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  2. Fish got the brains first ... way before JC got to the heart ... ~
  3. Welcome.
  4. And I'm gonna follow up with some DA challenge.. get your hey hey hey good pie on.. "He'll never fill you, The way I fill you cuz if he did oh baby, his apple pie wouldn't be flat compared to mine He might be using fillers but... my pie is all fruit- all fruit-all fruit so go on and dig in, dig in to the good crust and sigh. oh my goodness, good pie"
  5. do you believe aliens are on this planet? do you believe something you've been told is true? if so then you must trust someone-- unless you've met them yourself of course
  6. Then **** off idiot. Stop spamming every thread with your pathetic crap.
  7. Old Dog new tricks ... New Dog old tricks ... ~
  8. Arrrrggghhhh... ... That makes me want to walk on "Dry" land .. Evolve.. Hahaha..!!! Mo..xx
  9. It is what is the filling that is the critical factor with the brain here ... what is of the 'breath' of the eye or of Will's brown fourth eye ... oh Will's Father would be so proud ... ~
  10. Seems like 2018 is the year of nonsense.
  11. The only reason you can say you have a Mind is precisely because of the neo-cortex surrounding the primitive is all about the brain...ALL..about the brain. Basically what you are saying effectively is that Artficial intelligence exists without the computer.
  12. Hopefully it wasn't a bomb. Just read it was a convenience store. Not sure what kind of store it was but the report said it was open for business when the explosion occurred.
  13. I have the freedom to converse with whomever I choose to in this thread. You have the right to put me on ignore. An it's nonsense not nonesense, I corrected that for you.
  14. Here's one thing that has annoyed me in all these ghost shows. If they go to say germany, and ask the spirits all those typical questions. Why to these supposed spirits often answer in english?
  15. Then don't try to derail it with your own nonesense. Just don't post in it. Thanks!
  16. Atamarie Third Eye .. ... Cue the Music of De "Rect" Hymn. .... Oh Sweet Harmony ..!!! Lolz.. Mo..xx
  17. I've done that enough times to say that yes it's all psychological and people are trying to connect dot that don't exist. This thread and it's very nature is nonsensical.
  18. Well DA has gotten a bit.. heavy.. I think we need some cute overload And some jam it and forget it...
  19. If you want to talk about your 'psychological' views of religion, please start your own thread. This is one about the theory Intelligent Design (ID) and Darwinian evolution.
  20. True that. But that doesn't necessarily mean that they're going to be used to think.
  21. Stop it Fish ... now you're making everybody wet ... ~
  22. Dear colleagues here, the thread is on "God from the Investigation of Existence." The specific issue at hand in actual time has been on creationists and atheists with their respective statements: atheist or evolutionist Mystic says that creationists' statements are wrong. And I am asking Mystic to present one statement from creationists that to him is wrong and explain why. Please be guided accordingly.
  23. What does that even mean? Fish have brains. Never mind...just read the rest of the usual you don't really have a point.
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