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  2. The universe, as many people have pointed out, has no center. However, this thread has been going around in circles for weeks - so I guess this thread must have a center. I wish it had an end! Will won't listen to what he is being told: I think he enjoys playing games ...
  3. Gidday harte good to see you. I certainly agree that there is more than enough reason to discount the ideal of God, logically. But the flaw I see in your argument is that you are applying a logical process to an illogical construct. God took individual interests in people my times, he allowed mankind to survive the great flood with his chosen one. And he is magic. Make the sun stand still God, rain frogs God, kill all the firstborn to show that nasty pharos a lesson God, used Job as a betting chip with Satan, God, put Satan in the garden if Eden to soon mankind God. He can do anything inside or outside if nature with the purported super powers he has capable if creating a universe. Yes, a balanced view of basic right and wrong evades an all knowing being like this? That seems more illogical than cibsidetibf such an omnipotent being still has to obey nature If there is an ounce of validity to any of the above, God know what hurts, God can change a catastrophic event at the mere thought of it and he created the garden if Eden with no suffering only to remove that because eve was tempted by Satan. If God can see outside of time then he knew what that would result in endless stuffing for this he call innocents whilst some slob pulls a million dollar jackpot and blows it in narcotics. Considering God is fairytale capable, nothing is beyond his power, he can stop a tsunami as if it never happened. I would posit that a god capable of anything, and then letting what he determined innocents to suffer whilst sinners win lotteries, is either a total dick, not worthy of worship, or he does not exist. And evidence as we agree supports the latter by providing better answers than ancient philosophies. If God is invoked in hindsight with magical capabilities I think logically that indicates he should have magical responsibilities and can be torn down by them as easily as he is put in a pedestal by them.
  4. Looks like a wayshrine to one of the Nine Divines in Oblivion
  5. I don't know. Maybe some soccer mom was swayed by the meme that portrayed Clinton as Satan. I don't need a cartoonish meme to tell me the obvious. I see the horns and smell the sulfur each time I see the excuse-making demon.
  6. First off, our Founding Fathers knew and understood history. They knew that every government becomes tyrannical even when it first started benevolent. And in time, that government falls to some sort of failure. In order to prevent that and form a more perfect union, the Founding Fathers devised a government based on natural rights and not divine right or derivative. One of the cornerstones of that government was to allow the citizen to provide for their own security (on top of what the government could provide). As F3SS as pointed out, an armed local population can make life hard for any occupying force. But you seem to be under the wrong impression. You seem to invoke that when the smallest pocket of rebellious civilians rose up, that the government would put them down. As if the people would initiate these events. But the question is, what is the motivation of that rebellion? If it is something instigated by the government, then we the people have a right and duty to rise up. And this usually will happen when the ballot fails. Initially, the military will probably support the government but when the abuses of the government become more evident, you will see mass munity. That will be because we have a professional army and they are part of the people. Why do you think Obama wanted to raise a National Civilian Security Force (NCSF) that was just as armed and funded as the military? A force that owed it’s loyalty to the government? That was to counter the relationship between the people and the military. We have already seen how Obama had decapitated the military leadership and weaponized the government agencies against the people. The stage was set for Hilary. Unfortunately, most Americans do not practice the 2nd Amendment in full. There needs to be more militias. We need to raise awareness starting in the schools. Citizenship should be taught in the schools which includes how to use and respect guns and how to act in a well-regulated militia. That way you could set up a firewatch among the students to share the duty on a schedule. That way, not every one would need to carry arms all the time. Plus, it would solidify the unity and organization of the people into adulthood, making it more difficult of a government gone amok to subjugate the people.
  7. Wait..... so these supposive "Russian" nationalists are actually Ukraine nationalists? If that is true, then this has nothing to do with Russia and more to do with Ukraine!
  8. I understand that.
  9. Honestly I don’t have the answers to that but if for some reason the shlt did hit the fan I’d much rather you tell me how we the people have any advantage at all if we were without arms. Because if it came down to it I’d much rather have one or know someone who does. We might not win but without them we would definitely lose.
