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  2. Doing God's will.

    Credibility 0%. No way I can take anything you state serious.
  3. I have faith in you, and let me point out that you lie. Where is it recorded in the myth the reason why such an overwhelming numbered Atlantean force lost to a measly 20,000 Athenians?
  4. Hate Crime at Major US University

    Yeah, FARM CHICKEN raise it, grow it veggies on roof tops, or PIGEON, better than the crap in packaged processed fast eat meat junk. Well, unless you work, no time eat when you can.
  5. 1000 years ago man could not fly. now days flight travel is as easy as purchasing a ticket on line and getting to an airport. what exactly are you having a problem with? i never said that there are two dimensions to physics. i said that the effects of physics can be negated by biology and technology.
  6. https://www.theatlantic.com/science/archive/2018/04/are-we-earths-only-civilization/557180/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=share&fbclid=IwAR0DreRviYKj5ryN-2y79RzcIKktM4I4RzJzkl-skeW6MreGxlvLHwmaO7I This is a non-woo look at how we would/could detect a Palocene non-human industrial civilization
  7. Posting a falaccy does not help your position. Here is the fallacy: "physics say's that we cannot fly" Then you switch to technology: "again pilots wear flight suits in order to lessen the effects of gravity G forces" I don't need to bring up a failed idea before you use a failed idea. There is no alien physics. There is physics.
  8. Better than Grade B, though. Unless A is worse than B. Who asked for your opinion anyway? What's a twaddle? Is that like a paddle used for playing ping pong? You must be a new one. Did you ever insult me before on this forum? I don't remember you. Anyway, I only accept constructive criticism, like Harte just gave me. Let me say that I would paddle you somewhere where the twaddle don't shine, if I was not a very faithful Christian. But you have shaken my faith, therefore It's not better to give than to receive, in our case.
  9. Word Association from the Last Letter

    synapse -> extra-supramolecular
  10. US threatens to veto UN resolution on rape

    Except I’m not a right-wing extremist. You know that political spectrum test? I don’t recall the link but it asks you several questions to determine where you fall on the spectrum, Authoritarian vs Libertarian and Liberal vs Conservative. Every time I take it, I constantly fall within a few points of 0. I don’t recall seeing anyone more moderate. If you think I am far-right then think again. It is because you are far-left. This is not providing appropriate care to rape victims. It is a means to divide and conquer. That is the Socialist endgame. Appropriate care should be handled (and usually is) at the local level. No infringement needed from an international organization. Europe is tearing itself up over this very issue. Declining populations compounded by Hijrah, austerity, Yellow-vests, Brexit and many other Conservative movements are growing. Unfortunately, that does include some of the alt-right. But the two extremes are basically the same. It’s the middle against the ends.
  11. Doing God's will.

    Soooo, when an individual goes on a killing spree, slaying the wicked and unrighteous, because 'it's god's will'., then that individual has made a personal and subjective decision, based on his 'spiritual experience?" It is astounding how some can claim that >>these<< people are following god's will, but >>those<< people are not. When none of them can prove that they are listening to anything but the voice in their own head. I don't expect a straight answer from you, more like "Following god's will is when you decide that your will is gods will, when God wills you to do his will." Throughout history, people have claimed to be doing god's will, with both good and evil results. From feeding the poor, to eradicating indigenous people's culture, to waging war on those who believe differently, and committing atrocities in the name of god.
  12. Robot news presenter launched on Russian TV

    Sorry, no I meant back then in the 80s. I'm sure it was a Friday? I hated Max Headroom, I thought he was a YUPPY. Scary stuff there from the chaps with the AI girlfriends.
  13. And that's the most satisfying way of frying them, sez I. Harte
  14. Bolded: physics say's that we cannot fly YET technology has made it possible that we can. again pilots wear flight suits in order to lessen the effects of gravity G forces. there might be aliens that have different biological structures that make it easier for space travel or tech that can compensate for it. i really don't think you're right in this instance. Red: all over the place. ...and if you knew id bring up Nuremberg then you should have brought it up first and addressed it before i used it to blow your argument outta the sky instead of providing a very soft explanation for what you think is a better explanation.
  15. Going back tot he thread topic I think that these changes are more administrative changes than changes in attitude. As was already mentioned the fact that drones are common now is a problem as was seen at Heathrow airport. Drones have been crashed by jamming the GPS signal with a signal showing that the drone is in the wrong location. They move to get to the position they want to occupy and that has put them deep in San Francisco bay.
  16. Doing God's will.

    Sounds like fun to me. Any place is considered heaven where God's will is done. Just ask danydandan.
  17. Robot news presenter launched on Russian TV

    Still around? Didn't know that. Thanks. I think if they field a robot body, it will only be short term. The real savings is full CGI, no studio, no cameras, no makeup, no expensive sets or large spaces. After all, in Japan, some guys are already falling in love with their AI girlfriends online and trying to marry them knowing full well who or what they are. In this world of big data, everybody could watch a newsavatar created especially for them to satisfy their own preferences.as far as looks and content.
  18. Technology is not physics. Aliens are subject to the same physics as we are. It is a common mistake to think that there is physics for aliens and physics for us. You seem to be having a hard reading reading what I wrote. Where did I state that things do not exist? You can suggest that "any UFO sighting 1000 years ago it would have been a religious experience". I doubt that would be the case, but you can suggest it. I just knew you'd bring up Nuremberg. The section under 'phenomenon described' does not mention flying objects but rather things seen in the sky. Then they interpret that the changing positions of whatever they saw was a fight. It describes seeing color and shapes in the sky that are rather vague such as crosses and rods and spheres. Not buying this as an alien battle. At best there is little to go on.
  19. Saudis crucify a man

    maybe your definition of what is civilized , not entirely correct, again you just proved that what you feel about yourself is more important than consequences of your actions, that is not being civilized
  20. Eldorado

    I heard today that Twitter only became popular in France after they learnt they could retweet.

  21. These myths are recorded, you know. All you have to do is look into it. This: is fake. Now, a person might have "faith" in a liar, but that doesn't mean the lies can't be pointed out. It's not like it's religious faith. It's faith in some guy that made a meme. Harte
  22. Coca-cola coffee to hit markets

    interesting, unfortunately that drink will also have as much sugar as in coca cola. we actually have similar drink here in nyc, for decades, called Manhattan special, made in Brooklyn, very sweet, and has plenty of caffeine,
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