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  2. So sorry to hear Shadow here if you need a friend. Hi, sorry just woke up 15mins ago
  3. That place should be burnt to the ground and the ashes salted.
  4. 10,000 cases of people writing on walls. Yes, that's perfectly within reason.
  5. 3am

    You are experiencing classic hypnogogic states. There is lots of advice out there. You can take control though with a little practice. I mostly recommend that practice if it becomes an ongoing problem. Check this out. I created this video a number of years ago, so I didn't have to always exsplain everything, but let me know if I can help.
  6. Banned for making a ban last all what am I supposed to do with my time??
  7. The other day I posted in the "What's for Dinner?" thread that I was making Creole angel po boys and a mustard horseradish brussels sprouts slaw. I was asked for the slaw recipe and said I would post here here for folks slaw veggies 2/3 to a 1 pound brussels sprouts- this sounds like odd measure. I pick up sprouts in 2 pound quantities and I'll use 1/3-1/2 a bag for a batch of slaw. Slice very thin, I use a crank slicer. 1 bunch green onions OR 1 small red onion, sliced or diced fine. 1 to 1-1/2 cups shredded carrot- how much you use will depend, I'll explain in the instructions slaw dressing juice of 1 lemon, around 3-4 tablespoons a generous tablespoon/squirt each of a yellow mustard and a brown mustard. I like Frenches or Colemans for the yellow and Gulden's or other smooth grainy brown. Don't use super-chunky grain mustard, it doesn't get into the nooks and crannies of the veggies as nice. a tablespoon of fresh horseradish- I use prepared stuff from the store. Point is, don't use a horseradish sauce for this. a tablespoon of dry parsley a teaspoon of fresh minced or wet garlic good shake each of salt and black pepper 4-6 ounces of a light flavor oil- here is where you use your extra virgin olive oil, grapeseed, ect. 1/4-1/3 cup of grated Italian cheese. I prefer Romano over Parmesan for this Instructions Whisk together your dressing ingredients, and taste. If you like it a bit more horseradish or mustard of whatever, add a bit more in. This should be a fairly loose and liquid dressing, it does not need to be a heavily whisked and emulsified dressing. Stir in sprouts and onions well. Let stand for 30 minutes. Taste your slaw- it should have a bit of heat and almost too much savory kick, and the sprouts should just be starting to want to sweat a bit of liquid. Now you add in the shredded carrot- it adds the sweeter crisp. Start with a cup, stir in well and taste. Then add the other half cup if needed. Adjust salt and pepper if needed- this is also the time to add another splash of lemon juice if you think it needs it. Pop into the fridge for at least an hour. Stir and serve. 4-6 servings. This holds well in the fridge for a couple days worth of eating. And since it's not diary based like a lot of slaws can be, it can take a lot of the temp/time abuse found at potluck and warm weather outdoor parties. The Italian cheese isn't a spoil factor here. And it tastes good at room temp.
  8. Hallo. I am new to this forum and wonder if anyone can give any explanation about what has been happening, please? My dear mother passed away suddenly, 6 years ago. I found her at her home on Mothering Sunday 2012, which devastated me completely and I took a long time to come to terms with it. We had grown very close after dad died in 1995 and I longed for her to 'appear' to me in dreams and thought that she would but it didn't happen for a very long time. I did have other signs, like a piece of music that she and I knew well but which I hadn't heard for years and a Red Admiral butterfly in the garden (mum was a natural redhead) etc. I also had a reading with a psychic a year ago, who told me things that she couldn't possibly know (eg that my dog had died just before Christmas 2016 and was sitting next to my mum (who had known him), who was standing by my left shoulder. The pyschic had no idea that I had a dog as the dog didn't live with me, but with my ex-husband) and I was comforted by knowing that mum was around (and my dog, of course). I have had about three actual dreams about mum in 6 years, the last one being a few nights ago. In this dream, I was waiting for her to come home from holiday but I seemed to be at the house where I was born, 67 years ago, which we moved from nearly 50 years ago but I was at my present age. My mum always loved that house (I liked it, too). She came in (not sure if dad was with her or not as I seemed to know that he had died) and she settled down at the table with me. I was so pleased to see her return home. Then I woke up. The horror of realising that she wasn't sitting there with me but that she was dead upset me so much, and I can't seem to get over it. There have been times lately when I have felt that I would like to be with her and the only thing that has stopped me is because I have three cats to look after - they came into my life one by one (as strays) in the weeks following mum's death, strangely enough, and I feel they were sent by mum to make sure that I wouldn't do anything 'silly' - she knew how much I loved cats and would never put them in a position where they would have to fend for themselves if something happened to me. They have been my true 'friends' - nearly everyone else I know is estranged from me now for various other reasons (including my brother, my only other relative apart from some distant cousins). I have financial problems and other worries and only have a couple of true friends (I am not seeking more, particularly). Can anyone explain why the yearning to be with my mum has grown so strong, and why the dreams seem so 'cruel', in that I get such a good feeling while I am having them and am dealt this bitter blow once more when I wake up? Thank you.
  9. Fizzled out? Like a bad firework? Not necessarily. Suppose it hasn't finished burning through its fuse yet, and is still set to really explode when it does. All that would be needed is some additional waiting. Experience shows that declassifying and releasing government documents is a time-cosuming process.
