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  2. The issue is science and you have no idea what words mean. UFOs in the Navy film are distant planes and a probable weather balloon.
  3. Have no idea what you are saying with red and blue shifts. Like I'm going to believe it.
  4. Ok I am through with this thread, have a nice day.
  5. No I am not. You are apparently science illiterate. You have no idea how anything works do you? Are you in elementary school? My kids knew about red shift and blue shift in 5th grade. I was guessing middle school but now I'm thinking elementary school.
  6. Brian you come across like all this is real, without considering anything else. Try looking at things from both sides of the fence and consider what others are trying to tell you.
  7. I'm sure the CGI guys were told about Einsteins hyperdrive, too.
  8. And the object is still in the image well after that. Please continue playing the part of the town fool.
  9. The Navies own equipment is not fake. They at least admit that part.
  10. XenoFish


    I sometimes wonder if I need a good mental breakdown?!? Are a psychotic break?!?

  11. That doesn't require light speed. None of the videos so far shows that happening. We have a laughable CGI hoax. We have you unable to understand there was a single 30mph moving weather balloon that took 3 tries to get a lock. Please continue with your failings.
  12. A rather obscure Bassoon

    Pianist photographs ghostly woman in theater

    It was probably a member of staff they didn't realise was present in the building. No mystery there.
  13. I'm not trying to fool anyone I'm just pointing out things the UFO can do. If you think the Navy is crazy take it up with them and not me.
  14. XenoFish


    We can only wait for clarification. Till then, I don't know.
  15. You can repeatedly lie about the contents of the video. There was a single object. It took 3 tries to get a FLIR lock on the single object. The claim of 3 objects is either an uneducated guess on your part or it is a purposeful lie. I'm beginning to think it is the latter. So far you've shown nothing about light speed and your knowledge of relativity is abyssmal.
  16. Gwynbleidd

    Epstein found Dead in Jail

    This guy disgusts me. I can't even say anything else about him or I worry I'd end up saying the wrong thing. He's just a truly disgusting human being.
  17. These are facts: The evidence is that they make video recordings using FLIR. Other than that it shows they can detect distant planes and what appears to a small weather balloon. Your light speed stories and all of the rest are not opinions they are delusions. No one is fooled by your whimsical prattle and your terrible videos.
  18. I not only supplied the time but also provided you with a nifty screenshot so you can start the video at the correct spot . So you too can observe the UFO going to this so called fake light speed realm.
  19. all this fuss over nothing: it's more than likely IMO that what we're seeing in this footage is a few minutes of a standard/ uninteresting piece of test footage & someone's added convincing audio to it in order to make all weird & wonderful!
  20. And you were wrong. Good going. You are striking out each time. Keep up the perfect record of failures.
  21. Yes you have said this like 10 times now.
  22. I'm discussing the subject of UFO and their capabilities.
  23. You don't seem to understand what the Navy is saying. They are saying this is real footage and not some cgi crap. The Navy is not saying there is anything alien about or in the videos.
  24. It is debatable on how to mitigate it, but I do my best to minimize my footprint. If only everyone did their part.
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