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  2. I don't believe you

    Walker is being a little too legalistic in his discussion of rape, and when you think of it, it is remarkable that the law took so long to recognize rape in marriage, but there have been many strange laws surrounding marriage, what was the one about the wife not being able to give evidence against her husband in any court proceedings ? All of it revolves around the idea of the wife as "property", I can recall more than one man of my acquaintance calmly announcing, in company, that if his wife left him, he'd kill her. I am still taken aback by that decades latter, probably because those people seemed quite sane and controlled. But really fit the cave-man caricature.
  3. Appreciate your input, Brynn. Yes, it could be related to low frequency sound, but the problem is that no-one here seems interested in a genuine investigation. I've offered several times to help (and will do so again here..), but just get accused of 'bullying' tactics... While you say you have no 'diseases, deficiences, anxiety', etc.. have you actually asked your GP about this? What questions did they ask you, to rule out any medical condition? There are quite a few conditions that may cause the problem, and many of those have few or no other symptoms. Classifying this as a 'mental disorder' is not very helpful and some might find it insulting. But then again, a lot do.. Plumbers in particular are usually quite knowledgeable on 'water hammer' and it's a common problem. Usually it's at audible frequencies, but it can certainly be subsonic or cause subsonic harmonics in a house's structure. That doesn't mean it can't be detected - as a hifi hobbyist, I have a sound level meter that extends way down into subsonic measurements... sadly unless you live in Queensland, Australia that won't help you, but if you talk to a plumber first, then perhaps to a sound engineer at a high-end hifi store or maybe go talk to seismic experts at a university, you may find eagerly willing volunteers who will be happy to help.
  4. No clue, do they speak English? Suppose I’m not a good candidate for the experiment as I’m not convinced of reality let alone laws. I do enjoy thought experiments tremendously however and I think I see where you were headed with that. Rough places indeed, but even in the ghetto mercy can be found. The titanic and all world wars had survivors. Perhaps because of corrupt leaders using the law of attraction they were able to so tremendously impact the lives of their countrymen so detrimentally?
  5. Doing God's will.

    If it exists I think it's going to be almost impossible to prove unless we discover time travel and get lucky with the way time works. One big problem is that even if we have free will we're still locked in by time to being able to make only one choice, where to prove free will we need to show other choices are possible. If we could go back and if time cooperates with our experiment as far as how it works in this situation, we could theoretically loop through someone's decision point repeatedly and see if a different choice is ever made by that person, which would be evidence for free will. I have no confidence that this is the way time works in a time travel scenario so it's far-fetched but I'm not seeing any other way, I don't know how theoretically we can ever rule out determinism otherwise.
  6. Greetings from Northern California!

    Oi! I think you have just lost me a sale.
  7. Greetings from Northern California!

    Welcome to UM Hazel Eyes Pull up a seat and enjoy the forums!
  8. New Show Portals to Hell

    Here you go HollyDolly; The links you gave both say it is in I see you have said later it is in Juneau, but to save you having any more confusions i have provided you with this link below. There are news reports of a body found dead in a hot tub. But nothing to do with the hotel, not only was it not in the hotel or in a basement, it was an outside hot tub. It was also later identified as a woman Just a tip : please read the links you provide prior to posting and maybe research a bit about the article you post.
  9. All good, how exactly does hating the poor play into this? I understand wishing I were poor, somewhat, but I don’t understand hating the poor. Also, how does a feeling of sincere gratitude play into this?
  10. I just looked that over because I liked the Stainless Steel Rat as a teen. I know it's 1980s but the biology is so bad in it, I can't get through it.
  11. I don't believe you

    You are being snarky now. The truth is your no advocate for rape either, regardless of any law, you might be sarcastic, but you don’t align with everything Walker says, Sometimes some villains get a big rush out of casting themselves in this way, sometimes it is just about the attention they get.
  12. third_eye

    looking good, still some ways to go yet.... 



    Lookit them busy lil bees... 


    1. Piney


      Oh, there you are!

      I thought with the return of Panama disease you would be up country hugging some giant toes. :yes:

    2. susieice


      Beautiful flower.

    3. freetoroam


      Love seeing insects doing their thing on flowrers doing their thing.

      This planet is not solely mans to do his thing. 

  13. Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    $717 billion right now: https://www.militarytimes.com/news/pentagon-congress/2018/08/01/congress-finalizes-defense-budget-authorization-months-ahead-of-schedule/ Iran suggests cutting back in the middle east. North Korea and China suggests cutting back in Asia. Russia says cut back in Europe- especially around Ukraine and the like. Maduro says South America is a good place to start. Nobody really asked to cut back in Africa, but no one really cares about that so that is a decent place to start too.
  14. a dog or a deer crossing the road is creepy?
  15. I don't believe you

    You could have virtue-signalled like the best of them. It is always good to have the stereotypical villains to contrast yourself against. They say even fat, ugly people have merit, if you stand next to them while having your photo taken, you appear much slimmer and more handsome than otherwise you would !
  16. So.... Are they going to start wearing brown shirts as they round up these people?
  17. Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    It's hard to politically debate anyone who has such a limited grasp of even recent political history, much less any substantial depth in time. Economic war has often precipitated the real thing. The price of policing the world the last 64 years is mirrored in that deficit. We maintain an overseas presence of hundreds of bases to keep the world a safe place. Where should we start cutting back? Where we are least needed is a good starting point. Why should we continue to finance the defense of a UNION of nations whose GDP is greater than ours? Just food for thought.
  18. Greetings from Northern California!

    Welcome Hazel Eyes cookies are always welcomed. Enjoy the lurker chair...
  19. I don't believe you

    And, you are not evil for it.
  20. I don't believe you

    While we missed you, Hammer held down the fort and helped me immensely with his compassion and understanding. He brought in great points too.
  21. "Terrorists" kill 200+ in Sri Lanka

    I saw where Twitter caught fire because Obama and Clinton referred to the victims as Easter Worshippers. Who worships Easter? They say Muslim but won't say Christian. I heard the argument got rough. Thank goodness, I don't Twitter.
  22. seaturtlehorsesnake

    tomorrow's recipe has taken everything from you, leaving you without even a name

  23. Strange creature captured crossing highway

    Uuggghh Kind of creepy!
  24. Why Is There So Much Mass Violence?

    It's an admirable hope but our species has more access to knowledge and exquisite technological advances than ever before in history yet we are literally at the threshold of global war with civilization ending weaponry in hand. Human nature does not change. Groups of individuals, even cultures can change for the better but it only takes a small minority bent on subjugation and war to take us all into darkness. Just as Hitler and his Nazis were ignored until it was too late, the mullahs in Iran announce daily with their rhetoric and their military moves in the M.E. what their intentions are and the world is in denial. The mullahs aren't alone in their ambitions either. The Norks and the Chinese have grand plans as well. Putin shouldn't be ignored, either. No, we do, in fact, have a growing epidemic of violence around the globe. Telling ourselves it has always been this way, on this scale, is just a symptom of denial.
  25. Strange creature captured crossing highway

    It has all the hallmarks of a deer. They can go like the clappers...
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