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  2. You know that there is a story that there are people who live underground a few hours drive from here. People say they come out very rarely and interact with people near a certain volcanic mountain. They were said to have found a way to vitrify the rocks which makes for incredibly sturdy tunnels which they moved into and have lived for a long long time, keeping a garden which has plants and animals that are now extinct up here. Well I know most of you arent interested in random wives tales but this reminded me of it.
  3. Most people can't imagine the utter disgust I have for them. I hope they are both earthbound and their souls slowly fading into nothingness....
  4. They won't open the tomb because they are concerned about the mummy. More than likely it is caucasian.
  5. Good find, Hazzard. gold and other r-process elements created. I believe they now have accountability for all the elements. a bit of confusion here as to how they word this "This one collision created at least 10 Earths’ worth of gold." are they saying gold created in the equivalent to the mass of 10 earths, or gold created in the amount of gold in ten earths? I'm suspecting the former. Because if it is the latter, they better come up with another way to make gold lol, there's way too much of it to consider it only to be made by the collision of two stars, a rare event
  6. Yay! Of all the places outside of earth europa is the one that i look at and think there is definitely life there! Something about the shade and manner of the deposits on the ice and the similarity to earth just scream it to me... But in a subtle way I can't elaborate. I wonder if it looks anything like the underside of ice shelves here.
  7. OverSword

    3 mass shootings allegedly thwarted

    The question being is any of that illegal? If I were to say I had robbed a bank but the bank had never been robbed is it illegal? We know that for most of us having guns and ammunition is legal.
  8. Earl.Of.Trumps

    The Band of Holes - New Information!

    Nice. I won't use google chrome so I got it by using stereo's link and then plugged in your coordinates. Very strange. They are not round holes, but rather a series of oblong holes that are near square. No way for me to explain it.
  9. tcgram

    What's for dinner?

    I made tater tot casserole tonight, tossed salad, mixed fruit.
  10. Piney

    knowing the unknown

    You still have some negative thoughts in your subconscious. As for something "listening in" you need to gain inner strength and tell yourself nothing can hurt or bother you. It's all about belief in oneself and intention.
  11. While working from poor photographs is inherently limiting, it would be suggested that the degree of cranial suture fusion combined with the degree of maxillary resorption suggests loss at a comparatively young age. Also note the condition of the mandible. .
  12. Tiggs

    Epstein found Dead in Jail

    True. Reportedly, Epstein's plane seats up to 29 passengers. However -- that's not particularly relevant, as the first column in that logbook is for "Aircraft Make and Model". Could just as easily be an unmodified Boeing 737 that the pilot is logging time for -- and in fact, the logs do show the pilot logging time for various different planes, including simulators. Which makes it pretty obvious to me that it's a pilot-specific logbook, rather than a plane-specific one. As far as I'm aware -- there is no officially mandated FAA format for a pilot's logbook layout -- just the data that needs to be captured. You can read the statutory FAA requirements on what pilot logbooks need to record, here. You'll perhaps note that there's no FAA requirement for the pilot to list the passengers on each flight, in those logbooks -- let alone guarantee that the list is accurate. That looks like an attempt to run the logs through OCR, which has stripped most of the handwritten information. The version linked to earlier in this thread, by pixii, appears to be the document released by the court, and is much easier to read.
  13. meryt-tetisheri

    Receiving Fr. James’s Behrens body​

    Thank you for an insightful and touching post. My mother has recently passed away, reading your blog is a great help. Once again, a heartfelt thank you and my sincere condolences. Meryt
  14. The "Living Universe" who believers are just part of and don't ask from.
  15. pixiii

    Epstein found Dead in Jail

    Yeah thanks Earl, I remembered Tiggs normally had good manners (I remember him from years ago, he's even kept that same avatar! ), I was overtired and it seems so was Tiggs LOL... I actually thought Tiggs was saying that I, myself, must be insane if I think the flight logs are an official manifest of any kind - when I was simply putting the info I found into a timeline and keeping it objective (It took me an hour and a half working on that post). The logs were used as an official piece of evidence in court so someone obviously found them to be good enough to use in the Roberts vs Maxwell case is what I was trying to say. Everyone should be treated equally and held accountable for their comments which is why I have no qualms in questioning something if I feel it was unwarranted. At the end of the day, you won't see me insulting anyone else on this forum for their belief, faith or opinions, never have, never will. And now....back to the matter at hand!
  16. Waspie_Dwarf


