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  2. seaturtlehorsesnake

    ghosts! what do they want?

    turns out it's pancakes! it's been pancakes the whole time!

  3. My first New Earther!

    Yes. In this case I don’t appreciate the NIV however. I prefer the old King Jimmy. Vanity. All is vanity saith the preacher. Interesting how different versions change meaning, I think vanity has more meaning than meaninglessness. The reason is that there is understanding in experiencing vanity, so it’s not meaningless.
  4. Remembering your past lives.

    I've had similar experiences to those mentioned here, and one relationship where we were certain we'd met before. It was eerie. Desertrat mentions the buffalo, for me it's the sea. I was born in Ohio but from an early age I've been drawn to New England. I have no love for beaches or the ocean, but the first time I saw the coast in Maine it felt like coming home. I've always liked woodworking and now and then I get vague impressions that I might have been a ship's carpenter. One of the few people on a ship that might not have been a sailor, hence no love for the sea. I like nautical things but have no desire to sail. I get little glimpses of other things, other times and places, but they're fleeting and ephemeral, like a dream you can't recall. I'm open to all possibilities, it's what draws me to a site like UM. There is so much we don't know, things we're not even aware of, that I can't rule out things like reincarnation. It's an idea shared by millions and it's been around for as long as people have left records so it's not just a fad.
  5. My first New Earther!

    All extremist thinking, is by definition, at the margins.
  6. Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    Good Lord, @South Alabam, that will take a couple of trips to the bathroom to get through. But what I saw already looks good.
  7. My first New Earther!

    Well said.
  8. Beliefs

    I have an uncle that experienced this himself,so that comment is an uneducated remark on your part.
  9. Here is another laughable fallacy: The TTSA mockumentary is a product of a for profit entertainment company. Filming on government property be it in a national park or a military base requires the purchase of license. It requires a contract. It requires fees and following regulations. These claims of cooperation or dissemination are clearly arguments based on personal ignorance of the manner in which these agreements are carried out. Just as a person has a legal right to restrict or control filming, photography, and recording on their property the federal government has the same rights to control what happens on their property. I did not find one for the military but did find one for the national parks https://www.nps.gov/aboutus/commercial-use-authorizations.htm
  10. Beliefs

    It's all hearsay and so...it doesn't really matter. In reality...you weren't there...you don't know these people...any of them...you are believing hearsay from people you don't even know. That is the truth.
  11. My first New Earther!

    I'll give you the Abstract which pretty much says it all. NOTHING in this paper says anything about Aboriginal Australians being a civilization. https://www.academia.edu/28677243/A_genomic_history_of_Aboriginal_Australia cormac
  12. Beliefs

    Every single report is nothing more than hearsay. If I told you I had been to Mars would you believe me....if I told you I got sucked into a worm hole while out in the woods and wound up a few seconds later on Mars...would you believe me? Hearsay is completely, totally worthless...it doesn't count in court and it doesn't count in life.
  13. Beliefs

    Have you ever had a conversation with a rock? How about a piece of steel? Do you talk to the log before it goes onto the fire? These are all inanimate objects. They are not alive. The rock is inanimate, the steel is inanimate, the log is part of a dead tree. It's dead. Everything works the same way...and I mean...EVERY FREAKING THING IN THE UNIVERSE. It all works the same exact way...everything. When a living thing dies...it is dead. There is no consciousness without the body. There is no 'soul' that continues on. The cells don't continue on. The mind doesn't continue on. When you are dead you are dead! The great LIE of Religion is that we have a soul that is immortal. Pure hooey! We don't. There is nothing after death except a dead corpse. Period! This is called The Truth. We have all been so conditioned since birth to believe something that, on its face, is completely ridiculous and totally unbelievable...but we jump through all kind of hoops to get to a 'place' of belief where it makes since. Well, it doesn't make sense. It is illogical, has absolutely no merit whatsoever. The Truth...not belief...the Truth just is...it is not incumbent upon belief in order to be...it just is!
  14. My first New Earther!

    Yes I agree it's possible. It's still equivalent to saying A may, or may not, lead to B. Your premise logically can never be false. Consider the truth table for the material conditional. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Material_conditional#Truth_table In your premise the consequent (q) - may, or may not, lead to B (other beliefs) - can be represented by the disjunction B OR NOT B. By the Law of excluded middle B OR NOT B is always true. A material conditional statement where the consequent is always true, is itself, always true. I don't accept that the premise is useful in anyway. Recalling my JW former colleague - she worked in sales. Hearing her talk to customers - it occurs to me that she had an ability to believe or "just accept" and it was an asset.
  15. My first New Earther!

    @cormac mac airt Could you give a brief synopsis of the article? My poor tired brain is not up to wading through that article at the moment.
  16. Pelosi Picks on newly elected women of color

    Not really--it was quite deliberate as he was playing to his base.
  17. You can make up stories all you want. You can be like the radar operator Day. I see intelligently constructed craft all of the time. I just don't know what they are, which makes them UFOs for me. Then again the people I work with can easily identify them. The fact you couldn't identify something is as meaningless as the fact I am not able to identify the crafts.
  18. My first New Earther!

    I hate it when writers abuse the word "civilization", especially when in this case the word is nowhere in the actual genetic study. https://www.academia.edu/28677243/A_genomic_history_of_Aboriginal_Australia cormac
  19. Fravor says Day is dead wrong and his story is fiction. https://badufos.blogspot.com/
  20. Is God Real

    Type...writer? Typewriter. How quaint. I wonder how many young people know what that is.
  21. Please provide any evidence that UFOs are sensitive. You wrote "especially in such sensitive areas as UFOS, and geezus do I mean sensitive" I don't believe you.
  22. How many forum members believe in Bigfoot

    Earlier I posted a link to the man in the raccoon suit that was mistaken for a BF. Now for the rest of the story. Not only were the folks reporting the BF out there as a group of experienced BF searchers they were also testing a product. They went out testing a for sale product to lure in BF. The video of them finding raccoon man was on the BF lure product website till it was discovered that they had not seen a BF. I wanted to put a link to that product here but it seems that the lure sales went belly up - raccoon style.
  23. {un}holy haiku - 3rd Edition

    in spiral patterns icy fingers etch their paths across frigid panes
  24. My first New Earther!

    I think belief in YEC is only indicative of a belief that thinking can hurt your head.
  25. How many forum members believe in Bigfoot

    What is astonishingly clear is that areas which do not have breeding bear populations are the same areas in which there are less than 0.1% of the BF reports. These are the same areas which have been offered as speculation that bears cannot be the cause of the BF sightings. Still leaves 99.9% of the BF reports in bear populations areas, i.e. places where bears breed and are not traveling through those areas. This shows that the misidentification of bears as BF is probably the main cause of BF sightings.
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