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  2. Like with all the excuses they made for Captain America's star-spangly outfit.
  3. For Ruby: Had to get my photo taken for the program thing I'm doing. Probably the palest native Floridian you'll see. Though when I was younger I did make money as a standby incase the lighthouse went out.
  4. We'll see how it goes. This is exactly how DA started out. It got reported because some of the Mods were concerned, and I joined your thread only to help keep an eye on it. Now look at me! I am an addicted DA not-so-anonymous poster.
  5. Yeah, leave it up to YOUTUBE BOY to solve what experts and a super computer have yet to.
  6. Recovery is impossible, apparently.
  7. I really appreciate how you knew exactly what I was implying with the bowling pin. And also slightly concerned.
  8. And others? Oh I'm an others now lol She loves chest ones so will give her a chest one
  9. It really tickles my funny bone that we are actively complaining about the complaints thread.
  10. He tried to do his own thing, and well he doesn't seem to like cómics anyway. He can adapt stories pretty well, see his work on Watchmen. But his original stuff is pretty weak. They also seem to want to go with "what if this was more realistic?" Which I personally dislike. Start interjecting realism into superhero stories and the flaws of the genre stick out.
  11. Of course it was necessary. After the mummification, that's how I was able to keep him sitting straight up.
  12. Sometimes, the heaviest burden in the world to carry is a forgiving heart.
  13. It's funny how I make a thread on a whim with no expectation that it will last, and BAM it's a success. Like getting triplets outta a one-night-stand.
  14. I think the NFL already went political by allowing players not to stand for the national anthem. I agree with them not to accept this commercial and enflame things further. My position has been to either require standing (or face suspension) or just do away with the national anthem altogether (my preference). Their current position allows politicization of the game alienating many. I just don't get it, NFL!
  15. Still waiting for the page "This is a work of fiction" to be translated.
  16. I do seem to spend an inordinate amount of time here. And because of DA I've been able to become acquainted with fine folks like you, TC, Aquila, Xeno, seeder, and others. ShadowSot was inflicted with my tedious presence long ago in Alternative History, so it looks like he's still stuck with me. I wish I could pet your doggy. Give her a scratch behind the ears on behalf of uncle kmt.
  17. I'd say you're not the boss of me, but I saw what happened to the last person who disobeyed. Was the bowling pin necessary?
  18. Yes, but Will can have his own thread. Just for comedy complaints though. If I discover cross thread complaints or innapropriate complaints, I shall complain to the highest(Saru), or second highest (me,dot,kmt.wasp ect) aurhority.
  19. Yeah, I never understood that. One of the main characteristics of Batman in most all of DC comics is that he never kills or uses guns. Then Zack Snyder's all like "F that shiz." Lol, I think I might've gotten Kismit to lock it accidentally. Lol, welcome man. Welcome.
  20. Isn't there a thread called, "Things that make me go, GRRRRR!" here anyways?
  21. She's a cutie butt. Lets face it DA is the best thread
  22. I wonder how long you will keep defending him and realize he's doing the exact same thing as his interventionist predecessors. Trump surroundered himself with an administration of neocons and warhawks. At some point, he has to take the blame though. He's the POTUS. From the Trump administration: [LINK FOX News] Haley criticizes Russia, calling it 'complicit in the Assad regime's atrocities'
  23. He's right: DA: Derailers Anonymous Thread derailing addictions: recovery is possible! Started by Aquila King, September 10, 2017 VS CA: Complainers Anonymous Thread Complaining addictions, recovery is possible. Started by Will Due, 3 hours ago Opening post is exact just 2 words changed. Derailers changed to complainers and OPs name
  24. Sorry Joc but I am not in the know any more than you are. Take whatever side you want, it is irrelevant to me, but all the answers will be coming out in the months ahead unless democrats take the house or senate, at which point I am sure this will all be buried. Is that good for you? Not sure that is a great plan for the future so stand by for heavy seas if you are a left winger
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