  10. It was looped.
  11. Wouldn't bet your ship's cat on it. Hacker's have been exploiting phones ever since the days that 2600 Hz were the magic number. There are ways to do it without the need for a rogue mobile tower. Samsung phones, for example, regularly ping Samsung's servers for system updates for their inbuilt keyboard software, which only requires a man-in-the-middle setup somewhere along the route to proxy those requests and dispatch a fake payload to anyone they're interested in. If, y'know, you were inclined to do so, for Queen and Country. Theoretically, and all. My mobile phone reception is terrible, on the basis that I very rarely even use one. I suspect the core difference between us is that I don't believe there's such a thing as an invulnerable network device. What's possible, and what's generally known in the public domain are usually two entirely different things.
  12. Think of your own mindset, for a moment, and shut that fear off. You say they are sinister. Honestly, footsteps aren't that. Just how we feel about them. I lived in one house where this went on for a bit and it was very clear, very obviously footsteps and it DID move across the roof. You could tell the location changed and ended right over our heads. Or could you? It was an older house, of wood and cement block. As wood seasons it develops remarkable acoustics. (trust me I live in a solid wood farmhouse now which is over 130 years old. I can hear everything in here, but not always be sure which direction it came from). Anyway in that other house I happened to be outside cutting trees back and noted one sapling that had escaped earlier efforts as it was wedged in the side space by a privacy fence not quite enough for a walkway. I saw it had done some damage even to the roofline and I was mad and cut it down and repaired that. This was opposite side from where our rooms were to hear the angry footsteps stomping across overhead. But, those steps came no more. Zip, nada, never. I have to say that no matter what we heard it was caused by that sapling rubbing on the roofline. I never would have guessed it would or even could make a sound like that. I would bet a Coke yours is also as strangely caused and you are quite fine there. Others will be along soon I am sure with their ideas. Be well and welcome to the forum.
  13. Here in Britain we tried this idea of a public militia taking over once. Seemed a great idea at the time. Then they banned Christmas and made women dress head to foot in black and stay indoors ..... And burned anyone who disagreed with them. We soon went back to a monarchy! Never again. However bad your elected government is, every other possible option is much worse.....
  14. Aye, it's a bit like saying that a golden labrador did it and not a retriever .....
  15. How? Which agencies? Detail for me please how one person or even a group of say six influential people achieve this in New Zealand, or Australia. At best this is propaganda, at worst it is a very bad joke. But one thing it is not, is evidence of your claim. Is it an uprising of the people or a crushing of the masses by the Government you are discribing? How exactly ( detailed ), do you see this Government crush take place? Or indeed an organised co-ordinated uprising of the people? The south Pacific has seen it's fair share of government take downs over the years. Fiji and Frank Binamarama would be an obvious example. New Zealands political stability is actually more at risk from armed civilians who want to take down the government. Thankfully they don't have access to the numbers necisary for a disciplined, organised army big enough. I much prefer a government I have a say over than a well armed malitia who might think they have a right to speak for me.
  16. I know, I used to listen to radio 4 comedy a lot but now it's just predictably tedious.
  17. THIS is how Alabama does a "mullet festival"
  18. Atamarie Zooey, I feel you know in yourself that her reading doesn't add up .. I feel the reading wasnt the sign, the answer to you was the fact she had contacted at a time when your mind was querying..a question .. Dont be disheartened.. This woman isn't the only psychic you can contact .. There are those that are working it, and there are genuine ones . I have had my share of Ph readings, and 2 were not right, but the others were on point .. I would keep searching till you find the one who resonates with you in truth, because they are out there.. Genuine Mediums, .. Have you spoken to E about your intuition..?? Mo ..xx
  19. Bought ingredients to make chicken gnocchi soup for supper tonight.
  20. Rest all have to rest Sleep does not come easily Senses are awake
  21. yeah I liked the guiness, not the getting bit, but it is better to know now, etc. I'm sorry.
  22. ~ [00.00:28] ~ ~
  23. Now you see me ,now you don’t.
  24. OK back on topic. I think what I like least about the shows is that over all it is all so dam gloomy. They act so dang sad. There are happy haunts also and positives and death happens. I remember one segment of a show, it may have been Ghost Hunters. They were checking reports of the sounds of children laughing and running and playing in some house a famous person had raised his family in. I think they actually caught some laughing in evp. This was great to me, and THEN, the girl investigator says all teary eyed how she hates child ghosts. I was dumb-founded. None of his kids died there and no evidence any died young either anywhere. This was residual from obviously happy days of their lives. And she is sniveling over dead babies 0.o ..... No balance. Not a lot of truth or real knowledge either.
  25. We found not a trace of evidence while looking for this thing . I’ll put it in the big foot category
  26. Thanks for considering my idea; although I was aware that Laci had shopped the morn. of the 23rd, I hadn't taken that into account, but I wish I'd at least read the transcripts before I put that out there. Sorry 'bout that. So, now that I have read the the transcripts, not only do I see that no, there hadn't been mention of what was coming up in the next episode, but I also noticed what you pointed out in your post, that no, they hadn't been "talking about what to do with meringue"... "And I won't try to reach you on your cell..." I take it that Ron's surprise was to be revealed on Christmas day....Interesting it couldn't be revealed just one day sooner...
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