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  2. Consider yourselves liked
  3. Your “precise” expansion is about as precise as the movement of air within a balloon while someone is blowing it up. In short, not remotely precise as the air only has so many directions it can go and does not move at a uniform speed throughout. Your idea of precision is meaningless in that regard. cormac
  4. That happens far too often dammit...
  5. SA: Aquila King's Spammers Anonymous Thread
  6. Life's experience is the knowledge you will be Using in The Spiritual Journey .. That book of your life. Is what you will make reference too, this will be all the Experiences, all the knowledge, all the Emotions, Everything.. I had Personal Beliefs Before My Awakening and Now I have Knowing ... I know what I know because of My Action in this Testing of Lessons and Blessings . My Guides help me, they guide me, and because I Listen, and Do as I Am Bid, I get More Knowledge.. Its the Saying, When the Student is Ready ,the Teacher Will Appear .. Well I Am Ready, and The Teachers have Appeared .. Mo..xx
  7. I had and read every Colin Wilson book ever published. I had 5 generations worth of books in history, science, culture and the occult in my ancestral farmhouse. I am also the former Librarian for the Philadelphia Yearly Meeting (Quakers) Indian Library. Tell me more of these things you call books? Somebody with a Quaker education who attended Princeton and Rutgers wants to know.
  8. I just want a massage, you can have my pancakes.
  9. It really depends on what you define as nuttery. Like I mentioned in my previous post. Having faith in god or a higher power is alright, go for it. Knock yourself out. It's when it begins to cloud judgment, that's where the problem is.
  10. I want a massage and pancakes...
  11. Sorry, feeding my face with soup.
  12. Thanks for your reply, it helps a lot. @macqdor just making sure you don’t miss this.
  13. IDK man you put down "have people forget us",. I heard "have people for dinner" what kind of house are you living in?
  14. Atamarie Eightbits. Kia Ora to you too ... I like .!! E Pai Ana Koutou, it is Algud.. No sorrys Necessary friend , I see your point with the Mind and Feel , thankyou for the clarity .. As to the "Operators" I do know what you Meant.. I just added My Feel on the Matter .. When we are all Interlinked in Mind, there will be Specific Operators who will deal in that specific Area, say Healing for Instance, it will be A Resonance, Vibration, Energy Frequency, and Visual too, as in seeing in the Auric Field, what the Sickness may be .. In other words, Tuning In .. When One is very in tune with their Own Hum, or Vibe, One knows when Other Energies, not of their own is Coming in .. This can be from Another's thought .. This is the Mind Connection I'm Speaking of.. That specific Operator, will pick up the Vibe, and know what to do from there.. This specific Operator, may tune in to the Others Energies, from a distance too, because Its Energy.. And do the healing from where they are .. It is Very Easy .. Mo..xx
  15. Yes, I think I understand your point and agree with you. I did say that I disavow all religion, and it is because in my mind, it is filled with nutters. I accept that many weirdos believe in religion, and they have some weird beliefs. But the world is filled with weird people, and maybe we're all a little weird, IDK. Like I said before, I don't really care so much about what other people believe, I'm more interested in my own beliefs. If someone comes up in here with nuttery, there's nothing wrong with shining the light of logic and reason on it. But, if they are expressing their beliefs and understanding here, I'll listen and judge it for myself....sure.
  16. I just like the pictures and history, tbh, of these old forts. The Citadel in Nova Scotia was one of my favorites to get to see and walk around. I had an old sweatshirt from there for years and years and was sad when it finally died
  17. Doggie no like human music.
  18. If someone raises a number of important points -- then not addressing all of them will just result in being accused of not being able to. The overarching counter-argument is simple, and is stated as the memo's very first paragraph -- that the Nunes memo was released purely for political gain, with the purpose of obstructing the ongoing investigation. It should, however, be utterly damning that the current Director of the FBI -- Christopher Wray, appointed by Trump in 2017, and therefore not mentioned in the Nunes Memo -- would authorize that press release. The rebuttal memo entirely backs up the FBI's contention. Which makes it "he said, they said". And the guy leading the "he said" side is already on record as coordinating with the White House to leak misleading information about the very same investigation. Not a particularly difficult choice for any neutral to make, I suspect.
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