

    Who will the Democratic nominee be?

    This is not the year for a third party candidate. Unless Ventura wants to make another run , hed take about half of Trumps CT believing base with him I am coming around to hoping they do run Warren. I think she could provide the perfect foil to Trump's antics. He wont be beaten by trying to out Trump him like Biden and Harris seem inclined to do. However a calm and mature adult like Warren or even Pete would make a striking contrast to the Trumpian hysteria and antics on stage.
  7. You can compare many Teachers of Right with Jesus Christ. Kukai, Thich Nhat Hanh, Lao Tzu, Huiguo. A Teacher of Right doesn't have to be divinely inspired. Just have a certain perception. Also, contrary to the opinion of this music blogger, who does not have a background in theology. The definition of a prophet is someone who has prescience, and Socrates never claimed that.
  8. Imaginarynumber1

    Arrest Made in 1985 TWA hijacking

    I was referring specifically to And Then, who claims to be a christian and his very un-christlike response.
  9. My brother got killed ln a car wreck in front of our house 30 years ago that night I dreamed he was sitting in the most beautiful field I ever seen I’ve never worried about him since last Thursday I was standing up and I couldn’t breathe everything got blurry then I was in a tunnel like a sideways tornado at the end I saw the field my brother was in then I opened my eyes and my daughter was holding me against the wall it seemed like I was gone a really longtime but in reality it was only maybe a minute my daughter said she was getting ready to give me cpr I believe in Jesus and satan I’ve read the Bible daily for over 20 years has anyone else had a similar event happen
  10. It sounds like he is joking. He wants physical evidence before making a determination. That's what I got out of it.
  11. Farmer77

    Trump’s Loose Lips with Ukraine

    This mentality is how dictatorships are formed.
  12. hacktorp

    Trump’s Loose Lips with Ukraine

    Yes, in fact, here's an article from today describing that very desperation of...Trump's...base...oops, sorry. It's about the desperation of Democrats: The Odor of Desperation https://kunstler.com/cluster****-nation/the-odor-of-desperation-2/
  13. Desertrat56

    Who will the Democratic nominee be?

    I am just hoping we can get a 3rd party choice in there that is more appealing than either of the party candidates. It will eventually happen, sooner better than later. And the democrats will not be running Elizabeth Warren. Maybe it will be some dark horse that actually has a chance against T.
  14. jmccr8

    DA: Derailers Anonymous Thread III

    Hi Kmy_sesh Glad to see you back and posting it has been a long time and you have been missed. jmccr8
  15. Predictions about the future are made under differing sets of assumptions: "If we continue as we are, X will happen." The IPCC usually publishes four forecasts, two convervative and two more extreme. Take your pick as to which you think it will be. Another issue is WHEN will something happen. IF NOTHING CHANGES, we will probably see about a foot of sea level rise this century. Plan on that. New York could get by with coffer dams around the subway entrances. But what if something happens, like the Greenland ice cap collapsing? Then we could well see two or three feet of sea level rise. How likely is the Greenland ice cap to collapse before 2100? I don't know. That's why we're doing research - to find out. Think of knoweldge as a ballon filled with air. The air inside is what we know. The air outside is what we don't know. As we learn things through research, we put air into the ballon and it gets bigger. But the surface of the balloon also gets bigger. The more we know, the more we know that there is to know. And so it is with climate research. It's a big field and getting bigger. How high will it get before it stops? If every temperate zone glacier on earth melts, it will raise sea levels about 18 inches. Greenland could add several more feet. But if Antarctica melts off, we could see over 100 meters of rise. So figure the worst-case scenario is about 120 meters of rise over the next 200 years. BUT: there's a good chance global warming can be stopped well before Antarctica melts off. So what should a city planner plan on? Besides, tRUMP has proclaimed that it is verboten to plan on climate change. Doing so is not allowed. So it is in some states, too. We are going to meet the future blindfolded, deaf and dumb. Doug
  16. OverSword

    Wearable chair lets you sit where you want

    Yeah but if you notice the guy in the video is cruising around after about an hour on all kinds of different terrain. I'm sure they are much easier on the sidewalk going about 5 mph.
  17. A few people have been quoting me and they have all left out that it began with "rant ON" and had "/sarcasm" in there to make clear my real position without being too obnoxious. That video of "scientists" sneering at the concerns vocalized set me off, as it is typical. Most of us out here are CONCERNED and while man did not cause all the issues, we have caused some and should modify our behaviors and learn better, IMO. Science gets thrown in our faces as the holy grail, the only sure and certain guide and they rarely address things in the middle of the road with what seems to be happening and what we can do right now to slow it down and reduce the parts we are aggravating. Economics silences the chemicals we need to be ceasing to use to reduce the impacts on bees and other things, it always comes down to that in anything if you look under the hood. We will never reduce our usage of fossil fuels until the corporations have made their fortunes as much as they can off that, THEN they will turn to the alternatives as if they are noble. I am not out there protesting, twerking, setting dumpster fires and littering the streets with confetti to "help" the environment, but, I am angry over how our own elected and appointed officials are corporate shills under it all or else muzzle their troops to go along with that sort of policy. The climate is changing. I expect information as available about the natural causes and a fair assessment of what we are causing or adding to and how we are going to change that factor we can control. If it is factual that China won't change and causes 40% of the damage then STOP buying from them. If plastics are corrupting the oceans and food chain, then BAN them in all usages that do not require them. The only thing that stops us is greed and spineless leaders. It may not change the end result fully, but saying we cannot do anything and this is all natural and normal is lazy. The nice thing is much of it is due to over population, and if this does run its course, that issue will be taken care of. ...and I am not sure I am being sarcastic there. anyway, this is how I see it. One opinion among millions.
  18. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Bly3mfHvq4 Does he believe in aliens or not? It seems that he accepts the statement that some UFOs achieve extremely fast speed.
  19. The question I was answering was " what exactly makes it alien and not just artistic? " But I agree that there are man fringe ideas that want to exploit the same material and often appeal to those that think our ancestors were ignorant or that other people are not capable.
  20. The Bury translation of Tim 26e was (and still is) a fairly accurate treatment of Plato's Tim 26e. If you check modern translations for Proclus's commentary on Timaeus 26e, you will see that Plato intended to tell his audience, in Tim 26e, that the Atlantis theme was not a fable, but instead was intended as a "true account", or "genuine history" ( alēthinon logon) Judging from writer-names in the Proclus commentary, the first writer who regarded Plato's Atlantis theme as an allegory was Numenius, ca. 175 AD. In the LSJ lexicon of Classical Greek, Plato's usage of "logos" in Tim 26e is presented as: http://www.perseus.tufts.edu/hopper/text?doc=Perseus%3Atext%3A1999.04.0057%3Aentry%3Dlo%2Fgos logos, V.3. .... in Pl(ato)., opp(osite of) muthos, as history to legend, Ti.26e; Herodotus's "history" was also a "logos", as pointed out in the same place - LSJ, logos V.3.
  21. Not just the "alwaysaliens" as you put it mentality but it seems just about any if not most alternative history theories are used and pushed by racists. Racists Use "America Unearthed" As Evidence   I personally hate it because ive always been excited by alternative histories but now when I hear 3/4 of them I just cringe because I know someone racist idiot is gonna run with it - or was the one who invented it in the first place.
  22. So aliens now join Google and God in knowing everything about us?
  23. Just trying to figure out what we have which would be useful to such an advanced species? . . . . . . Comedy.
  24. Hi Piney Given god's dependence on man to do everything I am not convinced that god knows how to write. jmccr8
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