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  2. This was a deliberately constructed dream character, consciously created as a lucid dream companion for a 14 year old boy. You are just jealous
  3. This new discovery has a skull which is awesome and i wonder if this specimen is in similar size to A.angustidens. This bear belongs to the genus of the Arctotherium as mentioned in the source. The largest bear known is Arctotherium Angustidens which weighs over a tonne and it is the largest known terrestrial mammalian carnivore. That specimen is only known from a humerus as i guess.
  4. OverSword

    The next person that calls me and says "Oh I'm sorry, I believe I've dialed the wrong number" is going to be on the receiving end of a rant that would put Basil Fawlty to shame.

  5. I see the twice in a row too. Glad no one is nit picking him.
  6. That's just factually incorrect. Plain and simple. I won't bother linking the source since I already did so. I'm getting real sick and tired of 'debating' people on here over basic facts. Might as well be arguing with someone over whether 2+2 truly does equal 4.
  7. Someone above mentioned 'alien god' (didn't have time to go read the post) and it got me thinking: let's say that, next month, a starship from outside our galaxy sets up an orbit around our little p***ant planet and sends down some emissary type folks to check us out. Also, assume that they find us severely lacking in the spiritual department and cover the planet with missionaries touting their faith and offering tangible, scientific proof that they have the 'one and only' whoop-de-do bestest heavenly being around. Since they're more advanced and have starship capabilities, they must be a whole lot smarter and know a whole lot more than us, so their proof must carry more weight than an old tattered book written by 'nobody really knows who' back in the day when everybody was pretty ignorant about everything. So would we see a lot of converts to the great 'star sect' or would the believers among us just pull their blinders a little tighter and continue on? Reminds me a lot of a book that made a huge impression on me back in the day - "Stranger In A c Strange Land".
  8. The truth exists but you must experience it to know it
  9. Hey Walker How do you figure, their alter egos are meek, mild mannered non-descripts. You on the other hand here anyway describe yourself as athletic, handsome, sexy, and a cut above the rest of mere mortals and soon to be greater than your alien god. I just don't know man I even squinted when I read that post and it still didn't look like you. jmccr8
  10. True but emotions and "social connections" are all about ideas, beliefs, concepts and constructs, making spirituality like them.
  11. Don't forget the "Nazi pug". Count Dankula might be fined and jailed for a *joke*. The YouTube guy trained his dog to do the "heil, Hitler" salute as a prank on his girlfriend. The Orwellian creeps charged hm with a hate crime.
  12. Morality isn't exclusive to religion. It's just an addition to it, yet typical it's under threat of eternal punishment for failure. So this doesn't really answer my question. It's not as if god has a gun to your head and telling you to worship or else.
  13. Soon it will be global: “On Monday, March 19, the Lufthansa Group airline announced the launch of biometric boarding at LAX. The announcement comes after the airline successfully tested the tool and boarded about 350 passengers on an A380 in only 20 minutes.”
  14. I see one typo and two misuses of the word council instead of counsel but more importantly I see a highly respected Harvard law professor stating unequivocally that the SC was wrongly appointed, is totally unnecessary and is now out of control.
  15. Yea I am (or a t least see my self and try to emulate) a mix of many qualities from my favourite fictional characters Mr Spock is one. Calvin is a strong influence. Biggles and the knights of the round table, and robin hood are others, but I began reading the phantom when i was about 4 or 5, back in the fifties, so he is one of my strongest formative influences.
  16. So Moses never says to build idols like Bezalel, his ark had two Cherubs. Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image" (heb: לֹא-תַעֲשֶׂה לְךָ פֶסֶל, וְכָל-תְּמוּנָה) is an abbreviated form of one of the Ten Commandments which, according to the Book of Deuteronomy,
  17. Here's what ABC reported.
  18. Oh yea, I wonder who that darkness" really was.......and still is:
  19. This is true, hence the almost . How best to describe something with such a miniscule chance of being wrong? An 'almost certainty' perhaps but it doesn't seem to get across the scale of just how unlikely to be the real universe if this is the case.
  20. I think it's a question of morality, most religions view their take on morality as an objective view. Only their views are objectively correct. Since we base our laws etc on morality it's kinda important in that aspect.
  21. Only a certain age from the UK will understand the reference. "I'm free!"
  22. So happy to see this. Such a logical development of the technology :). Such a boon for diagnosing babies and children.
  23. It looks like you did get my point. Age plays a roll. Our current geoup of baby boomers may also have less strength testosterone and grip than thier predesecors. After all we all are apparently fatter. It's the change in societal evolution and the study hasn't covered enough of societal change over time to compare. It also has nothing to do with guns or political idealogy. Millenials are fighting the demons they see, thier way. Inequality and safety being the big ones. Babyboomers fought thier demons thier way. Thier demons for many was the cross over point. The generation before them had been poor, rigid, hardworking, and large. Massive changes took place throughout thier lives that shaped the world we live in today. No generation that I can think of throughout history has experienced the societal changes the babyboomers have. Just look at the T.V programs. Mr Rogers versus Breaking Bad. It's easy to see how an older generation may view the past as better. But was it? We hid our issues behind closed doors, as a society we thought it was unclean to have people we viewed as foriegn people around us. The boss, teacher, law enforcer, scout leader and minister where viewed as untouchable pillars of the community. Society has come a very long way for the good of the magority, and we should be gratefull that the study shows the fights this generation has to undertake are a step up from basic survival. The millenials are our future like it or not. They will fight the next lot of battles for the human race as a species like it or not. *The world is in thier hands. I could do an entire thread on the current political state of the world and how it appears to have been driven by the last dying breaths of the large birthrates of the 40's and 50's but it is not on topic, just like this , and within the next two political cycles a total turn over of power will start to take place anyway. * I can see the joke to be made here
  24. Remember, i am not using the Phantom as my avatar. My avatar is who he is when he is NOT the phantom, and embodies the qualities of that person in his modern form. Loyal husband. good family man, non smoker or drinker, sticks up for freedoms and the rights of others etc. And, as pointed out, the equivalent of bruce wayne clark kent etc NOT the equivalent of their heroic characters
  25. It's actually the myriad of typos and grammatical errors from a man who constantly insults the intelligence of others. And I'm said typo, as in singular? Did you only find one? If so, which one?
  26. Yes, there was no state ownership of production, that would have made them communist, but the state did direct it. Remember this little gem? Who's idea was that?
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