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  2. Our police and armed forces are part of our population. Do you really think in this dystopian event that tanks and jets are going to bomb their own home towns? Seriously though, being an armed population is definitely a deterrent to dictatorships. If that right was removed all others are far easier to remove also.
  3. that's kinda strange.
  4. Several posters in this thread claim that the reason for civilians wanting to keep their guns is to protect themselves from the Government ........ but how exactly would that work? What sort of situation do they see arising that they would be able to solve with their weapons? Wouldn't the Government be protected by the Armed Forces and the Police Force with their far superior weapon power and armoured vehicles? The general population is not organised enough to have any effect against this. How long would the population's ammunition last against that of the Police and Armed Forces? When you stop and really think about it, this is no argument for civilians keeping their guns. Any civilian rebellion would be crushed before it had hardly started.
  5. Where to start? "Seperateness" is reality. "Oneness" is indeed a nice concept. If you and I are starving I cannot eat for us both. To live is to suffer. And enjoy pleasures and any multitude of things. To have an adversary drives team building. And I gave another option, a common goal?? Nice thoughts won't change the world, acceptance of reality and a desire to improve that reality might.
  6. acute

    Do any Old Skool programmers on here still take your finger off the Shift when using the Space bar, because you remember it having a different ASCII value to the lower case Space?

    1. ouija ouija

      ouija ouija




      Tell me again what 'shift' is. 

  7. = Denialism
  8. This is the biggest problem with many Christians. They can get away with filthy things because they are forgiven or absolved. Once a pedo always a pedo.
  9. Whatever Joc I personally dont want any advice from you..I told you before an I ll tell you again I have no respect for you or your empty BS wisdom so l ll leave it there...
  10. Speculating about the Big Bang is not the same as speculating about God. The BB is only a theory, something that apparently happened a long time ago, as you say, just an assumption. But Creation is with us today, we can see and feel and experience it in every moment of every day. So we have a lot more to go on.. What we can say is that the energy that is under, and at the back of Creation, (we could call it the BB for arguments sake), must have come from something, this is self evident. And that life can only come from life, this too is self evident. And that consciousness can only be born from something else that is conscious. Bearing all this in mind, I can quite easily speculate, with some confidence, that "God" is Conscious and Alive. Above this basic understanding I wouldn't like to speculate.
  11. Well, my post disappeared. So I'll be nicer. It time to put all the pedo priests right into the gang units. Nothing lower, another crime my people burnt you alive for.....
  12. Lol that was 8:06pm so not waking up but settling for night at that time
  13. Should it perhaps be a little less saggy and baggy around the middle?
  14. Hi Kenemet, I'll give you what I believe is another possible scenario for that kind of extremely large tsunami height. A good portion of the land in southern California is actually sitting on a shelf with ocean water underlying it. Hypothetically speaking, if an enormous quake were to strike along the main fault lines, this shelf could conceivably break away, causing an enormous displacement of water that would develop into a record size tsunami as depicted in the movies "2012" and "San Andreas" and in the 1937 Joe Brandt Prophetic Dream (below). Cake Guy
  15. If you have better data then I will be happy for you to provide it.
  16. Now off to the store to get foods for chicken tacos for supper!
  17. Dido's producer & multi-instrumentalist brother, Rollo, is named..... Rowland Constantine O'Malley Armstrong.
  18. no need to verify the credentials of Antonia Romero, nor her love of the old adage of one door closes another opens. thank god its on twitter.
  19. Nonsense. What figures you are talking about? The election results? What have these figures to do with the percentage of Germans who want higher defence expenditure or not? I tell ya: nothing.
  20. You don’t understand the reference to Adam eating the apple and the Garden of Eden? When Adam ate of the apple, Man became aware. He could no longer go back to living blissfully ignorant. Likewise, our Founding Fathers ate of the proverbial apple of Enlightenment and Man became aware of Natural Rights. But only America left the Garden. Even England with the likes of Blackstone and Locke stayed behind with the rest of the world. Since then, the world has learned that they sacrificed their freedom for security. And now, you can’t say they have either. The stage is set for another devastating European war. The world is in a gilded cage. And the US is constantly fighting to keep from returning itself. Obama had been Hell-bent to get us there. What you don’t realize is that the Garden is an illusion. We were never meant to stay there. The Garden was only our cocoon, but the world treats it as the SS Axiom. When Man fully matures, then things like mass shootings and even wars will begin to wane. It’ll only happen when we are no longer dependent on government. Centralized government is the cause of much of the unrest. It clashes with Man’s Natural Rights. One can have a culture and not have it bound to an overbearing government. Every nation needs a government, but it must be limited to allow the complete freedom of the people. Another aspect of this is in AT’s post #702. Basically, it is what has become of social norms. The Industrial Revolution brought us Socialism which is nothing more that Monarchy without the Monarchy, and what negativity has the Information Revolution brought us? To cause us to drift away from GOD? This is why there is more hatred and more unrest instigated by selfish little wannabe dictators seeking anarchy and social engineering. The problem is this and not guns. Socialism ignores human nature and believes that it can reprogram Man to be more docile. That act is folly and futile. Man can only mature but his nature will always be with him.
  21. The full name of British singer and songwriter 'Dido'..... Dido Florian Cloud de Bounevialle O'Malley Armstrong.
  22. Great pic!
  23. At least it's here and not in the status updates. Here it's acceptable.
  24. btw the argue "you did something bad, so its okay for me to do the same" is not one I would want to defend
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