    The moon tonight:


  17. one light

    knowing the unknown

    Hello, something happened a few years ago where my gift in all things were taken? How could i get them back? Who would do this and why? It seems that everything is not in balance anymore. I think of positive thoughts and they become the opposite. I cleanse myself and still like something can hear my thoughs or what i say. How do i stop this??? Everything seems to be to the left or the right. I was in an accident this year and my gosh, when will the truth be known. Can anyone answer this??? Thank you...
  18. Agent0range

    Whistle Blower Leaks Googles Political Bias

    Keep up. You said Google should be labeled a public utility, I said it wouldn't happen because conservatives won't even name the internet, which is used to access Google a public utility. YOU brought up antitrust laws. And no, the internet is not a company, like you said. But, when you started speaking about making Google a public utility, that applies to the infrastructure that runs said being. In Google's case, it would be it's code, algorithms, and servers. In the internet's case, it would be the servers, lines, cables, and towers. You are the one comparing apples to oranges while not really making any sense. I am showing you how to compare the two. Why was the Bell system broken up? THE INFRASTRUCTURE! It allowed no other companies to utilize the infrastructure which was being maintained by a great amount of tax dollars to no expense of the company, because it was a NECESSITY. Now, that is where net neutrality comes in again. We are allowing companies to use the infrastructure to create local monopolies, and manage how we use our bandwidth. They create agreements between themselves to not let competitors move in to fix the prices. Therefore, creating far more of a monopoly than Google. Don't like Google? There are DOZENS of other search engines. Don't like Android phones? Get an Iphone. Don't like Chrome? Opera, Firefox, Edge. If I don't like my internet provider, I have no other option.
  19. They make laser pointers for phones. Someone is screwing with you.
  20. Chandrayaan 2 arrives in lunar orbit, targets moon landing next month
  21. I did say some... I've seen atheists post links to Southern Baptist church websites, time after time which say killing gays and others is ok. That kind of anger/hate often turns to violence. That's all I'm saying. Hate often leads to violence. Even though they'd say they were doing good in doing so. Were not some of the enforced gay-fixing camps not Southern Baptist, and some Catholic? I'll check, but if they would restrain a gay person, they'd restrain a possessed person also. Edit: I did find this... http://www.bpnews.net/50523/exorcists-in-demand--baptists-discuss-demonic-activity Which says... So, nonChristians can be possessed, according to Baptist theology. They dont practice exercism though, but they will "liberate" people under demonic influence.
  22. Captain Risky

    Colourized footage of the last Tasmania Tiger

    I have a property in Hobart and I intend to retire there at some point. Wondering how long i’ll have to wait before my neck starts to sprout another me.
  23. @Not A Rockstar can tell you all about the persecution. He's a Asogwe Houngan.
  24. Habitat

    Religion versus Fiction

    The appeal court has dismissed the appeal, and the sentence stands. I still have some doubts about it, for various reasons. And one of the three judges must also, it was a 2-1 decision. One wonders why a jury must be unanimous, but an appeal court, not. I have trouble believing that a man who would have seen the law closing in on church sex offenders, would have then decided to brazenly offend. Doubtless he protected offenders, whether he was one himself, or is effectively being punished for the shielding of others, I can't be 100% about.
  25. Would you now be proposing that Greenland was, at any point in relevant history, positioned at the mouth of the Nile River? Is there any end to the stupid? .
  26. Yesterday
  27. DieChecker

    Who will the Democratic nominee be?

    Looks like Harris is backing out of Medicare for All, as outlined by Sanders. And Sanders' reps are calling her names for doing so. She's spiraling down in the polls. Losing her just to the left followers to Biden, and everyone else back to Sanders. Warren isnt gaining or losing right now. Other then the top three of Biden, Sanders and Warren, only Harris and Mayor Pete, are at 5% or more. Everyone else is basically expected to fall away. Castro though plans to stick it out to next debate. https://www.thedailybeast.com/kamala-harris-says-shes-uncomfortable-with-bernies-health-care-plan-two-years-after-cosponsoring-it https://beta.washingtonpost.com/politics/democrats-back-off-once-fervent-embrace-of-medicare-for-all/2019/08/19/13c76ffe-c28b-11e9-b5e4-54aa56d5b7ce_story.html?outputType=amp https://reason.com/2019/08/20/kamala-harris-medicare-for-all-problem-is-the-democratic-partys-medicare-for-all-problem/
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