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  2. Place your (pretend) bets..

    I think it is.
  3. Church burns down and people see God in the flames. Kinda like when people see Columbine and think those shooters were role models.
  4. Notre-Dame cathedral

    I actually feel great, a dumby is shown his place, it's an overwhelmingly great feeling
  5. Every... Single... Time...
  6. Notre-Dame cathedral

    oh.....how much money have you donated for its rebuilding? hypocrite
  7. Answer a Question With A Question (Part 4)

    Well, yes, I suspect you are the only one, because isn't it just the two of us in here right now and what do I know about framing? The only thing I framed was a photo of cabbage, I kid you not, which I keep instead of family photo on my desk at work and aren't the reactions of people who take a look at it quite amusing?
  8. Notre-Dame cathedral

    seems i took your argument away....bet you feel like a real jerk now dont you? it wasnt aliens....or the hunchback....or the devil....it was JUST A FREAKIN FIRE fires happen EVERY DAY....ALL AROUND THE WORLD........hardly an unexplained mystery.......is it?
  9. Place your (pretend) bets..

    You're right. He did it to bug you.
  10. Answer a Question With A Question (Part 4)

    WOW! I'm on a roll today, two quickie quaint little questions WOOOHOO! #26 Posted 3 hours ago https://www.unexplained-mysteries.com/forum/topic/326894-place-your-pretend-bets/?page=2&tab=comments#comment-6717483 * * * Did anyone see that? it was pretty funny.
  11. Notre-Dame cathedral

    all true, however just presence of electrical systems and workers does not mean they are responsible, they may or they may not. investigation will find a cause, and probably report it. i tend to think it was negligence on workers part, you know why i think so, i work in construction, i hire vendors and GC (general contractor) and GC will hire people that somewhat know what needs to be done, in theory, but do not really care, and they pay them little. they screw up lots of things on daily basis, many do not even read English, and can't read instructions on a bag of cement they are mixing, i do not think your construction industry is much different.
  12. Climate Change is a Hoax

    I looked up some background information on Patrick Moore. For openers, he says he was a co-founder of Green Peace. Green Peace says he wasn't. He says he left Green Peace in 2006 because "the group had been taken over by sensationalism." That is certainly true. Green Peace has a history of going off on various "environmental" tangents that have nothing to do with climate change. Moore admits that Green Peace and similar organizations did a lot of good, but have now put environment ahead of people. I am poorly-situated to comment on that, but I do recognize that any environmental proposal that doesn't put people near the top of its priorities is going to fail. Moore is a nuclear industry public relations consultant. He has conducted a number of interviews (and made tapes) with the Heartland Institute, a paid environmental misinformation organization ( a shill). He has worked with the mining industry (So have I.), the logging industry (So have I.) and PVC manufacturers (I have not.). Moore and I both have Bachelors of Science degrees in Forest Management. He has a Ph.D. in Ecology (Mine's in Environmental Science), though our degrees are about 30 years apart. Patrick Moore dismisses AOC's Green New Deal. He has a point. Some of it jumps the gun, seeking to implement technologies that aren't even close to being ready for implementation. But then, it's a resolution, not an act. Passing it means very little because it doesn't fund anything, doesn't authorize anything, or - most important - doesn't DO anything. It really is - all politics. Moore claimed that Greenpeace "blackmail" caused The Times of London to reject an ad from his client, the BC Forest Alliance. The Times denied ever receiving the ad and Moore changed his mind about "blackmail." Moore was involved in a PR stunt in which he offered to drink Monsanto's Roundup to prove it was safe, but when challenged by an interviewer to do so, he replied "I'm not stupid." Roundup has since been declared a probable carcinogen by the World Health Organization. Another note here: when I used Roundup commercially back in the early 1970s, I used 1% strength, the recommended dose. It was effective at killing weeds. 3% was considered "concentrated" and not recommended except for wick application - you had to have a special license to buy it. Today, the homeowner can go to the store and buy 10% strength Roundup, no permit or training needed. In 2014 Moore said he "fears a global cooling" and says that US statistics show "no global warming for nearly 18 years." I have a question here: how can US statistics show anything at all about GLOBAL cooling? And in any case, I work with US data: it's getting warmer here. He's just plain wrong. You can read more about Patrick Moore here: https://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php/Patrick_Moore Doug
  13. Question better addressed to the OP experiencer who felt poorly treated. As for me, I hold to my general statement and don’t care to name names.
  14. We certainly have digressed on this topic. And all I was attempting to do was to address a question on the identity of the Timaeus, a pythagorean character in the story of Atlantis. How did we end up with these strings attached to a contest? Well, I was never any good at contests...I have never won one. And If I knew before hand that these discussions are contests of sort, I would never have come forth with any opinions of my own, or others'. I'm throwing in the towel, as they say in other contests. Everything I said here about string theory and the connection with Pythagoras I take back. It's been shown that it's not music to my ear anymore. I kneel to ask for a pardon, and thank all those that have enlightened me of my errors. I was, once again, pretending to be the teacher around here, when in truth I'm not even a student in this hall of higher knowledge, and am but the janitor.
  15. Police Guide From ‘Satanic Panic’ Era Found

