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  2. Perhaps things might get better when it is realized that it's a construct; that the reality of God is regarded as a construct. Do you get what I mean?
  3. Will, That only works from one position and one construct of god. How could you expect that would be relevant to people that do not share your ideals without creating conflict especially if they are as rigid in their position? jmccr8
  4. I agree with most of this post. But i have to make a little remark. God is a creation of man in a sense that he rationally or visionary tries to describe the ultimate being, in a real sense god is incomprehensible ultimate reality... so all the man tries is to describe it philosophically or visionary.
  5. Hi Illyrius Thanks, the thing is is there are still at present different groups worshipping different god concepts. For me god is different again to what is commonly accepted because god is the creation of man and has been given qualities that cannot be confirmed. Many belief systems are rigid where science is not because it is always exploring, discovering and correcting itself. From how I perceive god this is not a problem because god as I see god has no personal identity, we have the ability to express god by exploring our intellect and living with compassion for each other. jmccr8
  6. Yesterday I had to clean out a fountain and found 5,216 pennies covering the bottom.
  7. Here is a Feb. 13 article about the famous 'screaming mummy': ...supposedly identified as Prince Pentawere who likely murdered his father Ramesses III, and who subsequently hanged (or poisoned) himself. Thus the agonized grimace on his face. Though the mummification and burial process was unusual...perhaps his 'natural' drying out caused the mouth to gape....? This is a mild image. I didn't want to shock the children. Though these days people seem to be delighted by such remnants of suffering: the mummy is now on temporary public display at the Egyptian museum. It will surely be a delightful tourist magnet. Edited to add: note the arm position. If a prince, should there not be certain positioning? Was this denied him perhaps because of his patricide/regicide? A curiosity.
  8. I just lurk around in the background now a days, but I think I have enjoyed this thread more than any other, well done preacherman76... it can't have been an easy thing to go through with.. I hope it all works out and I am sure it will...
  9. Hair is all I've got going for me. Full with very, very little grey. (Oh, and looking 20 years younger than my actual age.)
  10. Automatic weapons are heavily controlled and you need a very hard to get federal license to own one, do you mean semi-automatics?
  11. That's kind of the point. It was so hokey that now it's infamous for being hokey.
  12. The reason is that God has many times revealed himself, or through his representatives. The prophets all said that there is only one God, repeatedly. Two thousand years ago the Creator Son himself, the actual being and person who created our local universe said that there's only one God, his Father and our Father. He also declared because God is One, and there's only one God that: "He who has seen me has seen the Father." IMHO the confusion being discussed here comes about because some refuse to believe this. Refuse to believe the truth. That's alright though. But not for me.
  13. I never lose my temper at home and I refuse to turn the room blue with vile profanities.
  14. My opinion about the whole matter is the following: The consciousness of people through history changes, so in my opinion people perceived gods as real as we perceive science now. What they perceived they described in myths just like science perceives what it sees now in formulas and theories. So eventually in history there arose monotheism out of politheism, and at the same time people's consciousness started to shift to philosophy and rationalism, what monotheism is about in my opinion is the ultimate being, which is perceived in monotheistic religions in somewhat similar way in some slight distincitons.. Now this principle is described in a way which is uncompatible to our present way of thinking about reality... and everything became a matter of jokes about a bearded man in the clouds.
  15. The name of that "energy in the void" is dark energy. Here is an article about hoow it creates the illusion of acceleration: So you call dark energy "God?" Worshipping dark energy is on a par with worshipping the tree in your back yard. But, I suppose one could make sense of that: "God manifest as that tree." "God manifest as the whole universe." "God manifest as dark energy." God is an "Intelligent Living Mind?" I have an intelligent lving mind, so I guess I qualify; although, I have never considered myself to be a god. But if you're nominating me... As far as I know, the "life force" is chemical energy. That's what drives our metabolism. It is what keeps us alive. It is, primarily, a single chemical compound: ATP for adenosin triphosphate. All the energy that powres our bodies is contained in that molecule at one point in our metabolsim. So now god is nothing more than ATP? I wish you'd come up with a consistent answer. At least if it was wrong, we'd have something to discuss, but this constant dodging and evading is getting us nowhere. Too many answers are about the same as no answer. Doug
  16. OverSword

    The clouds are really low, and they overflow with cotton candy, and battlegrounds, red and brown.


  17. As far as home security weapons go, I have a Remington semi-auto 12ga shotgun. More "coverage" than a hand gun.
  18. I haven't aged a day since I was 27.
  19. Maybe I won't leave the thread...that was late last night after driving for hours and hours....perspectives change with a little sleep...'ll just say...I think you are unwilling to understand that if someone wakes up on the autopsy table, it only means one thing...someone misdiagnosed them as dead. So I will ask you point you personally believe the guy had been dead for three days and came back to life suddenly after having had no blood circulate in his body and no air in his lungs ...for 72 hours? Or...are you the least bit speculative that...possibly he might not have actually been dead?
  20. Just to add, people who have a gun for home security generally have a hand gun. People who have a gun for sport generally have a hunting rifle. Most people do not have (nor do they need) automatic weapons like an AR-15. Personally, the guns I'd like to put stricter control on are the automatic weapons. That said, we still need all the other common sense changes to school security that have been mentioned already.
  21. Hi Illyrius Yes and this is why I question how people can say that there is one god and that everyone is speaking about the same being when there are obvious differences that conflict. jmccr8
  22. Please stop excusing your errors by making even more of them. You are simply lying now. Listen, I realize by now that you are not a big man enough to admit when you make a mistake and that you are incapable of apologizing. No worries, most (99%) leftists suffer from the same weakness, I am just pointing out your mistakes to let you know the lies and misstatements are not forgotten. I'd say "Grow up! but what would be the point, we are way past that.
  23. So people who view things differently than you are jerks? Whatever dude. Bail on the thread. You asked for cold dead three days on a slab and I gave it to you. You didn't like it. In fact, the guy who was dead for three days came to during the autopsy as he was getting cut into. It's obvious you didnt read the links and you don't care to know what they say. The very thing you disbelieve is documented to have occurred on at least one occasion - that makes is not impossible. But since you yourself seem unwilling to discuss or debate politely, you're right.....we have nothing to discuss.
  24. This is a most common confusion. The question of "What or who is God?" We know of Polytheism and Monotheism, we know of so many divinites from known history, so when god is termed in this way - yes this is confusing.
  25. Vlad is eerily silent on how Obama corrupted and weaponized the IRS, FBI and DoJ against the right while threatening That Trump will do what Obama has already done. That is the paradox of such blind hatred, imagining the hated party will do what your side has already done (and cheering while they did it).
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