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  2. Transgender brain scans promised

    My brain is all over the place What does that make me?!
  3. Well, if one the Gold Company guys ghosted one, they probably wouldn't of reported it. Just chalked it up as bushmeat and ate it.
  4. LightAngel




    So true.....

    It's funny when I find quotes that express what I already knew when I was a child.

  5. Things that make you go grrrr ( Part 2 )

    Grrr at all people who don't self-identity as hedgehogs.
  6. NZ scientists to test the water at Loch Ness

    Honestly it just appears the team are conducting research or trying new technologies and techniques with water sampling and probably the only way to gather funds was to use the publicity of Loch Ness and incite the monster legend. There is no monster. I don't think there aim is to establish if or if not Nessy is in there. It just happens to be a consequence of there tests.
  7. Transgender brain scans promised

  8. Transgender brain scans promised

    There was a study done in Sweden, I think, that indicated a gay man's brain is similar to a Woman's brain and a gay Woman's brain is similar to a Man's brain.
  9. After the media lied about "animal remark"

    Skeletor/Pelosi better watch the "God" and "divinity" talk! She's gonna scare away the Libbies! "I'll get you next time, He-Man!"
  10. NZ scientists to test the water at Loch Ness

    Isnt the lake way too small for something the size of Nessie to be in?
  11. Trump says for first time that Cohen

    How so?
  12. What is the Astral Realm?

    You guys might aswell block each other at this point. You are never gonna get on, just go round in circles.
  13. NZ scientists to test the water at Loch Ness

    RTE have reported a team from New Zealand, are going to spend two weeks collecting biological samples from the water of Loch Ness in order to establish water sort of life is in the lake. I wonder what they will find. https://www.rte.ie/news/newslens/2018/0523/965440-loch-ness/
  14. Trump says for first time that Cohen

    Defending prostitutes...that's rich.
  15. Bots May Have Boosted Trump's Votes 3.23%

    @RoofGardener @Socks Junior That was my opening sentence for the thread. No one is saying that this study is Gospel. I've been asked on numerous occassions to prove that Russia's meddling had an effect. This is the first study that I know of that has looked into this claim, and therefore the first piece of evidence to support the claim. Not definitive proof but also far from insignificant.
  16. Today
  17. Atheism and faith

    I'd have that chair in the bathroom. Just so that I could say I have a 'golden throne'.
  18. Vlad the Mighty

    Jeepers creepers!

  19. Perhaps these aliens breath a mix of CO2 and methane. In that case, we were created by them to terraform the Earth, preparing it for their colonization. Harte
  20. Thinking VS Feeling

    Emotional intelligence is the highest form of intelligence if you as me. But, each to their own. I let people be people most of the time. And why?! - Well, we can't find our own truth unless we have the freedom we need in order to find it. We need to feel free in our mind so we can find the way that is right for us!
  21. Thinking VS Feeling

  22. Trump says for first time that Cohen

    Thanks. It's kind words like these that keeps me motivated to continue doing what I do. Hope you're healing well after your stroke. I can't imagine what it must be like, being unable to access the entire left of you brain.
  23. Bots May Have Boosted Trump's Votes 3.23%

    What a sad and desperate excuse. Reminds me of the long running list of Hillary's "reasons why I lost the election" (surely over 100 excuses long by now). Both sides of those elections used bots, amongst other tactics. FYI: bots don't cast ballots. People do.
  24. What is the Astral Realm?

    Walker you are a narcissistic troll. Plain and simple. I get so sick of seeing threads crash and burn because of you. Yet for whatever reason you are allowed to derail them.
  25. LOST TWO (2) RINGS in a peppermint purse

    I am missing 2 rings one is Turquoise and the other is a big pearl rings. My landlord and family fixed my home and I seem to lost the 2 rings, they were in a peppermint purse round. I can't find it anywhere. Please help me find them. Thank you
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