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  2. In theory, of course it's possible. It could've just as easily been Scott on the 24th, or it could have been anyone else, that day or after. Yes, Laci was found in the bay. I don't know how she got there. Most likely(assuming she was killed), her killer dumped her there, but I'm just speculating.
  3. Hi Guys, Im a heavy believer in ghost and all the unexplained phenomena in the world, however i still cant draw my own conclusions on this. So we recently moved in to an apartment, close to town but just far away so its nice and quiet. We live on the top flat of a two or three story place, just tall enough to restrict climbing up which sucks when you lock yourself out. The apartments a bit old and shaggy but it does the job. However, one night i was woken up to loud footsteps on the roof. Now our roof is easy to get access from our deck only and yet my boyfriend can get up but me being a weak excuse for a lady i cant get myself up. I thought nothing of it and just went back to sleep but again the following night i heard these loud footsteps again. What really freaked me out was it was the EXACT same number of steps and sounded like it was running across the top of our room to futher down our apartment. i used to live out in a bushy area so trust me i know what possums and cats even a dog sounds like walking on a roof and these ones im hearing sound sinister. I hadn’t heard them in a while till once i woke up to them and my boyfriend was awake too. He said that he hears them all the time and just thought he was going crazy. When we were comparing stories it was exactly the same. Loud footsteps along the roof of our room, exact number of steps with a sinister and airy feeling. could someone help me in decifering what this could be? It’s physically impossible for someone to climb up from the ground and i have looked around the web to see if there had been any deaths in the building or area but im at a dead end. Boyfriend has gone up to roof to see if anyones living there but nothing. Please help, scared girl
  4. *looks around and wonders how this topic got so derailed* anyway I am happy to report there are really no good footages on youtube of Papa Ghede, but, I did find one accidental show up of the real deal. Troop Makandal are an awesome traditional band and basically rock stars in Haitian music. They also are close to my own lineage spiritually. They were doing a little personal family parade on their own to celebrate Papa Ghede and someone did himself up like a Ghede would. It was just to celebrate his day, but if you know what to look for, Papa actually took possession of him for about a minute or so on the film. Don't judge harsh they were just out playing around. Not like this was a service or anything. and no I won't tell you which minute lol.
  5. One thing is, the earth is about five billion years old not five thousand.
  6. geez i miss the eighties.
  7. It's a lame show these days. So sad.
  8. 'you wished them well?' oh why didn't you say so...
  9. Dear Mystic, you have not factored in an agent in charge, why?
  10. 1. But that isn't what I said, was it? I said jurors are not free to speculate or make assumptions about questions they may have. They can make logical inferences, but that's quite different. 2. And here you are again, suggesting that I am demanding that you give me direct or forensic evidence. I've never asked for that. We already agree that does not exist. What circumstances place Laci in the bed of Scott's truck? And let's not forget: "...before an inference essential to establish guilt may be found to have been proved beyond a reasonable doubt, each fact or circumstance on which the inference necessarily rests must be proved beyond a reasonable doubt." You are inferring that Laci's body was in the truck because you think Scott lied about the umbrellas. What else is there? So first, you need to prove that Scott was lying about the umbrellas. It isn't proof that Laci was on the computer. It is a reasonable alternative interpretation for the jury to consider when evaluating whether or not Laci was dead that morning. And, as you well know: "Also, if the circumstantial evidence as to any particular count permits two reasonable interpretations, one of which points to the defendant's guilt and the other to his innocence, you must adopt that interpretation that points to the defendant's innocence and reject that interpretation that points to his guilt." It's perfectly reasonable to infer that Laci, who liked sunflowers and wore scarves, was the one making those searches. 3. The question isn't whether it is evidence or not. Everything entered into the record is ostensibly evidence. The question is whether or not it is inculpatory. Again, putting a boat cover in their shed is something people do all of the time. Putting a leaf blower on top of it would be a bit strange(if he actually did so), I agree with that, but we can't simply make the leap that the only reasonable explanation is that Scott was attempting to destroy evidence. Isn't it possible the blower fell/got knocked off a shelf? Isn't it possible Scott used the cover to soak up some gas he found spilled on the floor of the shed? These are called reasonable alternative interpretations. 5. So now you're back to claiming, just like the other poster, that the twine wasn't tied at all? Jerry, you know this isn't true. You know as well as I that all of the state's own witnesses and supporting exhibits indicate that the twine was tied, in two separate knots, no less. It wasn't simply wrapped or looped around Connor's body. We already went through this several pages ago. You are once again trying to obfuscate/misrepresent the evidence in order to fit your theory. You are being intellectually dishonest. 6. I've not claimed that Scott was framed, nor do I think the jury should presume he was. I think they should presume Scott and everyone else innocent until it is proven otherwise, beyond a reasonable doubt.
