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  2. It was more a comment to stevewinn's entry. However - you don't know yet, it may help those with epilepsy too. To early to say.
  3. I'm not sure if I would like that or not... I'm super picky with liver foods. Sounds like it could be good. I've made similar "stuffing meatballs" with ground turkey and ground beef without the liver before. It's tasty and a great way to stretch the meat double. Though stuffing and ballls, lol. Years ago, late 90's I had a trip to Edinburgh. Stayed downtown? On the main street down the hill from the castle. Couldn't tell you the name of the hotel off the top of my head, but could probably figure it out. There was this shop within a short walk down one of the windy side streets- it was a baked potato shop. I don't know how they cooked them, somehow they seemed steamed and baked at the same time, perfect. And they had these stuffing-balls that were phenomenal. A bit bigger than a baseball, really flavorful and herby and really a big stuffing all they way through fluffy without being gunky in the middle and still having a bit of outer dry crust to it that made it neat to pick up and eat. Almost as good cold as when piping hot from the shop. I think I ate at least one nearly every day I was there- it was cheap, tasty, and made a perfect snack while walking around the area. I wish I knew how to make those stuffing balls. And stuffing... Tonight I'm making stuffed shells for dinner. This one is a two-for. One tray for dinner tonight, and another to pop into the freezer for another day. Typically I make it one huge batch in a deep 9x13 lasagna pan or half hotel pan. But I got some disposable deep third pans on clearance at GFS so I can split the batch. For the sauce: 3 pints+ 1 half pint of Italian sauce. I can my own base sauce, you can use store bought. But you want 6-7 cups of sauce at the end of the day. A bit of pomace oil, for saute 1 medium yellow onion, chopped 1 green pepper, diced ( I used dehydrated pepper this time) 2- 4 oz cans mushrooms, drained 1 T each dried oregano, basil, and dried minced garlic Saute the onions in the oil with a sprinkle of salt till they are translucent. Add the rest of the ingredients, bring up to a simmer for 20 minutes, kill heat and let cool till it's not steaming anymore to room temp. Let the flavors steep. For the stuffing: 2 cups creamed spinach (I make my own in bigger batches and freeze off portions, store bought works too) 2 cups ricotta cheese (round here it's a 15 oz tub, that's ok) 1 cup shredded Italian cheeses- about half a package of shredded cheese, save the other half for topping. 1/3 cup grated Parmesan cheese 1 tablespoon Italian seasoning 1/2 teaspoon iodized tabe salt Stir it all together and set aside till it's shell stuffing time To complete the dish.. 1 box large shells. Undercook them by bit, they should only seem about half done when you drain them. Drain, then immediately dump the shells back into the kettle and fill with cold water to slow cooking. Let stand till room temp. This helps with preventing split shells and possible overcooking in the oven. 2 cans cannellinii beans, drained and rinsed Assembly: A goodly half cup per third pan or cup of sauce per big pan in the bottom. You want it really wet, but not deep standing in sauce. You want your beans to be seated in sauce A can of beans per third pan or both per big pan, spread evenly. Add enough sauce on top to have full coverage of beans, but not quite starting to swim. Don't drain your shells, leave them in standing water while stuffing. Do shake off excess water well from each shell before stuffing. Stuff shells and nestle them atop the beans. If you set up the beans right, they make a nice base that supports the shells being upright. Pour sauce around shells till they about 1/4 to 1/3 submerged- depends on how saucy you like it. We tend to like a lot of sauce. Make sure you coat/drizzle the shells well during this. And also at this point, if you are doing a two-for. You want to use a bit more sauce in the pan going into the freezer. Sprinkle the rest of the shredded cheese over the top of the pan/s. If you like, an optional goodly sprinkle of Parmesan on top.. we like cheese At this point. If doing a two-for you want to cover/prep the pan for the freezer and get it into the fridge for a good chilling before popping into the freezer. For baking, let defrost in the fridge for 24-48 hours before baking per regular baking instructions. Baking: Bake covered at 350 for 1-1/2 hours, or till the whole thing is burbling and internal temps read over 165 and the cheese is gooey. If you like a bit of crust on your dish, uncover for the last 15-30 minutes of baking depending on taste. Pull from oven and let rest 15 or so min till service- about the amount of time it takes for the garlic bread to toast up.
