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  2. sad but true. i applauded Trump when he bombed Assad's Syria for doing the same thing. it was right on so many levels, even if it risked war with Russia. but this looking the other way to please an even bigger villain is disgraceful. i understand that Turkey is an ally (in name only) but supporting this Turkish dictator is only going to erode America's security dow the tract. someone needs to tell Trump this.
  3. It's monetized. It makes him money when you watch it. Just watch the Travel Channel episode instead.
  4. Vlad the Mighty

    Alan Davis, a resident of Sutton Poyntz, said: "I was just sitting in the lounge when the couch I was sitting on started moving, then a second time five or six seconds later.

    "I thought it must be tame fox or perhaps a badger hiding behind the couch that came in while my wife was outside gardening."

  5. Somebody smash that sonovab****s head in with a hammer......
  6. What shape is my life supposed to be?
  7. I ‘admitted the attack on our democracy’? I never have denied it. I’ve been one of the few that has been saying that it has been going on for some time now. Harte posted a good article on it. I would say that it has been going a lot longer than WWII. Both National Socialism and Communism grew here during the depression. That means foreign influence came in. The thing is, is that we’ve been meddling in their business for almost as long. That probably goes back to John Paul Jones?? This is the game that adversaries play, nothing more. The MSM has egg on their face because Trump isn’t involved like they wished. The MSM is now trying to raise doubts of another affair. I wonder how much they are paying her? They are going to invent, er… dig up anything they can. At this rate, they’ll end up bankrupt. There is clearly Russian influence going on. Our Media has been bought and paid for by the Kremlin. Our 1st Amendment has been shredded. But, one can’t blame Russia. They were just ‘playing the game’. It is the MSM that bears responsibility for being the attack arm of the Progs. They have been doing Russia’s bidding at their own expense. What is telling is this Parkland shooting. The FBI has pulled so many resources to go after Trump that those like Nikolas Cruz slip through. This highlights that our law enforcement agencies are nearly overextended. Radical Islam is about to the point where their continual probing will soon find a serious weakness and we’re going to get hurt. Our agencies will soon need to make a decision whether to continue down a path of folly or defend this nation? No, he has never denied that Russia has interfered. He has denied that he and/or his team has colluded with Russia. We hear that if Trump doesn’t impose sanctions, then he was colluding. That is not so. Sometimes the best action is to take no action. Considering that Obama was just slapping Trump with sanctions on Russia before he left, doesn’t mean Trump has to follow the same course. He may have a better idea than war with Russia. Trump has expressed interest in changing the status quo between the two nations. That does not indicate collusion and that doesn’t mean he wants to be best buds with Putin. Obama was praised for opening up to Castro and Chavez. Isn’t preventing nuclear war worthy of praise? Let’s see if Trump has the right idea? If he does impose sanctions then Putin will just think, “oh, typical stupid Americans” and will redouble his influence activities. If Trump just follows a vigilant course, seeking and catching agents, send them home and tell Putin to try harder will probably change the paradigm in such a way that Putin may be impressed and seek some kind of normalization? That’s just one possibility. But the key here is to show Putin that his interfering is not bothering us. The MSM is acting like it is the end of the world. It is not, it is just part of the game. Now the wire fraud, etc. is a different matter. Those caught should be prosecuted for those crimes. But holding rallies is no crime. No, it’s you being an idiot! [snipped] No, he is not. Rosenstein has cleared him. Now to be honest about it, I’ve been running that sentence over and over, to see if there is an unspoken “however” or “but”. It’s just not there. Mueller can want all he wants to. There is now no reason for Trump to talk to him. If this investigation goes any further (into the Trump/Russian collusion), it will prove itself to be a witch hunt. At this point in time, Trump doesn’t have the right to talk to Mueller. At least we agree on something. We have to realize that this government is still Obama’s and it may take Trump’s entire term to purge it. This mockery of justice will give him the capitol he needs to clean house. ZZ has already responded and showed where you are wrong. The Counsel was formed to go after Trump and his collusion with Russia. There is none and the FBI is trying to save face. They had this story months ago and held on to it because it would have cleared Trump. Now that Nunes’ memo came out, they were looking for an appropriate time to dump it, a time when they wouldn’t look as bad. No, for being wrong about Trump. It is your hatred that is driving this, not the facts. And again, no one has been denying Russian interference. It is just a fact of life. It’s not news. It is news to those that aren’t very aware of the world around them. These are the same gullibles that hate Trump. Trump has been denying involvement with Russia. He has been proved right and you wrong. There is no spin, or I should say that the spinning has stopped. It is positive for Trump and the nation. The mental gymnastics is just common sense. Again, Trump is right and you are wrong and you can’t deal with it. So you are going to continue to drag your face through the excrement all on your own to prove it.
  8. Was it on the ground floor? Was it during the day or night time? Have you any mirrors in the rooms? Where is the sittingroom in conjunction to the office, hall and kitchen? How far was the light from where you were?
  9. acute

    "One of the main elements in any assessment of the medieval open field farming system is the availability of oxen for the winter plowing."

