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  2. Sorry, feeding my face with soup.
  3. Thanks for your reply, it helps a lot. @macqdor just making sure you don’t miss this.
  4. IDK man you put down "have people forget us",. I heard "have people for dinner" what kind of house are you living in?
  5. Atamarie Eightbits. Kia Ora to you too ... I like .!! E Pai Ana Koutou, it is Algud.. No sorrys Necessary friend , I see your point with the Mind and Feel , thankyou for the clarity .. As to the "Operators" I do know what you Meant.. I just added My Feel on the Matter .. When we are all Interlinked in Mind, there will be Specific Operators who will deal in that specific Area, say Healing for Instance, it will be A Resonance, Vibration, Energy Frequency, and Visual too, as in seeing in the Auric Field, what the Sickness may be .. In other words, Tuning In .. When One is very in tune with their Own Hum, or Vibe, One knows when Other Energies, not of their own is Coming in .. This can be from Another's thought .. This is the Mind Connection I'm Speaking of.. That specific Operator, will pick up the Vibe, and know what to do from there.. This specific Operator, may tune in to the Others Energies, from a distance too, because Its Energy.. And do the healing from where they are .. It is Very Easy .. Mo..xx
  6. Yes, I think I understand your point and agree with you. I did say that I disavow all religion, and it is because in my mind, it is filled with nutters. I accept that many weirdos believe in religion, and they have some weird beliefs. But the world is filled with weird people, and maybe we're all a little weird, IDK. Like I said before, I don't really care so much about what other people believe, I'm more interested in my own beliefs. If someone comes up in here with nuttery, there's nothing wrong with shining the light of logic and reason on it. But, if they are expressing their beliefs and understanding here, I'll listen and judge it for myself....sure.
  7. I just like the pictures and history, tbh, of these old forts. The Citadel in Nova Scotia was one of my favorites to get to see and walk around. I had an old sweatshirt from there for years and years and was sad when it finally died
  8. Doggie no like human music.
  9. If someone raises a number of important points -- then not addressing all of them will just result in being accused of not being able to. The overarching counter-argument is simple, and is stated as the memo's very first paragraph -- that the Nunes memo was released purely for political gain, with the purpose of obstructing the ongoing investigation. It should, however, be utterly damning that the current Director of the FBI -- Christopher Wray, appointed by Trump in 2017, and therefore not mentioned in the Nunes Memo -- would authorize that press release. The rebuttal memo entirely backs up the FBI's contention. Which makes it "he said, they said". And the guy leading the "he said" side is already on record as coordinating with the White House to leak misleading information about the very same investigation. Not a particularly difficult choice for any neutral to make, I suspect.
  10. That's funny. Some of our members here think that America is Europe.
  11. I think all cats are like that, lol.
  12. Do you know if there is anyone that would be willing to do a free reading? I don't have enough money to pay for another one and all my local Mediums charge quite a bit unfortunately, I just want a genuine medium that will be willing to help me out i havent spoken to her yet, I'm too afraid to in case she thinks I'm silly for my thoughts
  13. I accept the modern scientific understanding of the universe, I'm guessing that you do also? If so, the precision of the universe is especially evident at it's beginning as I understand it. We assume that the universe is not infinite as that's a difficult concept anyway, and that it is a closed system. As such, all the universe in its entirety; it's matter and energy were present in a single point in space and time at it's beginning. Considering the enormous nature of the universe and the expression of that energy......I like to use the term nearly infinite. I know some people will object to that.....and it's OK.....but that's alot of energy. So much, that it does rival infinite in my mind......or close to it anyway. Point being that it is the beginning of the universe in it's precise expansion and cooling that allowed matter to exist as we understand it now. There are scientific materials available for study on this topic. That said, the universe is a machine in one sense of the world. All the stars that are born and die, only to live again are all part of the system you describe. So in that sense, it's a thing in it's entirety, a sum of it's parts and it's in motion. The motion is expressed and continues in the things you mention, and from the initial "explosion" if you will - the enormous release of energy in it's beginning. I guess I just don't understand how this puts me in a quandry.
  14. Facts, like the fact that the investigation started before the FBI received the Steele dossier like the fact that the FISA wasn't used to spy on the trump campaign because Page had already left the campaign like the fact that the FISA was renewed because valuable intelligence was being gathered, as the process is supposed to work like the fact that the court was told about the political nature of Steeles benefactors You know facts that dispel all the quite laughable innuendo which the WH and their propaganda machine spent weeks spreading before releasing that absolute joke which was the Nunes memo.
  15. If our cats see any of their bowl, they start meowing because they think they are going to run out. LOL
  16. In most western countries there is a constant swing of Parliamentary power between centre right and centre left parties at every election. Centre right politics tend to benefit the major corporations, institutions, richer, but overall their parties work within the guidelines of the Democratic process. The last time the far right took power in Europe was over 60 sixty years ago and we know what happened then. During this time the only ones who would follow policies of far right party leaders were skinheads and racists. Now the fourth economy in Europe is going to have a significant number of Parliamentary seats with far right views. Interesting times ahead for you guys in Europe. If Italy's economy picks up and if they successfully adopt measures to stop illegal immigrants from entering Europe, other PIGS nations may follow. Golden Dawn in Greece has a significant political presence and the Catalonian right wing party is also strong and pushing for independence from Spain. Who knows, even Le Pen may benefit in the long run and if Macron doesn't subdue radicalism in France, she may even win the next elections. It would definitely be the EU's swansong and reduce an Islamic presence in Europe but at what cost?
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    I was in the   Alan  Seeger old growth forest in western Pa Taveling in our car up through the hilly forest ,when my passenger and I the driver  witnessed a fuzzy snake like creature in the middle of the dirt road. We noticed it was moving back and forth maybe 8 or so inches off of the ground. While  approximately a foot of it was still on the ground kind of wound up . Driving Towards this thing, we maybe had 45 seconds before we drove over it. I said to my passenger do you see that ? He Responded yes what’s the blank was that? Stoped the car and searched for it, but it was gone.


  17. Amazing...
  18. My latest "Weird Music Find!" Not sure how I come across these!
  19. Hi again eight bit Perhaps mum sent YOU to give me the idea to do something of the sort! Life gets more and more mysterious to me and who knows what made me pick this forum rather than the many others I Googled? Thank you and best wishes to you. Carole
  20. Because the dish is not 100% full, human!
  21. Things sure have changed. I was "teased" by my friends because I got my driver's license in my senior year instead of my junior year. That was a different time, though. We grew up faster than many of the boys and girls in this generation.
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