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  2. How Iran will defeat Trump and America

    Yes, they were, on all sides as the nascent states of the Levant dismembered Palestine, tearing off chunks for themselves while trying to strangle the infant Jewish state in it's cradle. The war was, indeed, with the surrounding Arab world and the ethnic cleansing occurred on both sides as lines of demarcation were drawn in blood. Does the phrase "Palestinian Refugees" ring a bell and "The Right of Return"?
  3. Someone sitting on edge of bed

    This happens to me all the time. The reason I found this site is bc it just happened and I finally thought to Google it. It happened while I was wide awake, lights on, sitting in bed and snacking. There was a significant weight sensation on the corner of the bed. Like I said it’s happened before - I feel what feels like one of my cats walking on the bed, but there’s no cat there.
  4. Atheism is incompatible with science

    Your first sentence nailed it, although it only once was true for Psyche, as he's moderated his outlook, without necessarily yielding reason to folly. He and I use to slug it out in the trenches and he's earned my respect and friendship and I don't make friends, easily. Friends are people you can say what you think to, without them going ballistic over it; well, at least, to me. Habbie's a work in progress, a believer in denial of his own belief. I suppose, in some quarters, it's a slur to be called one.
  5. Because that's what important people would have been asking before the missions. If NASA was shown to have faked Apollo 11 and 12 (which according to you is what NASA would have confessed to doing if either LM crashed) then it would have handed the Russians a colossal propaganda victory. Yet with a success rate of 70%, the chance of both fake Apollo 11 and fake Apollo 12 working was pretty much 50%. That means a 50% chance of handing the Russians a colossal propaganda victory. Who the heck had the clout anywhere in the American government to authorise that sort of risk? The national humiliation being risked here would dwarf what the USA actually suffered when the Iran Hostage Rescue mission failed... And another thing, why even bother with faking Apollo 12 if you'd already successfully faked Apollo 11 and you knew you had a good guidance system becoming available in less than a year? Apollo 11 had met Kennedy's challenge, so why risk a second fake mission - why not just hold off a second landing attempt until the guidance system problem had been fixed?
  6. Excitedness Effect

    i get it, i was funning with you....
  7. How Iran will defeat Trump and America

    Does the phrase "... and are instantly in a war of ethnic cleansing with the Arab world. " ring any bells
  8. Atheism is incompatible with science

    My family has history with Chicago, Southside. Where I'm from is called " Little Chicago" in the crime magazines because so many of it's more colorful denizens retired here to spend the ill-gotten booty. "You ain't from Chicago" is a slur, more telling if it happens to also be true.
  9. Oh dear, a few more questions, sorry (and yes, some of them have been asked by others). Right, so at some point after the LM left the Grumman factory and before it was launched, it got tricked out with a Hughes conversion that added (a) a scoop, (b) a TV camera, and (c) a sample return capsule, and removed the life support system and astronaut supplies. When exactly did this happen? Presumably once the LM had arrived at the Cape, as the flight of the LM from Grumman to the Cape is well documented. But there's still a problem - Grumman people had access to the LM inside the Saturn V as it sat on the pad until less than a day before launch; don't you think any of them checking out the LM might have noticed these modifications and, you know, said something? Then we have the issue of the scoop, which somehow allowed these unmanned LMs to collect 22kg and 34kg of material, 70 times and 100 times the total amount of material the Russians managed in three sample collection missions. And not only did these scoops work perfectly each time, it appears they did so without any test missions. Then it would be good to clarify how the samples weren't cross-contaminated. Was this scoop and retrieval system good enough to pour different scoopfuls into separate containers within the sample return capsule? Consider that one of the reasons for choosing the Apollo 12 landing site was to allow the astronauts to collect material blasted out from the Copernicus crater several hundred kilometres away. Then there's the issue of the weight of the sample return capsule. It's all well and good to use Corona as an example, but that was just a roll of film which weighs at most...what...1 kilogram, and is returning from low Earth orbit. What you're making it do is carry 20-30 kilograms of material, and re-enter the Earth's atmosphere at a speed roughly 40% higher. Which means we're talking about a sample return capsule considerably larger than the Corona one. Are you going to tell the people who retrieve that sort of capsule that it's just Corona IMAX? Then you have to explain why the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter images of the Apollo 11 and 12 landing sites show scuffed up ground and deployed equipment, just like the images of the Apollo 14, 15, 16 and 17 landing sites, and just not like the images of the Luna 16, 20 and 24 sites. Or did Apollos 11 and 12 also include some sort of little RC rover to fang around the place to scuff up the ground to mimic tracks? These untested crew-free LMs are starting to get a little complicated. Oh, and all those Apollo 11 and 12 photos, showing features and details which exactly match features and details in subsequent "real" missions? Seriously, that would be like trying to fake photos of the D-Day landings a week beforehand - you could try to make them realistic, but how could be sure of matching reality before you see the real thing? So now can you understand why there are a few people picking at your proposals? At first glance your hypothesis seems plausible, but every solution you come up with seems to be creating a couple more problems you need to deal with. I hope you haven't sent that book of yours to the publisher!
  10. Waking up with bruises on my wrists?

