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  2. Vlad the Mighty

    Please stand clear, the bridge is about to be raised 

  3. It always makes me chuckle to see so many people mistrust the Truth, and our current understanding of it, whilst simultaneously using devices that exist because being correct scientifically, proves that science isn't what it's all about .
  4. We have to inject insulin in our cat twice a day. She has special food we have to purchase as well.
  5. It isn't exacty "mistrusting" science in a sense of an absolute denial - nowhere near that, it is a critique of scientism and dogmatism which is abundantly present in science.
  6. Gun control works in small areas like really small but it won' work where it' not policed properly, you're not going to have your gun checked every month if you live in the country. Alot of mass shooting suspects go on the internet and try and plan.
  7. At most this is just a case of false memory due to being black out drunk.
  8. It always makes me chuckle to see so many people mistrust science, and our current understanding of it, whilst simultaneously using devices that couldn't possibly exist without science being correct to call it out .
  9. Oh no we're not! This time, those who are against truth are gonna go to jail if they try to do more than talk about indefensible, the undoable.
  10. I usually don't like getting into these kind of discussions but, the "real science" of today could be different in a few years. Look a the ridicule Alfred Wegener received when he introduced his continental drift theory. Or the guy and his son (Alvarez I think) who had the astroid theory wiping out the dinosaurs. Point being there is a LOT of dogma in the sciences. I'm not saying every crazy idea deserves peer review but, there is also dogma in the peer review aspect of science.
  11. I have a feeling I know who has more to lose, more current economic and political power and has spent more years entrenching their position. Let me give a hint, it's not the climate scientists who's jobs will exist regardless of the outcome of the science.
  12. Gun control is not going to work.Mental illness in children should be found out, why they want to kill a lot of kids.
  13. Hung jury in the Joey Merlino trial
  14. I'm a gun owner and do not support banning guns. However your argument is not a good one for the gun owners. It's flawed. With your reasoning, all dangerous items should be made available. Toys with small choking hazards, asbestos or vehicles with brakes that fail.
  15. For me Will, its the fact that some folks wont even consider anything outside their person box, their comfy space, and are willing to just dismiss very intelligent people with very, very interesting and intriuging ideas, simply because they have a differing view.. This isn't the way to truth.. The truth isnt afraid of enquiry. This is the way to fascism, via political correctedness and jumping on anyone different. The thing is Will, those folks at the top, they dont care about anyone, not us "Truth Seekers" and not those spreading this misinformation. We are all heading towards the same gulag.
  16. Billy Graham died 99 years old, good old Moses.
  17. As we can see there cannot be life in the Pleiades. Simply impossible. The stars are much too young. Those claiming that aliens are from the Pleiades are simply repeating the nonsensical ramblings of hoaxers such as Billy Meier or Barbara Marciniak or Lia Shapiro. Apparently, people like to be fooled. This keeps such hoaxers busy fooling people.
  18. CK Auburn is a 50-1 shot to win it all you might want to put a few bucks on them.
  19. Most scientists would agree that the Earth has now emerged in to the Anthropocene era - a new geological period defined by mankind's influence over the planet's climate and environment. Radioactivity in tree rings seems to be an arbitrary standard. The ancient Romans' worldwide copper smelting pollution is also evidence of "mankind's influence over the planet's climate and environment."
  20. Static truth is dead truth, and only dead truth can be held as a theory.
  21. So you want to charge the tax payers to pay a woman who thinks she seen a creature that doesn't exist? That makes no sense. I guess you'd be rooting for me to win a lawsuit against the government for not recognizing leprechauns?
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  23. I'm new to this site so I'm just trying to get used to it
  24. For some, too much truth isn't good. It tends to ruin the material facts.
  25. Above is a demonstration of your scientific illiteracy. Regarding expertise you show a very simplistic view. This leads me to believe you have poor knowledge of the current academic debate on ‘expertise’. Suggest you read up on Gobet, 2015, to expand your knowledge of the current debate.
  26. A solitary tree on an island in New Zealand may hold the key to determining the beginning of the Anthropocene.
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