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  2. Atheist vs. Agnostic Label

    Yes, I generally find trying to understand why people believe, far more interesting than the belief itself. Not only with god, but the paranormal in general.
  3. Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    Well, we shall see what happens but I think you will find you are wrong. Though I bet you will never admit it.
  4. marsman

    Dog Loves Jumping In Leaves





  5. Climate Change is a Hoax

    Nuclear is a dodgy issue. Fast breeders use re-processed uranium as fuel, reducing the amount of pollutants in the process, but they can have meltdowns, with attendant extreme risks. I think we could use them to reduce the amount of "hot" material being stored, thus reducing energy requirements for that storage (cooling systems, water pumps, etc.) and generate clean power in the process. As for GreenPeace ever going nuclear: Get real. They're very much anti-nuclear. If you don't like NOAA's data, you can always use the HadCrut4 data, available here: Hadley-Crutcher 4 address is: http://hadobs.metoffice.com/ http://hadobs.metoffice.com/hadcrut3/diagnostics/comparison.html http://hadobs.metoffice.com/hadcrut4/ NOAA's data only goes back to 1880 and it is a bit iffy before 1892. For the 19th century into the early 20th century, you can use the "Forts" data from the University of Illinois, available here: EV2 Station Data Address: Oklahoma: http://mrcc.sws.uiuc.edu/FORTS/inventory2.jsp "Forts" because it was recorded by the Army Surgeon's Office and Signal Corps; weather stations were always located near a fort. In Oklahoma, these go back to 1824 (Fort Towson) and include Fort Gibson, Fort Sill, Fort Wichita, Fort Reno and Fort Supply. So check it out: As the dataset starts before the last local low of the Little Ice Age, it shows warming. I leave it to you to determine how much is recovery from the Little Ice Age and how much is global warming, but it is a reasonable assumption that before 1850 it was the LIA and after 1909 it was global warming. In between: you decide. The complete set of field notes for all weather stations run by the Weather Bureau and its successors is available on microfilm through the National Archives. That will cost you about $500. Microfilm is a bit inconvenient to work with, so I made a deal with a local library to transfer the data onto pdf files in exchange for a copy. They show hand-written pages when the observer ran out of forms, coffee rings, and include notes about bud break, tornadoes, floods, people killed by lightning, condition of the peach crop and what farmer Jones planted last week. There are gaps where the observer went to a Christmas party and didn't take any observations. About a third of the stations didn't turn in reports for November 23, 1963 - they were watching the news broadcasts of the Kennedy assassination. And then there's Hee Mountain where the observer didn't make any observations on days that were unusually hot or unusually cold. There are also daily records available from some European cities, a few of which go back into the 1700s. But these are isolated datasets and totally inadequate for determining global temps. Before written records, there are proxies, like tree rings, ice cores and well logs. These are listed on the NCDC website. Fifteen tree-ring chronologies listed on that site are mine. NOAA has not changed them. When I discovered a missing ring in the Bokoma Log Pond Chronology, I had NOAA disable the link (It's still there, pending repair). All these proxies have to show a similar pattern. 1855 is a marker ring (It was a drought year and is confirmed by weather observations and Indian history hides. It is narrow in every Oklahoma and Arkansas chronology that goes back that far. You can cross-check a series by cross-dating it against another, nearby series. NOAA couldn't make changes without the original researchers getting wise to it and screaming bloody murder. If you are going to claim global warming is false, then you need a dataset to back you up. Without one, all you are doing is ranting. There is no reason to believe you. If you don't like NOAA's data, then use somebody else's. It is the lack of supporting evidence that makes your claim unbelievable. You won't defeat global warming without it. So pick a dataset and go to work. Doug
  6. Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    What you fail to see is that equal justice under the law is precisely what is about to happen here. The Democrat loonies and their RINO accomplices have pushed the scales so badly off-kilter that returning to balance will feel (to you) like a takeover by extremists. It's not. It's a return to sanity.
  7. Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    You are wrong and history will show it. There was good reason for a special counsel. Trump brought it upon the country himself when he fired Comey over 'this Russia thing'. Once he did that he put Rod Rosenstein in a very difficult position and really the only legal/ethical/politiically sane thing to do was to appoint a special counsel at that point. Trumps stupidity and shortsightedness drug our country through the mud in this, if he really is as smart as he claims, he would have realized what the outcome of his action was likely to be and he would have been more strategic in how he handled things. This is all his doing, though he will never admit it.
  8. Could you quote whoever it was above that said that? Or is it just your personal strawman..? A conspiracy is just that, a proven conspiracy. A conspiracy theory is "a theory that explains an event or set of circumstances as the result of a secret plot by usually powerful conspirators". It may be proved to be true (in which case you would drop the ..theory bit) and it also may not, and in many cases, be so ill-founded as to be ridiculous. Whilst I'm sure you can come up with several examples of conspiracy theories that were in fact shown to be true conspiracies... I'd bet i can find several hundred of the other type.... and I gotta say that the type of CT being referred to in the OP seems to be rather clear.
  9. Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    No argument from me on that but we can assume it is not about Russian collusion or obstruction. We can also asume it is financial related given what Mueller has prosecuted to date (except for process crimes). No Special Prosecutor, distrupting the country for 2 years, was necessary. Mueller knew almost from the beginning that there was no collusion or obstruction so why did he drag this on for two long years? How many US citizens did he bankrupt while running this witch hunt? This was NOT justice it was a democrat witch hunt designed, at first, to throw Trump out of office and quickly turned into an operation to cover those leaders of the of the coup d'ètat. Now the cover is gone and the real crooks will be subpoenaed. .
  10. Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    You guys are no better than the left waiting for Trump to be charged with something..anything. You are just flipping the scrypt and now you are going to be waiting for the investigators that investigated Trump to be charged with something...anything. It is pathetic. If someone did something illegal they should be held accountable, period. It doesn't matter which side they are on. I only want the law to be applied equally to all people, you want the law to only apply to the left.
  11. Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    I wouldn't charge him with anything because a sitting president cannot be indicted. I would keep him under a microscope and keep making the public and congress aware of his corruption. The best way to fight back against corruption is by continuously shining a bright light on it.
  12. Hey I'm totally new to this website, but I joined to tell a story about something that happened to me when I was around the age of 8, I have no idea what this "thing" was but from my research it's an orb? But anyway here's my story: So when I was around 8, my parents bought me a tent, specifically a high school musical tent LMAO, it was pink and when I received it I was excited to use it. For future reference this tent was a single person tent and the door that zipped up, had another zip, and this zip was a window that was on the door so I could keep the door closed but I could see out. I begged and begged my parents to let me set up my tent and sleep in it and one night they said yes. So they set it up in the playroom, the playroom had no door, it just headed out straight into the hallway. I sat in my tent and played my DS a lot of the night until it ran out of charge, then I just sat around and read a book. But fast forward and it got to around midnight and I look outside my tent window and see this bright white sphere, around the size of a fist moving into the playroom from the hallway, it moved relatively slowly and was moving in mid-air going up and down, almost wave like. Me being young and not knowing what this thing was I was scared and zipped up the tent, but popped my head up looking out the window to see what it was doing, it moved across the room and then disappeared where I couldn't see it no longer without getting out of the tent. I told my parents the next day and they said I was just being silly. to this day I still don't really understand what it was, all ive found through my own research was that it could be an orb but a lot of people say that you can only see orbs on film? If anyone has had a similar story with whatever this thing is, feel free to reply. Also if anyone knows what this could be please tell me and reasons why it was hanging around in the playroom with me and why did it just disappear out of no where?
  13. Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    Lol...if you're mad now (bro), you'll be positively apoplectic when you learn they actually are investigating the investigators. Many of you Lefties are going to feel completely 'violated' by what is coming. My advice? Just relax and enjoy it...
  14. Acronym it! (Part 2)