    Even the "New Agers" joined in with this panic. I remember my friends meditation group got hijacked a few days before halloween because someone wanted to fight the "satainsts" psychically and decided the meditation group could help. I happened not to go that night but heard all about it the next day.
  16. Notre-Dame cathedral

    who gives a crap ? Well, pretty much everybody except yourself, it would seem ?
  17. Notre-Dame cathedral

    i guess that answers my question, thanks, lol
  18. Notre-Dame cathedral

    Not quite. The spire did not have electrics in , but inside is very dark. Apart from lighting needed, there were many fire sensors located around. There were electrics up there. The reason why they believe it to be an electrical fault is because, apart from the workmen, that was all which was up there to cause a fire. The workmen did not work with candles and the sensors were not attached by string to the lower ground.
  19. {un}holy haiku - 3rd Edition

    into Marsh deer's home where capybara lives too giant mouse, he said (Well, I have to tell the story now too: once upon the time, I was walking with my husband, through a nice park abroad, right next to their city zoo. You don't even notice there's the fence, in all that green, and we weren't really aware there was the zoo nearby. And my husband suddenly stops, stares and says: 'Oh, *expletive*, look, what giant mice they have here.' Then we remembered there should be a zoo nearby, so the giant mice were capybaras, but to this day we joke about the giant mice they have in the first world, not these tiny ones we have over here.)
  20. Place your (pretend) bets..

    That's not why he did it.
  21. Answer a Question With A Question (Part 4)

    Am I the only one that knows the good framers when I see them?
  22. Notre-Dame cathedral

    well dont google then......lets look at other possibilities......the hunchback did it......or maybe aliens......no wait......it was the devil himself.... happy now?
  23. Is the petrodollar responsible

    Whoops, I read the title wrong. I thought this was a Biden thread. Pedodollar.
  24. Place your (pretend) bets..

    At first I thought he would just get sick of it, but now I think he likes the office. He has made it into something that fits his style.
  25. Deranged Democrat

  26. Notre-Dame cathedral

    Well i did care a bit, but my relatives over there cared a lot. My mums brother is still quite upset, they are catholics and it was more than just a religious thing. They are quite proud of their old buildings in respect to those who built them. My mums family come from the centre of France, lots of history and Joan Of Arc stories, even a tree named after her. Notre Dame to many French meant a lot, to me i felt for my mums brother and cousins who live in Paris. The thing which get them the most is, had it been a natural disaster, then it would have been accepted as - one of those things man can not prevent, but an electrical fault - that could have been, should have been prevented. Apparently regulations were very strict in due of the building, they are just shocked how something went so wrong. A disgarded cigarette was mentioned earlier as a posible reason, from what i have been told, absolutely no way was smoking permitted and the workers would of been told that with an iron tongue.
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