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  2. A father in Maryland turned in his 18 yr old daughter after he found her journal detailing plans to attack her school on April 5, in which she intended to die. When police searched the house, they found a shotgun and items needed to make bombs. The girl was taken to a hospital for a mental evaluation. Later she will be charged. I know it was hard, but, good job dad!
  3. Unless we have stopped aging then lol
  4. Yes, according to his vows and it's not just one Catholic Priest, it's every single one of them. They are bound by the rules of the Church governing the confessional and the confidentiality of the penitent's confession. The OP's Priest is just one out of thousands, many of whom have heard such horrific confessions more than once--and sometimes from other Priests. This is the conundrum of confession and it's systemic. In the Church's top down hierarchy, any reform would have to start at The Holy See and the Pope, himself.
  5. :DDDDD too funny!
  6. Damn we get 1500 years and that's it, how wrinkly do we get. Because that's gotta be Shar Pei level
  7. think she says something like we become immortal in 4000 and it all ends by 5500. I mean, just our luck right?
  8. Impressive the internet will still exist then
  9. Kinda sad to think that come the year 4500 we will still be on UM and dealing with prophets coming in to say we will soon all die
  10. Bush meat??
  11. It has to be so far out to get it wrong and it doesn't come up.
  12. vague?? why by the year 4000 we will be immortal! and the universe ends after the year 5000. Gripping stuff :DDD
  13. So vague like most so they can be twisted to fit
  14. The way I am is if someone does want to know something about me, just ask and worst you'll get is told no I'm not answering that. Its 5:10pm and I'm slightly tipsy, 2 glasses of wine I've stopped now so I'll give them a read
  15. here are some odd predictions if you are bored?
  16. Makes sense, I've never left Australia. Last place I went was New South Wales and stayed with a friend I met through Facebook, great friend. It does make me laugh her husband has the same first name as dad and both men have simular personalities. I've joked Facebook wise I should come with a warning label, not 100% lady like with what I say lol
  17. I mean you consider these doctrines as not serious, me too, now what? What is the point of this post? I wouldn't care if the post is not adressed as a message about seriousness to me, so please explain.
  18. Dad was military and I was raised there in my real young years. Til 5th grade or so. It seems like home in a way because of that.
  19. I like their soda and candy
  20. That's great. I wish many more would. It's in all of us.
  21. ya my birthday is the 5th so I was like, nope, lets not destroy Japan then. I love Japan.
  22. Can he make it March 4th mom passed away that date, could do without it. There's a guy who went from he was poisoned with VX to his food and water is getting poisoned and the government is after him. Never gives clear answers lol
  23. Today
  24. yeah she crashed it seems :). Nah some dude made an account, walked in and is now astonished nobody believes his way long prophecy and are not treating him with awe and wonder. One date is the first weekend of march, and then it vagues out into being before or after that date, sometime in 2018
  25. Oh so nothing new then and now Chaos is AWOL.
  26. what the hell is wrong with people?
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