  11. Yes, sadly, there are way too many fraudulent types out there quite eager to separate people form their money......
  12. I contrasted the concepts of Freedom in America compared to that of the rest of the world. I would fully expect our concept to be completely alien to the rest of the world. That’s what I find hilarious. It wouldn’t? What do you call a bunch of unarmed Australians? Cannon fodder. Some, not all. Some start out caring but end up corrupt. Others just start off corrupt. This is the reason we have a 2nd Amendment. It’s called human nature. Not one bit, until they prove it. As if it was that easy. I would have to put up with the shenanigans foisted on newbies. I don’t have the temperament for that. I’ve also study character and leadership for a very long time. I just don’t have the qualities needed to be a good leader. I’d also have to put up with all those accusations of lurid affairs. I wish my life was that exciting, but I haven’t had a one. I’ve never inappropriately touched a woman or harassed one, but the minute I’d become a politician, they’d be popping out of the woodwork to accuse me. Old tricks are still good tricks. I’d rather keep my gun to shoot the politician than play their games. I think I’ve already shown how that would work. First you’d slowly weaponize government agencies against the people. Replace loyal military leaders with those less capable and would obey the PM’s orders without question. You’d institute pro-ideological civilian groups to do your bidding in the streets and make them as powerful as the military. Then you’d institute a national healthcare system where you can control the population. But that would never happen anywhere – right? Globalization is very effective and working, but so is its opposition. Setton is saying that the civilian population doesn’t win wars so that leaves out the cannon fodder. That way the military would be used sparingly only in cases where the revolt is small and can be made to look like anti-nationals. The government will keep the issue confused. The military won’t have a clue.
  13. Are you leaning to it left the scene normally or paranormally? Also intreresting that this thread was started ten years ago to the exact day and yours is the first post in ten years. The day of the rising snake spirit???
  14. You're right on that. I just gave him a short answer as I know his beliefs will reject everything short or long.
  15. Adaptation, growth, and survival, you say. Those are processes and they are systems, and have you factored in the existence of some agent in charge?
  16. No worries ... ~ Something interesting I noticed recently if you are interested ... ~ [00.02:11] ~ It is about Guitars and Music ... ~
  17. Billy Left At Supper Time BEANS
  18. the only cracks i see are those in May's cabinet. May has been secretive in what she's asking for. too secretive to be anything but confident of delivering a good brexit deal. is that a negotiating ploy or is that to stop a cabinet revolt? it hasn't escaped the British media either that brexit is less about a GB/EU trade deal and more a Tory zealot project using a weak leader to deliver a no deal. you speak of Nordic countries... i remember reading back before the referendum that Farage was postulating a Norway style agreement. free movement and a member of the single market. that's the trade deal that the Nordic countries want for GB and until recently even Farage. now why would the Nordic countries want to give an advantage to GB that they don't enjoy? more lies steve. just another example of the constant goal post shifting that the likes of Johnston, Gove and Rees-Mogs have since employed to bully their own leader and the nation. so now we blame the British media for telling it as it is... I'm not surprised in the least that many people that voted leave are looking for a second referendum.
  19. The vulnerable "smart phones" only came out in... umm.... around 2009 ? Something like that ? A bit late to be relevant to Manaforts involvement with the Ukranians. In order to have their microphones activated remotely, they first had to connect to a "rogue" mobile tower... one built and operated by the security services themselves ... which would download a BIOS update command that enabled remote activation. Are we to believe that GCHQ has such towers operating in New York ? Without the FBI (or the local telecomms operators) noticing ? @Tiggs, on this particular topic, I fear that your mobile reception will be very poor, on the grounds that you are many hundreds of feet down a rabbit hole
  20. Don't forget 'Time' in measures of Billions of Years ... ~
  21. Adaptation, growth and survival.
  22. Birthday
  23. Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band - Diamonds & Gold
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