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  2. That is false. The binoculars guy stated planes. I recently posted witnesses here: No you are avoiding the specifics. You don't seem to know much about the Phoenix Lights. You claim that "The .com websites I did visit regarding UFOs did not mention him." That's easy to test. OOOpps you fail. Here are some of your links discussing Tim Ley. LOL, you a skeptic?
  3. I don't think that is necessarily so, that seems to make very limiting assumptions about the omniscient god. I don't know that it's a safe assumption that God is locked in to the arrow of time, nor that it is 2018 in heaven. If an omni-being merely has the ability to see what free will choices we made throughout different points in time, that doesn't require that free will not exist, just like our knowing that Lincoln delivered the Gettysburg Address now didn't remove Lincoln's free will at the time. Now how on earth free will could even work or whether we really have it I agree is unknown and essentially untestable, but I don't think omniscient beings are necessarily exclusive of it.
  4. Thats ok....easily rectified with a double whiskey and coke with one piece of ice please,
  5. Ronald be needing a new fur coat ... ~
  6. I have one of those ... i wear them all the time ... ~
  7. A micro-mini black hole photon drive propulsion unit.
  8. I just meant to copy what the guy said, I didn't realize it had copied your link as well. Sorry... I fix it.
  9. I'm thinking of starting an online petition!
  10. I suspect that McDonalds will soon be forced to reopen, due to the demand from newly married local women who can now 'let themselves go'.
  11. Very well put, Stereo. I should have tried to articulate my own views with such a high-quality reply, but frankly after watching the video all I could remember about it was - yuk! Except for the Tesla bit: all he was doing was copying the Pyramids, which are of course giant, electromagnetic, stone resonance-amplifiers (powered by underground streams) which take cosmic energy from beyond the void and channel it via the Sphinx and Gobekli Tepi*, to record a dying person's identity and beam it to receivers near Orion where we are reconstituted and live forever. I'm surprised that more people don't see the obvious truth in this. * and probably Stonehenge too. And of course Atlantis was an early version that ran out of control and blew itself up. The evidence for this is everywhere, if only more people could read Minoan.
  12. Cool, look like a beautiful place. It would be fun to use it for local travel. He should mark on the map all the local pubs. Traveling is thirsty work.
  13. 5 hours till kick off. I'm sticking with the Jags and the Vikings, would went with Philly if Wentz was playing. 2017 AFC-NFC championship game predictions: Super Bowl finalists will be ...
  14. My mistake, Trump did say Lowest female unemployment in 18 years!” I did heard a commenter say on the news the women issues , it `ll be the cause of women future hiring, because women are now trying to bring down men politicians.
  15. That was not my quote...i quoted that from the link. Here is the end bit
  16. Hmmm.... "many other things"... like your brain? Time travel must be really hard on the brain.
  17. Hello, Learning how to work with the brain is the key to many things. You do not want to ignore your analyzing ego, you want to manage it better. It has lost its comfort level with these things and is no longer wiling to step aside and let you carry on the way you would like. I suggest building a better relationship with it instead of trying to ignore it. John
  18. It was more like it broke apart than was actually subjugated. The Germans took a chunk. Not gained a whole, and the East didn't fall until the late Middle Ages. Oh, thank you for using "Indian".
  19. tcgram

    Coffee, check, Helmet, check, Crayons, check, Imaginary friends, check, Short bus here, check - It's going to be a great day!    :P    

  20. Nay ... it is your present miscreant definitions to the to and fro that is the cringe worthy of the exchange. Then again I expected as much and not the least, being that this involves your beloved idol of worship .. If you felt the bombs its merely because you did not see it dropping on your head from the headlines of your end I merely pointed it out ... but its okay ... never expected you to react any other way ... least of all, with a little common decency ~
  21. Is there such a thing as non-existance...nothingness? Non-being Used to express the condition of things in pralaya, preceding manifestation. It corresponds to the Sanskrit asat, while sat corresponds to Being. Yet both non-being and a-sat are frequently used for non-existence. It is philosophically questionable to bracket non-being with the Absolute, or again to bracket Absolute with Being (though the latter is often justifiable) as the words absolute, being, and non-being do not correspond to infinity; for Absolute corresponds to the Sanskrit mukti or moksha, that which is freed from manifested existence; whereas infinitude comprehends both nonmanifestation and manifestation, being and non-being, sat and asat, the absolute and the bound. One of the best correspondences to infinity is the term coined by Blavatsky: Be-ness, or pure abstract attributeless esse. Non-being signifies the condition of the universe during pralaya, and the spiritual principles of the universe may then be said to be in their absolute condition or state, or in paranirvana; equally being in its most abstract sense can correspond to absolute. Hence it is correct to use non-being as the state of high spirituality of a being or entity in paranirvana; thus the phrase “the bliss of non-being.” ------------------------------ -source-
  22. Another straw man argument. I never stated or suggested "he "pushed" other witnesses into saying they saw the V shaped craft". I stated he pushed the Vee. Send you a link that he pushed the idea of a Vee? I already did. There is no agreement among the witnesses. They report all sorts of things except one thing - the correct number of lights. Weird right? Lots of people reported planes. You falsely posted earlier it was 4. You simply made up a false number because you are ignorant of the facts of the Phoenix Lights. If you want to know the number then starting learning about the Phoenix Lights. Personally, I'm not interested in how many got it right. If you are go find out that information. My main interested as I've repeated stated is how wrong witnesses are. It is BS that there were thousands of witnesses. That is just a wild eyed unsupported speculation posted at a UFO site that has been repeated and repeated.
  23. Here's a link to the article with better pics.
  24. Yes, and the net result was the loss of military capability, which precipitated the fall. There's nothing minor about losing a war and being subjugated. An Indian should know that better than anyone else.
  25. Was technology in the past greater than today's? I would have to say yes in some areas of technology. A few examples: Dragging blocks with ropes without pulleys Making stone tools Detection of land masses across great expanses of water
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