  10. Your the one making ridiculous predictions. You know by forum rules I can't post your personal info. But I have been here for over 10 years and have never been caught bull crapping anyone. You came barreling in here calling yourself a code breaker without knowing what a MOS was, being able to use a forum, find what you previously posted on the web or even using a Google search or personal info search website. You were caught in a lie straight off the bat. Who has more credibility?
  11. I was pretty sure it was Queen Elizabeth's father who was on the throne during WWII...I just went a looked and it was George VI. Either way, British English isn't our English ZZ...and if people could hear my accent they'd know it for sure. LOL
  12. LOL, I'm weak in the field of English Royalty.
  13. Well I pray, and that works surprisingly well. But as Hammerclaw just said, these things are not repeatable on demand. Jesus for example wasnt a trained circus act, there had to be some feeling, some compassion imho. So it is very difficult to show, demonstrate God, because God is everything and everything is God. But life, energy, consciousness, must have arisen from someplace, thats a fact, I call that place THE ALL. There have been thousands of faith healings, and NDEs when people see the Afterlife.. Can you repeat this in a laboratory, no, but that doesn't mean that it is unreal.
  14. Why thank you, I most certainly will.
  15. But...that movie takes place during WWII...and wasn't George VI King of England at that time?
  16. Would this not assume that only was the Great Pyramid of Giza built for this purpose, but that each of the other monuments you mention was also built by the same society? Or at least by disparate societies that were all influenced by another one which was greater than them all?
  17. UFO is a religion hiding under the science shroud. Every statemant made in past 118 years has been influenced by faith not actual physical evidence. No photo no video. Just many crazy stories. Which don't even got along back then until late 90' aliens for many "ufologists" is a faith bussiness. That's why you see so many movies, fake video's.UFO do have big subculture.
  18. I wish we would have some warm weather...instead we're getting 6-9 inches of snow tonight.
  19. Agreed. One thing Dr Sheldrake has demonstrated via his experiments of predicting telephone callers, email senders etc, is that, if the participant believes in these abilities, then the success rate rises, but if they were sceptical about such things, they only managed slightly better than a 50/50 chance.
  20. There is a scene in the movie Inglorious Basterds where "Kings" is used, great movie.
  21. NightScreams

    "There can't be an act of buying unless there is an act of selling"

    -Alan Watts 1915-1973

  22. The working of a TV are well known. A signal (consciousness) is transmitted through the air, is picked up by the receiver, (the brain) and the information is transformed into pictures and sound. Turn off the TV, (the brain) and the signal (consciousness) is still there. One feature of the NDE is the hovering over the clinically dead body and brain, looking down, seeing and hearing everything. Sometimes seeing things down corridors and in different rooms. This has been attested to, too many times to be dismissed by anyone actually seeking the truth. This suggests very strongly that consciousness is non local to the brain. Folks who practice OBEs during sleep can have a similar, verifiable experience.
  23. Try an invasion when the civilians are armed with guns. Just sayin'
  24. A three-dimensional object within space naturally has a center. The problem with assigning a center to the universe as a whole is this: The universe did not expand into space that already existed. Space, and time, were created as the universe expanded. Our three-dimensional spatial universe has important similarities to the two dimensional surface of an expanding sphere. No point on the surface of that sphere can be considered its center, and no location in space can be defined as its center. From any vantage point in the space, the rest of the universe will be seen to be expanding away from it. This is because space itself is expanding, the universe is not expanding into space.
  25. I had such an experience once. I and a friend of my son had a ‘what was that’ moment when a small white light in the daytime streaked across the wall in our TV room. Never saw such a thing before or since. What was it? I have heard spirit entities find orbs the easiest (least energy requiring) way to manifest. That is one possibility.
  26. I've never eaten a rodent either, but I have eaten rabbit...but rabbits are Leporidae, not Rodentae.
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