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  2. Notre-Dame cathedral

    i guess that answers my question, thanks, lol
  3. Notre-Dame cathedral

    Not quite. The spire did not have electrics in , but inside is very dark. Apart from lighting needed, there were many fire sensors located around. There were electrics up there. The reason why they believe it to be an electrical fault is because, apart from the workmen, that was all which was up there to cause a fire. The workmen did not work with candles and the sensors were not attached by string to the lower ground.
  4. {un}holy haiku - 3rd Edition

    into Marsh deer's home where capybara lives too giant mouse, he said (Well, I have to tell the story now too: once upon the time, I was walking with my husband, through a nice park abroad, right next to their city zoo. You don't even notice there's the fence, in all that green, and we weren't really aware there was the zoo nearby. And my husband suddenly stops, stares and says: 'Oh, *expletive*, look, what giant mice they have here.' Then we remembered there should be a zoo nearby, so the giant mice were capybaras, but to this day we joke about the giant mice they have in the first world, not these tiny ones we have over here.)
  5. Place your (pretend) bets..

    That's not why he did it.
  6. Answer a Question With A Question (Part 4)

    Am I the only one that knows the good framers when I see them?
  7. Notre-Dame cathedral

    well dont google then......lets look at other possibilities......the hunchback did it......or maybe aliens......no wait......it was the devil himself.... happy now?
  8. Is the petrodollar responsible

    Whoops, I read the title wrong. I thought this was a Biden thread. Pedodollar.
  9. Place your (pretend) bets..

    At first I thought he would just get sick of it, but now I think he likes the office. He has made it into something that fits his style.
  10. Deranged Democrat

  11. Notre-Dame cathedral

    Well i did care a bit, but my relatives over there cared a lot. My mums brother is still quite upset, they are catholics and it was more than just a religious thing. They are quite proud of their old buildings in respect to those who built them. My mums family come from the centre of France, lots of history and Joan Of Arc stories, even a tree named after her. Notre Dame to many French meant a lot, to me i felt for my mums brother and cousins who live in Paris. The thing which get them the most is, had it been a natural disaster, then it would have been accepted as - one of those things man can not prevent, but an electrical fault - that could have been, should have been prevented. Apparently regulations were very strict in due of the building, they are just shocked how something went so wrong. A disgarded cigarette was mentioned earlier as a posible reason, from what i have been told, absolutely no way was smoking permitted and the workers would of been told that with an iron tongue.
  12. Place your (pretend) bets..

    I think Trump will leave office after his first term. He did it to know he did it. Becoming President that is. His ego has been satisfied with it.
  13. Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    What the report "says" is that a massive abuse of justice has occured. You know, an "unfair or improper legal action initiated with selfish or malicious intentions." And now the Trump-deranged-media is not gonna stop trying to cover this fact up. It's Watergate in reverse.
  14. GOP Angry Dems Are Investigating Voter Fraud

    Play stupid if you want to. It's a genuine issue.
  15. Notre-Dame cathedral

    who gives a crap about an old building with supports made from old dry wood.....that burnt down? what is YOUR INTEREST in it? dont you have a girlfriend to spend time with? or is an old building more important?
  16. Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    We could have spent all that time watching sports for the last two years, and the same nothing would have happened. If we had been woodworking or knitting we could have had a nice bookshelf or a sweater.
  17. Comedian front-runner in Ukrainian Elections

    What a surprise... I'm sure, 100%, "Peremoga!" slogans from most ferocious Zelenskyi supporters today will turn to "Zrada!" in just few months.
  18. Funny pseudoscience in the paranormal field

    The point wasn't about falling down, it was about believing someone's story, or agreeing to the possibility that you weren't there so you don't know, whether it is something you have ever experienced or not. You did loose it because you fixated on the "falling down" example and not the point I was making. Calling names is loosing it.
  19. Notre-Dame cathedral

    YOU DID SAY THAT what did he say? that we wage many wars?? so did UK, and i proved that yesterday.
  20. Trump Wanted To Put Migrants In Sanctuary Cit

    Can't we just pull a Mexico and help them travel north to the next border?
  21. No item condition mentioned ob Ebay, so pls be careful because to me, it looks used.
  22. Notre-Dame cathedral

    again, seriously? lmao google knows? wow, are you that stupid for real, or you trolling?
  23. Notre-Dame cathedral

    And the news is wrong. They are propagating PURE guesswork.
  24. Notre-Dame cathedral

    try google for.....what caused the fire who said Brits are best?..... i simply posted the words FROM YOUR OWN EX PRESIDENTS MOUTH deal with it
  25. Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    i have no problem with trump seeking better relations with russia,
  26. Notre-Dame cathedral

    That Time story represents VERY unprofessional reporting. The investigators are not on site yet. The un-named "French official" is PURELY guessing.
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