    Curious how you can determine the source of a bruise from pictures?? Sounds like spiteful guessing at this point unless I'm missing something.
  11. Excitedness Effect

    Exactly, which is why I had to mention events in which I now question my recollection of events.
  12. I'm not defending anything. I'm calling out the liars and propagandists that smear him with no proof. DJT is MORE than capable of dealing with his enemies. Or hadn't you noticed that they've done everything they can short of violence and he just KEEPS ON WINNING? As I've said before, it's uncanny. I think he's fully capable of reelection and Clapper, Comey, Brennan and their minions may well have jail time in their futures. Even the Hildebeast might be tried and disgraced, publicly.
  13. Abortion exceptions

    " could see some of our lawmakers introducing such bills" ? Typical scaremongering. Nothing like that would ever pass. Maybe education is the answer. Nothing is unavailable to anyone in the US. https://lab.express-scripts.com/lab/insights/drug-options/2019-national-preferred-formulary-better-access-better-value I order from them for all of my heart medications and they are much cheaper. It does take a little effort to explore all your options.
  14. Excitedness Effect

    sure, i never didnt believe anything other than the warrens were full of it, knew so, didnt care just wanted the $$$, the excitedness effect is like tina and i had in daytona with the car crash, its not a hard to grasp concept but i can understand why some camps cant accept it.
  15. Today
  16. US apparently readying for Iran attack

    You don't deign to accept U.S. or Israeli statements. Do you expect Iran to admit it? Believe as you wish but remember that everyone has that same option. Iran's military will be gutted if they attack us - proxies or not. Bring the pain, baby...
  17. {un}holy haiku - 3rd Edition

    with free iron will disciplined life forged, furnace flames, eternal heat
  18. Clowns and charcoal face masks are racist now too.
  19. And starving people in Central and South America are having children who then starve because they listen to him.
  20. Atheism is incompatible with science

    Hi Hammer Looks to me like there is some room for potential and hell if there is an Atlantis on Mars then why not a Chicago too. There are 2 places named Chicago in America. There are 2 places named Chicago in Mexico. There is one place named Chicago in Philippines. There is one place named Chicago in Nicaragua. There is one place named Chicago in Mozambique. There is one place named Chicago in Guatemala. There is one place named Chicago in Belize. jmccr8
  21. Last Word you said?

    Stuppy!!!!! Talking to my dog
  22. Syrians and Lebanese are also Semites, and you don't see many light skinned ones.
  23. US apparently readying for Iran attack

    I don't think your analogy works well. Saudi citizens acted on their own religious craziness and funding to commit 911. Hamas, Hizballah and the Houthis aren't Iranian in any sense. They're just hired guns who are supplied with cash, weapons, training and intel. They do the bidding of the money-men. This is quite clear, Earl. Is it possible that someone went rogue? Anything is possible but it isn't likely they jeopardize their main source of funding and weapons, is it?
  24. Abortion exceptions

    How do you know they're not? There is a large network of child advocacy and protective services in this country. Somebody has to staff them. Somebody has to volunteer to be foster parents and arrange adoptions. I used to work as a houseparent for unwanted, disturbed or delinquent teenagers. There were many levels of staff, all concerned with children who were already born. I didn't know or care about their views on abortion, but their dedication to and concern for the welfare of children was genuine. Odds are many of them were pro-life. The answer to your question could also be that they are too busy raising their own children to worry about others, since they didn't abort them.
  25. Yeah, this "separated" thing. How did that happen? Let me explain my concern. When the third stage fired in Earth orbit to take the stack to the Moon (the Trans-Lunar Injection or TLI burn), its thrust produced an acceleration which started at roughly 0.7G and increased to about 1.4G as the stack got lighter from burned fuel. So how did the CSM...um...separate itself from this accelerating stack? It couldn't use the Service Module's Reaction Control System because those little chaps didn't produce enough thrust to pull away from an accelerating stack. So maybe they shut down the third stage engine a second time, separated the CSM with the SM RCS, and then re-lit the third stage for a third time. No, that doesn't work either, because the TLI burn was monitored in real-time by one of the three Deep Space Network ground stations, and they'd notice the stop-start nature of the stack's behaviour, which adds a few dozen more people (including non-Americans) who had to be part of this not-a-conspiracy. That leaves the third option - that the CSM separated using its big SPS engine out the back of the Service Module. But now we have the slight problem that this fire-in-the-hole ignition of the SPS occurs with the top of the LM literally a metre below the bell of the SPS engine. Care to explain how the LM didn't get toasted? So if I was to mark your narrative of how you think Apollo 11 and 12 were faked, this part would rate Needs More Work.
  26. Waking up with bruises on my wrists?

    These are very insignificant bruises, I reckon just about everyone has noticed a bruise on themselves at some stage, and wondered how they got it.
  27. Not a lot. Only the few that mixed with Iranians and that's rare. Jews are not "Semites". They are a religion now. Not a ethnic group anymore and European Jews have European genes. Even the ones in Israel. Palestinians on the other hand are Semites. .
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