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  2. Hi Jay. That is a somewhat mysterious question but in a different sense. I think the whole universe is a thing of evolution of Life. I see everything as Living. Some beings are older soul entities and are in vastly different states of consciousness than we are. What is in Christianity known as Angels or Archangels are examples of this. How it all unfolded is a considerably greater question. The simple thing is that Universe is not Unity. Source is incomprehensible One (Unity) (God) (Absolute) - an unlimeted infinity of potentiality. That is how i see it. How humanity emerged is also complex question, but God didn't want identical statues but a diversity, Life and evolvement of free will. Or that is Devil's work. LOL
  3. Oh goody, you’ve got evidence of a verified violation of the known laws of physics and celestial mechanics then? Great, let’s see it. cormac
  4. ok no disagreement here, if a teen shows such signs, put it in his record so he wont pass a background check, and wont be able to buy a gun legally. but what happens when he buys one illegality, as many shooters have done, who you gonna blame? laws again? no you will blame legal gun owners and will want to take his guns, in hopes that it will somehow affect guns that criminals have, and that is exactly what liberals are screaming for a decade or more, that is what anti gunners here on this board openly say. so no, we just do not buy," lets ban this lets ban that" nonsense, it is not what it appears, and we know it, more than any brit, australian, or canadian.
  5. Not only this but it has been empirically shown that people of faith are no more moral than those without. They did find an interesting result though, while there was no difference between the groups in actuality there was one group who claimed to be more morally upstanding...can you guess which group it was?
  6. Yesterday, I live-streamed 2 hours of nothing, waiting for Sarah 'Huckleberry' Sanders to announce 20 minutes of not a lot. White House...... Pick a time for your Press Briefings and stick to it!
  7. Yes, and I spoke of those destroyed Merkavas. If it gives you pride to speak of Israel's humbling in 2006, then enjoy. There is no doubt that they allowed themselves to be humbled. Ohlmert stumbled into war without planning and was surprised by the weapons and tactics of Hezbollah. So much the worse for the civilians of southern Lebanon when the Hezbollah actually attempt to use those thousands of launchers that are hidden in the new housing they built for those civilians after the 2006 war. The defense minister has made it clear for all who are listening that in the next war, no restraint will be shown in targeting the source of the incoming missiles. The world will scream and howl as pictures of devastated civilian neighborhoods are beamed around the globe but the truth is that we've all been told in advance that this is where the missiles and launchers are stored and I'm sure there will be evidence to show where the missiles are being fired from. IOW, the propaganda isn't going to hold their fire this time. The IDF is going to end the Hezbollah as a threat. My guess is that the corpulent Nasrallah won't see daylight for many months after this battle. He will be targeted for death, no matter where he hides. The real question is whether Iran will watch their dog die in this fight without attempting to help it.
  8. what is so hard to believe? he was 18, old enough to buy by law. . hundreds of thousands, if not millions of young kids do it all over usa, and yes 18 years olds have a right to have them just as any 28 or 68 years old.
  9. Yep, nearly / if not in the very year of his death.
  10. Hi Illyrius Yes I thought that was what you were saying but why would an intelligent designer make receivers of different capacities if it wanted to create unity? Even man understands the benefit of creating manufacturing product in a consistent manner to produce a desired predictable result. This is the norm in every aspect of our culture from education, medicine to building homes and cars. I would think that if unity and universality was the intent of an intelligent universal consciousness then it would be best served by making all the same with the same access to data and put them in similar environments. jmccr8
  11. It has to do with many different factors. But Cruz did have his own guns....the Sneads allowed them into their house, he bought them legally and yet it was known he had mental problems. he was having treatment, he went from school to school. This is what Snead had to say about the person he allowed into his home....and this 'host' is also allowed to own his own guns? Jeeze, what the heck is wrong with these people: Really...this is doing well at school. But with this record he was able to purchase guns...does the law not look at any of this? We are not talking about an adult here...we are talking about a youth about to go into his adult years ..... not with a good start. i am not saying guns should be banned...i have made that clear. But i can not believe how easy it is for young people to buy guns legally and....AND the adult says it is his right to own an AR-15? Sorry aztek, although i understand Americans will not give up their guns, i will never understand the mentality of the likes of Snead....Cruz is easier to read, he let everyone know what was going on in his head and i do not believe the Sneads did not know anything about his activities on line. They said the guns were safely locked how did he manage to post on line with them? Did the Sneads allow him to have them once in a while to ..... play with them? My point is it is not just one aspect here...there are many. I have said all that in my previous posts. The whole law does not changing, i hope you are not thinking that is what i am saying, far from it, but there needs to be a stop on psychotic youths being able to buy guns and parents/host have to be looked at in terms of how they store their guns in their home...Lanza's mother and the Sneads thought they were safely locked fatally wrong they were.
  12. lmao you do realize the onion is a satire site
  13. maybe since it happens only here, we know more about it than anyone in a nation where it does not happen.
  14. Investigating a crime isn't the same as committing one. It's a federal offence to receive assistance from a foreign government to win an election. It's perfectly legal to investigate that foreign government giving illegal assistance.
  15. Please see post 228 and respond to that. I'll paraphrase it: 1.Did you call the fire department? Where is the case info? Sorry if I missed it. 2. Did a lab look at your sample? There would be a report if so. Not difficult to answer these yes/no questions. These only add to your credibility if answered, so I don't understand the evasion.
  16. moonman LOL, you're silly. Another person half the world away, having similar instances has everything to do with my case. And other cases as well. There's a common denominator among all Poltergeist cases that you clearly are not privy to understanding. You keep stating your skeptic opinion and I'll keep stating mine. LOL, you're so funny. I can't believe you uttered that. I've learned so much by just that one sentence u gave.
  17. There is no way to measure the start of a geologic era when you're in it because there's no geological measurements at the top of the rock strata series to know when the global geology changed enough to justify a new geological timescale boundary. And there's certainly none that has been found yet globally. Using radiology from a tree that was local to a small regional environmental event (Atomic Bomb) caused by humans to justify a global geographical timeline division is very weak reasoning such that it hints an an ulterior motive. Mankind could come and go into extinction and even that wouldn't justify a geological timeline boundary event using current technologies. As far as I know mankind has not caused any global geological marker that can be measured all around the world that would justify such claims. Ulterior motive? They may just want to make the insinuation that mankind is having such a drastic effect on Earth that we must now classify it with the gravitas of a geological timescale division. There's no geographic evidence for fear mongering at this scale. It's just ridiculous, IMO.
  18. ok fair enough
  19. Fear can be difficult to overcome. If you are a fearful person, it’s probably not a good idea. When it comes to AP, there is nothing to fear but fear itself
  20. It's not research, it's a picture of a couple upside-down posters. I'm much more interested in seeing the evidence/documentation from outside parties on THIS case, not some random case in Germany (if there even is one).
  21. Will Really, there is no physical way that 10 could work effectively in that limited of a space without that hair cut turning into lamb chops. jmccr8
  22. Yes i see what you mean now. Imagine a source as infinite potential of possibilites and states of consciousness and souls as entities of different capacity and stages of development not as identical TV sets or Radios.. I think that changes the picture. We are beings of free will, and have been evolving in our own way so our souls and brains differ significantly although each of us is a part of humanity. I hope this explains it.
  23. Other research into poltergeist phenomena is relevant to this discussion.
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