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  2. You reminded me of my days sweeping fake Indian tribes out of Wiki. No fun.
  3. If it happens again, I could.
  4. Skinwalkers are the most common in my area. I think it's likely that's what it is.
  5. God comes in many forms. Gozer the Traveler. He will come in one of the pre-chosen forms. During the rectification of the Vuldrini, the traveler came as a large and moving Torg! Then, during the third reconciliation of the last of the McKetrick supplicants, they chose a new form for him: that of a giant Slor! Many Shuvs and Zuuls knew what it was to be roasted in the depths of the Slor that day, I can tell you! Ghostbusters
  6. Haha, he mentioned Doug Weller a fellow I know. He and I (mainly he) did a cleaning sweep of Atlantis fake facts out of Wikipedia some years ago. Catholic Native Americans speaking Norse huh? Yeah baby.....bottle that crazy and sell it at the flea market for quatloos.
  7. I don't believe you

    I like this post yes there is some academic debate However it tends to fall into two camps Those, like you and sherapy, who believe morals and ethics are absolute and those, like me, who see them as situational and contextual. As i said i find your posts genuine and non judgemental even where i disagree with them This is how debate should be carried on. To explain a little more about the value of fiction. I've just been reading some books by Fiona Macintosh, an Australian author, about women among the gold and silversmith families in Birmingham in the early 20th century. Like many authors she has done a great deal of research, and her stories reflect and describe, not just the physical lives, but also the attitudes of people from different classes, in the time. She explores two women in particular who enter the predominantly mans world of crafting. However she also bring in vivid descriptions of poverty and living conditions among the poor, what it was like in a poor house, and the limitations imposed on women by their gender and the perception of their nature. The description of women working on the industrial looms is detailed and horrifying with the long hours, physical dangers, and poor pay. The descriptions of the suffering and death of people, especially children, among those so poor that the y have no food or heating, and certainly no medicine, is very moving and graphic
  8. I don't believe you

    I have no idea what 8 bits is on about with his disapproval of viable, no controversy surrounds the word that I know of.
  9. Atheism is incompatible with science

    Silly pallidin, doesn't know what a dimension is.
  10. Odd shadow

    When I got to work today my friend showed me the pic, as it's her sister, now I didn't go into her story but they believe they have a haunting, I didn't post any of that story cause it's just a story as far as I'm concerned. Mediums at the house yadda yadda. Common ghost story stuff, thus my lean towards ghost haunting board. Doesn't really matter far as I'm concerned. It's just the image itself I'm interested in hearing people break down
  11. Police Guide From ‘Satanic Panic’ Era Found

    Remember folks, pagan means - People Again Goodness and Niceness.
  12. Odd shadow

    Yeah I saw that, I was at a friend's place when I posted this, couldn't recall his name, it's been a while since I've been on the forums thanks
  13. Odd shadow

    I just tagged the inhouse photo guy.
  14. I don't believe you

    No viable (in my lexicon) means doable or practical (never heard it used as american jargon) Many things are theoretically possible or good, but not viable due to the practical realities of life Thus while slavery could have been stopped in some ancient societies (if anyone had actually seen it as wrong) the effects of stopping it would have been so negative as to make that a non viable option. We could stop all production of fossil fueled cars today and it would be a positive but the negative realities make it non viable at this time. i will accept this is one of the genuine differences which causes difficulty in communication between American speakers and English speakers And clearly you are blind to Sherapy's comments about evil, despicable, people who see slavery as a good thing.(even when some of them have explained this is not their view at all ) And parents who are child abusers because they used corporal punishment on their children. The level of others education and knowledge determines how sensible, deep and meaningful, any debate can be. People who just see slavery as evil, and believe it was always evil, have no understanding of our past and why slavery existed quite legally, and without serious dispute, for all but the last 200 years or so, or why rape in marriage was not even conceptualised, let alone seen as wrong, until last century, and was not legislated against until the 1960s it is difficult to have a rational debate with a person whose values are emotional, rather than logically and factually based
  15. Odd shadow

    I wasn't sure where to put the post, ghost seemed like as good a choice as any. As for her tilt, kids and selfie I got no clue. I'm not a look at me take a selfie guy. I'm not saying it's anything except odd. I see something in the background no clue what it is. If it's a filter of some type, an app, a kite blown I'm the window. No clue. And that's the point of me posting is to get advice from people who do know a bit more about photo and imagery. So please any and all advice, points, theories welcome.
  16. Knocking on front door