  10. Always the way. I’m on and off today, mood is all over the place still so trying to distract mind
  11. I think so. Had to weed through a lot of losers before I got with him, though.
  12. Nice rambling rant. So if it's all down to 'the liberals', why don't the UK, France etc. which are much more liberal than the US have school massacres every week? They can't get guns but despite your idea, they don't make bombs, use knives or even baseball bat's. Only difference is the access to guns. A bomb is hard to make. A knife is slow and unreliable. A baseball bat is obvious and not all that deadly. A gun is just point, shoot, repeat. As many dead or injured as you can put bullets in the air. And you can shoot anyone before they have a chance to stop you. But, yeah, clearly guns aren't an issue...
  13. Aww he’s a keeper.
  14. My point was, there is a scientific discipline that attempts to quantify and measure the nonmaterial, although I rather doubt some here would be overly fond of it's conclusions.
  15. That's kind of the point. And those in government UNDERSTAND this as well. Ouija, you need to look at the history of guerrilla warfare a bit closer. Or you need to reevaluate the apparently poor opinion you have of Americans and their desire to fight back against a bunch of others that want to TELL them how they'll live their lives. No one imagines that such a fight would easy or bloodless. It would be absolutely APPALLING and it would touch every community in one way or another but it wouldn't begin unless that government decided by Fiat to remove the second amendment.
  16. Finally got back from the store. Hubby is being a sweetheart and is making supper for us..
  17. Why plant silly slogans when staged coups will do? Maidan Operatives: "Facebook? We don't need no stinkin' Facebook!" My guess is that people, in Ukraine, would have preferred bots over bullets and trolls over tanks.
  18. Nobody sees one, that's the point. People portray God into the worlds beauty, coincidences or they just force their own correlations. There is no effects or miracles to evaluate because believing in God is a personal choice, its not a tangible thing. Good luck with that Jupiter's a gas giant. I look at it often, it's stunning. Spray painting gas tends to fail. Amazing what you can learn with all the information out there.
  19. Just going to throw in an early mod reminder of this sections rules. This can be a hot button subject. 'Spirituality, Religion and Beliefs' board guidelines Please always respect the beliefs of other members - the bashing of specific religions, countries, races or belief systems is strictly disallowed. Several of the topics in this section cover some sensitive areas and it is important to respect the views of others; this means no flaming, no flamebaiting, no trolling and no personal attacks. We must also ask that members do not use the forums to promote or 'preach' their personal spiritual beliefs to others. I think we all can discuss the OP's 2017 article and subsequent updates about this and it's aspects in a friendly way. I enjoin us all to do so please.
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      A pyramid is a structure whose outer surfaces are triangular and converge to a single point at the top



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  21. All true. But I'd add that not even "hard" science theories are provable. New data can make even the most recent theories obsolete. Also, the soft sciences you mention still only measure, even if the actual measurement is more difficult. Harte
  22. Do not be too specifuc, but where do you live? It might shed some light on things. I have to be bunt and tell you that I discount any paranormal explanations, but it m8ght be that something interesting has happened.
  23. Besides you being a vindictive necromancer, you have excellent taste in music.
  24. Thank You Harte.. You have given me much to ponder on .. I found this thought provoking, and really it was an adventure for me. I went on a journey, through your words .. These words above .. Yes .. Logically, and I agree. I am Spiritually Connected and I know through my experiences, that My Mind, is Connected to Universal Energies.. A Certain Frequency, In Tune .. Physically, I am connected to Nature, Mother Earth, The Physical Plane... When I go all 5D, my whole body will be humming, like a bee, I feel all around me, my mind is locked into a certain frequency.. Once concentrated and focused on, this can also be done with sound, singing, humming, Knowledge from that frequency will come through to my body, signalling the feelings, converted to thoughts, that my computer Brain is Filing ... Once the Download has been successful,(this may only take a minute,) I can then access Information.. Mind Consciousness, connected to the Universe, can go outside of The Scope, and become "Observer" of all, and Time is just the Filing Cabinet of history's, sort of like DNA, Or the Genes, which can be checked out if it is pertaining to the Frequency Note that the Energy Ones vibration resonates with .. The Knowledge, that is given is what is needed in that life paths, Destiny .. The Higher The Energy Vibration the More Knowledge, is given.. The More Knowledge that can be Accessed .. My Mind is Connected to Outside this Material World, whilst My Body is Held Inside it, for this is where it belongs, I stay in Connection, through the Chord, or Cord, of the Golden Thread, connected to My Crown... Mo..xx
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