    You forgot to post your five letter word. We'll use the one in your sentence. COMES Chocolate Opening Marks Easter Sunday BUNNY
  15. Let's talk history

    That's a good point. I agree.
  16. UFO sightings

    Indeed, they will lose all credibility and are clearly misusing this forum. So, not that I would rub it in, but in this post on the previous page, Earl.of.Trumps posted this image: .. claiming it to be from the Washington 1952 UFO incident. In fact, the image was taken in ~1965, and shows reflected lens flares from spotlights that are very clearly visible in the uncropped original image. The image was cropped to deliberately mislead. Those FACTs were proven here and elsewhere in previous threads that Earl has participated in, yet here he is, posting an image he KNOWS is fake. I think he should apologise to the forum... (if he doesn't, then that shows he wants to mislead the forum, and also shows he is incapable of learning... sad really...)
  17. Not Your Huckleberry

    "Why would I hire two people when I can get one person to do twice the work?"


    Every Manager Ever

  18. Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    Trump surrounded himself with Wall street types and lawyers who got caught up in this investigation. Says so much for the cleanliness of Wall street types and lawyers doesn't it? Yet you have Trump pegged as guilty by association, so assured of his guilt in anything. So tell me, what would you charge Trump with that prosecutors have missed?
  19. Preceding 1st + Last letters come in New Word

    paydays -> eclipse
  20. Washington State democrats....

    That was just an example, but it could be anything that is not illegal. I'm on board with candidates being required to submit their tax returns to the public. I think it is a good thing. But if it is not legally required, I think it is BS for a state to leave them off the ballot for it. Like I said, it opens a can of worms. States could leave people off ballots for any reason they want.
  21. Pig brains revived four hours after death

    Porkenstein lives!
  22. Word Association from the Last Letter

    excitement -> thrill
  23. Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    If someone did something criminal they should be charged, regardless of which 'side' they are on. What I like is when our system works and people are held accountable, if that is what happens and if those people are people on the left I will cheer for it just the same as it means our system is working. Mueller did a great job and he did exactly what he was supposed to do, no more, no less.
  24. Great white sharks are scared of orcas, study

    https://www.ocearch.org/tracker/?list It's pretty cool, and scary, to see where sharks are currently.
  25. Dingo attack: Dad saves toddler from wild dog

    So for once, a dingo _didn't_ eat someone's baby...
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