  4. I just woke up with my ear injured I don’t how, it doesn’t pain and it’s very purple, there’s nothing on the internet that I can relate to this, ca someone help me???? If you’d like I can send the picture on my Instagram
  5. First priest can refuse to impart absolution if they feel the penitent does not plan to stop committing crimes. They are also supposed to urge the person to turn themselves in even by offering to accompany them to the authorities. If the person talks to them about these sins/crimes outside the confessional the priest is thereby free to pass on the information. Plus there are other actions they can take without revealing actual confessional conversations such as this story I just read that won't let me copy so I'll just tell A priest heard in a confession that Person X intended to harm these two teensisters. The priest was able to call the local police and let them know these two girls were in immediate danger. The police understood the priest couldn't give specific details but they were able to locate the girls and inform the parents and together they protected the girls. Such collaborations occur more than people realize.
  6. and the hit and run poster runs again..........
  7. Sheepish donor brains? Sounds promising, presidents of our planet certainly require such transplants.
  8. Oh I'm around. I just don't care much for this thread anymore. Everyone else might be having a 'good ol time' but that died for me during the last one.
  9. Unfortunately this usefull study may only help patients with terminal cancer and will not help people like the boy in the OP.
  10. Except, I could draw radial lines from anywhere on Earth - The White House, Stonehenge, the dunny our behind my house - and havevthose lines intersect eith the continents.
  11. Think I read that there's something like 9 people in the world with this condition. Do they really think that giving it to these 9 would end up with it on the streets?
  12. my belief is that even if they (some alien species) landed on the white house lawn with a full fanfare and TV cameras going there would still be people who said that was not real. they would not believe if a grey (or other type, shape, size or color) alien walked up to them and shook their hand. there are those who would panic and those like me who would shrug and do whatever they were doing before hand, with a wait and see attitude. while I also believe that being as we have nothing to offer an alien It does not mean that SOMEDAY (past, present or future.) they will not show up.
  13. No, I'm not the arbiter of your flaws or speaking for anyone else, but since you said it was important to you, I just thought I'd do you the favor and offer my insight. But for someone who claims he doesn't mind hearing others' perception of his limitations, particularly from those with whom he disagrees, you seem awfully offended by my post. That wasn't my intent. I've been trying to get you to discuss proof of murder from the beginning, but you won't do it. You acknowledge that Scott's choice of a certain photo to use for Laci's missing person flyer is not "proof of murder". So what is? Having an affair? Concrete dust on a trailer? Having the wrong fishing tackle? Placing a call 9 minutes later than you expect? You have questions about some of Scott's behavior. So do I. You even find some of his behavior suspicious. So do I. But none of it is proof of murder. You can't prove a single element of this case. So, your fallback position, like others here, becomes "well, the jury found him guilty, he's in prison and he hasn't won an appeal there"... Again, how did the plastic twine become tied tightly within an inch of Connor's body, in two separate knots? This represents clear exonerating evidence that you can not explain. When pressed to do so, you disappeared. If you really are seeking the truth, you should want this question answered as much as I.
  14. Atlantis and Lemuria. 2 continents that never existed are on those maps. They don't even match the projected sea level rise maps put out by USGS and there is no proof this is a leaked Navy map. Just a map altered by "Paint" and "Photoshop". This garbage really gets you off doesn't it?
  15. People who make up ridiculous monkey-wash should be punished. ...but those of us who deliver ancient information from the old gods via them broadcasting knowledges directly into our brainpans should be revered, fully funded, and provided with slightly inebriated, attractive young people in revealing garments. --Jaylemurph
  16. Yes - It has turned into a poisoned chalice -
  17. I saw a fireball some years ago but not for the split of a second I thought about extraterrestrial beings or a probe of extraterrestrial origin visiting Earth.
  18. Fair enough, I think I was responding to just a portion of that as you touched on several arguments, but these conversations always evolve and slight differences can be relevant. I don't think we're really that much in disagreement anyway.
  19. I am pretty sure he does have sleepless nights - quite a thankless job he has there. Yes indeed I remember reading your post on this .... who knows..
  20. No, more like sine qua non. Harte
  21. XenoFish

    My third and final day off, I feel like I've accomplished something. Mostly sleep. And getting the bedroom summer ready. 

  22. roughly 153,000 die daily around the world... perhaps the exact number is always divisible by three... I've never checked.
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