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  2. This man and women was a match made in a cesspool.
  3. Such a god does not exist, and it would be impossible for it to exist, without using magical thinking. It is thus a construct created from human need. Besides which your definition/concept is only one of many going back to ancient Sumerian times and crossing all known human cultures across time. Don't be trapped by one human concept of what a god is, even as a disbeliever. I deal daily with a physical powerful entity I am happy if you don't think of it a s a god because it doesn't fit the definition you just gave but it is powerful enough to protect my life, give me everything I need and want in life, and to empower me beyond what most humans are capable of, in terms of not ever being afraid, worried, depressed, or angry or lonely etc. What i think you are doing is deliberately constructing an ideal of god which is impossible, so you can then not have to believe in it If a being is beyond human reason and understanding then how can it stand as a god for us, and connect to us, respond to us, and care for us? Tell me Sherapy, what is just ONE thing your god of infinite perfection, which exists beyond your reason or understanding, ever done to help protect, or empower you, in your life?
  4. Thats a beautiful story thanks for sharing...I believe her..Do you?
  5. Christians are not to seek vengeance (or throw the first stone), but to to leave each person to Jesus's judgement on the last day.
  6. I've never seen an angel, but my youngest sister-in-law says she saw one when she was a kid. She was in her room and yelling for her mom, and a strange lady dressed in white appeared in the doorway and spoke to her about what was wrong. The person then left the doorway back into the hall and her mom walked in, but hadn't seen anyone.
  7. No, a hood is the folding roof as on a convertible.
  8. You know what ? .... No ... Clearly you are not looking at this with a clear and rational presence of mind ... and I'm tired of this flying circus That you even brought it up just shows how skewed you are when approaching the subject ... ~ Au revoir Admiral Underpants ...
  9. I'd agree. According to Revelation, Jesus sits in Judgement on the Last Day, and has the book of each person's life, and the Book of Life, where the names of the Saved are written. Seems to me that the only reason to do that set up would be to review a person's life, and offer them the chance to Repent, and then the chance to accept Jesus as Savior, and be written into the Book of Life. I expect Jesus would be extremely tolerant in each persons life actions, as long as they repent of the bad things. The one caviot is that to go to heaven requires accepting Jesus as the Messiah. One point people don't like is the polar nature involved... Heaven or Hell. I Christianity there is no third (Unless you are Catholic = Purgatory) option, so the "good people" who do not accept Jesus are going into the Fire, with Hitler and Jeffery Dahmer....
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  11. May I answer? I would, like most people in my situation, question where I was. Since I have basically been a good person, I would expect that to be taken into consideration. I was raised to believe in a forgiving God, even though his path is not my chosen one. He would not cast me aside for my doubts.
  12. There's a need to feed the Military Industrial Complex.... At least it improves the economy, bringing in US jobs.
  13. i agree that there is a vocal minority not just in the media and the internet but everywhere that attributes UFO sightings as a figment of the imagination, drug abuse or even worse a mental condition yet most people i speak to actually believe that there is something more to the UFO phenomenon than a "logical explanation." i mean even Hilary Clinton promised to make UFO investigations open. an obvious attempt to garner more votes, i know, just illustrating that most people are believers. maybe being told what to believe is the real conspiracy.
  14. I think the video quality was bad enough. There was no need to do any edits. If it was a suit, and I think it probably was, then the poor quality alone would have done the best job of covering it up. I mean look at the stills in previous posts (Post 74). Can you tell anything at all in those? People who see muscles moving... really, at this quality of video?
  15. Will do lol. Goodnight take some pizza Aquila ate all the cheese sticks with you
  16. So, if you did die, or believed you had, and popped up in front of Jesus, you'd insist it was probably just a electrical brain illusion while you were dying, and refuse to accept it, and let yourself be cast eternally into the Fire? Or would you say to yourself, "What the hell...", sure you are Jesus and I'd rather go to heaven then hell.
  17. Just ask for the mummy named John.
  18. I am again following Aquila's example and calling it a night. Here's a bed suitable for tonight's theme: Although before retiring, I might go check out some more Ricahrd Dawkins.
  19. Lol or just do the simple thing and ask. Lol my god mother does security at the Adelaide one, every now and then if I don't see her I ask for her. They're normally happy to get her for me.
  20. Goodnight, take some cheese sticks on your way out
  21. Mm, that vodka looks refreshing. Sleep well.
  22. That's where I'll be, unless I'm downstairs in the basement with the mummies we don't display. We have the coolest basement (three levels). There's a room just for human remains, and there's a drawer in there where they store me overnight.
  23. No, that's a common mistake. The mummy in my avatar photo is in the exhibit, but he's not me. He looks better.
  24. Hey that's the first part of the plan head for the mummies and then find the guy hanging with them
  25. LOL Oh, man, my friend (Noreen) might get a kick out of this. She's quite a bit older than I and is a feisty Irish gal. And she cracks me up. She's retired now but was a surgical nurse for decades, and has helped me manage my own medical issues. That's about as intimate as it gets.
  26. (psst, he's the one wearing the hoodie. )
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