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  2. Earl.Of.Trumps

    Who will the Democratic nominee be?

    I think you will see Bill Weld give Trump a run just because "somebody has to do it". He's likeable enough to Dems to get elected governor in dem stronghold, Massachusetts. And if he *did* upset Trump....? I wouldn't bet the farm on the Dem candidate winning, this guy is good.
  3. Emma_Acid

    Flat Earth and Tartaria

    One of the reasons creatures were larger in early-prehistoric times was due to the different levels in the atmosphere. This doesn't support the "giants built Paris" hypothesis or whatever it is
  4. hetrodoxly

    Boris Johnson to become PM

    It's called politics.
  5. Scholar4Truth

    Man gets swarm of bees stuck to his bottom

    I'm guessing he was not the bees knees
  6. Emma_Acid

    Flat Earth and Tartaria

    Don't bring something if you can't defend it. UM 101.
  7. The Wistman

    {un}holy haiku - 3rd Edition

    with awakening all the streams draw into one bubbles float on top
  8. The reason why people mistook Berestain Bears is because one of the letters the way it was written used to be curved. Thus mistaking the letter. I remember cause I always read those books. Even owned them.
  9. hetrodoxly

    Black Headmistress Hits School Jackpot

    I have now, excellent.
  10. third_eye


    Toon army's new costume worked... 



  11. 10/12 I remember them well cause I used to play Monopoly all the time, Kit Kat was my favorite candy and I collected Pokemon.
  12. Some interesting notes on Dr. Vera Tiesler and her research into Mayan head shaping (as well as other Mayan practices) : https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-019-00517-y
  13. XenoFish


    Looking and seeing, seeing, then closing your eyes to not see what has been seen. Tighter and tighter, until what you've seen pries your eyes open.

  14. Jodie.Lynne

    Flat Earth and Tartaria

    Oh sparky, you asked what people thought of your stated theory. You were told what people thought of it, and now you scamper away. You go on with your bad self, bless your heart.
  15. Crookshanks

    Flat Earth and Tartaria

    Ok guys I've had my fun. You're just going to gang up on the flat Earther Tartaria believer.. except I never said I was, I said what do you think of this? Your attitudes are very childish.. don't worry I'm just bored, I work very hard. Take Care Have a good day kids.
  16. Scholar4Truth

    Encounter: Alone in the Woods

    Plus these sightings go back centuries.from about 1847 to even before that time period.
  17. Phaeton80

    Flat Earth and Tartaria

    Id completely agree with the plausibility of history having played out differently than the version we are all supposed to believe as unequivocal truth. History is written by the victor, therefor it is subjective, thus not objective truth per definition. The version described in the OP however, no.
  18. Crookshanks

    Flat Earth and Tartaria

    I bet you don't even know what Elite means.
  19. Crookshanks

    Flat Earth and Tartaria

    LOL. Don't be ridiculous young man. Everyone understands the science. I just don't think you have the capacity to be open minded. Do you think the world was always like this? I bet you do. I bet you think we always existed like this don't you? Fair enough.. .no such thing as dinosaurs ever and ancient civilisations are a figment of the imagination ...right?
  20. Jodie.Lynne

    Flat Earth and Tartaria

    Really? And how convenient that there is no rational reason for believing this, other than "the evil elite".
  21. Scholar4Truth

    Weird Markings

    It sure looks like a Staph infection and stages of a boil: https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/staph-infections/symptoms-causes/syc-20356221
  22. sci-nerd

    Question about holographic worlds

    Why do you appose holographic with danger? I fail to see any logic in that. The holographic principle (if that's what you are talking about), does not mean more or less danger. It means action/event duality. Everything that happens, happens twice. You could compare it to shooting a 3D video with your cellphone. The thing you record is happening in front of you, but it is also happening on your screen.
  23. Crookshanks

    Flat Earth and Tartaria

    Well the climate and conditions in this time mean that no such hominid would survive. However they might have survived at one point and although I agree 2.5 miles is clearly an exaggeration from the source where I found it, I can see that large sized humanoids may have at one time walked this Earth. To us they would have been huge, but maybe not that huge. I wasn't making any claims dear, just reiterating what I found and what people were saying. I never said I believed in this. However I do feel we may have been led to believe a certain version of history. Heaven only knows why, but you know the motives of the high and mighty might be completely out of our experience.
  24. Jodie.Lynne

    Flat Earth and Tartaria

    >sigh< If an elephant needs between 100-400 pounds of food a day, and it is not an impossibly freakish giant, just how much food would a 2.5 mile creature, need to survive? Just to illustrate, the Blue Whale is thought to be the largest mammal that has ever existed. What are you majoring in in school? As others have pointed out, there are several reasons why such a creature (just one, let alone a group of them! ) is physically impossible. Insufficient oxygen at that altitude, the effect of gravity on such a creature, the inverse cube law, etc. Oh, but I forgot; YOU don't think that what you are being taught is the truth, do you?
  25. Crookshanks

    Flat Earth and Tartaria

    Oh I don't know. Its not that I don't understand the science, just that in different times, different climates and so on many creatures grew to large sizes.
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