    Sounds like you need to talk to the cops. You could have a stalker.
  17. Odd shadow

  18. I don't believe you

    lol Hopefully you have also learned something (yes i got the sarcasm) I know my intelligence, both from a life time of experience with a huge range of people, and from professional testing. In some ways it is a "curse" because it means i always see things in logical, rational criteria referenced ways and this can make me see uncaring or indifferent But in most ways it is a skill talent or abilty which has helped and empowered me throughout my life However i was raised that it is not how you feel about others which matters, but how you treat them (eg the best thing you can do for someone suffering loss is not to feel sorry for them or tell them you, are sorry, but to help them with practical things.) I've sent my life improving the lives of others and if i seem a bit unemotional that is a fair trade off. In some ways i see people who react emotionally, rather than rationally, as quite dangerous, if it is excessive.
  19. Five knocks on front door, no one there. Noises around house between 3am to 6am. Negative things happening. What should I do? I’m really scared.
  20. Are there any local legends?
  21. La Llorona - Mexican legend

    I thought she was Cihuacoatl wrapped in a European package. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cihuacōātl
  22. Odd shadow

    i like how the girl is to the side to show some black whatever partly over the calendar, it almost says "hey, look over my shoulder" what the devil is it? i dont have a clue, since you posted it in ghosts and hauntings i will assume your direction but i see zero that jumps to spirits to me, ill send up the bat light for the photo expert charles to get his expert opinion on it as i take another gander....
  23. Today
  24. Hi! I'm new and I created an account to see if anyone has any answers or similar stories to the sightings me and my best friend have experienced. The common theme is we see a white being, and directly after we see or hear a disturbing creature. The form of the beings/creatures change every sighting, but we always see them both. The first experience was a couple of months ago, around 2AM. We were at a lookout spot we went to often. It was on the top of a hill overlooking the city. We parked, and in the car next to us was a completely white female (white skin and hair, with an ethereal glow). It had black eyes and it would not stop staring at us, not moving, until we left. I tried to wave at it, and yell to get any rection, thinking it was a person just messing with us, but it didn't move or stop staring. We both got terrible feelings of dread and decided to leave. It kept staring at us as we drove away, turning its head, and pressing its face against the glass. As we were driving down the hill, we both looked back to see if the car was still there (it was), and we saw a creature running down the hill. I don't have a good description as it was very dark, but I saw that it had many legs, was dark in color and looked like it was covered in leaves or something crumbly? It was skuttling down the hill really fast, faster than anything I have ever seen run down a hill. I had a similar experience to the first one recently. Me and a friend were camping in an isolated area away from any other people, on a road trip. The road to the spot we were camping in was very primitive, ment for off road vehicles, and often has cows or other wildlife crossing frequently. On the way to the site we saw a beautiful, clean, pure white dog on the side of the road. I immidiately pointed out how strange it was that there was such a clean and nice looking dog in the middle of no where. Almost instantly after I made eye contact with the dog, it jumped out into the road and stood in front of our car. We barely missed it. Even after honking and yelling at the dog to try and startle it out of the road, it stood in the middle, unmoving, and stared at us. We ended up having to drive completely around it, as it DID NOT want to move. That night we camped there, we heard footsteps around our tent, so my friend went to check. There was no animals or any humans to be making the footsteps. We continued to hear these footsteps for a few hours, until we decided to spend the rest of the night in the car. We, stupidly, did not have a off roading vehicle, so it was very hard to drive in and out of the camp site in the dark, so we had to stay near to the campsite until the morning. The next morning, we decided to leave and camp in a different location, as we were understandibly freaked out. As we were packing the tent, we noticed fresh bare foot prints in the mud surrounding the tent. We never saw another person that night, and we were also not near any towns or campsites. Does any one else have any similar stories or any explanation for these events? They all could be people messing with me but the feeling of dread I experienced was unlike anything I had ever felt.
  25. Odd shadow

    So a friend brought this to me. Her sister w as taking a selfie and kind of was unsure what she captured on camera. She swears it's real. I'll be honest I have no idea what to make of the shadow behind her. You can clearly see where it blocks out the calendar, And what appears to be a shadow cast on the calendar as well. I'd like everyone's thoughts. My friend says the object near lamp looks like a hand to her as well but I'm just kinda of baffled.
  26. eh, i paid a fraction of that for the same or more sf not as cool a setting but just as spooky looking...not quite as run down...im good.
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